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This not-for-profit organization (amuta) was born from the desire to help the ever increasing number of families in need in Jerusalem. The amuta was established in December 2004 by a group of volunteers, many of whom had previous experience with similar organizations working in the food distribution network.Within six months Yesh l’cha chaver succeeded in expanding their distribution list to 40 families (more than100 individuals). These families receive a weekly food parcel consisting of dry goods, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

The food parcels are prepared in a storage depot at the offices of IDT Global in Jerusalem and delivered to the homes of therecipients by our team of volunteers.The food is collected from a number of sources. They include donations from food manufacturers, collections by employees at their offices and financial and food donations made by individuals. The families are referred to the amuta by the Municipality of Jerusalem’s Welfare Department on an egalitarian basis. Changes of family circumstances are monitored by a network of social workers, one of whom is a volunteer of Yesh l’cha chaver. Twenty five percent of families throughout Israel exist below the poverty line. Jerusalem is one of the poorest cities within Israel in which one child in three is categorized as living below the poverty line. Many of these children arrive at school in need of nourishment.

The amuta’s efforts are but a drop in the ocean against the backdrop of poverty that exists in our city. The number of requests for assistance from families in need is continuously increasing.

“It is the aim of Yesh l’cha chaver to expand the number of families receiving aid andbring some relief to them any thousands of needy families in the Holy City”

By M.Babbin

Aliyah Magazine is proud to present such sterling efforts to support Israel’s needy, and urge our Aliyah Community to lend a hand of support.

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