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Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping. Returns Accepted. Find great designs on durable and weather resistant License Plate Frames to make your car stand out! Issued to motor homes, and to any bus that isn't a school bus and does not carry passengers for hire (for example, church buses). A helixed security feature hologram runs down the center of the plate embedded in the reflective sheeting. The decal was reflective white. This plate is for any truck over 7,500 lbs. Louisiana residents who have moved to another state and transferred their car registration to the new state are not required to surrender the old license plates. Officer DeLatte met the above criteria while in the performance of her duties between October, 2015 and September, 2016. Version using no dash. Troop letter followed by number 9 to 18 (Sergeant) Together, these were considered important steps Fully embossed (including the prefix), black on dark yellow. *CPNC=Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience. Serial is still shifted to the right. As the LSP fleet was under 40 cars at that time, it is believed that car numbers began in the 100 series so as to not conflict with the one and two digit numbers of LSP motorcycle plates. Lipstick base. Lipstick base with short thick font for STATE POLICE. All known surviving car-sized LSP license plates of this era are in the 100 series. Approx.5 1/4" x 11 3/4". 2011 issue. 2010-current issue. A large Troop letter was situated at the far left of the plate followed by STATE over POLICE and a number stacked vertically was situated on the right side using small motorcycle numeral dies. 1989-1993 issue. Louisiana Department of Public Safety - Office of Motor Vehicles 4" x 9". Yet another new base for LSU has emerged. The ACE license plate was identical to the regular LSP license plate with the exception of the letters ACE occupying the center of the plate. Lipstick base. Circa 1970-1978 issue. The plates were run on the front of the car only, and solely for the year in which the award was earned. Officer DeLatte has been serving the citizens of Louisiana as an officer assigned to the Crescent City Connection since 2006. In late 1993, Louisiana replated again and the LSP followed suit as well. Alternative, there are a variety of specialized license plates you can choose for your vehicle. On July 28, 1936, the two divisions of law enforcement (All publicly-owned vehicles, regardless of class, have Public plates.). Early pelican plates had a longer state name that extends under the right bolt hole. Lipstick base. force of 1022 men and women responsible for all elements of criminal New plate incorporates black into red and white fleur-de-lis design. The BLUE MAX recipient is stated to also earn a service medal and certificate of recognition. 1950's-circa 1970 issue. Run only during course of the anniversary year. In 1986, the Louisiana State Police celebrated its Golden Anniversary. Titled TROOPER optional front plate. The BLUE MAX plate was made highly-distinctive by being painted gold over dark blue: the uniform colors of the LSP. This plate is better known as the "USA base". Embossed PRIVATE legend replaced by screened "Sportman's Paradise" slogan somewhere in mid-W series. (Courtesy Bill Ceravola). The license plates used in the earliest days of the agency were embossed steel and measured approximately 3 inches by 8 3/4 inches. In the 1950's, a white over Chinese red plate was issued as with the LSP cars of the time. White characters and border are painted over a darker, possibly red backgound. Need confirmation. This plate is issued to commercial buses that carry passengers for hire, taxis, and limousines. Most trailers have regular Trailer plates, presumably because it costs less to get a $70 permanent registration than to pay annually for these types. Approx. 3" x 9". Special plate fees calculated on this site are valid for regular license plates only. This temporary plate is issued by the DMV and they will send you a metal plate around 30 days or less. Handicapped Dealer: HD0191 (wheelchair symbol to the left of serial; the HD prefix is embossed full-sized). Old style was white on powder blue; currently on the plain Lipstick base. A one-time $3.50 administrative fee and $8.00 handling fee will also be due. Louisiana is Cajun Country: settled by displaced French Acadian settlers many generations earlier. Troop A (Baton Rouge) Troop B (New Orleans) Troop C (Franklin) Troop D (Lake Charles) Troop E (Alexandria) Troop F (Monroe) Troop G (Shreveport) Troop H (Leesville) Troop I (Lafayette) Troop K (Opelousas) Troop L (Covington) Troop N (New Orleans-French Quarter added in 2016) HQ (Headquarters) This is otherwise known as the "Ace of ACEs". Approx. Plate will have a different number and have a sticker (Special Issue Graphic)license plate type: Passenger, condition: Mint Not … The early N prefixes were motor home. The design was modified slightly to move the thread to the right side of the plate so it would not run through the pelican. That class of Trailer was discontinued in 2001, replaced by a Trailer plate with a PERM sticker for $70, or $10/year with a 1 year or 4 year registration. The earliest riders of the LSP were known as "Motor cycle boys". Lowest spotted is VDA754 by Francis Lapeyre on 2011-03-30, but Francis also spotted VCU477 on this base with the large graphic on 2011-08-12, so it appears to have started before VDA. No confirmation as of this writing. State Police Chaplain dash plate. Antique Motorcycle License Plate. Programs and projects are administered in accordance with uniform guidelines promulgated by the NHTSA and FHWA. Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the LSP. 3" x 8 3/4". Customers wishing to enter into an installment plan with the Office of Motor Vehicles will be allowed to do so multiple times. Plain high before Louisiana Purchase: KKW 056. The design also features a faded gold laurel that traverses from the top left corner of the plate down to the area just right of the lower left mounting hole. On the left is there are three tamper-resistant blocks for the expiration date - month, day, and year (filled out by the dealer with permanent marker). Anything larger must have a regular Trailer plate. ), The early tiger-striped LSU plates had light purple stripes; this later version has darker purple stripes which make the purple serial harder to see. The LSP accepted new responsibilities in 1946 Each of these cute car accessories is made of durable aluminum, and our eye-catching custom license plate front is water-resistant. Completed Items. the power to appoint inspectors to enforce laws relating to the License plates are issued to Trailers, Motor homes, Passenger vehicles and trucks and motorcycles. The state emblem of a mother pelican wounding her own breast to feed her three offspring is depicted in silkscreen in each top corner of the plate. 4" x 9". Standard vehicle registration fees. toward improving highway safety. The base of the emblem reads 1936-2011 in white. The map below shows current Troop locations for the LSP. DI stands for "Dealer Inventory." Nate Bonnett reports the small design on VQU 727. However, residents are urged to either destroy the plate or surrender it voluntarily. The end of the Purchase plate is reported to be MSN. Update: VRU595 was spoted with the small graphic on 08/10/2011, so there doesn't appear to be a clean break from the large graphic and the smaller one. “I am extremely proud of the work that our DPS Officers perform across our state daily,” stated Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent. Our honk-worthy front Louisiana Aluminum License Plates designs lets you shout-out your attitude or cause while driving or parked in the lot. The difference between the first and second issue LSP license plates is as a result of arguably the most surprising and entertaining lore in state police vehicle licensing history. (1)(a) Prior to August 15, 1999, the fee for issuing the license plates provided for in this Section shall be a one-time fee of fifty dollars for each plate … The state name is stylized in silkscreened red and blue where the USA inside the word LOUISIANA is in larger blue font while the rest of the state name is in smaller red font. Formats for license plate numbers may be consistent within the state.

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