list of journals of zoology in pakistan

0000083760 00000 n Featuring. Have you ever submitted your manuscript to Pakistan Journal of Zoology? Featuring. Punjab University Journal of Zoology (Punjab Univ. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 2, pp 467-474, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah, Muhammad Afzal, Mahroze Fatima, Syed Makhdoom Hussain and Tanveer Ahmed, Pakistan J. Keywords . Subscribe Punjab University Journal of Zoology is continuation of old (irregular) series of the publication by the Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 0000083646 00000 n ���r~��F�|��k����1նʵ�\�=r`��Ȝǯ�qm����L���Ґ)���2�����M�3��Yf���02�NG���)�"��`v4;���)���z�G�z�G�z�G�z�G�z�G�z�G����S�OA?���S�OA?=�~O��������{��,�2�~O�������4{�=�fO������4 �@C�!�`4BX�Yd�=��m�'��aY�z�0����5��+�J�¯�+�J�¯�+�J�¯�+�J�¯�+�J�¯4+�k��� The main subject areas of published articles are Animal Science and Zoology. Vol. J. Zool. Latest issues of Pakistan journal of Zoology available for download. Pakistan Journal of Zoology Impact Factor, IF, number of article, detailed information and journal factor. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. H�\��n�0�=O�e�� ��o#E�ZJ�,�G��$�t�&��ۏ�j���pn��� 0000014129 00000 n 0000005561 00000 n February . 0000004588 00000 n Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Punjab University Journal of Zoology : Punjab University Journal of Zoology : Published by: Department of Zoology : ISSN-2313-8556 (Online) 1016-1597(Print) Frequency: Bi-Annual ... from Northern Punjab, Pakistan By AYESHA IQBAL, GHULAM SARWAR, ABDUL MAJID KHAN, MUHAMMAD TAHIR WASEEM, AYESHA IQBAL, RANA MANZOOR AHMAD, MUHAMMAD AMEEN: 0000009881 00000 n February . 6. 0000004727 00000 n �oV���K�8�%�0-�)�z� The Editors seek studies that are hypothesis-driven and interdisciplinary in nature. ��������sJ����G�:����P���ׁ� ���0�`ORPq�r��\���ρ��{>�'�8p��aXָ�يE��#��d`\�9�A���p�IjB�[�� �M �PKT�?d`�z �+l ҏؼ'�LbW ~���U� � �u̯ endstream endobj 232 0 obj <>>>/Lang(en-GB)/Metadata 229 0 R/Names 233 0 R/Outlines 216 0 R/PageLabels 226 0 R/Pages 228 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 233 0 obj <> endobj 234 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Tabs/W/Thumb 217 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 235 0 obj [236 0 R 237 0 R 238 0 R 239 0 R 240 0 R 241 0 R 242 0 R 243 0 R 244 0 R 245 0 R 246 0 R 247 0 R 248 0 R 249 0 R 250 0 R 251 0 R 252 0 R 253 0 R 254 0 R 255 0 R 256 0 R 257 0 R 258 0 R] endobj 236 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[101.778 229.826 228.484 215.598]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 237 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[246.283 216.626 290.502 202.398]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 238 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[36.0 203.426 115.138 189.198]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 239 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[121.763 203.426 168.801 189.198]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 240 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[511.328 284.096 556.713 269.868]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 241 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[304.675 270.896 385.699 256.668]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 242 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[390.616 270.896 513.011 256.668]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 243 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[517.928 270.896 559.177 256.668]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 244 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[304.675 257.696 343.016 243.468]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 245 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[534.131 231.296 559.177 217.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 246 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[304.675 218.096 326.675 203.868]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 247 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[536.485 178.496 559.177 164.268]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 248 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[304.675 165.296 387.243 151.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 249 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[392.293 165.296 434.642 151.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 250 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[439.692 165.296 487.026 151.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 251 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[492.076 165.296 541.962 151.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 252 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[547.012 165.296 559.177 151.068]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 253 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[304.675 152.096 352.603 137.868]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 254 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[361.942 152.096 452.158 137.868]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 255 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[452.93 99.2962 542.745 85.0677]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 256 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[233.134 342.599 433.939 330.958]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 257 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[194.35 748.649 417.467 735.714]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 258 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/H/N/Rect[459.105 766.941 559.01 725.637]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 259 0 obj <> endobj 260 0 obj <> endobj 261 0 obj <>stream 0000134879 00000 n Annals of King Edward Medical University. All issues of Pakistan Journal of Zoology before 2016 can be accessed at: PJZ Archive . 0000010910 00000 n Downloads The Zoological society of Pakistan, from its beginning has always issuer research journals (6 per year). This is a list of scientific journals which cover the field of zoology. Annals of King Edward Medical University The scientific journal Pakistan Journal of Zoology is included in the Scopus database. Currently it is a 6 monthly Journal covering all aspects of animal and biomedical sciences. Based on 2020, SJR is 0.28. Acta biotheoretica; Fortschritte der Zoologie; The Journal of experimental zoology. #����α��fp�eK�2�*��{�K1�xe�7�cw^�k��D�f���#[�E����y�:_X|�y��P�ieN�!߰o;�J�ǂ��SM���]}�DїW�ay�gc���v�T���Wו�k�Y$�KP���W�w����е���7.�/��u��7�����l|�s04@��!��T�w� �Ʈ< ,H���� ����()T����G�M�yL�. _���3��"�I+�b��> '�� "�"o������"���x|���o�9�w�qȪ����e�n�a�����?�6N]r�7�G����ϱ�]�V+�ƣ%�V���styZ��k�}7ߞlͿ���]���4C/c�ĩ�O1� Proceedings of Pakistan Congress of Zoology Docking analysis report: A, Wild-type KRAS-GTP complex; B, E31K-KRAS-GTP complex; C, G138V-KRAS-GTP complex. 0000011636 00000 n HJRS is a collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories – W, X, and Y -- within their respective knowledge areas on the basis of a number of international benchmarked and recognized parameters that measure the quality of a journal. | ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. 0000006950 00000 n Pakistan Journal of Zoology | Стандартное сокращение журнала (ISO4): « Pak J Zool ».ISO 4 is the international standard ISO , which defines a unified system of abbreviations for periodicals, namely scientific journals. Register and submit your manuscript here. ��&N}��U�;!��pV6+�Lѹq~�p���f52�I��E�$��4��N���,ǯ �=\��Fw��Q��jhP�H��ڿ��Β�=���-�V�9m9D"FX �ң�j�c�,�Ԇv}oܓF߁��Z�� ������Z7z�bVP`��|ǓB[�p�HL�$;����ff��Gx���0P�*K~Zv[��t\�3�GB/>�O��z�py�{&�F�6>#�ŝ��kf9��05�2-���Uߞ�r�k���޴�Vޗh�o�$W?�;��.�9�}*�u �� ?���d�{�F�bɥ��~�4��� Ϧ�mx�|f�wf��Y8w\d��� �&ެ��q����2q�O�4#n�'7tݺ�WWu�[�����6�6�};��d�b�$5@sD�-�s?ʤ�>D9%�N �\��G�,���Ugu��H����Ҧ&B�//��}��������'��W�F� JR�[� ^¯�������@'��۶(��r9�_oSJmQ�G�ox���}�eP~Ġ�k%N�šS�][k���KS��ˉ`����)�~*�dB�N�:�v�ܮ#���#��D�� !X�� endstream endobj 272 0 obj <> endobj 273 0 obj <> endobj 274 0 obj <> endobj 275 0 obj <>stream Keeping in view the popularity of the journal and to meet the ever increasing demands of authors, the publication of the journal was increased from four issues per year to six issues per year since 2007. Pakistan Journal of Zoology publishes original articles in English on all aspects of animal life. It is to our great pleasure that we are adding the downloadable journals (.pdf) for our readers, these journals will be one-click away, for both reference study and for downloading. The number 1 of volume 36 of year 2004 is due to appear in March 2004. IMPACT FACTOR. The scientific journal Pakistan Journal of Zoology is included in the Scopus database. 0000015014 00000 n Muhammad Mohsin, Yin Hengbin and Zhang Luyao. 10 No. 0000135774 00000 n The Turkish Journal of Zoology is indexed or abstracted by a wide variety of sources such as Biological Abstracts (Online), BIOSIS Previews, Science Citation Index Expanded, Web of Science, Zoological Record Online, etc. )��$@a�9��9g.O���-��p�~�z�s������ ���`���{U�8��!��$�y�3Ȳ�L��>� ?,��E _��¿؆Ch��א�x�~�����'��X@��,�UC���>��� ��C��y�]qno�x��R��x���:�L&�,r���܄疸� ݕ�&�/[^EHgd�g���m��f��/$�e��Yjc��$�, 0000135524 00000 n HEC has developed an online system called the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) for accreditation of research journals. E-mail: 0000132830 00000 n H�\�݊�@��}�����;}�$�Iv ��f��v��FŘ���vYaV0V�]�Q�n��}��.�1 �!�������mj�;�s�'y�ڮ��巹�c��͇�u�}��r��x�:Ow��i�cxN��S��?��_�óK�q�.��]��k׆S4�Z���Kp��e����|�{�=�q�+�uN�fh�u��0��9$U�����NB��w__��xj~�SR�_��Y�%��u���z�E]d�.�J�g�� Pakistan Journal of Zoology's journal/conference profile on Publons, with 286 reviews by 108 reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. H�\��n�0F�y 0000004174 00000 n Pakistan Journal of Zoology (Pakistan J. ISSN: 0030-9923 (Print) Other Information: Frequency: Four no. Aims and Scope. The scholars and researcher get updated of the ongoing research, and the current scenario. 0000046224 00000 n Join ReviewerCredits today! 53, Iss. If you are an administrator for Pakistan Journal of Zoology, please get in touch to find out how you can verify the contributions of your editorial board members and more. Pakistan Journal of Zoology (Pakistan J. Pakistan journal of zoology Abbreviation. Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews, What would like to do? Zool., Vol. 0000131387 00000 n 53, Iss. The journal and following publications are offered in exchange for publication of learned societies institutions and universities. Punjab University Journal of Zoology, Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore-54590, Pakistan. Ever since its first issue Pakistan Journal of Zoology has been published uninterrupted for the last 35 years. 0000005283 00000 n Number of eye strips in the eyes of various adults of S. gregaria collected from fields as well as laboratory. Pakistan Journal Of Zoology; Pakistan Journal of Zoology. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (PJBS) is an international, peer-reviewed and well indexed scientific journal seeks to promote and disseminate the knowledge of biological sciences by publishing outstanding research in the field. 1, Pages 1-400 . Punjab University Journal of Zoology is continuation of old (irregular) series of the publication by the Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 0000085398 00000 n 0000004313 00000 n In Charge Reference & Research Section Junaid Zaidi Library COMSATS University Islamabad Park Road, Islamabad-Pakistan. Short communications are regularly considered, however, uninvited review articles, first records/reports of known species, case reports/studies and survey reports are not published in Pakistan Journal of Zoology. The Journal has a wide circulation in- and outside Pakistan. University of the Punjab, 54590 Meat Sciences and Veterinary Public Health Aptamers and Synthetic Antibodies publishes original articles in English on all aspects of animal life. Its first issue was published in 1986. 0000134515 00000 n Vol. Xuya Zhou, Ying Liu, Deqin Xu, Jie Bao, Yaru Cao and Yong Jin, Pakistan J. February . ���������� �5 0000082827 00000 n Taxonomy, Environmental Biology, Wildlife, Fisheries, Vertebrate and Invertebrate Morphology. ��+�W���Q��]Q��Y�tV8+��Jg���Y�tV8+��Jg������)�1�ns_=�\���#�d�tD�ǯ����*��_ ���� endstream endobj 276 0 obj <>stream 0000010117 00000 n Publisher country is باكستان. Pakistan Language: English Topics: Zoology Publisher: Lahore, Zoological Society of Pakistan. Zool., Vol. 0000135243 00000 n 2001-2020, English, Periodical, Journal, magazine, other edition: Pakistan journal of zoology. The names of the journals should be abbreviated according to the latest edition of the World List of Scientific Periodicals. 231 97 Meanwhile, you can check out our comprehensive guide on the HEC National Digital Library Program to learn more about this advanced e-learning platform. No known library holdings in Australia @�V��w;� u]2O�!���fL�����I�b�V�u� Pakistan Journal of Zoology(PJZ) is peer reviewed journal which publishes research from a wide array of subjects related to Biological Sciences. Index Copernicus (IC) ProQuest. Reviews on PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY: Write a review: Author: Anonymous Subject Area: 动物学 Duration of Peer Review: 0.0 month(s) Result: Write a review: Reviewed 2010-12-02 18:54:00 This publication is a publication of Pakistan. Within a year of the establishment of the Zoological Society, arrangements were completed for the publication of Pakistan Journal of Zoology. 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008. Syed Shahid Ali (Ph.D.) University of Lahore, Pakistan. Additionally, the journal considers research on health and clinical studies. Dr Farah Rauf Shakoori has won the Pakistan Academy of Sciences Open Gold Medal (2014) in the field of Zoology in recognition of her outstanding contribution to research work. Zool., Vol. Morphology of 1st to 5th immature instars (Aa, Ab, Ba, Bb, Ca, Cb, Da, Db, Ea, Eb) of S. gregaria. Abdul Rauf Shakoori s��,A�0K�%�d �Y�,Y�ިߠُ�a?�~�����ǣONNONNONN/����x�����������Tx*=�JO���S��Tx*{P���W�+{X�e�����E�=({P���Aу�=���2vb���o�7����~#����o�7����~#����o�7��W�*�|��cz0^�+�>g��MS��S��+&�����dFw�L�

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