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Nirmal craftsmen also create lacquered furniture, boxes, bowls, large screens, trays, toys, and pictures, which are painted with finesse and attention to detail. In 2015, however, forest officials spotted pug marks in the villages of Kawal and Dongapalli, which pointed to the possibility that a tiger had strayed in from the nearby Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Kaddam (or Kadem) is one of the tributaries of the Godavari. The lake near Shyam Garh fort. However, this is often covered in thick vegetation, making it difficult to spot. This was unfurled while there was a cascade of golden petals showered on him. The entrance of the fort is on the west and is accessible by a staircase constructed in recent years. Women should avoid this hotel as it caters to an exclusively male clientele. Here, we are sharing the popular forms of home linen choices. The subjects of the paintings are generally scenes from rural life, flora and fauna and portraits of gods and people. Almost every hillock in Nirmal has a fort or the ruins of a fortification. Many regions of this state have a large number of skilful artisans and craftsmen for fabrics and textile. These paintings were influenced by the Indian Schools of Art like Kangra, Ajanta as well as Mughal miniatures. Estimates regarding their population vary from 10 million to 14 million. Nirmal Town – Land of Toys and Paintings: Nirmal town is situated close to Hyderabad-Nagpur National Highway (NH 7) in Adilabad district. Inside there are a few boulders and ruins overrun by dense overgrowth. After walking for a few minutes, you shall reach a slightly elevated point, beyond which there will be hillocks with black rocks on your left and a stream on your right. Telangana Tourism provides facilities for boating on the dam. The finely carved figures and dainty paintings are still being used to decorate drawing rooms in thousands of homes across the country. The view from atop here makes the expedition completely worth it, especially during sunset when the city and the surrounding hills are awash in golden hues. The lake, fringed by hillocks and forests, has become a popular tourist destination off late. After crossing the village, turn right and after 11km, you will arrive at Kuntala. The Gondi language belongs to the Dravidian family of languages. 1 The artisans decorated the venue and the seat of the Nizam in a very grand manner with an intricately designed banana bud which was believed to have been suspended over the Nizam’s seat. There are very few traditional artists left – according to a report in The Hindu, Brahmarouthu Rao is the sole surviving painter from the Naqqash community. The Nirmal district is etched out of erstwhile Adilabad District. While the toy industry has received government support, the painters have not been as lucky. Adilabad is largely hilly – the Satpura range spans 282km from the northwest to the southeast – and has the rivers Godavari, Penganga, Pranahita and Kadam flowing through it. All the forts are open throughout the day, though it would not be advisable to visit after sunset. Over the last few decades, Nirmal work has been evolving in order to cater to new demands from the customers. Nirmal paintings are instantly recognisable by their sheen and vivid colours. TIP Many day trippers visit the waterfall on weekends and it can get crowded, but on weekdays, there are barely any tourists. ... Telangana … If it has been raining a lot, you will find a waterfall here that remains dry for most of the year. TIP While you can hire an autorickshaw in Nirmal to explore the forts, it is advisable to hire a taxi if you wish to explore other places in Adilabad District. Shyam Garh is about 2km south of the city centre on the NH 7. Turn left onto the road that leads to Bazar Hathnoor. Most shops selling Nirmal art and toys are clustered around Shri Krishna Residency on the old NH7. From Nirmal, take the Basar- Nirmal road (NH 222). If everything is booked out, you could try Hotel Tirumala (Tel: 242345-47, 243045; Tariff: ₹525–971), which has AC and non-AC rooms and a shady restaurant-cum-bar. With aging, they acquire a special muted glow that is considered impeccable. With a width of 100 metres and a height of about 40 metres, Kuntala is one of the largest waterfalls in south India. Udasi Mutt. On the other hand, Nirmal, a city on the district’s southern edge, has a plethora of attractions and is conveniently located. 15 per extra km for outstation hire, Rail Nearest railhead: Nizamabad Railway Station (60km/ 1hr approx), on the Secunderabad-Manmad line has links to almost all major cities such as Secunderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad and Bhopal. However, you are unlikely to get lost as there is always the occasional shepherd or farmer passing through. Multiple restoration projects have been undertaken and the government has tried to make the monument more tourist-friendly, though these attempts have not made much headway. The craftsmen have formed a community and stay at Nirmal and practice their art in the form of a small-scale business. A trail surrounds the waterfall, which makes for a pleasant walk. The silence is occasionally interspersed with the chirping of crickets and droning of insects. The sanctuary was declared a tiger reserve in 2012 even though it did not have a single tiger then.

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