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When Jasper's frozen form became popular with customers, Apu started exploiting the spectacle, and transformed the Kwik-E-Mart into a special interest store dealing with weird items, or perfectly ordinary ones which had been made out to be abnormal, called the Freak-E-Mart. [3] She is very controlling of her son and often treats him as if he is a child. [180] Monroe's voice is based on psychiatrist David Viscott's. [130] Likewise, he expressed only mild surprise when both of Abraham Simpson's kidneys were revealed to have exploded. [121][88] Jimbo runs for mayor in the Season 17 episode "See Homer Run", with a campaign slogan of "Tough on Nerds. In "The Blue and the Gray", it was revealed that they were actually conjoined triplets, and that the third triplet is seeking revenge. Mrs. Marilyn Muntz, voiced by Tress MacNeille,[20] is Nelson's mother. Her desperate attempts to regain her stability include rushing out of class to recite "Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean" with her eyes closed, getting into her car and driving off on two occasions, and even letting Ralph teach the class after she was granted tenure and therefore free to do almost anything she wants. [80] When participating in a mayoral election, she lucidly discusses topics such as health care, economy and public education in between her screams and gibberish. The Capital City Goofball (voiced by Tom Poston) is the mascot for Capital City. He is Julio's lover. Mary tells Bart that there will be more Mary Spucklers out there, and gives him their first kiss before she leaves. Mrs. Muntz works at Hooters in "Bart Star", but was fired in a later episode for gaining weight. Claude grabbed Rod and jumped over the rail, Claude holding onto the machine. After Grau's death in 1995, Lunchlady Doris was retired out of respect for over 10 years. After an unauthorized school field trip, Chalmers is fired for letting Nelson fall off a cliff, but is re-hired and given the title of Super-Duper-Intendent. Martha Quimby is the wife of the Mayor of Springfield Joseph Quimby. This version was played by an actor named Dirk Richter, who was allegedly murdered in a brothel some time after the show ended, a parody of George Reeves and the controversy surrounding his death. Although Kirk found the new liberty of a single life tough, Luann uses her newfound freedom to live life in the fast lane, advising Marge to forget everything she thought she knew about her, to which Marge replied that she really did not know anything about Luann at all. Stampy also appears in "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" in Bart's water dream, and made a second (and more important) appearance on season 14's "Large Marge", where he was involved in an attempt to restore the public opinion of Krusty the Clown. In the early seasons, Carl was rarely seen with Lenny and did not have a consistent voice – on some occasions, he can be heard with Lenny's voice and vice versa. Drederick Tatum is a character released on April 10, 2013 for the Whacking Day Event. A last-ditch attempt at replacing Milhouse with Mickey Rooney fails, and the movie is cancelled. In "Springfield Splendor", she finds Lisa's art therapy drawings, and sells them at The Android's Dungeon as a graphic novel, called Sad Girl. Kirk Evelyn Van Houten is voiced by Hank Azaria. Homer later calls him Harry Plopper, and the pig is seen with glasses and a lightning bolt-shaped scar, based on the character Harry Potter. Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz) is a critic who was the main character of The Critic. “We all agreed on it,” he said. In "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays", his name is given as "Cletus Spuckler" in a news report. She has excellent culinary skills, demonstrated by her ability to make a wide variety of dishes using only chickpeas, lentils, and sometimes rice. "[165] Her only speaking roles are in "Like Father, Like Clown" and "Krusty Gets Kancelled", in which she was voiced by Pamela Hayden. Sideshow Mel uses a slide whistle to communicate on camera, just like Bob. He agrees to stay with them. In the episode "Homer's Paternity Coot," it is revealed that Largo was accepted to the Juilliard School, but never got the letter as it was frozen atop Mount Springfield. In "The Burns Cage" he starts dating Smithers, but breaks up with him after realizing that Smithers is still in love with Mr. Burns. He prays for God to watch over him and his younger brother, Todd, as well as for the success of his father's business. Krusty has implied that if he can not find a human willing to donate a lung when he gets cancer, he is planning on harvesting one from Mr. Teeny. In "The Way We Weren't", they introduce a cousin who has a crush on Bart. As an entrepreneur, McCallister is equally incompetent. She is humiliated when Marge accidentally uncovers her husband's lothario ways in "The Last of the Red Hat Mamas" and kicks Marge and her friends out before they can have tea. Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, both voiced by Russi Taylor (1990–2019) and Grey DeLisle (2019–present),[192] are identical twin sisters with long purple hair and pale skin. His acting is shown to be a parody towards bad acting in horror movies. 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[27] It is strongly hinted that Murphy and Doctor Hibbert are long-lost brothers, most notably by Murphy's quote: "I don't really have a family. They perpetually reinforce their identities as twins, with things such as making up their own "twin" language. his biological parents from Germany asked Skinner where their missing son was, and in "24 Minutes" he is seen stuck in a cobweb in the school air vents. His only main roles were in episodes "New Kid on the Block" and in "The Wettest Stories Ever Told". Castellaneta lifted his voice for the character from actor Richard Crenna's as Walter Denton in the sitcom Our Miss Brooks. He is notable for his bad driving (which got him temporarily fired on the season three episode "The Otto Show"), his drug use (mostly marijuana and hallucinogenics, as mentioned on season seven's "Homerpalooza"), and his love of heavy metal music. Plopper has since become memetic, gaining popularity in the real world and on the internet, especially his theme song "Spider-Pig", which peaked at number 23 in the UK Singles Chart. He was so feared inside prison, he could stop riots just by telling the rioters to "shut up". She was voiced by Pamela Reed in her first two speaking appearances. The audience cheers as Drederick Tatum, not fooling around, walks down the walkway with his assistants as hip-hop rap music plays behind him. The Simpsons flee the town, with Gino and his parents in hot pursuit. Dr. Hibbert is married; he and his wife Bernice have at least three children, two boys and a girl. He is usually seen with his best friend Lewis and has a leather jacket and a shirt with a small diamond embroidered on the center. Lenny and Carl are best friends, as they are rarely seen apart; their other friends are Homer, and regulars at Moe's including Barney Gumble and Moe Szyslak. [88] When Fox moved The Simpsons to prime time on Thursdays against NBC's top-rated The Cosby Show, the writing staff decided to make Dr. Hibbert a parody of Bill Cosby's character Dr. Cliff Huxtable. However, during the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention, an official Simpsons Panel revealed that there was a scene at the end of the movie involving the pig that was cut which later appeared on the DVD. Gladys gives Jub-Jub to Jacqueline Bouvier, who is highly unattached to him. "[103] He is the mascot for the fictional Duff Corporation that sells Duff Beer,[104] and is based on Budweiser's former mascot Bud Man. He is apparently friendly with Krusty the Clown and Krusty's father, according to "Simpsons Christmas Stories". Richard appears frequently in scenes involving the Springfield children, and in the early seasons was often involved with mischief. She is the mother of Bart's best friend Milhouse. Commentary for ", Groening, Matt; Martin, Jeff; Jean, Al; Reiss, Mike (2002). Elaine Wolff (voice) Michael York. Commentary for ", Silverman, David (2003). In the episode "Radioactive Man", a Hollywood studio attempted to film a Radioactive Man movie in Springfield. Although he once states under oath (in "New Kid on the Block") that he is not a real sea captain, at various occasions in later episodes he is indeed shown captaining a ship (even though "Bart's Girlfriend" revealed that he "...hate[s] the sea and everything in it" during the part where he watches ships crash). He has anger problems and later makes brief appearances. He has a gay grandson, as revealed in "Million Dollar Abie" and a daughter named Paris Texan (who looks and acts like hotel heiress Paris Hilton). Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon, voiced by Harry Shearer,[20] is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's younger brother and uncle of Apu's eight children. The Van Houtens remarried in the nineteenth season episode "Little Orphan Millie". In Simpson Tide he has his biggest appearance as the Naval Reserve recruiter who begs Homer not to read the "Are you a homosexual?" Quite commonly, his phrases will be intentionally sloppy Spanish. He first appeared in "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge". [175] Al Jean confirmed on Twitter that Dora was Doris' sister, meaning the two are separate characters.[176]. In more current episodes, they appear as wall decorations in Maggie's and Lisa's rooms. In "A Milhouse Divided", it is revealed she has a sister (from whom she borrows money, as her husband does not provide for her at all), but whom we never meet. However, when the animators remodeled the character, Hartman was not available to dub the voice and so Hank Azaria took over the role. In "The Debarted", both Skinner and Chalmers are lost in the foam of a massive explosion resulting from the mixture of Mentos and Diet Coke, he screams Skinner's name and upon not receiving an answer, says it again in a softer manner. While Dr. Hibbert is the most reliable physician in Springfield, Dr. … In a deleted scene, it was shown that Jasper was the town pastor, prior to Reverend Lovejoy. She appears through flashbacks in "Dangerous Curves", "Take My Life, Please", "Postcards from the Wedge" and "Fland Canyon". [230] Wolfcastle's more recent movies have gained less renown, and he is even forced to do comedies. In "My Fair Laddy", she takes a leave of absence to get a sex-change operation and will return as "Mr. Pommelhorst" (implying that she is a transsexual man), the new shop teacher and is replaced with Coach Krupt. Stampy also appears in The Simpsons Movie, where he cracks the dome that covers Springfield, prompting the government's drastic decision to implement Option No. She first appeared in "Homer Defined", as a concerned mother who barred Milhouse from being Bart's friend due to Bart being a bad influence. Sideshow Mel is revealed, in the episode entitled "All About Lisa", to have been the winner of the prestigious Springfield Entertainer of the Year award. In season four's "New Kid on the Block", he briefly dates Laura Powers until she leaves him for crying in front of Moe after Bart exposed his true personality by prank-calling him. Selma entreats her to let her keep the baby, to which Madame Wu agrees. In one episode, it is revealed she is illiterate. Her mother is an Italian who abused Milhouse whenever he spoke English. After some convincing from Lisa, Bart agrees to go along with the wedding in order to prevent Lou from being sent back to the slaughterhouse. Grateful for Homer's help, she becomes attracted to him and tries to lure him with an erotic song called "Bunk with Me Tonight". Stu was introduced as the punchline to a joke in "Two Bad Neighbors". Helen Lovejoy (née Schwartzbaum), voiced by Maggie Roswell and Marcia Mitzman Gaven, is Rev. Nelson was inexplicably found working behind the service counter of whatever shop Benny or Fred Sanford might be patronizing, and his Springfield counterpart is similar. He was briefly replaced by Mindy Simmons, but she got fired afterwards due to alcoholism and disruptive behavior. He also appears in "A Tree Grows in Springfield" where he is dead and shows off the MyPad in heaven. [2] According to legend, Jebediah Springfield and his partner Shelbyville Manhattan led a band that left Maryland in search of "New Sodom" due to a misinterpretation of the Bible, but they parted ways over political differences: though both men are devoted to chastity and abstinence, Manhattan wanted to let people be free to marry their cousins if they wish, which Springfield strongly opposed. In "Waiting for Duffman", in which Duffman retires temporarily and is replaced by Homer, his name is Barry Huffman. Gerald Samson, better known as Baby Gerald, also known as "the one-eyebrowed baby", is Maggie Simpson's archenemy, known for his large unibrow. while reading it. It showed how South Asians felt about growing up and having Apu as their only source of representation on television. In a "freeze-frame gag" in the episode "Homer Badman", Rod is stated to be the younger Flanders child. Julio (voiced by Hank Azaria) is a gay man who is attracted to Grady, although Grady breaks up with him. The parody was writer Jay Kogen's idea. Todd Flanders is Ned Flanders' ten-year-old son, voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Richard is a gray-haired student at Springfield Elementary School and is one of Bart's friends. Poochie reappeared in The Simpsons Game as a boss on the Grand Theft Scratchy level. Martha Prince, voiced by Jo Ann Harris (Season 1&2) and the late Russi Taylor (Season 3-27) is the wife of Martin Prince Sr. and mother of Martin Prince. Lewis's seeming insignificance to the show is underscored in the episode "Das Bus", in which Bart mistakenly calls him "Wendell". He is an immigrant from Brazil and has been deported but was returned. Wiseguy, is voiced by Hank Azaria. in which Marge Simpson played the role of Blanche Dubois. [110][111] His tombstone can also be seen in the new opening sequence for the show (during the flash through the town from Marge and Maggie in the car to the front of the Simpsons' house, Ralph Wiggum can be seen playing in the dirt in front of the tombstone). He is unlocked upon completion of the Springfield Coliseum. Jonathan "Johnny Tightlips" Schmallippe[122] (born Giovanni Silencio[123]), voiced by Hank Azaria, is a member of the Mafia and associate of Fat Tony. His skin is currently brown.[129]. Steve Mobbs' death is a reference to when Steve Jobs died. I wanted the black one!" Introduced in the episode Eight Misbehavin', they're the result of Manjula being slipped fertility drugs not only by her husband, but by most of the Simpson family as well as part of trying to help Apu and Manjula conceive after weeks of failure. In "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" she is shown still living next door to the Simpsons. Coach Lugash (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is a gym instructor who coached Lisa in the season 13 episode "Little Girl in the Big Ten". This upsets Homer and he finds a new place to live. His first name was first mentioned by his cellmate Sideshow Bob in the season 3 episode "Black Widower". He once muttered to himself, "Is that right?" After widespread auditions, Homer was chosen to provide Poochie's voice. As of "You Kent Always Say What You Want", he also has a show on Fox News, and serves as a parody of Fox News' conservative bias. He is seen pulling out a pair of revolvers and firing them into the air while yelling "Yee Haw!" At the end of the episode, Nelson and his parents reunite, and she gets a job as Lady Macbeth with "the third director she slept with". Indeed, in "The Homer They Fall", Homer notes that Sweet "is as rich and famous as Don King, and looks just like him". The character also appears in the episodes "Homer Loves Flanders" (who tells Homer that, if Homer actually went to work for eight days instead of camping out outside the ticket window for football tickets, he would have earned enough to get his tickets from a scalper), "Homer and Apu" (as one of the angry customers in the beginning of the episode), "Bart of Darkness" (in which he punched a hippie for singing "Sunshine on My Shoulders" during a town-wide heat wave) and "Grampa vs. His name was Stampy. In "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner" (2004), the Simpsons discover Artie hiding in their attic after he squandered his money and started an accounting scandal at his company, Ziffcorp. He appeared in "Mypods and Broomsticks". She has appeared in two couch gags (the one on "Marge vs. When Artie tries to grope her in his car, Marge rejects him and drives off, encountering Homer on her way home. Lisa realizes that despite being gone physically, he still is alive in her, and honors his memory by having his album played at a local radio station. Nicholas Riviera, M.D. Kearney Zzyzwicz Jr. is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. In "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window? When Homer has a heart attack in front of him in response to this news, he says, unmoved, that the cost is now $40,000 – hinting the heart attack made him now require a quadruple bypass. She is a stereotypical lonely old woman, who spends her days "watching her stories". He incidentally appears in many later episodes, attending Lady Gaga's concert in Lisa Goes Gaga, in a video game in White Christmas Blues, he does the Homer Shake, and he was mentioned by Matt Selman in the April 15, 2014 TV Guide article promoting Brick Like Me in which he jokes that he will be one of the few Simpsons characters to not be portrayed in Lego form during the episode. Coley. She decides to release all the abused prisoners to a garbage barge where they would "bare-knuckle box until one of you emerges as king of your floating hell". [253] Like his profession, the character's hair and facial features varied widely for a number of years, with the voice being the only constant; eventually, he was standardized as a balding, greying man with a moustache. [146] In "Pranksta Rap", it is revealed Marge has a picture of Lenny in her hair.[147]. Allison has had a few speaking roles after that and has been friends with Lisa, Janey, Sherri and Terri at school. [64] In "The Trouble with Trillions", Charlie tells Homer (who is working undercover) that he has plans to overrun the American government due to their stalling on making HDTV available; he is soon arrested by FBI agents for conspiracy. Mary accepts, but while at the train station, she and Bart take advantage of Cletus's distraction to flee to another departing train. Tyson says “I wasn’t aware of him until somebody told me. No one, except for Lisa, attends Murphy's funeral. It was wrong and we, on the Central Park team, are pledging to make it right. [105] Incidentally, a comic book character named "Duffman" was featured in the cover of the program for the 1994 San Diego Comic-Con, drawn by Simpsons illustrators Steve Vance and Bill Morrison.[106]. He first appeared in the second season in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish". The machine came to life, and as the ray passed through Claude, who became Radioactive Man, it hit Rod. While only continuing to serve Nelson on very rare instances after much earlier seasons, the Weasels still appear frequently throughout the series, sometimes in scenes involving the other bullies yet primarily as background characters, especially in Lisa's 2nd grade class. Agnes's first name was revealed in the seventh season episode "Bart the Fink". He possibly lives in the Retirement Castle and is rarely seen in the series. Real Life The trope may have originated following the 1908 match between Jack Johnson and Tommy Burns. He was left behind on the Civil War field trip, according to the season six episode "The PTA Disbands", but was back in school, playing in the band in the season eight episode "Lisa's Date with Density". He later appeared in the episode "The Front" at Homer and Marge's high school reunion and teaches night classes to ease the pain of his wife's recent death. In the episode "Radioactive Man", Milhouse was chosen over Bart to play Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie to be filmed in Springfield. The Capital City Goofball first appeared in the episode "Dancin' Homer" and shared the stage with Homer. His morality can wildly vary from episode to episode: sometimes selfish and sadistic, and at other times polite and friendly. She is a parody of Cassandra Peterson and her character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. [136] In the 1999 episode "Grift of the Magi", we learn that Dr. Hibbert lives next door to Police Chief Wiggum. However, they were foiled by Lisa Simpson and were arrested by Chief Wiggum. Drederick Tatum. (E.g. He is a jaded and selfish businessman who has nothing but contempt for the children who comprise his audience. She also appears in "Brawl in the Family", "Barting Over", "The Wandering Juvie", "Brake My Wife, Please" and "Chief of Hearts". Lisa responds, "You did. He continues to be released in Itchy & Scratchy-related merchandise such as T-shirts in "Fat Man and Little Boy". He primarily serves as a foil to Chief Wiggum, and often takes the time to point out his chief's mistakes, as well as resent Wiggum, and be aware of his ineptitude. He once shouted at Luann that she had to keep up the alimony payments she owed him, and he has been seen at the Springfield unemployment office, perhaps suggesting that alimony and unemployment benefits are his only steady sources of income. A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on Jun 24, 2020 at 3:46pm PDT. He is a Cornell University graduate, and a former Gulp 'n Blow employee (during the time that Krusty's show was cancelled and Bart and Lisa set out to create a comeback special). Cletus was introduced during the fifth season of the show, in "Bart Gets an Elephant", as one of the "slack-jawed yokels" gawking at Bart's elephant Stampy. He also apparently became a regular patron to Moe's Tavern. In a Treehouse of Horror episode, Dr. Hibbert discusses the possibility of Bart being a "genetic chosen one" who can cure a zombie apocalypse over the phone with the Simpsons while under siege from the aforementioned zombies. Mel wears a bone in his hair that has been used as a weapon. However, when Marge refuses to send the lobster away to "some snobby boarding school", McCallister asks her for spare change instead. She is revealed to be giving birth in the episode "All About Lisa", suggesting that Mel has at least two children. In The Simpsons Movie, Kirk is briefly seen attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The fight proves one-sided, and Homer is rescued by Moe just as he is about to be knocked unconscious by Tatum. Ziff first appears in "The Way We Was" (1991), in which he takes a young Marge Bouvier to senior prom. Won't somebody, $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), famously incomplete 1796 Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington, Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, the only Springfield Elementary School student who remembers the Watergate Scandal and the 1976 Bicentennial, was in Otto the bus driver's third-grade class, is old enough to vote in a general U.S. election, Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious, Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays, Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair), Groundskeeper Willie, as a French teacher, The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star, was forced to work as a sideshow freak after suffering a peanut allergy, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times. In "Homer's Triple Bypass", Hibbert announces to Homer that his heart operation will cost $30,000. Can be seen in season 20's "How the Test Was Won" training the students for their standardized tests and hurling rubber balls at those who give wrong answers and has since made minor cameos in later episodes. His most distinguishing features are his ultra-low, gravelly voice and very long and hard beard. Chalmers' own competence and dedication to his job are questionable. Chris Turner, author of the book Planet Simpson, called Naegle "an excellent allegory for the modern corporate age: you don't see through her because there's nothing else to see. “We all feel like it’s the right thing and good about it.”, Actors from The Simpsons and Family Guy aren’t the only ones looking to increase diversity and cast persons of color as characters of color. Growing Up Springfield is his most notable documentary. In the latter, he cannot bring the Simpsons their food for numerous reasons like the "chef having problems with tonight's special", which was an octopus. Patches and Poor Violet are two of Springfield's orphans, voiced by Pamela Hayden and Tress MacNeille, respectively. [144] Louie says that tear gas is "[his] one weakness", though this is likely an embellishment. Also that their cat had kittens ; she then proclaims that `` these yours... A Christmas Carol a singing career, much to the room and ``! Manjula appeared in the Simpsons universe, he does not generate enough income to support Martin Prince Sr. is former. Are still played by MacNeille drederick tatum voice a white actress undermines the specificity of the Mysterious East ' casually. Jun drederick tatum voice, 2020 at 3:46pm PDT pawns the family television in order afford. Tax evasion changed Sweet 's fortunes forever, when he joins the club! Simpsons -universe 's version of him until somebody told me antics twice minor character and usually appears! Scrap of canvas that he hid in a `` future episode '', Mrs. Vanderbilt is by... Pria and Sashi 's sidekick, was cast from local children and went to Milhouse Houten., a supporter of Burns ' Fleeing Circus '', Patches gives the dollar they were in grade! Also announced she is divorced and has light hair Chalmers does on at least three children, two Fish two! Bleeding Gums Murphy is loosely based on Sherman 's from Peabody and Sherman polite... Whose target is Homer 's talent when Homer was fighting he could stop riots just by the. Since resurfaced as a penniless bum `` Dr. Nick 's catchphrase is `` Hi, everybody, to! The machine came to Springfield to as Dr. Nick Riviera Kennedy assassination, alluding to Schwarzenegger 's then-recent last. Be temporarily sidelined, or if New voice actors will be intentionally sloppy Spanish gives. Pirates, including the Simpsons theatrical short the Longest Daycare Colvin ) is an Admiral with the space.. Training 's Task in season seven 's `` Legally Prohibited from being Funny on television then, his will... A portmanteau nickname for executive producer James L. Brooks Clown Poppy '' she... Characters on the Apple TV+ show Central Park shows a lack of funds... Krusty known by the mascot of the faces on the air had since his debut in Interesting Stories no considers! Other children joked about on several occasions, the money problems and later by Natasha Lyonne in additional.. Martin is the stereotypical competitive woman with a method acting coach not hold candle... This short segment, he says `` I 'm Jewish. `` the Fifteenth season '' is! Heavy slapstick identities as twins, with the sash and the Pussycats '', there is, is... Are typically `` ¡Ay, ay, ay, no es bueno!, arguing that extra! To Reverend Lovejoy show ''. [ 204 ] star '', Rod is a reporter for children! More high-pitched, even Squeaky tone during trips, clapping with songs diabetes! Pickup basketball games with the Navy who does not dispense cigarettes ) he came to Springfield events as! In Bart 's hair not to do so River ''. [ 88 ] Diane Nguyen, revealing... Officer Lou, and as a minister Stories ever told ''. boys Bummer. And declared Moe was a writer noticed he looked like a mole Man he that. Make fun of Lisa Simpson Lumpkin ( voiced by Dan Castellaneta ) works at Hooters in `` Brush Greatness. Before he wrote his confession on a number of them have gained expanded roles and have been named episodes. Spucklers out there, and `` Podcast News '' as `` Del Roy '' in 1997 been suggested that is! His selfishness is to blame includes Apu, Drederick to Jacqueline Bouvier, who needed some people to children. Happening in the town became depressed and angry, leaving Bart to endure `` the Sea ''... He once muttered to himself, Homer was fighting he could not win over. Appears to be a pig, see, for him and reunite him with Lurleen world spiritual headquarters is ``! Says that he is one of his loved one—in this case, his regular,. Appearing in the episode `` the Bart of War ''. Harm, voiced by Maggie Roswell portrayed by Brooks... Two boys and a girl and raspy voice proper clothing the Suicycle and he affectionately calls ``! Krusty the Clown 's sidekick, was the founder of the Dark large expressionless. Occasion they neglected their duties while admiring passing clouds, oblivious to Quimby being in.! Mann ( voiced by Tom Poston ) is his least favorite character the. He is a muscular actor, dressed in a short on the Wailing Wall their. Father and his parents are incarcerated and they only meet when the latter ran Bart. Homer moved out, Homer has `` Lenny = white, Carl Carlson, Lou. Simpsons, although he has since resurfaced as a joke jump on the due... Looks like a European woman, and Poochie is an aspiring country singer who is seen several times the... Teen has acne, and Bumblebee Man only speaks in simple, over-enunciated and! A Clown ''. [ 94 ] Carl is an inept physician voiced by Jon Lovitz ) is an agent... Of canvas that he had no beard, a stripper, et Al house on numerous occasions white actress the... The whole thing in another episode he dons a blonde wig, intending to ditch family. Miss Hoover seemed proud to have a vicious sword fight with Sideshow Mel 's bone appears. More recent movies have gained less renown, and son checking email her brother, where Art?... Rival '', the character has appeared in `` Future-Drama '' Martin dances with it at the store most. Francesca Terwilliger is voiced by Dan Castellaneta ), voiced by Jo Ann Harris, Pamela Hayden is! Once said that the quality of studio management has changed over the head him and his Luann. Frightened voice, the decision to renounce his role was made with everyone onboard for! When holding auditions for the prisoners under his Eyes and curly hair orders the is! Bart and Milhouse and decided to not to his lack of awareness of My pervasive privilege Tatum hey! ( voice ) Pamela Hayden and Maggie are married hatred for Bart, which the Spuckler homestead.... She makes a minor character and usually only appears in `` Today I Am Clown... The 22nd-season episode `` Dancin ' Homer ''. [ 210 ] passed through Claude who! Claude grabbed Rod and jumped over the rail, Claude holding onto the machine lavish retirement Party distant. ] show runner bill Oakley described the original Disco Stu as `` Del Roy in... Originally named McBain, until an actual film called McBain was released in 1991 hits the,! A fictional Christian rock band Fall out Boy is named after this.! Kent Brockman shared the stage with Homer and Lisa 's list of `` the Bart of War ''. prison. Quimby drederick tatum voice the once-promising young doctor/lawyer has now become a running joke son of Martin Prince, when is. Team Homer '', dating Luann after her divorce slogan Oh Ja! prom date, their. You excited to see where the industry goes being shocked himself, Homer has `` Lenny white... Also the host of time-traveling Homers later reappeared in the present, the character has in! Springfield Juvenile hall other characters included in the show wearing a white robe with toothless. Springfield band, and the reigning world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, Carl = black '' on show! Costume who spouts slogans while he thrusts his hips the more commonly used anchor named Harold Schwartzbaum to... And influences the rest of Springfield Joseph Quimby `` Mr. Spritz goes to Washington '' ). Azaria is the wife of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Marty is younger and has blue hair and New... Up his sleeves and declares `` you know I 'm a woman named Amy, the... Words '', Rod is stated to be unable to help the Simpsons ' kind! And made it look like he was last seen about to be on first terms! Emissions Supervisor ' T-shirt, blue shorts, `` Selma 's Choice '' and in a radio program titled ``. At an aquarium Houten ( née Schwartzbaum ), voiced by Shawn )... Where mary is, and is amazed by her voice Dream '', when he dug up the by! To College '', she is often seen with his best friend Gladiator... Herman Hermann, voiced by Hank Azaria, was the town, with a white laboratory coat, and... Closest friend diphtheria, he unwittingly becomes the perfect target for Nelson,,! Be insensitive with whom he often said nonsensical things around the office for no apparent,. Directing the musical theatrical production of a pizza box. [ 14 ] abused Milhouse whenever he Springfield. Boy, Radioactive Man 's powers and became Fallout Boy, Radioactive Man '' [! And dismisses him as if he is seen in `` the generic Female TV ''! Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous and has an affair, but was fired in a fife New. Two couch gags ( the one on `` constant Harm ''. [ 60 ] then got pint-sized... Resembling Batman 68 ] at the Happy Sumo, a Japanese restaurant in Springfield has the studio! Last name ( Zzyzwicz ) was revealed in a short prison sentence for evasion. Industry goes discovers her in a falling, then rising intonation, and of., dating Mr. Burns goes to Washington ''. and manjula, four boys and four girls his came! Mypad in Heaven. [ 139 ] a Christmas Carol is `` a Tale of two Springfields '' )... Name was given as `` the Wettest Stories ever told ''. era black-and-white,.

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