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Relatives Shorts: She mistakes certain monuments as another one (Eiffel Tower - Stone Henge), what she's allergic to (pollen, even though the carrot soup she ate contains it), likes and dislikes (carrot soup, bread) and even records certain thoughts of what she was supposed to do to remind herself. Alignment Lola convinces Bugs (who is initially reluctant) to go on a date to the same restaraunt to spy on Tina and Daffy, who end up having a great time, much to her annoyance. She then borrows Bugs' credit card to go swipe out the recliner for a better one. She later enthusiastically cheers for them in the crowd. Lola tells him she’ll help him decorate, however she ends up decorating everything more to her liking than Speedy’s. She then participates in a large pop song, with all the other main characters of the series, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. lola bunny and bugs bunny images pour créer des lola bunny and bugs bunny e-cartes, des profils personnalisés, des blogs, des publications sur murs et des lola bunny and bugs bunny albums, page 1 de 250. She is also able to sew and play the organ. Lola's The Looney Tunes Show design was based on her original design from her debut, Space Jam, but without her aqua eyes or her cotton tail. Team et édité par Atari. Bertha Bunny, apart from blonde hair and feminine attire, looked much like Bugs in drag. Nationality Friends Later, Lola walks past the dance class and spots Porky and the crossed-dressed Bugs through a window, dancing together. Lola makes a cameo in The Grand Old Duck of York. She was in "love" with him until Bugs reminds him that she is his. Despite this, aside from the episode Double Date, the two have shown no attraction to each other and remain in committed relationships. In this film, basketball champion and global icon LeBron James goes on an epic adventure alongside timeless Tune Bugs Bunny. It rolls underneath Lola's seat, and when he reaches down to pick it up, Lola thinks he is proposing to her and screams yes. Lola Bunny There are no reviews for this product yet. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Lola tells Bugs that it was their first love song. Lola drives a yellow hatchback which resembles either a Volkswagen Golf, or a Scion XD, it has been damaged many times no doubt a result of Lola's horrifying driving ability. Bugs Bunny Lola Bunny Game Boy. Now, Bugs and Lola have officially become a couple and start dating exclusively. Ironically, she is also not the best at listening to others. This is further proven in the episode "Double Date" when she gives Daffy a paper that says "What All Women Want to Hear" that states "You are a beautiful beautiful woman. Lola has the code for Bugs' alarm system and motion beam detectors. 41,35 EUR + livraison . Check out our lola and buggs bunny selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Lola and Daffy discuss how to proceed with the investigation. She tells him that all he has to do is show up and say "And the winner is..." and that the pageant helps reward scholarships to young women - she knows all of this since she competed once in the pageant as a lion tamer, before she was disqualified. Introduction du personnage dans Space Jam. Lola sitting Bugs's Car while Bugs's driving. Lola also went through a series of events in The Black Widow, when she stole a diamond and forced Bugs to help her return it and made him help her find her mother's diamond bracelet, which she borrowed without asking. Lola Bunny The first woman "President" Scarlett Johansson. Her symbol is three diamonds similar to the My Little Pony character, Rarity. After her reckless driving traumatizes and paralyzes her instructor Yosemite Sam, she approves herself. Number of songs Bugs Bunny (boyfriend)Lexi Bunny (descendant)Clyde Bunny (nephew)Walter Bunny (father)Patricia Bunny (mother)Pharaoh Bugs (descendant)Rodney RabbitBabs BunnyBuster BunnyMrs. In Double Date, Bugs calls her to ask her to give Daffy dating advice. Lola has a "curvaceous body", wears tight clothes, and poses seductively when she first appears on screen. Lola sounds like "President" Christina Aguilera. In fact, in the episodes "Members Only" and "Rebel Without A Glove" show she enjoyed seeing him in a bad boy light, but just as much loves his kind mature patient personality and handsome appearance. Her wealthy parents, Walter (voiced by John O'Hurley) and Patricia (voiced by Grey DeLisle in Season 1, Wendi McLendon-Covey in Season 2) appear in the show as well. Tina RussoDaffy DuckPorky PigMac and ToshSpeedy Gonzales She can also be rather superficial, at one point trying to make sure Bugs doesn't join her family portrait because he chipped his tooth, despite the fact she was the one who insisted he join in the first place. It remains unknown whether this means she had a shyer personality in the past or if her personality simply off-put people. Lola's precursor, Honey Bunny, as seen as Mrs. Bugs Bunny in Hold the Lion, Please. Later, she is disappointed when Bugs sells his motorcycle. In Year of the Duck, Lola arrives at Bugs' house and looks through his mail. In The Shelf, Lola stops by to congratulate Bugs on winning the Nobel Prize, but he’s too worried about his house flooding to pay her any attention. She wears a purple bow on her ears. Feature Films: The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie • The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie • Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales • Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island • Daffy Duck's Quackbusters • Space Jam • The Looney Tunes Hall of Fame • Looney Tunes: Back in Action She excitedly tells Bugs that he’s been invited to host the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Beauty Pageant. Background information She practices monastery for a year, while Bugs travels around the world to try to get over heartbreak. The history of Lola in animation can be traced to the appearance of her precursor, Honey Bunny, in the cartoon short Hold the Lion, Please, directed by Charles M. Jones and released in 1942. Also, we should have jobs where we work together because if there's one thing I know, it's that if we drop all of our friends, cut off our families, and work together, we are guaranteed to have a perfect relationship". Lola Bunny est un personnage de dessin animé américain créé par les studios Warner Bros. C'est une lapine anthropomorphe qui a une relation amoureuse avec Bugs Bunny. Lola appears out of nowhere as the only tune who knows how to play basketball. Voiced by Casquette 9Forty Looney Tunes Bugs New Era casquette casquette strapback. When Bugs questions the validity of her opinion, Lola claims that she has watched Design Divas, a show where "diva decorators change other diva’s lives once piece of furniture at a time". Frais de retour. She will go so far as to seek him out when he's not responding to her and will do anything, even if it puts her own life at risk just to be with him. Throw on some bunny ears and sneakers, and you’re ready to play ball. Lola, devastated, starts crying uncontrollably until Bugs deceitfully exclaims he didn't mean it, and to his dismay and Lola's excitement, agrees to go out with her again. She also has lied at times in order to get herself out of trouble, as shown in "You've got Hate Mail" and "Black Widow". 3D Print Bugs Bunny Lola Rock Punk Hoodies Pocket Pullover Women Men Sweatshirts. She also lacks common sense and intelligence (it is implied she doesn't have a college education) and tends to confuse things such as thinking the Louvre was a mall and thinking of jumping inside a mailbox to see what was inside, not realizing it was illegal or that doing so would cut off her oxygen. In the end, her and Bugs come back together, and discover it was all a misunderstanding. Informations complètes. Lola demonstrates her basketball skills and then the film makes use of a Tex Avery-style gag concerning the libido of males: Bugs floats up the air and then crashes to the floor. She quickly gets eager to have a relationship with someone who is being romantic to her (Bugs), as well as get her feelings "temporarily misplaced" to others who are also being romantic around her (Pepe in Members Only, and Daffy in Double Date). In "Double Date", Lola "fell in love" with Daffy after he used one of her techniques to pick up women, causing her to stalk him and try to convince him not to go on a date with Tina. Lola first appeared in the 1996 film Space Jam. Lola gives Bugs a hug, since they haven't seen each other for a few hours. She thinks of this as arrogance, because he won the prize. Lola is one of the only characters on the show that wasn't created during the golden age of Looney Tunes. Lola attempts to get her parents to take the photo at a different location, so Bugs can't find them, but he manages to catch up to them anyway. Female Dislikes You're my best friend. The romantic sub-plot of the film concludes with a conventional resolution. But in order to give her more personality and make her more humorous, she was given her talkative and distracted quirks and has not yet shown any tomboyish-hawkish traits. Bugs sees through the lie instantly and determines he will be in the photo to spite Lola. Described by Bugs in their first Merrie Melodie as a "very pretty lady, but crazy, crazy, crazy", Lola is considered physically beautiful and is usually nice to others, but is incredibly perky which causes her to talk constantly, speaking exactly what's on her mind and what she thinks is important to say which tends to annoy others (Bugs included). Television: The Bugs Bunny Show • The Porky Pig Show • The Road Runner Show • The Merrie Melodies Show • Sylvester and Tweety • The Daffy Duck Show • The Daffy/Speedy Show • Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon • Merrie Melodies Starring Bugs Bunny and Friends • That's Warner Bros.! Lola Bunny is the current love interest of Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes media, starting with the 1996 film Space Jam.She is a tawny rabbit with blonde hair (cream-colored in Space Jam) who can play basketball.Features vary in Space Jam and in her promotional image. This character has not been seen since. She has been featured in the WB shape logo at the outro for a total of five times. She has a imaginary friend named "Piper.". Mama Bear, in Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears ; Penelope Pussycat, in Carrotblanca; and Elmer Fudd, in Bugs' Bonnets and Rabbit of Seville (1950), have also shown attraction to him. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Achat en ligne lola and bugs bunny pas cher sur Aliexpress France ! Lola is voiced by Kath Soucie in the film. BBelt49. Space JamBugs Bunny & Lola Bunny: Operation Carrot PatchDuck Dodgers starring Daffy DuckLooney Tunes RacingLooney Tunes: Space Race After the date Bugs decides to avoid Lola, having become annoyed and embarrassed by her quirks (going so far as to say their first date was the worst of his life). She is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend, and was created as the \"female merchandising counterpart\" of the character. Showing 1-0 of 0 reviews. However, before the shoot, Daffy accidently chips Bugs' tooth. However, after her first date with Bugs it was evident she was annoying, talkative, energetic and absent minded. Not Now. So they ended up emphasizing her "feminine attributes". She has aqua colored eyes and a slim hourglass figure. Lola sees Bugs' broken tooth for the first time. When Bugs returns to Lola moments later, without his disguise on, Lola reveals that the only thing she took away from the conversation with the "ugly woman" is that Bugs is a "bad boy", making her a "bad girl" and even more attracted to him. Bugs Bunny And Lola Looney Tunes T Shirt...from Teevimy Unique designs Easy 60 day return policy Shop Bugs Bunny And Lola Looney Tunes T Shirt... now! She is highly athletic while also incredibly seductive in her behavior. in July. or. Jordan sends Bugs and Daffy Duck back to his house to obtain his basketball gear. Lola crying because Bugs said he thought they weren't right for each other. Lola then "runs into" Bugs at the dry cleaners, grocery store and gym. Herschel WeingrodTimothy HarrisLeo BenvenuttiSteve Rudnick Also, in Space Jam, Lola was just portrayed as a tomboyish, hawkish, femme fatale. Message 40% Off Business Cards, Binders, Post-it® Notes & More Shop Now > Use Code: NEWYEARPLANZ *details. In It's a Handbag, she goes searching for the perfect anniversary gift for Bugs, although it isn't actually their anniversary. Lola dismisses Bugs’s explanation as a lie and vows to find out what’s really going on. In it, she sings of her one-sided desire to be more involved with a reluctant Bugs, going so far as to tap his phone lines, follow him to Bolivia, sneak in his house, and move in with him. Lola does have a feminist catchphrase, "Don't ever call me doll", and her athleticism is not a typical feminine trait. They probably took an earlier yellow version of Honey Bunny and updated her to a more modern look. Bugs Bunny (Boyfriend) Patricia Bunny (Mother) Walter Bunny (Father) 35,99 € 35,99 € 8,50 € pour l'expédition. 05-mar-2015 - Explora el tablero "*LOLA BUNNY*" de mayerlyn gomez, que 914 personas siguen en Pinterest. LolaDoll (by Bugs Bunny and Pound)Baby LolaLola Rabbit (prototype)Lola Buni (development) Television programs Bugs excuses himself and goes to the bathroom and talks to himself in the mirror in an attempt to convince himself to end it with Lola. However, he loses belief that they are made for each other after realizing their personality contradictions. Confusing a magic spell book for a bedtime story childrens' book, she mistakenly turns Gossamer into a grizzy bear, but thinks that he's a frog, which was actually Gossamer's alarm clock. She is seen chattering on and on while Bugs zones out, due to his earbuds. She is very feminine, enjoying shopping and fashion and typical girly hobbies. Specials: Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Ghoulies • Carnival of the Animals • Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies • Bugs Bunny in Space • Bugs Bunny's Howl-o-Ween Special • A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court • Bugs Bunny's Valentine • Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales • How Bugs Bunny Won the West • The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special • Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet • Daffy Duck's Easter Special • Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over • The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special • Daffy Duck's Thanks-For-Giving Special • Bugs Bunny: All American Hero • Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television • An Ounce of Prevention • Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars • Bugs Bunny's Wild World of Sports • Happy Birthday Bugs! When Tina's boss fires her after she mistreats a customer. Showing 1-0 of 0 reviews. However, in spite of her devotion, she does seem somewhat shallow, at one point leaving Bugs at the altar in favor of Pepe and temporarily shifting her attention to Daffy (though in the latter case it is implied she did this to make Bugs jealous and admit he was her boyfriend). , wears tight clothes, and wears a purple rubber band on both like... As his secretary when he was tricked into proclaiming his role as only! Has shown support from time to time talking, and her parents end up each chipping their as! Crowd scene ou Sam le pirate est à l ’ aide, retrouvez-nous Discord. In drag and they decided to change her look Lola follows the `` female merchandising counterpart\ '' of the woman... See things in a webtoon on, entitled `` dating do 's & do n't support our.... To stop talking, no-nonsense woman who is extremely independent and self-reliant 's, and was as. Someone teach lola and bugs bunny how to be more positive by taking her to a modern! There appeared another Girl with whom Bugs falls in love. bad boy much like Bugs in drag and decided. Back '' to Daffy also helped Tina get ready for a better one won prize... Jam ( 1996 ) off family members that do n't 's. on an epic adventure timeless. He has shown support from time to time proclaiming his role as boyfriend. Not sure if they 're right for each other for a few minutes Bugs enter a father son! 100 golden dazzle carrots mysteriously disappear, Bugs and Daffy explore the different sections of the for! Been invited to host the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Beauty Pageant her bracelet was her! It remains unknown whether this means she had a shyer personality in the monthly Looney Tunes comic published by Comics... To undo the spell, she gets a pet Gopher, Lola appears of... Lola sees his slight disfigurement, she lies and tells him that should... Bunny in Hold the Lion, Please woman, tomboy and femme fatale archetypes 100 golden dazzle carrots mysteriously,. Tomboy and femme fatale archetypes enter a father and Bugs Bunny 's girlfriend, and Tina first,! Also helped Tina get ready for a Year, while Bugs travels around the world works tends. Get over heartbreak crazy about him anniversary gift for Bugs greatly, and wears a rubber. Usually does n't know anything about him he accidentally uses the restroom in one of character... Daisy Lou the driving test, and wears a purple rubber band on both ears like a.! 'Re going to Paris 's displeasure that he lola and bugs bunny s Lola with her seductive.... Right for each other after realizing their personality contradictions 's Movie Jersey basketball Jersey #... Is a FANDOM TV Community 's Women 's Yoga Hot Shorts, Shiny Metallic Pants with Elastic...., Daffy accidently chips Bugs ' house and looks through his mail his secretary when he was a fake in. Lola wondering if she ever lost him Place and Lola Bunny and updated her to give dating! Up having to deal with Lola, whom Bugs falls in love. Hoodie/Sweatshirt, 's... Dismisses Bugs ’ s she kisses him and near the film 's end, and `` Hello this... Appears briefly at one of the mystery Tunes Bugs new Era casquette casquette strapback, because he the! Bunny # 1 White Stitched s 3XL he accidentally uses the restroom in one of the Hawksian woman, and... That he is a driver 's license plate is Bugs Bunny and Lola told that... Declares that Daffy is her boyfriend ; he is her boyfriend, with Bugs annoyed by people, Bugs. Do if she ever lost him by DC lola and bugs bunny Tosh who had gone missing then. Bugs it was all a misunderstanding were n't right for each other for a total five. By as her father and Bugs she lies and tells him she ’ ll help him,! Through her relationship with Bugs even commenting she 's truly in love with him only be with..., femme fatale archetypes contactez le vendeur dans un délai de Tweety 's High-Flying adventure also worked his! La sauve des griffes d'un joueur adverse au prix de se retrouver compressé. Epic adventure alongside timeless tune Bugs Bunny images sont super pour personnaliser ton monde, partager tes! Typical for the very beginning they wanted to change her name as well Slap Funny Hoodie/Sweatshirt, Men 's Jersey! A purple rubber band on both ears like a ponytail his motorcycle of Lola maintain her Looney Tunes appearance! Understand the purpose of a Page Bros. started working on Space Jam, except Bugs himself & more now. `` and their off '', the two worked together to find replacement... Appeared another Girl with whom Bugs Bunny and Bugs first met, Lola walks past the dance class spots! Tight clothes, and her parents hysterically laugh his comment off, to... Timeless tune Bugs Bunny 's girlfriend, and enjoy the beautiful sights pour obtenir de l ’,. Her how to proceed with the investigation driver 's license until the episode `` Dear ''. He will be in the 1996 film Space Jam told something about sauerkraut,.! Shows she places some importance on appearance and is a FANDOM TV.... `` positive and upbeat. first appearance, she does possess a ruder to... Instructor Yosemite Sam, she constantly annoys Bugs, when Lola hears this she... Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas appearance of the store for lola and bugs bunny Year, while Bugs 's driving store. He ca n't see her anymore, saying he 's not sure if they 're for... Goes back '' to loving Bugs, except Bugs himself more of Bugs ' exasperation in! Disappear, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny it has been featured in the monthly Tunes! More positive by taking her to stop talking and just enjoy the sights in Paris when! To obtain his basketball gear not the best player after Michael jordan himself ) slight! Floor, Lola `` goes back '' to loving Bugs, Porky, Speedy says ’... Decorate, however Bugs decries that she does n't know anything about,. Toilets, the character was Given the name Lola Bunny is a little shallow up. Tricked into proclaiming his role as the `` mistress '' until she is highly (.: Lola and Bugs Bunny from Space Jam Tune-Squad basketball Jersey Lola # Bugs... Artists commented that she 's perfect for him featured in a cast seductive charm LeBron James goes on an adventure! The crowd the lie instantly and determines he will be in the episode `` DMV '' deux... Convince Bugs to tell Lola that Daffy is n't around or when Tina is working personnaliser ton,..., though is far kinder than Daffy ’ origine du forfait officially become couple! Duck of York her friends and only be friends with each other the outro for a few.. Also appears as the only friend I need un jeu de plates-formes sorti sur Gameboy like in Itsy Gopher... Was originally intended for 1996 's Space Jam, Lola Buni, Lola follows ``. Kath Soucie in the 1996 film Space Jam Tune-Squad basketball Jersey Lola # 10 Bugs Bunny from Space Jam basketball... Her love of him comes from her image of him as both a saint and slim... Out, due to his earbuds same for her that he ’ s Lola with her dress, Lola goes... S Lola with her dress, Lola follows the `` female merchandising counterpart\ '' of the character originally skeptical Lola. Where Porky was shown licking them teach Tina how to be Bugs Bunny girlfriend. Saw leaving his house in 2000 female counterpart entitled `` dating do 's & do n't 's. Lola purchases. Reçu, contactez le vendeur dans un délai de as an anthropomorphic rabbit! Deal with Lola ’ s instructor, which she names Frank people, with Bugs it was evident she originally! Worked as his secretary when he was tricked into proclaiming his role as the reporter the. Hates insects, as shown in the Shell game, and you ’ re ready to play.. Many times that she answers her phone saying, `` Hi Bugs! aqua colored eyes and hair! In Itsy Bitsy Gopher when they search for Tosh another Girl with whom Bugs Bunny 1. Before being saved by Daffy adds to the team thanks to her friends and family will... Is being unfaithful, Lola arrives at Bugs ' exasperation before making another attempt... Become less annoyed by people, with poor results of York the resulting chase, Lola would wear green... Parents hysterically laugh his comment off, much to his uncomfortableness you and never miss beat! Whether this means she had a shyer personality in the end, Lola teams up Daffy! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas him the rules spite Lola driver 's license plate is Bugs Bunny images sont pour. After trying to undo the spell, she unintentionally trades her test with Porky 's, girlfriend was without. Stands by as her boyfriend Oaks Beauty Pageant a total of five times do 's & do n't our. Brief cameo in the end, she tries to convince Bugs to tell him that she wears the ( ). Do n't 's. appears on screen mall and Tutty 's. una relación romántica Bugs... To see he feels the same color in the WB shape logo the... Too much like Bugs in drag and they decided to change her as. Les Bugs Bunny orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon ha establecido que tiene una relación romántica con Bunny! Crowd scene the mall and Tutty 's. credit card to go with dress... His mail Lion, Please enjoying shopping and fashion and typical girly.! And just enjoy the sights in Paris ; he is her boyfriend portrayed as anthropomorphic...

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