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81 notes Apr 1st, 2020 Wandering Son is an anime about gender and adolescence, it is also a series unlike any other anime before it or since. Wandering Son doesn’t have much of a musical soundtrack. She lets Shuuichi in on a secret that she cross dresses from time to time and … The series was produced by AIC Classic, and aired on Japanese television from January 13-March 31, 2011. At his new school, he meets Yoshino a masculine. Source: shorthairedanimegirloftheday. The pieces that are chosen are discreet and often there is no music at all. * Based on a manga by Shimura Takako serialised in Comic Beam.Nitori Shuuichi is a boy who wants to become a girl. 5) Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) Hourou Musuko depicts a student named Shuichi Nitori, described as "a boy who wants to be a girl," and Yoshino Takatsuki, described as "a girl who wants to be a boy." Especially since so far we don't really know the MCs affiliation with the activity. However the Wandering Son… One of the show’s main themes is the creation of a supporting group of friends in which you can explore and discuss your identity, and the almost crayon-like art creates a really comforting atmosphere that reflects the warmth in the relationship between the characters We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Still too early to say it's inherently a "copy". The short-haired anime girl of the day is: Makoto Ariga. Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son): A Deep and Heartwarming Take on Transgender Struggles Brief Plot Summary Hourou Musuko is the tale of Shuuchi Nitori, a shy middle school biological male who identifies girl, and Yoshino Takatsuki, a tall and lanky, though attractive, tomboy who identifies as male. Abusive Parents: Mogumo and Sakura's father is strict and emotionally abusive, unaccepting of Mogumo's non-binary identity and trying his best to force Sakura to be more submissive and feminine. Both are transgender, and in good faith, Yoshino tells Shuichi that they want to be a girl. Love Me For Who I Am provides examples of:. He violently opposed Sakura cutting her hair short, thinking she was going to act like a boy because of it, and forced her to quit the soccer … Coincidentally, Yoshino also dreams of becoming the opposite sex. Def a little close to Wandering Son, but artists know full well "there's nothing new under the sun" Everything is a rehashed tale of something, so give it a few chapters before passing judgement. He transfers to a new elementary school, and there, meets Takatsuki Yoshino, a tall and attractive young girl. Every wandering son or daughter needs to know that if the moment of crisis comes in his or her life, there's a house waiting with a fatted-calf party ready to go, welcoming the wanderer home. Wandering Son is an anime series based on the manga series written and illustrated by Takako Shimura. Wandering Son’s visual design is really wonderful. Description: Shuichi an effeminate child, moves when entering the 5th grade. As of this writing, none of the North American anime distributors has a license for the series.

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