The Journey Over Stormy Seas

AM.1 is building an Aliyah Community, which needs a sense of common purpose. The degrees of making Aliyah range from raising one’s own personal world, and on a larger scale that of our shared home. The core task is being to strengthen Israel as the Jewish homeland, which helps everything else on the cosmic scale to fit into place. For those with religious conviction, an adherence to Biblical precepts provides adequate motivation to encourage Jews to make the move to the Holy Land.

AM.1 is well aware of core issues associated with the role of Jews living in Israel, and doesn’t seek to undermine the genuine aspirations of peace loving Arabs also living in the region. On the contrary, it is only through the concept of making Aliyah in terms of increasing one’s awareness and raising our world to a better place, that meaningful solutions will be found. In this regard, the process of Jewish Aliyah doesn’t stop upon arrival in Israel. AM.1 will be introducing a series of key articles that shed better light on these core issues, based on both historical and religious grounds.

The levels vary in this task. For Jews, there is the key role of moving to live in Israel. For the international community there is the simple task of making our world a better place to live in, while also encouraging Jewish Aliyah. Therefore, this community is extended to all those in a position to participate, even by helping those able to make the actual journey.

Over the coming months, we will be looking more closer at the goals of our community. It is fully realized that differences do exist. Our hope is to build a bridge of understanding, which could eventually help to develop a common platform on those many issues that bring us together.

Where is our starting point then? The answer is simple, we genuinely believe that there are many thousands of good people who want to see our world raised to a better place and acknowledge the role Israel plays in this process, and that is what unites us!

As much as we would wish otherwise, it is apparent from much recent news that the Jewish people living in the world Diaspora face a new, perhaps even greater threat, than before. However, this time a haven exists, Israel stands stronger than ever before, and it needs to be!

Aliyah Magazine has been launched, much like a ship at sea. Our destination spans the Seven Seas, wherever Jews are stranded. Therefore, AM.1 needs to illuminate the very real danger facing the Jewish people, be it loss of spiritual identity through assimilation, through to the increasing physical manifestation of Anti-Semitism. The story surrounding the voyage of the ‘St.Louis’ should never be repeated. Prior to WW2 Jewish refugees fleeing from Germany on board this ship were refused permission to disembark by nearly every ‘civilized’ country, including America; they ended up back in Germany!

AM.1 has a home port only too willing to welcome Jews, Our simple mission is to guide them home.

So we will venture into unchartered waters in search of a shared vision, the rebirth or better still the strengthening of Israel; according to many – an island destined to become a beacon of light to mankind.

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