Company – Telephone
Products, Fields of specialty
013 Netvision   – (972).04.856066004.8560570
014 Bezeq International   – (972).1.800.014014 
018 Internet   – (972).*00181.800.800018 Bnei Brak
019 Internet   – (972).1.800.01901903.7703000 Nehalim Technologies   – (972).9.8851182Development of a high bit rate 3G-baseband chip capable of providing near-LAN capabilities for third generation (3G) handheld devices to enable broadband Internet access. Netanya
Actelis Networks   – (972).3.9243491Patent pending broadband transport system to deliver fiber optic standard performance over voice-grade copper pairs. Petah Tikva
Adamind   – (972).9.7699500Spire for P2P messaging and application content transcoding software for operators and OEM partners such as such as Ericsson, Motorola, LogicaCMG and OpenWave. Platform enables rich media content services: MMS, personalized branding and advertising. Raanana
AeroScout   – (972).8.9363136RF and baseband patent-pending distance measurement (DM) and location finding technology that can be embedded in Bluetooth integrated circuit (IC) for cellular phones, mobile and desktop PCs, and PDA’s. DM between two bluetooth devices with 1m accuracy. Rehovot
Airspan Networks   – (972).3.97774444G Broadband wireless product range includes macro, pico and micro 4G base stations, indoor and outdoor user devices and network products. Products integrate Broadband wireless access, Wi-Fi, backhaul and VoIP technologies. Acquired Arelnet. Airport City
Alvarion   – (972).3.6456262Broadband wireless access equipment. BreezeNET – plug-and-play wireless Ethernet products for mobile computing that can be integrated easily into any LAN environment. Tel Aviv
AMIMON High-definition Wireless   – (972).9.9629222Pioneering Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) that allows televisions and multimedia projectors to wirelessly interface to HDTV video sources. Wireless transmission in the 5GHz band of uncompressed HD video streams with data rates of up to 3 Gbps. Herzliya
appSTUDIO   – (972).Applications for apps for Apple iPhone. iOS Developer to develop apps for iTunes App Store. Cross-platform solutions to bring applications to a number of technologies including Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Maemo and new emerging mobile platforms.
Attenti   – (972).3.7671700Wireless Personal Monitoring solutions equipped with data-collection units and built-in computing and RF communication capabilities. Personal Tag incorporates various types of sensors, which continuously transfer data to a Local Monitoring Unit. Tel Aviv
AudioCodes   – (972).3.5394000Voice compression technology for high quality transmission of voice over IP. Gateways and DSL and ATM access devices to enable packet networks to carry voice and data more efficiently and at lower cost than the traditional telephone networks. Yehud
Avaya Communication   – (972).3.6457500IP telephony, voice mesaging and contact centers. Tel Aviv
Axerra Networks   – (972).3.7659901AXN – a line of Multi-service IP Access Concentrators that enable global service providers to offer customers multi-service over a single, unified IP-based network. Tel Aviv
Bamboo MediaCasting   – (972).9.7464676SilverStripe enables mobile operators to deliver media services to mass markets. Users subscribe to content channels and can receive on demand audio, video and interactive applications. Supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, CDMA networks, Java, BREW environments. Kfar Sava
BATM Advanced Communications   – (972).9.8662525T family of LAN switching and routing products. Photonic switching. Fast Ethernet Switches, T4, T5, T6 Routing. Gigabit Ethernet Copper and Fiber Switch. Transceivers for coax, thin-coax, twisted pair, and fiber optic networks. EdgeLink VDSL Systems. Kfar Neter
Bezeq   – (972).Israel’s first national telephone and telecommunications service provider.
Bezeq International   – (972).76.5014302International telecommunications provider founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq, the Israeli Telecom Corp. BI provides comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, telephony (international, domestic and organizational). Petah Tikva
BigBand Networks   – (972).3.6071111Family of switch routers to enable carriage of multimedia services over flexible networks providing true broadband multimedia services. Tel Aviv
BOS mobile and RFID solutions   – (972).4.9541000IP telephony LAN/WAN solutions for enterprises. BOSaNova family of VOIP products includes rack-mountable gateways, an external USB device and software. The series include FXO and FXS analog gateways and E1/T1 PRI digital gateways. Supports H.323 protocol. Rishon Lezion
Broadcom   – (972).3.7552300Optical and digital technologies for broadband services using Point-to-Multi Point fiber technology. Optical transceiver that supports up to 1.25Gbps symmetrical bandwidth. Ramat-Gan
Bynet   – (972).3.6458080Consulting, design, marketing, installation, outsourcing, integration, maintenance and training for datacom and telecom equipment and systems. Tel Aviv
CallUp Net   – (972).3.7677905Messaging solutions that integrate telephony and Internet systems. MessageCase Unified Messaging system includes voice mail, fax and email messages that can be retrieved by phone or via internet. Tel Aviv
Cardo Systems   – (972).3.5623310Manufacturer of Bluetooth allways headsets and adapters. Universal Bluetooth Adapter plugs in to the audio jack of standard cell phone and provides hands-free Bluetooth communications. Tel Aviv
CellAdmin   – (972).9.7467400Mobile CMS web-based content management system to generate web pages and WAP catalog. Provider of online billing and m-commerce payment solutions for mobile messaging and content delivery services. Raanana
Cellbris Telecom   – (972).3.5230080UniCall multi-user cellular GSM gateway. UniSky remote extension connecting cellular phone to any VoIP gateway. By utilizing VPN Unisky allows Skype and IP calls to mobile phone. CellGate wireless and universal switch system with remote administration. Tel Aviv
Cellcom   – (972).Nationwide cellular communications network.
CelleBrite   – (972).3.9247104UME-12 – Universal Memory Exchanger allows simple transfer of memory, e.g. names and telephone numbers between a mobile cellular phones such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, operating on different technologies: AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, etc. Petah Tikva
Cellenium   – (972).9.9704144Mobile M-Commerce solutions to all mobile device users based on proprietary messaging technology CMT. Services include vending, parking, re-fueling, fast food, ticketing, bill payments etc. Shefayim
CellGuide   – (972).8.9365152Pinpoint wireless location using location-enabling chips, located in the handset or as a software package. Technology enables location-based information services (WAP), roadside assistance, multimedia tourist guidance etc. Rehovot
Celltick Technologies   – (972).9.9710200LiveScreen with GSMGateway to GSM network to broadcast local information and SMS directly to clients’ handset. Cell-Info enables mobile operators to continuously display location information (city, etc.) on users’ handsets. Cell Broadcast Center (CBC). Herzliya
Cellular3G   – (972).9.8851182Fabless semiconductor company developing high end W-CDMA baseband chip for mobile and smart phones and cameras. W-CDMA IP (core) to create dual-mode (2.5/3G) and multi-mode designs (W-CDMA/EDGE-GPRS-GSM) provided with a FPGA based development platform. Netanya
Celtro   – (972).3.9206500Carrier-class backhaul switching solutions for cellular networks. DynaMate product family. Rack-mounted terminal that supports up to 48 E1s in hub sites. Compact terminal for traffic optimization in satellite links. Petah Tikva
Ceragon Networks   – (972).3.6455733High-capacity broadband wireless systems for next generation networks. FibeAir product family provides seamless networking over multiple transport protocols, including IP, SONET/SDH, ATM and Fast Ethernet. Tel Aviv
Cisco Systems   – (972).Server Networking and Virtualization solutions. Wireless LAN products. Broadband cable. Universal gateways and access servers. Voice and IP communications. Optical networking. Routers. Tel Aviv
Code-Red   – (972).2.6423401AirMarshal command and control software for wireless networks; supports 802.11 compatible access point from any vendor. Wireless endpoint security software for corporate laptop computers. AirBlock command line scripting for wireless client configuration. Jerusalem
ColorChip   – (972).4.6101330Ultra Low Loss fiber optic components and modules for the fiber optic communications market. Optical splitters. PLC Splitter Chips. PLC Splitter wafers. 1×2/2×2 Couplers. Fiber Concentrators. Or Akiva   – (972).1.700.701123 
Commil   – (972).3.9217770Voice and data communication infrastructure based on Bluetooth wireless technology that enables the use of off-the-shelf hand held devices such as cellular phones and PDAs for in-building wireless communication without consuming the cellular spectrum. Petah Tikva
Comsys Communication   – (972).9.9717888Third generation (3G) technology for high-speed data connections for cellular networks. EDGEware software provides packet-optimized physical layer (L1) core processing for EDGE, both for mobile stations and for base stations. Herzliya
Comverse   – (972).3.6454000Enhanced network services systems that enable wireless, wireline and IP telephony network providers to offer their customers a growing range of revenue-generating enhanced services. Tel Aviv
DECELL   – (972).3.6443926Traffic information and route guidance. Traffic data is collected by probing anonymous mobile handsets located within moving vehicles. AutoRoute1 provides to drivers recommended driving routes and expected travel times via cellular SMS, and WAP text. Tel Aviv
DSP-IP   – (972).72.2123256Video, IPTV and VoIP outsourcing solutions. Voice (iLBC, G729), video (H264, MPEG4) encoders and decoders and signaling stacks like SIP and Jabber. Development for embedded platforms including TI C64, Davinci, Motorola DSPs and ARM processors. Netanya
ECI Telecom   – (972).3. 9266555Manufacturer of digital telecommunications solutions for Broadband Access and Transport networks. Optical networking and bandwidth management solutions for metro, cellular, regional and global environments. Hi-FOCuSTM – Multi-Service Access Gateway. Petah Tikva
Elbit Systems Satcom   – (972).9.8898507Two-way multimedia satellite communication system, incorporating innovative system architecture, algorithms and digital signal processing for broadband communication systems via satellite. Petah Tikva
Elmo-Tech   – (972).3.6478871Manufacture of electronic monitoring systems for law enforcement applications. Smart Tags – small body-worn device that continuously transfers data to the Local/Home Monitoring Unit. Tel Aviv
Emblaze Systems   – (972).9.7699333EMstudio to publish media clips and live content for mobile usage. EMplatform rich media delivery platform, streaming and download servers, user and content management. EMplayer client-based software for viewing rich media in multiple formats. Raanana
EtherWaves   – (972).3.7511438Digital radio Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for the automotive and System-On-Chip (SoC) markets. Audio/video decoding for DAB/DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Digital Audio Broadcasting). Targeted for mobile TV, DAB/DMB, DRM, FM and HD Radio. Ramat-Gan
Extricom   – (972).9.9569522WLAN architecture for enterprise-wide deployment. Extricom WLAN uses a single wireless switch for the entire network with standard Wi-Fi protocols (IEEE 802.11) and Ethernet. Access Points (AP): ultra-thin, low-cost 802.11 PHY devices. Herzliya
EZchip Technologies   – (972).4.9596666High-performance network processors (programmable chips that combine the speed of silicon with the intelligence and flexibility of microprocessors) for 10-Gigabit switches and routers. Yokneam
Fast   – (972).03.5114343 
FibroLAN   – (972).4.9591717Fiber-optic networking and Broad-Band Access systems. MetroStar, carrier class rack-mountable, modular multiple-channel (10/100/155/1000Mbps) media converter. Single and multiple channel devices. MA managed gigabit Ethernet converters and extenders. Yokneam
Flash Networks   – (972).9.9580666NettGain – a portfolio of technologies that dramatically increase the speed of wireless connectivity for use by data services providers (ISPs, ASPs) and enterprises with satellite and cellular networks as the delivery vehicle. Herzliya
Flextronics Semiconductor   – (972).3.7672700Wireless solutions for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products. Bluetooth application processor platform for Bluetooth devices and accessories, such as printers, digital cameras, telecom and networking applications. Tel Aviv
Formula Telecom Solutions (FTS)   – (972).9.9526500Business control, billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for communications service providers. Integrated Call Center Solutions (ICCS). CRM, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice, Response (IVR), etc. Herzliya
Foxcom   – (972).2.5899821Fiber optic transmission systems for satellite, broadcast and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) markets. Sat-Light Interfacility Links (IFLs) support L-Band (950-2150 MHz), 70/140 MHz IF (10-200 MHz), C-Band (3.4-6.8 GHz) and X Band (7.2-8.4 GHz). Jerusalem
Friendly Technologies   – (972).3.7512783Design and development of multi-bandwidth infrastructure software for Customer Care geared to leading broadband communication service providers, cable companies, Telcos, ISPs, and CLECs. Ramat-Gan
Galtronics   – (972).4.6739777Design of custom radio frequency antennas. Wireless solutions for cellular telephone, Bluetooth devices, local area networks, two-way radios. Telescopic antennas. Panel antennas. Stubby antennas. Retractable antennas. Inverted F Antenna (PIFA). Tiberias
Gilat Satcom   – (972).3.9255050International service provider of broadband internet, data and voice services using VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), fiber optic and other fixed and mobile technologies. Satellite space segments are provided by Intelsat, Eutelsat and others.
Gilat Satellite Networks   – (972).3.9252000VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communication systems that provide end-to-end enterprise networking and rural telephony solutions to customers across six continents. Interactive broadband data services. Petah Tikva
Hallo   – (972).77.2705000Dial 015 for overseas telephone calls from landline or mobile phones. No need to register. No subscription fees. No commitment. ?????
Hermon Laboratories TI   – (972).4.6268450Automatic telecom testing instruments for phones, digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways. Telecom Conformance Analyzer according to industry standards for analog Cellular, VoIP, xDSL, T1/E1 and ISDN PRI equipment. Acoustic and telephonometry testing. Binyamina
Hot   – (972).1.800.077077Telephone service for cable subscribers.
Hypermedia Systems   – (972).8.9363077Hypermedia Gateway enables allocation of PRI B-channels for inbound and outbound PSTN, cellular (GSM, TDMA and CDMA) and VoIP calls in one box. Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) access. UMTS gateway (3G gateways). Cellular analog gateways. Rehovot
Infineon Technologies   – (972).9.8924140Broadband access, Ethernet switches, VDSL, VoIP, network processors, broadband wireless, optical networking. Netanya
Infogin   – (972).3.9036501Advanced middleware solutions to mobile operators, ISPs, portals and content providers that enable automatic, real-time filtration and adaptation of any web content to any mobile device. Rosh Ha’ayin
Infra-Com   – (972).Optical ICs for short-range (SR) wireless communications. Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and non-directional (ND), high-speed wireless communication using the optical air medium. Analog Transmitter Driver IC for diffused infrared (DIR) communications. Netanya
Innovation Systems   – (972).3.6470417IS-REAL Mobile massive multiplayer game platform. Allows easy conversion of PC based games to cellular. Tel Aviv
Interal – Eilat Inter   – (972).08.63604441.599.590591 Eilat
INTERLLIGENT – RF & Microwave Solutions   – (972).3.5160763RF and Microwave Training center. RF and Microwave test equipment trading center. RF and Microwave chain design services as well as consulting and testing services. Tel Aviv
Internet Binat   – (972).03.76688661.700.707069
iPoint Media   – (972).3.7657364Vitrage 3G IP video telephony applications and services platform to provide hosted video services over a Centrex-like model. Live one-to-many (O2m) video distribution system. Applications in entertainment, video helpdesk and contact center, banking. Tel Aviv
iSkoot   – (972).2.9924549iSkoot phone application, free software that enables use of internet phone service from a cell phone. Provides mobile carriers and equipment manufacturers interoperability with Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger Internet telephony PC-PC networks. Beit Shemesh
ITS Telecom   – (972).3.5576866Manufacture of PBX Peripheral solutions, Cellular GSM gateway, SMS Transmitter and Call-Back system. VME Pro – flash memory Voice Mail/Automated Attendant Solution in a 19-inch case rack. Music and Messaging on Hold Solutions, controlled via the Internet. Azur
Ituran   – (972).3.5571333Wireless tracking solutions. Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology based on terrestrial network triangulation and Differential Time of Arrival (DTOA) model. Fleet Management services combining DTOA with GPS. Azur
JAJAH   – (972).Phone service that provides consumers with a web-activated calling solution without special software or equipment. Free and low cost long distance calls over regular phones. Raanana
Jungo   – (972).9.8859365OpenRG – Software infrastructure for residential and SOHO gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). Enables wide range of broadband-based applications and services and development of broadband access devices. Remote configuration, VPN support. Netanya
Juniper Networks   – (972).9.9717333VoIP Session Border Control solutions. Customer premises equipment (CPE) for enterprise VoIP locations. VoiceFlow series fast Ethernet packet processing device that handles SIP, H.323, MGCP protocols for up to 20,000 concurrent VoIP calls. Herzliya
Kayote Networks   – (972).2.Platform with interconnectivity services for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and resellers of VoIP services. Protocol conversion, NAT traversal, transcoding, DTMF and integration with Packet Cable for Multi-Media (PCMM) systems, etc. Jerusalem
Kinneret   – (972).1.800.308030  Tiberias
Leadcom Integrated Solutions   – (972).3.5576888Full turnkey project management for telecom networks including all stages of planning, infrastructure and implementation. Wireless and wireline network integration. Computer network and telephony Integration in enterprise networks. Azur
LocatioNet   – (972).9.8856451Comprehensive platform for wireless location based services; supports all standard cellular interfaces (SMS, Voice, WML, XML, etc.). GIS Engine with geo-coding, mapping and routing engine, which provides concurrent users with fast access to any map type. Netanya
LYNX Photonic Networks   – (972).3.9155000Photonic switching devices and photonic routing sub-systems that enable dynamically managed optical switched networks. Rosh Ha’ayin Communication   – (972).9.7667333Plus (Power Line Ultimate System) product line enables power utilities to offer their customers high-speed telecommunication services over existing power lines. Applications include Internet, telephony, AMR (automatic meter reading), home automation. Kfar Sava
Mars Antennas and RF Systems   – (972).3.5599661Manufacturer of antennas, RF systems and transmitters. Antennas for cellular, and military broadband, ECM and ECCM applications. MIL SPEC transmitters and amplifiers in HF, VHF and UHF bands. Military jammers. Holon
Med-1   – (972).3.7666010Established MedNet – a national communication infrastructure of fiber-optic cable connecting the main business and population centers in Israel. SDH transmission network. Gigabit Ethernet. Tel Aviv
Metalink Broadband   – (972).9.9605407Wireless LAN product WLANPlus: High-throughput IEEE 802.11n-compliant technology for networks with HD video streams. System on Chip (SoC) network processor for Residential Gateways, Access Points and Routers to PC cards, STBs, DMAs and wireless HDTVs. Yakum
Millimetrix Broadband Networks   – (972).3.9026522Point-to-point radios providing solutions for backhaul needs of mobile and fixed networks for voice and high-speed data. Unilink-IP: Ethernet/IP radio with 100Mbps (100BaseT) throughput and software-configurable bandwidth. DSP modem technology. Givat HaShlosha
MIND CTI   – (972).4.9936666Global provider of billing, customer care, accounting and management solutions for voice, data and IP services. Customers include worldwide leading carriers servicing millions of subscribers using wireless, broadband and wireline communication services. Yokneam
Mirs Communications   – (972).57.7575757Nationwide cellular communications network operator providing mobile communications services for business and executive accounts sectors. Tel Aviv
Mobile Tornado   – (972).9.9581150IPRS (IP Radio Service) technology enables instantaneous two-way radio communication with unlimited international and roaming capabilities over 2.5-3G networks. MT Platform, enables integrating voice into existing mobile Internet applications. Herzliya
MobileAccess   – (972).8.9183888Seamless access to wireless voice and data services over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Radio Frequency (RF) signals over fiber optics to distribute voice and data services to wireless users throughout a building or campus. Lod
Mobixell Networks   – (972).9.7760111Mobile multimedia and advertising solutions for mobile telecommunications. Ad-It multi-channel media advertisement. Content Production Suite user-friendly platform for uploading, rating, and approving mobile content packages. OMA STI compliant MediaSpire. Raanana
Motorola Israel   – (972).3.5658888Telecommunication systems and services. Wireless cellular infrastructure. Tel Aviv
MRV Communications   – (972).4.9936200TereScope utilizes wireless optical technologies to bridge the last-mile in carrier and high-speed broadband access networks. OptiSwitch product line designed for high-density fiber optic switching applications. Yokneam
MTI Wireless Edge   – (972).3.9025050Flat panel antenna manufacture and design. Broadband antenna systems for communications, COMJAM, ESM, ECM, Sigint (Comint, Elint), and UAV applications. Conform to ETSI, FCC, MPT, BAPT and DTI standards. Wireless Local Loop (WLL). Point-to-Multipoint. Rosh Ha’ayin
MTS   – (972).9.7621777Operations Support Systems (OSS). Telecommunications management and customer care and billing serving enterprises and service providers. Raanana
m-Wise   – (972).9.7466611M-commerce services and integrated billing solutions for multi-national businesses and mobile operators. Applications include advertising, ticketing, booking, information, micro-payment, network billing. Raanana
MyFont   – (972).3.6180904Font Messaging Service for sending colored messages with designed fonts from mobile phones. Bnei Brak
Nativ   – (972).074.7001700  Bnei Brak
Neatcall   – (972).9.8656798Scheduling optimization solutions. NeatVoice for conference calls, NeatText for textual chat rooms, NeatWeb for web meetings and NeatVideo for video conferencing through three different interfaces. Synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Netanya
NetTzach   – (972).072.2727027 
Onset Technology   – (972).9.9561615METAmessage family of software products convert any kind of message – fax, voice, email and attachments – into device-independent information accessible and manageable on wireless devices. Herzliya Pituach
Oovoo Communications   – (972).8. 9407711ooVoo video chat. Cloud-based technology enables real-time video calls on PCs, Macs and mobile devices with up to six users simultaneously. Features include high-resolution video, instant message chat, video recording, file sharing and phone calling. Rehovot
Orange   – (972).Nationwide cellular communications network operator with the GSM system. Rosh Ha’ayin
Orbit Communication Systems   – (972).9.8922777Mobile satellite communication, tracking and audio communication systems for military and commercial applications used by global defense and commercial companies. Broadband satellite communications for marine, air and ground mobile platforms. Netanya
Orbit GTS   – (972).9.8922736Antenna positioning and tracking systems (pedestals, controllers, antenna). Turnkey tracking systems. Aircraft, UAV and missile tracking. Radars and DF antenna systems. Netanya
PacketLight Networks   – (972).3.6475000Storage and GbE transport system for the Metro access. Optical equipment for storage transport over any type of network: SONET/SDH, WDM and IP/Ethernet infrastructure. DWDM/CWDM multiplexer. Tel Aviv
Parallel Communications   – (972).9.7466251OfficeOne all-in-one rich media communications suite for the voice over IP service provider and for Application Service Provider portals. OfficeOne terminals communicate via the NGCP server and with external SIP and H.323 terminals. Raanana
Pelephone   – (972).3.5728888Nationwide cellular communications network operator with CDMA technology.
Personeta   – (972).9.7413060Value-added telecom services. TappS NSC carrier-grade Network Service Controller provides multiple carrier-grade services on the same platform with shared service resources. Enables integration of media servers, web interfaces and softswitch features. Hod HaSharon
PMC-Sierra Israel   – (972).9.743.9998ASSP devices for wireless service providers to deploy scalable 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless equipment for both ATM and IP traffic. Single-chip CPRI and OBSAI solutions for transport of multiple air interfaces including WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, and WiMAX. Herzliya
Pointer Telocation   – (972).3.5723111Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Wireless vehicle communication and control systems. Vehicle security and tracking system combining software and hardware designed to manage vehicle fleets. Rosh Ha’ayin
PowerDsine   – (972).9.7755100Power over LAN systems to supply power to IP phones and other devices using Ethernet network cable infrastructure. Embedded IEEE 802.3af compliant, easily integrated into Ethernet switches. Wireless Local Loop (WLL) integrated Telecom power supplies. Hod HaSharon
PRAF Microcomputer Technologies   – (972).3.5031045Automated Attendants for PBX Systems. Analog Line Supervisors – Line Monitoring modules for integration with PBX, IP and cellular gateways. Mobile Cellular Phones Memory Exchanger for cellular operators and mobile phone distributors. Holon
Provigent   – (972).9.9505434System-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the fixed broadband wireless industry. Application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) optimized for PTP and PMP broadband wireless applications. Herzliya
Qualcomm Israel   – (972).4.8506506Research and development of advanced communication systems and products. Developer of CDMA technology for digital wireless communications. Haifa
Qwilt   – (972).72.2221650Video technology that helps carriers identify, monitor, store and deliver high-quality, Internet video through a cost-effective platform. Qwilt’s technology is aimed at telcos and ISPs to build CDNs that can handle video traffic swamping their networks. Hod HaSharon
R.R. Satellite Communications   – (972).8.6499007Global satellite services for television, radio and data channels. Service provider via Flyaway and Transportable Uplink and Downlink systems, Teleports with dishes for C- and Ku-Band, authorized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Panamsat, Arabsat, Nilesat and Amos. Beer-Sheva
RAD Data Communications   – (972).3.6458181Multiservice access nodes and E1/T1 converters, multiplexers, universal multi-service NTUs, digital service access devices (CSU/DSUs), modem racks, xDSL, HDSL, fiber optic modems and converters, ATM access devices, integrated bandwidth managers. Tel Aviv
Radcom   – (972).3.6455055Manufacturer of protocol analysis and test equipment for LANs, WANs and ATM, supporting over 350 protocols, including, ATM, IP, POS, cellular, ISDN, PPP, DSL. Latency measurements, voice over IP, Internetworking, MGCP-SIP, MPLS, etc. Tel Aviv
RADVISION   – (972).3.7679300High Definition Video Conferencing systems. SCOPIA Conferencing Platforms easy-to-use multi-point infrastructure for real-time conferencing over any network, protocol and device employing H.239 standard widely deployed amongst video conferencing vendors. Tel Aviv
Radware   – (972).3.7668666Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions. Web Server Director – for local and global traffic management. Cache Server Director – for internet cache management. FireProof – Security traffic management. LinkProof – Internet link traffic management. Tel Aviv
Radwin   – (972).3.7662900Carrier-class broadband wireless solutions for voice and high-speed data services. WinLink: Point-to-point wireless multiplexer operates in the license-free 5.725 – 5.850 GHz bands. WinAir point-to-multipoint solution for telephony and IP-based services. Tel Aviv
RegiSoft   – (972).3.6321691World Trade Server (WTS) value-added services (VAS) for mobile marketing, mobile ticketing and personal mobile content distribution. WTS creates an electronic proof-of-purchase. Yehud
Remmon-Remote Monitoring   – (972).4.6096980Remote monitoring of automated systems using a personal cellular phone as the control panel. MS Windows based application operates over any cellular network with standard OPC protocol. Application include irrigation management. Sde Eliyahu
Rimon Internet   – (972).1.800.22223403.7341222
RiT Technologies   – (972).3.6455151LAN wiring products – Patch panels, cables, cords, connectors, and communications outlets for copper and fiber optic connectivity. PatchView for the Enterprise – real-time network cabling management application based on an SQL-relational database. Tel Aviv
Rotal Networks   – (972).3.9180555Provider of Fiber Optic transmission networks. Integration of different infrastructures such as RF, Fiber Optics, Wireless, LAN and WAN. Installation of CATV networks from the drop connection to home-pass. Petah Tikva
Runcom Technologies   – (972).3.9428888Platform for content-rich interactivity between TV broadcasters and subscribers. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) System-On-Chip and Base Station System-On-Board solutions for mobile wireless MAN, DVB-RCT and BWA environments. Rishon Lezion
Sandvine Israel   – (972).2.5400980Developer of PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM)-based software solutions for broadband cable operators to deliver media-rich IP applications and services such as SIP telephony, video streaming, on-line gaming, and video conferencing. Formerly Cablematrix. Jerusalem
SANRAD   – (972).3.7674800V-STOR and V-Switch provide virtual and physical servers with zero-down-time and zero-data-loss by means of a low-cost, robust IP SAN with advanced features such as QoS, metro cluster, WAN replication, full storage virtualization and more. Tel Aviv
Satlink Communications   – (972).2.5349086Provider of end-to-end solution for content transmission over satellite platforms. C-band and KU-band earth stations authorized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Panamsat, Asiasat, Americom, NSS, Europstar, EuroAsiaSat, HispaSat, HellasSat, Yamal, Sirius and Amos. Neve Ilan
Schema   – (972).9.9567955Telecom Resource Management (TRM) solutions to optimize and manage wireless carrier network resources. Herzliya
Seabridge   – (972).9.7751111Broadband services and networks. Multi-service packet switches integrating multiple broadband technologies (ATM, Ethernet, IP, MPLS, TDM and Frame). Carrier Ethernet switches for Ethernet-based residential and business services. A Siemens company. Hod HaSharon
Sigma Designs Israel   – (972).3.7696222CopperStream chipset family for home networking and MDU/MTU broadband access applications based on the HomePNA V3 standard. Delivering broadband services over telephony and coax wiring. Chipsets implement an integrated MAC and PHY engine. Tel Aviv
Spotnet   – (972).3.644101003.6441010 Tel Aviv
Surf Communication Solutions   – (972).4.9095777Media over Packet (MoP) Triple Play (Voice, Video, and Modem/Fax/Data) Mop conversion solutions for communication equipment manufacturers. Integration levels: DSP software; DSP hardware/software; PTMC boards; and PCI boards. Yokneam
Tadiran Communications   – (972).3.5574661Military communications. High frequency (HF) (1.5 to 30 MHz) and Very High Frequency (VHF) (30 to 108 MHz) band equipment. Handheld VHF/UHF Radio. Military computers, Rugged Personal Digital Assistant (RPDA-88). Wireless headset for VRC or PRC radios. Holon
Tadiran Spectralink   – (972).3.5573102Wireless communications systems. Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) Systems. Ground and Air Data Terminals for command, telemetry and video links. Anti-jamming communication. Holon
Tadiran Telecom Business Systems   – (972).3.9262000Wide range of communications solutions including Telephony systems, IP-based telecommunications, Coral FlexiCom servers, FlexCT management and routing tools, Voice call services, CT, unified messaging, remote office and SOHO applications, call center etc. Petah Tikva
Telco Systems   – (972).9.8662525Layer 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SNMP-managed and stackable switches to transport data over copper and fiber. VDSL solutions for the MTU/MDU markets. VoIP solutions for the SME and SOHO environments, Multi-Layer IP switching and routing platforms. Kfar Neter
TeleMessage   – (972).3.9225252Universal Messaging Services (UMS) enable users to send messages containing voice, text or images from a Web or WAP site and from any fixed or mobile phone. Supports multiple languages, text to speech conversion, e-mail notification, unlimited SMS length. Petah Tikva
Telrad Networks   – (972).73.2467000End-to-end telecom networks solutions and systems integration services. Convergence of voice and data to a unified network. Migration from TDM PSTN to Packet Public Network. Lod
Texas Instruments Israel   – (972).9.9706444Cable Broadband Communications (CBC) Development Center – Technology based on SOC (system on chip) components, RF solutions and systemic software. Herzliya
TraceSpan Communications   – (972).9.7462221ADSL, ADSL2 broadband monitoring systems. DSL Xpert Multi-Layer Analyzer for Telcos and ADSL equipment makers to test and monitor quality of ADSL products. DSL Phantom non-intrusive interception of P2P communication for law enforcement authorities. Raanana
UTM   – (972).072.2995533072.2995533
VBox Communications   – (972).9.9502821Receiver solutions for digital TV and data broadcasting networks. PCI cards and USB boxes for digital TV reception and handling of encrypted Pay TV services. Ethernet satellite routers and gateways for the reception of high quality digital content. Herzliya
Viaccess-Orca   – (972).9.7699444VO Purple multi-standard DRM platform that addresses PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. VO RiGHTv � Service Delivery Platform for Over-the-top (OTT) TV. Card-based conditional access solutions (CAS) for TV service models including video-on-demand. Raanana
Visonic Technologies   – (972).3.7681400Local Positioning System (LPS) solutions for hospitals and buildings. Patented wireless EIRIS (ELPAS Infra-Red Identification and Search) and IRFID (IR and RF Identification) technologies. Tel Aviv
Vitec Video Innovations   – (972).9.9709200Optibase Blade Systems. Carrier-grade platforms that compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality over WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE networks or over the public internet. MPEG encoders, decoders. Herzliya
VocalTec   – (972).9.9707777Telecom equipment provider of network voice solutions for carriers and service providers. Founder of VoIP technology. Essentra – SIP-Based softswitch architecture integrates benefits of SIP, MEGACO/H.248 and H.323 technologies with PSTN/SS7 connectivity. Herzliya
WaveIP   – (972).4.9937333Broadband fixed wireless access network for Internet, data, video and voice. Yokneam
Wavion Wireless Networks   – (972).4.9097300Wi-Fi Access Point for metro Wi-Fi network deployments. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology with six radio transceivers and six antennas employs digital beamforming to focus the energy to and from the clients on a per-packet basis. Yokneam
WiNetworks   – (972).9.9519556Wireless and Digital video broadcast solutions based on Hybrid WiMAX DVB (HWDV) technology. Broadband wireless access. Multi-Service gateways with Ethernet switching, VoIP. Cellular E1/T1 backhaul. PBX/LAN connectivity. WiN3000 modular base station. Herzliya
Wisair   – (972).3.7676606Wireless USB Single Chip. Single die CMOS chip with integrated WUSB, MAC, Baseband and RF transceiver USB-IF and WiMedia certified. Wireless Laptop/Projector to HDTV. Wireless audio from PC to speakers. Tel Aviv
WiseCom   – (972).3.9181111Telrad Connegy PBX and VOIP solutions for organizations and businesses. AdvanceIP business communication platform that combines IP-based telephony and IP voice capabilities with analog, digital, LAN/WAN, wireless and voice, data and CTI applications. Petah Tikva
WorldMate (MobiMate)   – (972).8.9319118Travel organizer for mobile phones. Service for business travelers to plan and manage their trips. Service assembles entire itinerary, including meetings, in one place; synchronized personal web site, calendar and mobile device information. Lod
Zlango   – (972).3.7600900Icon-based international language, with over 200 icons. Mobile application enables creation and sending of Zlango messages to mobile phones. Ramat Hasharon

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