US Strands Jews Making Aliyah

USA's Department of Agriculture Furlough to Leave Thousands of Jews

The U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) is facing a budget crisis. The
office's website is currently blocked. Anyone who tries to enter the
USDA's web domain faces a statement written by the employees clamming
that the federal government has put an end to The Ministry of
Agricultures' budget stream that founds the online service. In addition,
employees will no longer be able to provide the public with online
information on pet flight, pet imports and pet exports

As a result, thousands of pet owners planning to travel from Israel to
the U.S and vise versa will find themselves helpless as essential
pet-flight forms and information will be prevented from them until
further notice.

This devastating news has placed an additional burden on the leading pet agency dedicated to assisting olim take their pets with them on Aliyah to Israel. A spokesperson for Terminals4Pets confirmed that their commitment towards clients remains strong, as is their confidence to ensuring the whole family, pets included, will not be denied their basic rights in this regard. "We're here to ensure family pets can also make Aliyah. 
If that involves us spending more time dealing with such issues, it is a pittance compared to seeing the happy faces of families arriving in Israel, along with their pets!"

For further information Terminals4Pets can be contacted as follows:
Marketing Communication Manager

IL: 1-800-220-555    Fax :  +972-8-926-7447

USA: 1 (646) 452-9548   ext.110     Fax:  1 (646) 915-1669 

Or for U.S.A.: 1-866-pet-2-fly

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