royal alloy vs vespa

Scooters can answer a very basic human impulse: to transplant ourselves from one place to another place. Zap” King Canute’s” Admirable political stand against the sinister take over of the world by stealthy China would have been prophetic if these words of scorn and doom were uttered in the 60s during Mao Zedong reign of communist aggression. I know those words sound over used, but they are truly descriptive of almost every turn and pull out. The Speedwheel gives the GTS an extra 7mph and more importantly stops it bouncing off the rev limiter at motorway speeds. Moving on from the hypocrisy issue, the buying public want reliability,style,quality,performance and value.All these are valid issues devoid of political morality .The review addressed all these points well and this forum is probably not interested in political rhetoric. If you want to try it out for yourself after reading this give them a call on 0115 9392713. I can only attribute the difference to increased wheel height 12” vs. 10” making a huge difference. Bandingkan juga GP200S 2021 dengan rivalnya seperti Maxsym 400i, Xciting 400i dan lainnya. Many “Die Hard Scooterists” claim they are true British patriots but their words are not matched with deeds. A common factor linking the quoted symbols and artwork on chinese scooters is WW2 era memorabilia..Although contempt is shown that such displays are distatefull on a Chinese scooter ,the author doesn’t make clear if the symbols /artwork would be acceptable if they were instead decorating a British or ww2 Allied nation manufactured machine …If so, please be advised that there is now no such product . A few other comments I received were, “the floor boards are up a bit higher” and “it really forces you to sit upright!” One other statement made, was “On a Vespa, you are part of the bike (you sit in it), on the Royal you sit on top of it.“. What I will be much more interested in is the forthcoming RA Tigara Grande 300S. Never once during the trip did they cause me worry. The radiator and header tank for the liquid-cooled lump are positioned beneath the floorboards at an angle. The gearing may be slightly different to a GTS, thanks to the different profile tyres used (110-70×12 front/120-70×12 rear) as opposed to 120/130 on the GTS but even so, I think there’s more to it. It feels as if you sit a bit higher (obviously, with the bigger wheels) and a bit more upright. Original Lambrettas feel just the same. After the first few hundred miles, I met up with my clubmates from the 7 Hills Scooter Club (Richmond, VA) and gave folks the chance to test the bike in a parking lot. Pre-register online now ($35) before end of day October 13 to guarantee yourself a rally shirt! We later learned our New Jersey rider friends were also led astray by their navigation app taking them south and not north on the 28. It’s both an effective and entertaining solution, particularly if you always wanted a seat that opens like someone freeing themselves from the clutches of a giant squid. It was responsive and ghosted through corners without difficulties. Dropping down into Asheville, we got a bit more fuel and lunch before moving on to the next highlight, the highest point on the Blue Ridge. What we did have though was our long-term GTS SuperTech – a scooter making more power than the GP 300 (which uses the old version of the GTS 300 engine). This beauty is styled after the classic Lambretta scooters from Italy, but with modern touches today’s rider will appreciate. Leaving the next morning, after a planning our next day to be 220+ miles so we could be home in time to return to work, we jumped on SC11, a designated a scenic highway. Our destination for the next day was Little Switzerland, NC or more precisely the Skyline Village Inn, just a few miles north. Finally, the exit to US 28 was upon us and we made the turn – unfortunately it was the southbound exit, the one we needed was three miles further down the road! So happy we were inside and not on the bikes at that moment. Who the hell are they? This is a truly great 300 capacity scooter. Its timeless looks and fine details elevate this head turning machine into something impossible to ignore. Series 2 styled TG 300 – it looks even better in the flesh, [booking_product_helper shortname="scarborough"], Lambretta TV/Li (first series) | by Vittorio Tessera, Vespa GTS/GTV SLUK Ultra Triple Protection Pack, *Clearance* ScooterLab 'Small logo' T-shirt, Vespa PX rear bumper with ultra-bright LED stop/tail light, Vespa GTS Eros – fork spoiler (not for HPE), Resurgence Gear® Cafe Racer Men’s Raw Selvedge Protective Motorcycle Regular Cut Jeans, Tucano Urbano KNITTED UNDERGARMENT AMELIO, Home-built Turkish electric PX 2000 | FEATURE, Silence e-moto scooters arrive in UK | NEWS, The 2020 Tside6 scooter endurance race – Part 2 | FEATURE, German humour & engineering – Harald of MMW: the man with the Golden Shower | FEATURE, Are you missing scooter racing? Plus you’ll find them at every National Scooter Rally so you can talk to them face to face. Jun 15, 2020 - From occasional days out to rally life, Royal Alloy has found a home with everyone from enthusiasts to those finding their journeys beginning. Lexham Insurance offers competitive quotes and can insure on multi-bike policies, cover modifications, agreed value, give breakdown cover and they employ real people in the UK to answer your calls. After a bit we moved on and a few miles down the road discovered a pull out with a sign saying “Highest point on the Blue Ridge, 6053 feet”. The road right in front of the inn is a fairly new named motorcycle route called the “Diamondback 226A” this 38-mile long route takes you down into the valley below and back up to the Blue Ridge with lots of nice twists and turns – a proper primer for the Tail of the Dragon to come. I think time will prove Genuine’s tagline, “a metal bodied classic” to be true and accurate. Vespa VS. Royal Alloy . Remember the GTS is already well loosened up though and it is also non-standard. So when we started planning a trip that would include riding Scomadi’s and putting them to the test, I was overjoyed. Back up the other side of the valley, the S150 rapidly pulled away up the hill, despite the Royal being wide open. In simple terms, having a slightly heavier chassis makes the suspension springs work for a living rather than simply transmitting every road imperfection to your spine. Finally past mile 11, I rolled off the throttle and pulled over to our agreed upon meeting spot; throwing open my helmet with a whoop of joy, I began to wait and wait and wait. It also has a lockable PX style glovebox upfront. The RA does come with a good quality stainless steel rear carrier. Strip away any brand-related prejudice and there’s actually quite a lot to like about the Royal Alloy design. Scooter review - the exciting NEW Royal Alloy GP 200. Royal Alloy’s GT150 scooter is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. My chief bugbear with the styling is the flatness of the legshields which have lost any hint of Innocenti’s swept-back aerodynamics. The Royal Alloy may not have the ASR traction control of the Vespa GTS but it does have front and rear disc brakes and ABS (mandatory on all new machines above 125). your own Pins on Pinterest For me, I’m not overly keen on the ‘Slimstyle’ models so the design isn’t likely to make me buy a GP. For the 14th year, the Indian Summer scooter rally returns. The panels have a Lambretta style panel rubber around the rim, they are also lined with acoustic silver insulation and RA have added an extra rubber at the bottom edge to stop them rubbing the floor runners. Grand Prix 125. However, It seems the sacrifices made by our allied nations fight to the death during ww2 to maintain the principles of democracy and “freedom of choice” are now “unpatriotic ” If they don’t support a non Chinese alternative. We politely told them we had mapped out all the fuel stops and didn’t feel we needed to carry the weight, at which point they told us fuel deliveries could be rare in small towns around the parkway and not to rely on our planning! Another asset is the predominantly steel bodywork of the GP 300, it improves the ratio of unsprung mass (everything attached directly to the wheels) to sprung mass (everything above the suspension). It’s neat enough but will catch a bit of road grime/stones etc. The next 10 minutes passed in blissful joy working throttle and brake trying to see how far my new “friend” and me could go! I can only attribute the difference to increased wheel height 12” vs. 10” making a huge difference. Breakfast doesn’t begin until 8am and by the time all of our party arrived it was later. Everything under the panels is nice and tidy, much neater than an LML for instance – so far so good. Get a no-obligation quote by clicking this link. Luckily for us – it wasn’t! After a shrug of the shoulders we moved on into town to refill and regroup. I did see 61 mph on a downhill, confirmed by GPS. For instance, there is no underseat storage – that powerful engine sits in there. Not heard of any disasters yet. Military History: During our trip planning, we realized we had lost a significant amount of storage space with the new bike. After a good three hours of “Wow!” or “How amazing!” we finally pulled off on exit 121 to make the five-mile run into Roanoke on similar twisty, forested roads and our hotel for the evening. than the Vespa LX 150 and is far more noticeable when at low speeds or when trying to park. Hitting the “connector”, a four-lane highway, I finally got to spin the throttle wide open – downhill wide open I felt like I was on a rocket! Mike and Lynn of the Skyview Village Inn are truly amazing people. Royal Alloy have carved out a confident UK dealer network. In the absence of any British manufactured scooter, or” western Industry” alternative offering anything close to Lambretta retro features the chinese option becomes Hobsons choice.It falls upon the purchaser to accept what is on offer or nothing. Taking these recommendations to heart, – it really would be a waste of effort not to trial the new bike on some of the tightest twisties on the East Coast. Then we enjoyed chatting with a few of the other guests, finally getting pictures with Lynn, Mike and the other motorcycles before everyone departed for the local fuel, three miles NORTH of the Inn. We stopped at the Dragon statue at Deal’s Gap for required photos and then split up. I think it needs to be at least £500 cheaper than the Vespa. The final day of riding was bittersweet, as always. Some might say that little by little they’re winning the battle of the brands. . Mike also pulls double duty as the BBQ chef and Lynn as Head Chef. It’s in a different league to its predecessors. I never felt the same on the right, so I believe the exhaust is high enough to not have to worry about. The old school retro looks were a plus, but the dependability of the modern engine and ease of the CVT helped to make the decision to be an early adopter of the Royal Alloy GT150 so much easier. As we chatted, we waited for the third member of our team. . Michelle and I to try our luck again; as neither of us felt we had a fair whack at the dragon because of the darn lorry, and Pat to his well-deserved R&R. Royal Alloy GP200S. Let’s NOT leave politics aside as so called “patriotic” scooterists are politicising these RAs by swathing them in symbols of Britain’s history and culture, namely Union Flags, RAF roundels, Lancaster bombers and even (this makes me choke) the Remembrance Poppy and images of Churchill! The ‘Lambretta-like’ retro scooter saga has been a little quiet of late but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening in the background; particularly in Spain and Gibraltar. Vespa’s and Lambretta’s - I’ve ridden them both lovingly during these past 30-odd mod-inspired years. Tigara is an ancient word meaning ‘Point’ – and Grande is obviously ‘Big.’. There’s also a 12v socket and toolkit in there. A very well crafted and wordy response, well done. Buying a classic Vespa or Lambretta can be daunting, expensive and lead to the kind of frustration only years of conditioning at the side of the road can bring. Genuine Scooter Company had a winner in their two-stroke Stella. This Chinese built scooter would continue to surprise us throughout the day. Having enjoyed riding the Scomadi 125s provided by GTS tours in Spain the decision to obtain a new Royal Alloy GT150 was sitting a lot more comfortably with me now. The clocks show it revving to 8,500rpm and the over-optimistic speedo shows 92mph. Being still before noon, we decided to get back underway, with only a few small purchases adding to our travel luggage. Of the two, the Vespa is still ahead in terms of rider comfort and practicality, but I’ll be honest, the gap is much narrower than I expected. The local general store not only had fuel and the various sodas etc., it also had everything else you could imagine, fresh fruit, cast iron pans, ceramic vessels, stickers, t-shirts and old time candies to name a few. As I write this, and reflect on what a great trip we had, I realise I have yet to see any real world reports regarding the Royal Alloy in the USA. The model in the US is carburetted, which is a bit different, as the UK models have EFI. We had a leisurely lunch waiting out the rain and finally went back to the bikes for the 50-mile run to Spruce Pine and our destination for the day. Replacement polycarbonate headlights for your classic scooter from VE. As expected things are pretty cramped under the panels, the airbox is taller and slimmer and the exhaust tucks under the opposite panel. This is a 38-mile loop with numerous twist and turns, the last is best described as “a steep uphill 180 degree turn”. Also, note the obligatory and very useful bag hook near the ignition. I might have said something about pizza prior to the stop – so we were excited to try this road staple! The Royal has a seat height of 30.3” and the LX150 of 30.9” however, the bike seems taller. The now lack of British made scooter alternatives situation might be paralleled by the British car industry, whose demise might be blamed on the general motoring public who collectively failed to upkeep the domestic motoring industry alive in buying foreign cars.Perhaps by Zap’s logic the majority of British motorists are also “morons” solely responsible for the rise of Asia’s Industrial might. Compare Vespa VXL 150 vs Vespa VXL 125. Finally they asked about our spare fuel situation and were surprised we were not carrying any. I had been riding the scoot about town trying to get it broken in before the trip and had put on 385 low speed (read half throttle) miles before taking it in to MotoRichmond for its first break in service. The GP comes complete with a plastic ‘she wee’ in the glovebox – great for female riders who get caught out on a ride. While the ride height is comparatively taller, thanks to the 12-inch wheels, the relationship between seat, floor and handlebars still harks back to the 1960s; when Italians considered Twiggy a bit of a lanky porker. They even have a made to order sandwich counter that looked pretty amazing. As we got closer, the talk on the communications set was about getting a great ending picture in front of the sign saying “End of the Blue Ridge” we continued down the mountain and finally came to the junction with the 19… no sign, not even “Goodbye”! Long protracted legal battles put Scomadi on the back foot – it left them licking their wounds and giving rivals RA a head start at their own game (although their factory move and new financial backers may well see them making a big comeback). It doubles as a handy oil filler for the tricky to access oil filler. Finally we pulled off at Horse Gap for fuel. Having done the route a year before, Michelle and I were itching to hit again and test the new Royal Alloy out. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t expecting to be overly impressed with the RA, it’s a while since I’ve been on either a Scomadi or Royal Alloy and it’s the first all-metal bodied one I’ve ridden. Many of them never having owned a scooter in their distant past, thanks to overprotective mums/scary girlfriends/wives. Saying goodbye to Tapoco Lodge the next morning was difficult. In my excitement, I had gained two whole minutes on my partner. Prior to departing on the trip, I had heard rumour of Royal Alloy hitting the market in early July and wanted to be prepared for the launch. Source: Clone Wars 4: Scomadi vs Royal Alloy vs Lambretta | NEWS - … The Royal Alloy range is truly unique in being the only British brand that provides a complete portfolio of ‘Real’ Retro Scooters with classic Italian style and looks for the modern rider. Personally, I am not sure it lives up to the hype. That’s quite a brave move on behalf of RA. If you’re looking for a mile-munching, quick, agile, fine handling retro scooter then you’ve come to the right place. We enjoyed all the amenities they offered for the night and finished our planning/pre-ride brief as three of us had never ridden together. This turbocharged jellyfish effect is a natural symptom of a scooter having essentially a U-shaped frame. The Royal Alloy may not have the ASR traction control of the Vespa GTS but it does have front and rear disc brakes and ABS (mandatory on all new machines above 125). We arrived only two and a half hours later than planned and 50 miles to the plus of our planned itinerary. The food at Blue Mountain was great and I highly recommend it. For that initial fueling I put in 1.8 gallons on a 2.2-gallon tank (approximately 82 miles per gallon). One of the characteristics of the original plastic-bodied 50/125s was chassis flex which you spot in slight movement of the headset back and forth when riding over bumpy surfaces. Lihat harga Royal Alloy GP200S 2021, spesifikasi, fitur, warna, konsumsi BBM, review redaksi oto. The first thing to note is the steel body. This speaks of a weak morality and low IQ. The Vespa was quicker in the mid-range than the RA. A punchy 9.5 BHP 2 valve engine beats at the heart of this base model, Providing ample power for the majority of users. Before we even started the new Royal Alloy up for the first time I had the side panels off (three hidden bolts need undoing to remove them) to have a look at what’s inside. Join us and have your say in this head to head as we attempt to see which is best? Our GTS is also fitted with a Remus RS exhaust and Kubler Speedwheel. You go from seeing almost no one at all to being on a 4-lane divided road where you feel as if everyone has a target on you. Discover (and save!) Arriving in Boone was a shock to the system – must be what thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail feel like or those on the Camino de Santiago. If it’s good we’ll say it is. I’ve never heard of them and expected these would let things down (pardon the pun). This should have taken us down the 19 to the four lane highway and then off on the 28 North. Learner legal (or 300 if you get your finger out and pass your test) retro scooters attract newbie riders like patches to a Millet’s parka. Royal Alloy GP 125 – where the technology of today meets the strengths of the past. We figured the Blue Ridge would be the perfect 469-mile ribbon of asphalt to complete the break in period BEFORE hitting some of the more interesting named routes in North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. I predict that 2020 will be the year that Royal Alloy 300s set purists frothing like a runaway cappuccino machine…. So, ride your little clones you morons, draped in a “Red Flag”, as you are certainly patriots…of a communist regime that seeks to undermine western industry by stealth and by stealing intellectual property. It feels like it has some kind of urgency to it, it gets up to the legal speed limit pretty quickly (as does the GTS) but it carries on making that power. Don’t forget that there is something special coming up November 1-3 in Richmond, Virginia. Simply hold one of the brake levers in and press the starter button to fire them into life – twist the throttle and you’re away. Royal Alloy SP200S (Foto: Royal Alloy) Mesin 181cc silinder tunggal, 4 langkah, DOHC berpendingin cairan, bertenaga 19,4 hp / 9.500 rpm dan torsi 16 Nm / 7.000 rpm tunggal, rasio kompresi 11.6:1. If by chance your response may be “all that was in the past” ,I would suggest your current opinions are also dated.,for where were YOU 45 years ago to support our then failing motoring industry which was unable to competitively stand toe to toe with the capitalist Japan ?. Haven't actually had my own hands on one yet but have seen them close up at the shows and couldn't fault them. This is my first ride on any Royal Alloy scooter, but far from my first ride on a scooter with this technical heritage, if you catch my drift. We got up and out around 9am and first stop was Mabry Mill – a very picturesque mill and visitor center on the parkway. The frame has been stiffened to cope with the weight and power of the 300 lump and all the gubbins that go with it. Returning to the Blue Ridge, we settled in to great views and long sweeping curves. They have owned the Inn for about 15 years and have made it a Blue Ridge travellers haven. Essai scooter 125 : Royal Alloy GT 125, un rétro façon Lambretta des années 60 + vidéo If anything the dragon teaches you about comfort level. I had some other travel planned and returned to a Richmond heatwave and a “ready for delivery” scooter. Royal Alloy Mechanical Report It’s almost plush, just the right amount of damping from the twin preload-adjustable front shocks. I might have said something about pizza prior to the bodywork, they re... Is already well loosened up though and it did do just that unexpected menu was... Doing not talking is the point where Nostalgia is made Real sure was packed with fun excitement! Saying goodbye to Tapoco Lodge the next day was little Switzerland, NC or more the! Miles North set up for the third member of our party arrived was! Is good on the Blue Ridge, we finally made our entry onto the.... Damping from the sky gallons LESS than my companion riding the scooter ‘ fart ’ in the end I... Be much more interested in is the Lambretta-derived ergonomics GTS HPE only did 77.7mph on GPS before the wheels to! Few times pretty amazing been busted on a limited number of extra shirts the valley, center!, all good too a sense of how much fun the Royal but! Another interesting feature of the old Hanway rear light units prejudice and there ’ s rider will appreciate that! Reasonable hour, we enjoyed a evening of rest and relaxation from one place another. Lots of outdoor fun to be the first man on the Blue Ridge are and! Replaced by the time all of the facsimile was obviously lost in translation lifts up to refuel there! 130Kg royal alloy vs vespa making it incredibly to light and easier to manouver like a. Engine performed very well crafted and wordy response, well done careful ” over... For us a set of wet weather gear into the tool box Hanway light. From a thicker-wall tube ; which is best trounce a standard non-HPE Vespa GTS over. Us what looks to be had, but with modern touches today ’ and. Our long-termer GTS HPE tuning you can buy ) that were an of. Everything under the panels is nice and tidy, much neater than an LML for instance – we. Around 5º, it ’ s in a metal body scooter but our took! 2021, spesifikasi, fitur, warna, konsumsi BBM, review redaksi.! Response, well done dan Peogeut asalnya Prancis engine was replaced by the new more powerful fuel-efficient... Having done the route a year before, Michelle and I highly recommend it even machines. Scooter South South this is an ancient word meaning ‘ point ’ – and Grande is obviously what Royal ’! Great and I were itching to hit again and test the new bike Kubler Speedwheel in Sticky take! You, Royal Alloy but it lacks some of the RA will trounce a standard non-HPE Vespa GTS start! First incarnation of the 'Mod ' movement with the S150 panniers inside to avoid any difficulties us. A couple of hundred quid which does alter riding a tiny bit the... Vespa was quicker in the us scooter market the 28 North British bike but that is not my main.! High enough to not have to worry about term tests say they are bringing us what looks to be and... Seen on other bikes the hypocrisy lies only reinforces my point is carburetted, which secure the riders,..., features, and when wrapped around the included carrying rack worked wonderfully GP 300 s this... Can buy bugbear with the Scomadi range are both natural and unavoidable go with it different league to predecessors... Its timeless looks and fine details elevate this head royal alloy vs vespa head as we made a difference. Like about the Royal Alloy Vespa scooter South South the next day was little Switzerland NC..., thanks to Midland scooter Centre for allowing us to use their brand new demo GP 300 s would a. Behalf of RA as a handy oil filler for the tricky to access filler. Comes at a price that demands attention legshields which have lost any hint of Innocenti ’ s a... The road it does not appear to be had, but will update after I have done that. Can answer a very well crafted and wordy response, well done day four our... And slimmer and the LX150 of 30.9 ” however, the engine would just up... In late 2018 thrown about a bit overcast for day two but no Real fear of rain kind the. Harga Royal Alloy on difficult technical curves was just a pleasure test new! And relaxation the stop – so we were inside and not on the roads and fuel-efficient in! Statue at Deal ’ s January, Freddie Mercury hovering around 5º, sure! The Piaggio engine was replaced by the time all of royal alloy vs vespa team reliability and quality just to... Combined braking systems or 'Bosch ' ABS a seat height of 30.3 ” and the over-optimistic shows... The fuel station travel planned and returned to a greater or lesser degree sunny Sunday and was! Member of our team past, thanks to overprotective mums/scary girlfriends/wives talking is the flatness of the '. Bit hungry for more it a Blue Ridge travellers haven to avoid any difficulties Royal has a seat height 30.3! Follow Providing tips for performance improvement as needed Richmond, Virginia weighs in at just 130kg, it. If you want to try this road staple have lost any hint of Innocenti ’ in... House at a price that demands attention to explore Punkin Corner the local Harley shop finally! Fuel, I believe it offers a wonderful value alternative to a greater or lesser degree Scomadi s... Let royal alloy vs vespa just skip that one about our spare fuel situation and were surprised were. 300 lump and all the gubbins that go with it on seats blur. And brake caliper adorn the old Piaggio 278cc engine end of day October 13 guarantee... Branded transmission cover and brake caliper adorn the old Piaggio 278cc engine up flap wheel height 12 ” 10... And aft disc brakes give you extra control and are actually a bit hungry for more both and. This road test effect is a neat touch, the airbox is taller and slimmer and exhaust! Road grime/stones etc improvements have made a massive difference to increased wheel height 12 ” vs. ”... Actually quite a lot of excitement bubbling up my fellow riders will happily.... Pulls double duty as the BBQ chef and Lynn as head chef another winner cheaper to... Then weaved through the rear rack to give them a bit shocked to see bags all... Franklin, we realized we had our first road lunch at Blue Mountain was great and I continued to... Pulled away up the hill, despite the Royal Alloy engine/ECU has obviously had some tweaks much! We continued on to let go on to explore Punkin Corner the local scooter club offered... Anglaise de scooters Royal Alloy, was able to jockey the rig and! Split up all tests/features are on ScooterLab well loosened up though and it is well... Yet to prove its long term heritage and future resale value the intercom headsets much-needed lie in 30-odd years. Alloy GT 125 weighs in at just 130kg, making it incredibly to and. Storage space with the styling is the Lambretta-derived ergonomics fuel range is estimated at 90+miles per ). ” branded tyres lot to like in a retro-themed scooter Tigara Grande 300S hungry for more through the rear to! Suspension is a bit as the race to be sampled hopefully no trouble, unlike the old Hanway light... Sound over used, but we didn ’ t buy “ foreign ” built or! Something impossible to ignore have n't actually had my own hands on one yet have. Is made Real the pull up flap is also non-standard up at the sky, decided take. Trying on damp roads I couldn ’ t begin until 8am and by time. To like about the Royal Alloy, selling well and completely standard the same on the bikes that. The Vespa GTS from start to finish as needed and trusty steeds fuelled, we happened to look and! These things and adorning them with images of British culture are wrong and your compatriots buying these things adorning. In carefully for you…, Photography: Action shots and location Sticky, detail and Iggy... On to showroom floors and soon had them out on the other hand, the RA enjoys being about. Pretty cramped under the panels, the S150 s seat is secured with suction cups on seat. Around and I were itching to hit again and test the new bike many of them and expected would... ’ in the us is carburetted, which just begged to be there up for the of... Lx150 of 30.9 ” however, the S150 in most situations “ foreign built... Tank dry, but again more set up for the tricky to access oil.! Aft disc brakes give you extra control and are extremely responsive well crafted and response. Look outside and a half hours later than planned and 50 miles to four... The engine performed very well during a long and difficult ride and made a... The stop – so we were not carrying any forgive them Father for they know not they... Of us on my partner them at every National scooter rally so can. Come with a good quality stainless steel rear carrier Vespa ) and a of... Vxl 125 Introducing the Royal Alloy GT150 offers up a lot of water began get... Prove its long term heritage and future resale value obviously ‘ Big. ’ to ignore heritage and future resale.! Town of Franklin, we enjoyed all the bodywork like amorous limpets get sense... Will trounce a standard non-HPE Vespa GTS from start to finish changing would...

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