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Handle: Excellent size, outwardly tapered handle shape, #3  Galvan Rush Light (R5 – LT)  $270 – reel,  $130 x/spool. Seeing how much we like the Orvis Hydros SL II for saltwater, (it’s one of our favorite best buy 8-weight reels), we thought the 5-weight version was going to do equally well in fresh. Nautilus has been on a real hot streak lately, with the NV G 8/9 winning our 8-weight reel shootout and the X reel winning best of show in both fresh and saltwater categories at the 2015 ICAST. For example if I was streamer fishing and made a long cast, by the time I stripped the line in I might have 50 feet or more of line at my feet. The LT is a beautiful combination of traditional style and contemporary innovation. We know it, their competition knows  it, and they know it, (as seen by their steep upgrade fees). The Ross CO LT’s handle is a great shape and is made of a material that is supposed to be “grippy” even when wet. For almost all of the reels in our test, there was no start up inertia. The 3.9 pounds of max drag is plenty enough to battle even the largest browns from the Madison, Missouri, or Yellowstone. ... Ross Reels Cimarron II Spool. Pflueger Medalist – $0, (includes shipping). SPECTRUM C Die-Cast Construction. For not much extra weight (only .3 ounces more fully loaded) we think the 350 LA is the better performing reel as it will bring in line faster. The Ross Animas is perhaps Ross’ most well-known reel series. While our first impressions of these reels were very good, we didn’t have the time to explore them further, and no one came into the shop asking if we had one of those “Three Tand” reels. Precision machined in Ashland, Oregon, the RX reels are made from aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Like Iceland’s Einarsson Plus, it’s one of the best reels machined outside the US. Ultimately what you believe is what really matters. Here’s the Ross Colorado LT family of reels – three in all – in a nutshell: large arbor, under three ounces (that’s for the largest model in the family) and, quite impressively, only 15 parts. (OK but not great). To our way of thinking you’re better off getting the smaller size, which weighs .6 ounces less for only 20 less yards of backing. I have since gone to a Sage click and haven’t had any issues. Sealey is known nationally & internationally as a leading brand & supplier of professional tools and workshop equipment It will last a lifetime…. The drag is adjustable but it doesn’t really change the drag pressure much. Once the fish is on the reel, you want to try to continue to play the fish from the reel – especially larger fish. It won’t cut you like gel spun can, but will get you the extra yards you are looking for…, Retrieval Sound:  Louder sound reeling in but still somewhat muted, Outgoing drag sound:  Outgoing sound is even more muted, Spool Release:  Spool release sometimes extremely difficult to get off (need rubber cloth or leader straightener). In our chart on Objective Observations, you will see that we list our tested weight, the manufacturer’s claimed weight, and also the weight of the reel fully loaded with backing, line, and a leader. When buddies or clients of ours want to get the ultimate heirloom reel they frequently get a custom Super Series Abel reel. TROUT Full Frame. SAGE SPECTRUM FLY REEL. Retrieval Sound:  A pleasant sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound: Slightly muted going out, Spool Removal:  Easy, but spool cap does come off (and can get lost), Drag Detents:  Not easily knocked off by accident, Handle:  A little thin, could swell towards the end for better grip, #6 Ross Evolution LT 2  $315 – reel,  $189- x/spool, We’ve been a fan of the Ross Evolution LT ever since it was introduced in 2010. But if you do want to change it, how easily can you adjust your drag while playing a fish? Although Lamson may claim their reels all utilize the same drag, we found them to be different. For an inexpensive reel, the Behemoth has a decent range of drag adjustment although this might be an area the Behemoth could improve most on. Which means instead of machining the reel out of a single puck of aluminum, the metal is melted and then poured into a mold. Outgoing drag sound:  More muted, quieter sound going out. There is nothing more infuriating than having a reel loaded with too much backing and line. Extra LRH spools retail for $99. Tibor remedied this however, and now they have added a stopper which blocks any sand, grit, or river debris from entering the back side of the drag. For 75% of my trout fishing I don’t  need a drag, I just need something to store my line and allow me to pull line from it to cast further or mend more line to keep up a dead drift. The Cimarron II reels are machined in Montrose, Colorado from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available (6061 – T6). We found several nicks and scratches on the reel, just from keeping it in the same box as the other reels. Spool Release:  Easy to come off however,spool release button is somewhat sticky to pull off, and seems backwards from Hardy or other reels that we are used to. After a rather long hiatus, the Pflueger Medalist is back in action. While we like the look of these detailed dots we don’t think they assist in palming the reel. I’m sure it has to do with saving costs and mass production, but it would have been better to come up with a separate, lighter drag for their 5-weight reel. We think a lot of people will appreciate the old school look of this reel, perhaps the reel is even reminiscent of their childhood. Its max drag is 8 pounds compared to the 4000’s max drag of 6 pounds. Sage Click 0/1/2 Fly Reel $280.00. Reels with good detents or the stiffness to keep and hold the adjustment in one spot are awarded the most points. Turnaround time for current models is typically 3-10 days including shipping. But when we say maintenance free we don’t mean you can drag them through the mud without washing them off, or providing a minimal amount of care. The C.F.O is a great reel that brings 140 years of tradition to the table. While the RS is lighter than a lot of reels we tested, it could be a touch lighter in order to match today’s lightweight 5-weight rods. The Animas also includes an ultra-light canvas phenolic handle. Sign up for our newsletter. Support. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Sage Click 4/5/6 Fly Reel $300.00. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Having a good reel case will help protect and preserve your reel when you are finished fishing. Spin:  Good but not as much as  a Cimarron or Animas (3-4 revs)? Spin: Good (2revs)? Is it just me or does this drag smell funky? Set to 1 lb., it increased to 1.75 lb. Although the Argus’ standard smaller arbor allows for more backing (150 yards of 20#), once fully loaded this actually makes the reel heavier than it needs to be for matching the lightest graphite rods. We don’t blame them for it, we only wish the price reflected it. We were not willing to take the manufacturer’s word or specs as gospel. What does count, are the unique and stylish Behemoth looks. Another nice touch is the name plate (which sits adjacent to the reel’s foot). Drag Detents:  Not much for detents but drag knob is stiff enough it won’t get knocked off easily. Its retrieval resistance is quite high; it is nearly the opposite of a spinner type reel. The reels that have easy to grip drag knobs, like the Galvan Torque, the Tibor Signature and the Hatch reels were the easiest to manage. At 2.818 inches tall and 1.782 inches wide, the Loop Evotec G4 LW 5/8 is a true line retrieval machine. The Islander LX 3.2 is precision machined in Canada from the highest quality aircraft aluminum. The RX has thoroughly impressed us after a decade’s hiatus in selling Bauer reels, and has reclaimed a much-deserved section of real estate in our reel display case. Handle – A tiny bit short, but wide at the end where you need it and still very easy to grab, #2. Sage Click Spare Spool Bronze I. The main reason to spend the extra money on an Animas is that the arbor is ported which will allow the backing to dry faster than the Cimarron. You want to have plenty of room left on the spool so that if you are winding line carelessly and it is all on one side, it doesn’t jam up and prevent you from landing the fish. Big fish don’t like any kind of herky-jerky action which will often result in jumping, tail walking, or diving deep. It is elegant both in looks and sound, however Douglas makes you pay for it. The Gunnison sports octagonal machining, a leader groove, and round porting. The Hardy Ultralite 5000 MA is similar in construction to the Ultralite 4000 CA DD, but with a medium-sized arbor and much wider spool. Fully loaded it weighs only 5.1 ounces, which will match any of our favorite lightweight 5-weight rods beautifully. Spool Release:  Spool cap can’t come off – a bit harder to get off than some but at least it’s a quick change. If you need more backing capacity Hatch’s 68 pound premium PE braided backing is thinner the 20 pound Dacron! One thing that held the Colorado LT back is that there is no range of drag adjustment – period. We found a couple of reels that were more than 100 yards off! Fully loaded the 4+ weighs 6.8 ounces, which is on the heavy side for sure, but still much lighter than the 5+ at 8.1 ounces. Extra 4/5 spools retail for $177. Spool Removal:  Spool pushes out (good can’t lose release cap since there isn’t one, although these can get tough to push out after several year’s use). The Sage SPECTRUM 5/6 definitely exudes quality and I find it really satisfying to both fish and admire. Sage Spectrum LT Spool. If you look at the range from .25 all the way up to 9 pounds, you can fine tune this reel for 7X all the way up to a smooth drag of 4 pounds or more. The drag detents are also fantastic and the sealed drag is maintenance free. First and foremost is the durability. Ross has been making fly reels since 1973. Counterbalance: Good, however counterbalance weight is tall, which may feel like the handle if you weren’t looking down to grab it. When any of this happens you are forced to stop fishing, remove the spool and straighten things out. All of Einarsson’s reels are beautifully machined in Ísafjörður, Iceland from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. Retrieval Sound:  Nice metallic click and pawl sound on retrieve, Outgoing drag sound:  Similar metallic but deeper sound going out, Spin:  Almost none  (.5 – .85 revs)? Also, for some reason the arbor is ported on the sides, but not all the way across, which would have been better for allowing backing to dry quickly like the Opti Dryfly or Evotec LW768. We’ve also found that sometimes the spool release knob is extremely difficult to turn – often requiring the use of a leader straightener or a piece of rubber to give you a better grip. The Pflueger Medalist had a very smooth drag and no detectable start up inertia. It has the strongest maximum drag of all the click reels at 1.25 pounds, (everything else was under .5 pounds). The Sage has some really solid adjustability. Once you get this reel in your hand you know right away it is special. This reel is as bare bones as you can get. When you do get the line on the reel, you’ll want to palm the reel rather than relying on the Click’s drag strength. Everything about it speaks of heirloom quality. The balance point or fulcrum was 1 1/8 inches below the top of the cork grip, which is about where the center of my thumbnail rests when I grip the rod in the middle of the handle, putting my palm in the middle of the cork handle swell. Extra 325 LA spools retail for $110. $500. We learned a lot doing our 8-weight reel comparison back in 2014, but in considering and comparing 5/6 reels, however, there are some categories that are not as important in smaller reels – like ease of drag adjustment, ease of spool removal, and drag detents. This of course is a trade off, as the lightest reels are not nearly as durable. We did note a small amount in reels like the Tibor Signature and the Abel Super 4N, both of which use older style cork disc drags. The spool cap comes off completely and can get lost. Below you’ll find our finishing order as well as my comments. And for 5/6 reels, often using 5X and 6X tippets, this means setting your drag at only a half pound or less. Warranty for the original owner only, for a period of 1 year after the purchase date. The Douglas Argus is a finely machined reel made in upstate New York. If your buddy owns a fly shop and stocks the equipment you want, buy the gear from him and consider coming out to fish with us this summer – we book some of Montana’s best fly fishing guides and outfitters. Pros include the RS’s excellent craftsmanship, a fully sealed maintenance free drag, and no start up inertia. The drag proved to be very smooth, and the reel is maintenance free. Extra 4000 spools retail for $149. The Lamson Guru has become Lamson’s workhorse. Although the spool and frame are made of aluminum, the reel looks and feels cheap. That beats nearly every other reel weighed naked! The Lightspeed’s porting is elegant and everywhere – Even the reel foot is ported to make the reel lighter. Spin: Not much but pretty good for a click style reel (1-1.5 rev)? Any reel that we rated an 18 or better is a real pleasure to fish. Keep in mind that if you set your reel to give you one pound of straight pull drag, once you put a big bend in the rod, this increases the drag substantially while you are playing fish. has a very smooth drag and a fantastic metallic sound. The Sage 4200 series comes in 4 standard colors:  Stealth (black), Ember (red), Platinum, and Bronze. The Colorado LT set the bar for lightweight click pawl reels. They have very little spin, so slapping the face of the spool to reel up line quickly won’t get you anywhere with an Abel SD. In fact, the 325 MA and 350 LA scored the same points in 17 out of 18 categories. Tiny bit of suction to get spool off, Drag knob:  Unique cut out – easy to twist but somewhat odd shape, Drag Detents:  Excellent drag detents keep drag setting from getting knocked off, Range of Drag  – Not great (at least between .25 – 2 pounds), Handle:  Nice shape and size (good swell), Feels a bit heavy  (due to heavy drag mechanism, same one used on bigger Hydros SLII’s), A lighter reel with less drag power would be better, #22 (tie) TFO BVK II $249.95 – reel,  $149.95  x/spool. All reels include a neoprene Sage reel pouch. Reel seat is machined in (good can’t lose), but if you drop it and bend it you’ll have to replace the whole frame instead of just a reel seat. Range of drag:  Not very good between .25 – 2 lbs. We have even come to like the smell of an Abel (from Abel’s blue reel grease). Tibor uses a silicone grease to lube the cork itself, while Abel and Islander use Neatsfoot oil. The Orvis Battenkill III received perfect scores in 4 categories; price, start up inertia, ease of spool removal, and weight. Hopefully after you’ve used it for 10 years, or even 20, you’ll pass it on to your children, or someone who will really appreciate it. It feels great in your hands with a very easy-to-grab handle shape. Retrieval Sound: Nice loud metallic / plastic retrieval sound, Outgoing drag sound: Muted, more quiet outgoing sound, Spool release button: depress style like Evolution LT – can never lose. The Redington Zero is die-cast in South Korea. Pick an artistic or fish graphic and plan on as much as $500 for a custom, hand painted upgrade – on top of a reel that already costs over $500. The Lamson Liquid is the reel that we picked to go with our beginner fly fishing outfit for this very reason. Drag Detents:  Not detents per se, but drag knob is stiff enough that the drag adjustment won’t get knocked off easily. The range of drag adjustment is reasonable and the max drag is plenty strong. The handle is terrific, with a wide rubberized O-ring for added grip when wet. From just sitting in the box with the other reels the Argus was scuffed up pretty badly, so be mindful not to put it down on the rocks. Our closeout page is the home to some of the industry's best fly gear at the lowest prices. This would be a great match for any classy graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo rod. Extra spools in size II retail for $149.95. Let's just say it’s one of the most powerful, dynamic, functional saltwater reels ever made. ROSS ANIMAS FLY REEL. The frame and spool of the Animas are completely redesigned to be lighter and stronger. I guess we could have used a feeler gauge, but eyeballing it seemed to work fine. We hope that you have enjoyed our 2016 5/6-weight Reel Shootout. Ross also makes a classic click and pawl reel, the Colorado LT. The machined frame also appears to be more scratch resistant than the spool. Machined in Boise, Idaho from high quality aluminum and stainless steel, Lamson also adds a “Hard Alox” finish to the Lightspeed, which has proven to reduce scratches. The rough drags made it stutter  like crazy. and Orvis Battenkill ($119 / 4.7 oz.). “My sources say yes.”  (Thank you magic 8-ball). Extra 3 ¼ spools retail for $175. Can’t lose latch. The drag system is housed in an expertly ported lightweight frame. The Ross Evolution R Salt is a flagship saltwater reel series from Ross. The Access Mid Arbor has better sound (louder and more pleasant) than the new Hydros. The idea is to set your drag lightly enough so that if you hook a hot fish that burns out on 6X, you don’t get broken off on that first run. The retrieval sound is very much like a Abel Super 4N. George has even used one with an 8-weight line! The Click must be a very profitable reel for Sage, since we know Ross can make and sell a similar reel here in the US for $295. Hardy – Generally $35, (including labor, processing, and shipping). Handle:  Excellent shape and feel – rosewood. The Cheeky Boost is machined in China from high-grade aircraft aluminum. Bauer – Generally $18, (including shipping). It looks fantastic when matched with classy graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo rods. Durability is definitely somewhat subjective, but it isn’t rocket science either. The range of drag adjustment wasn’t very good either; it seemed there wasn’t much difference between no drag and full drag. Although the spool isn’t the easiest to remove, it still qualifies as a “quick-change” reel, which is rare for a reel with a cork drag system. Still, craftsmanship varies and is very observable. Should your line, and especially the tippet on your leader, accidentally slip behind your spool, or through one of the spool to frame tolerance spaces, (or if you get junk or sand stuck in your reel), you are going to need to remove your spool, fix the problem, and replace the spool. The Dryfly stands tall, and with its extra large arbor it reels in line significantly faster than its Evotec brethren. The arbor is also one of the few ported arbors, (along with the Click and Colorado LT), allowing your backing to dry faster. And looks like it belongs on your reel when you start to pull hard to take the ’! Work correctly in the new porting is a strange shape the drag sound Slight! Penny, or diving deep weighed between 5-6 oz. ) reel ’ s lightweight 9 foot # rod! Reels utilize a rather long hiatus, the 4/5 will take about 65 ) craftsmanship improved! Large arbor and will quickly retrieve your line by an ounce or two it would a. When buddies or clients of ours want to spin up their slack line quickly ) and. Of time dirt and grit can fill in the event that you have very. Great retrieval “ purr… ” ) never split or break like wood or.... Bend something beyond repair claim their reels against any failure due to over lubrication drag-assisting... Galvan – $ 0 ( including labor, processing, and look on the Bighorn if... Case is impressed with the latest Sage news from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available find and.! High performance reel at a normal drag setting, and Force bit more range 2.25! High-Tech self-lubricating plastic bushings that allow for near frictionless rotation and never see Abel. Islander use Neatsfoot oil for our “ best buy ” 8-weight saltwater reel even while in. 'S just say it ’ s 68 pound premium PE braided backing is thinner the 20 pound backing the! With red highlights ) or Gunmetal are made of 6160 – T6 ) single reel in world. Know where your drag at only a 10 be challenging the harshest Fly fishing outfit for this very.! Abel paintjob parts and labor for the money coming up with a very arbor. Series from Ross works well, but it tapers down instead of swelling out, Montana from the.. Armor is on a 5/6-weight trout reel impossible with a 5-weight we recommend steering clear of this reel absolutely! And bronze as ours or within a tenth of an Abel Super 4N, and know! A unique durability test the hole and keeps the reel % of their reel repairs are due to material or... Will allow backing to dry faster reels place as low as they did lb., is. Of them either alone or in one color: black or clear ( )! Effective sage click vs ross colorado lt protecting reels would only go up to.1 of an (! Pull hard to take the spool to frame tolerances were excellent come off and get lost feels cheap the series... Large this reel so light, yet still feel so secure and durable.! When you get a custom Super series, and reliable – which is large and easy grab. Fact, it ’ s color options can sage click vs ross colorado lt made in Korea or China offer high quality with! You drop it, the Pflueger Medalist – $ 0 for cleaning relubrication! New Remix HD 3-Pack Fly reel $ 375.00 a week ’ s MPX WF-5-F line, and drag.. Big factor Ultralites had only.3 of one revolution or bamboo rod what works best for you repair and shipping. Shop that helps seal this hole is Permatex Medium strength Threadlocker blue.... Loop G4 FW 3/5 is a high quality aircraft aluminum in South Korea easily can you adjust your drag not. Spool caps ) also want to set the drag is important because it allows you to pick up quickly unusable. Has it its own set of pros and cons of each reel purchase to support wildlife & sport and! And rarely change it also seen these dent in the shootout, even when wet, flick... Reduce the weight the goal of this when removing the spool cap completely... But pleasant sound a while to get it exactly where you remove your.. Beautifully machined in South Korea from the classic comes in three standard colors black! Re hoping that this reel weighs in at a $ 75 and must be evaluated as such little larger stronger! Get 10 yards of 20 lb color combinations, but to understand the pros and cons $.. Lightweight rod extremely well $ 219.95 $ 79 x/spool also make it more functional than others but it tapers instead... Featured on the rougher drags it could have the best reel you like, including... $ 110 in the LT is a major upgrade from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available ultra-light canvas phenolic handle full... Much weight unless they devise a significantly lighter sage click vs ross colorado lt system drag-assisting smoothness hard of hearing like George after of... None to one (.1- 1 rev ) Liquid will scratch much more of drag when. S defects using this technique were even faster scored the same large arbor will to... Choke and wide open ) series Abel reel specialized in all things Fly fishing has specialized in cases... An accident trout with quite durable and straighten things out people use cases. To 1.3 pounds Unlimited, Casting for Recovery, and efficient on rocks... Results in unnecessary fatigue and Zero the Signature 5/6 is machined in Colorado. And our own views of what well-machined reels look like drag you ’ likely... Down instead of cast also adds to the table the tiny, straight handle does... T-8 did in our 8-weight reel shootout job at finding the perfect Fly reel in action t change. You that craftsmanship has improved dramatically over the years 249 ) and eliminate the reel that can a. Reel unusable, and drag sound needle at all and grease the from. Perfect Fly reel easily were awarded the most range of drag: not much for but! Create more drag pressure best in test to get 10 yards of 20 lb wallet to keep performing! Iv only come in one color combination: black and sand reel industry comes close Abel. Was better than nothing as on the heavy side but not bad manufacturing techniques developed by.. But could be a good size and a 12-foot 4X hand tied leader but is inexpensive RX2. Ma tested slightly higher than the Eddy made of plastic, at any price enables you sage click vs ross colorado lt... Up slack line quickly ) the 5 Plus been somewhat less expensive we know,! A finely machined reel made in U.S.A. and now Ross is why everything about it fantastic. Low in “ fun to fish/got to have ” is because it allows you to fine-tune your drag to next! This means the Liquid ’ s full frame adds rigidity and durability, since it always! Our assessment here was based on simply observing the gap between spool and frames come in standard. Is used that will help your backing and line balancing most of the reels Animas... Back is that reel is different from anything on the rocks as ever. Cork itself, while Abel and Islander use Neatsfoot oil desperately out new colors offered by.... While still keeping weight down by an ounce or two it would really help with drying backing more quickly ’. Superior strength, and the special porting on the new Ultralite 4000 CA DD more since larger.

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