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The Apron, Hotel Nauvoo and Grandpa John's are good choices. Later in 1848 the original temple caught fire in a suspected arson and in 1850 what remained of the building was completely destroyed by a tornado. Cabet, whose followers were called Icarians, hoped to establish Nauvoo as a communistic utopia.[5]. The rest of the attic was a pitched-roof section running the length of the temple. 217-453-6252, Grandpa John’s Nauvoo Café and five more Nauvoo restaurants, 47.3 percent of people 25 or older had an associate’s degree or higher in Nauvoo, Illinois, Working with Historic Hancock County Property, Company proposes alternative to Nauvoo Community Center, Seven Family Reunion Lodging Options in Nauvoo. On 6 April 1841, the temple's cornerstone was laid under the direction of Joseph Smith, Jr., the church's restorer. [9], Entrance to the first floor assembly hall, called the "Great Hall", was through two large double doors at the east end of the vestibule. Oct 10, 2017 - Explore Glenna Cormack's board "temples And sacred places" on Pinterest. I accomplish this climb more cheerfully on some days than others. Nauvoo had the first temple where baptisms for the dead, endowments, and family sealings could be performed. [4] In this regard, Mace references John's statement in Revelation 12:1 concerning the "woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." At its base the Nauvoo Temple was 128 feet (39 m) long and 88 feet (27 m) wide with a tower and weather vane reaching to 164 feet (50 m). Baptismal font stained-glass panel. A member of the church and his family have provided a very substantial contribution to make this possible. Like Kirtland, the Nauvoo Temple contained two assembly halls, one on the first floor and one on the second, called the lower and upper courts. I like the grand scale of these staircases. Nauvoo was a gathering place for church-loving, righteous people. The ears of the oxen were made of tin. The church's first temple was completed in Kirtland, Ohio, United States in 1836. William Weeks' elevation of the front facade does not show windows at the basement level of the two stairwells, and photographic evidence is inconclusive. The Alberta Suite is located in downtown Nauvoo, Illinois. The stairs were moved to an east/west orientation making access to the font easier. When the main body of the church was forced out of Nauvoo, Illinois, in the winter of 1846, the church attempted to sell the building, finally succeeding in 1848. The new Nauvoo Temple has only one spiral staircase, while the original temple had a pair of matching master crafted spiral staircases. The next lower pulpits had P.P.Q., for President of the Priests Quorum. The Latter-day Saints made preparations to build a temple soon after establishing their headquarters at Nauvoo, Illinois in 1839. Workmen used this staircase to gain access to the building during its construction, especially during the winter of 1845-1846 when persons were using the other staircase to reach the attic for ordinance work. Nauvoo Illinois Temple. The temple’s grand staircase and foyer. A short walk across the street is a great place to grab a breakfast or lunch. [5] Three of the original sunstones are known to have survived and are on display—one is on loan to LDS Church's Visitor Center in Nauvoo, one is in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C, and the third and only one that has not been restored is displayed, along with the only moonstone on display, at the Joseph Smith Historic Center of the Community of Christ. Following the general exodus from Nauvoo in 1846, a French Utopian group known as the Icarians learned of the vacant homes, farms, and especially the abandoned temple in western Illinois. There were actually two fonts built during the lifetime of the temple, a temporary wooden one, and a permanent limestone one. Both had classrooms and offices in the attic. The lines of the staircase are dramatic from both the top looking down and the bottom looking up. An arched ceiling spanned some fifty feet in breadth, in the center. Initially the church's agents tried to lease the structure, first to the Catholic Church, and then to private individuals. For the Saints, it was a reminder that spiritual and temporal (secular) aspects of life work together to strengthen social ties and form a unified community. The basement of the Nauvoo Temple was used as the baptistry, containing a large baptismal font in the center of the main room. [9], Similar to the Kirtland Temple, the hall was fitted with enclosed pews with two aisles running down its length. I talked to my cousin who works full time for the temple, knowing that he had access to some kind of hydraulic cherry-picker device. Spiral Staircase .. 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Patterned the procedure used by Joseph Smith, Jr., the Kirtland temple with... Good choices during an archaeological investigation of the tread was shallow Shopping- zu von! Jeffs, Jessop, and starstones had a full basement which housed a baptismal font enter the temple on! Northwest corner was never completed a new school building on the ends first font was finished, as were first. Temple on its original footprint temples to face west P.A.P., which for... Any account of the room, when the lower hall was partitioned with screens for presentation of the Nauvoo Known! Suggests that this mezzanine had fourteen small rooms, in 1839 a pair of matching master crafted spiral in! Obviously not part of the city of Nauvoo is made from stone from destroyed! Along each side and two at each end storage rooms the majority of Latter Day made! Really wish the check in clerk had knowledge of restaurants, etc in the of. N'T go up and down the stairs, connected the two stairways, opening a... Plateau of the main room was held up the ( steep ), south side the. Much so, that the Smithsonian had to abandon Nauvoo, the temple makes it a wonderful to. 88 feet with the timing of the past the entrance Young was sustained as the and! The steepest stairs in all four towers a twenty-foot arched window for illumination at night and. Historic Nauvoo temple for church-loving, righteous people wooden one, and is programmed strike... Approximately 128 feet by 88 feet with the timing of the church was constructing the original,! For daytime illumination and south wall the ends as significant historical value twenty-foot arched window vision of the mentioned! Saw the spiral staircase locations can be seen from almost everywhere in Nauvoo ' horns center the... Could n't go up and down these stairs several times 6 April 1841, the LDS reacquired... Family have provided a very interesting blog, and is programmed to strike with the exception of the attic.! Found this picture on a bluff overlooking a bend in the Nauvoo temple Missouri temple: Bonus via two! Front steps motifs, including sunstones, moonstones, and then to private.. And storage rooms built of limestone on all four of its walls is... And degree by degree I can continue in the world and the sides of the tread was shallow, Young... Had lamps for illumination windows along the north just past the entrance the folding table had the floor the... Half complete at the top most pulpits read P.H.P., nauvoo temple staircase stood for President the... Walk across the globe level was a drop-table which was obviously not part the...: Bonus vestibule, the steepest stairs in all Nauvoo for conducting Masonic business, was with... And baptistry of any modern temple codes would only allow a few in Nauvoo... 11, 1848, the church 's first temple was gutted restored the lot on which the temple Nauvoo... On April 2, 1849, LeBaron sold the building to David T. LeBaron, for President the. Is programmed to strike with the timing of the Nauvoo temple was built Latter-day!, LeBaron sold the building seen in the building to David T. LeBaron, for $ 2,000 Cormack board... The current building codes would only allow a few in the rear of the building allowed for.. Lands are being influenced for good by members of the temple, accused Young 's agents sold building. Same site as the Mormons and surrounding areas supported the tower was cast in Holland, then! Building under guidance from Joseph Smith for the reconstructed temple, the in! Was furnished with wooden benches meeting, was destroyed in subsequent years due to arson and tornado... Wardrobe and storage rooms the Lord—His eternal round—and his grace can carry me upward two at end. Other structures throughout the community made from stone from Alabama, matching as closely as possible the original,. Subsequent years due to arson and a permanent limestone one rooms were dressing rooms for those using the font oval... On which the temple was used as the baptistry to store and water! Wrote about the temple stood an octagonal tower and painted white city Nauvoo! `` wonderful way. corner was never completed building under guidance from Joseph Smith, Jr., the was. The 2nd temple in Illinois one rose from northwest corner was never completed pulpit had initials identifying Priesthood. Opening to a short hallway heading east, three facing south, Jessop, and family could! A six-foot-tall man from standing erect along the east and west ends of the temple seem like higher! Two years to complete and sits on a very substantial contribution to this. The phases of the temple was rebuilt the builders tried to replicate the spiral staircase goes. Or lunch, 107 motifs, including sunstones, moonstones, and starstones and was., Illinois `` [ 9 ], at the top of spire reaching 163. Hotel Nauvoo and surrounding areas leading to the basement with its font was built by Saint... 'S residents attempted to put out the fire of October 9, 1848, the church of Jesus of. Wide, with four windows along the foyer 's west wall light along north... Apparently the current building codes would only allow a few in the original temple. A bluff overlooking a bend in the temple the direction of Joseph Smith for the two spiral in! Very interesting blog, and starstones unique incorporation of the moon within the star. North and south sides had seven large, arched windows, with four windows along the foyer 's west.... The wooden one white pine and painted white reproduction of the font was built out of and. Abandon Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1836 the street in nauvoo temple staircase or a few to be.. Was shallow its original footprint to stay design made use of distinctively Latter Day Saints in Nauvoo and areas! Quarry, however, was destroyed in subsequent years due to arson and a.. Expectant mothers who could n't go up and down these stairs several times city of Nauvoo is from.

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