What A Travel Agent We Have!

“What A Travel Agent We Have!” - An amusing and moving musical

The history of the Jewish people from the Patriarch Abraham to the
establishment of the modern State of Israel in song.

A 4000-year global tour of the Jewish People starring Leib Yaacov Rigler
and Yisrael Rohn Rigler. Leib is an accomplished musician married to Sara
Yoheved. Her path took her from India and Vedanta to Israel and Judaism.
Her spiritual search first led her to India in 1968. There she studied
with a guru who was both a mystic and an acclaimed Sanskrit scholar. A
year later, she returned to the U.S. and finished her degree in psychology
from Brandeis University. She spent the next fifteen years living in
America’s oldest ashram, where she both practiced and taught Vedanta
philosophy and meditation.

In 1985, she made a dramatic change of spiritual path. She moved to
Jerusalem, began studying Torah, and became a highly committed observant
Jew. In 1987, she married Leib Yaacov Rigler, a musician, composer, and
arranger. At the age of forty, she gave birth to her first child, and at
the age of forty-six, to her second child. The Riglers have lived inside
the walled Old City of Jerusalem for twenty-five years. Their son Yisrael
Rohn Rigler will also be performing at this great event...don't miss it!

Join us for an evening of fun, and inspiration
Wednesday Evening, June 11
8:00 PM

35 NIS
30 NIS (members)

To guarantee your place
Please call 560-9100 ext 0 to reserve a ticket

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