Travel in Israel… More Than You Expected

You may have been under the impression that Israel is all about its historical and religious sights, and you would be partially right, but there is so much more to see in Israel than you’ve ever realized!

Israel is an obvious destination for the history buff and religion enthusiast, and it also a not-so-obvious destination for YOU, no matter what your interests are!

Adrenaline Rush!

Biking in the Negev desert

Biking in the Negev desert

If you’re the kind of person that’s looking for adventure when they travel, then Israel has everything you could ever dream of — and more! Israel has a slew of adventure possibilities to offer that will allow you to explore Israel’s diverse landscape, and historical and cultural attractions – while staying active.

Some of the more unique and fun adventure possibilities in Israel include camel rides in the desert, swimming and diving with the dolphins in the Red Sea, diving among antiques in Caesarea, or hiking and camping along some or all of the Israel National Trail which spans 1,000 km (580-620 miles).


Israel's national dish - Hummus

Israel’s national dish – Hummus

A Taste of Israel

Israel’s abundance of restaurants, choice of cuisines and unrivaled variety of tastes and aromas − sweet, spicy, sour, hot, Oriental and European – are testimony to its rich and lively gastronomic culture, and is the reason why traveling by your senses has never been so tasty!

Israel’s culinary diversity stems from the many ethnic groups who have settled in the country over many generations, and who have enriched the landscape of authentic dishes available for you to sample. Some of the highlights awaiting you include falafel, fresh hummus, qatayef, halva, knafe, baklawa, laxoox, fricassa and local cheeses. All of these delicious specialties can be washed down with some Israeli beer and exceptional Israeli wine from the valleys of the North and the desert of the South.

Only in Israel can you experience the hospitality of local Bedouin tribes, typical Druze, Arab and Jewish cooking, street food and fine gourmet cuisine, all on the same vacation!


Culture Shock!

Druze of the Galilee

Druze of the Galilee

Now, earlier I said that Israel wasn’t only about its culture, and I think I’ve shown you some exciting evidence to back that statement up, but it really would be a mistake to talk about Israel without talking about its culture. From the beginning of history, Israel has existed as a crossroad where cultures met and intermingled.

In the present day, everywhere you turn, you come across people whose origins and cultures are diverse in every sense. Visiting Israel allows you to learn, experience, and taste exciting and colorful cultures, including that of the Ethiopian Jews, the Druze, Maronites and Circassians of the Galilee, the Bedouin tribes of the desert, the communal life of the Kibbutz, the Hasidic Jews of Safed and Jerusalem, the hedonistic lifestyle of Tel Aviv, and so much more!


That’s Not All Folks! 

Over the next weeks I will post a series of short articles that will expose you to the many unique and wonderful activities you can engage in on your next visit to Israel.

Aside from the themes mentioned in this article, you will discover why Israel should be your next destination if you are a museum lover or an archaeology enthusiast, if you love to indulge in luxury or are looking for a pampering health & beauty experience, or if you’re bringing your kids along, and looking for a fun and memorable vacation for the whole family.


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Written by:   Shirrah Friedman,   Simply, Israel

Simply, Israel designs unique tour packages and personalized holiday arrangements for travelers who appreciate quality, worry-free travel.

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