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  1. Thousands of residential units to replace IDF bases

    IDF bases heading for Negev relocation to be replaced by 26,000 new housing units 23% of which are marked for affordable housing, rentals By Ofer Petersburg The IDF bases which will be relocated to the Negev from Ramat Gan, Petah Tikva, Rishon Lezion, Kiryat Ono and Tel Aviv will be making room for some...

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  2. Israeli real estate market embraces 3D

    New imaging technologies allow real estate buyers to view their investment – Hollywood Style By Alphi Shauli The skyrocketing real estate prices and shortage of available apartments drive more people to buy houses in buildings that are yet to built. This kind of investment is usually more profitable for the customer, and it helps...

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  3. Going green has never been more high tech

    Going green has never been more high tech

      ‘Israel probably demonstrates the world’s best example of ‘going green’ as proven with the miraculous transformation of some its desert into a blooming carpet of lush vegetation. So when considering how to build or develop your new home in Israel, you might want to give consideration to the ideas...

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  4. Property in Israel

    Purchasing an apartment in Israel can often seem like an uphill battle specially when you need to take a mortgage. However, many many families have overcome this hurdle and have the property to prove it. Check out these statistics: Over 87% of all immigrants who arrived in 1989 have bought...

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