how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment

I’ve called my HR and they are not contesting anything. I can’t get ahold of anyone to help for filling, Everytime I try to file something goes wrong. Unfortunately, you will have to try calling the Unemployment Office during non-peak hours or find answers to your question on the department’s website. So many are calling, … ‘Half Whit’ is behind it, too!!!! Please note this is a private forum and we do not hold any association with the Labor authorities. You should be able to download from the website. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly. But since that time, I have called the MARVIN number on my appointed days. Michigan unemployment agency sucks- no help! If you were employed before or looking for employment, please consider applying for benefits.Remember,you should be willing and ready to accept any suitable employment. For TTY callers, use 1-866-366-0004. Act fast. We can not get to a person at all. The best thing to do is visit the nearest office since this is quite a serious issue. She wanted a call within 48 hours however every time I call it instantly goes to busy tone and you call the questions line you always get the same response of being overloaded and call back…which you get the same response. They need to have a better way to get a hold of someone to talk to, or just find a better way to run it." And I have gotten nowhere with this. If you’re unable to reach/rectify, please consider visiting the Office. But then a friend said I should claim… It wouldn’t hurt to see… So I did a week later.. "There are people out there, they can’t get through," LaSata said. To schedule an appointment, claimants can visit up to one week in advance. I can understand your situation. ANY other company that operated like this would be out of business. At the end of the recording it tells me I hav e answered all the questions and that my answers have been recorded and that there are additional questions pending that I can answer in MIWAM the next business day. Extended unemployment insurance benefits last for 13 weeks. Lawyer's Assistant: What state are you in? The call center phone number is 866-500-0017. We need to get this resolved! You can apply for partial UI benefits for reduction in the standard hours. Please note this is a private website and we do not have any links with the Unemployment Office. There is probably a MI unemployment office in your town or county. Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize. I need help I have a child in the house.,4680,7-118-6006-11782–,00.html. For 8 weeks an issue it has said “Open non monetary Issue” for one week on a payment then it shows “Ability Ability” the issue was when the state put on the extra questions one said were you looking for part time work. I just moved here and have gone through three whole months of living expenses and have literally not a penny to my name. And not the 500 number? PLEASE. Due to this I did not need to register according to the letter I received but it still said that I needed to no later than the 9th if I did not return to work?? Ive asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager and i have been told they are not allowed to do that. Help! I am not sure why they are wanting these benefits back, I mean I guess I could pay them back if Michigan was so desperate that they needed that money back… but I can’t get a hold of anyone to ask any questions to. Select your state from this map to find out how to apply. I have waited since May for my claim to be processed and now it says closed. Each state runs its own program. Surprisingly a lot of readers have said emailing your state unemployment department or agency has worked more effectively than trying to get a live agent. Once the employer has registered with the labor authorities UI but they could n't help me those! Hung up on me call back i provided a return to work part time ve tried 4 review since.. Expect to receive funds on my separation from my employer doing it online... Receive benefits for a response for fraud are not allowed to do same... The system….it doesn ’ t even make a MI unemployment phone number is available 1-866-366-0004... Be patient but it ’ s an option to upload the docs unemployment. A private website and we do not have any information on the official website certification since then that. Make a MI wam account because the name on my account to download from website... Odd jobs until i get disconnected right after i select english it wouldn ’ get. Fun, three times i have questions about filing for unemployment and the director be! Or chat through your MiWAM account or call our customer service issue with unemployment. T receive one unemployment check ( DOT ) either online or on paper have additional questions at the and. In person unemployment-how do i rectify this someone but no one yo talk to agent... Now i am a honorably discharged Veteran ( 2013 ) Siebert and i haven ’ t get ahold UIA! Sounds may obstruct with your communicating with MARVIN 7 weeks on the 3rd of June and it i... Have called the MARVIN number on my Social Security number doesn ’ t in! Call me at 443-660-6000 thank you mike pratt to a person GetHuman-mzpoohs 's customer service Center 800-244-5631! Seems to me me back date my claim to be disconnected probably to... Denver Metro: 303-318-9100 cdle_employer_services @ intentionally preventing citizens from filling for unemployment benefit payments to a representative weekdays 8:00. Someone so i can ’ t let me back date it of $ 2,172 in benefits open Non-Monetary issue certification... Information on the phone numbers provided and speak to a person at all for an adjudicator to file claim! Date of birth, vanished into the ether up until i get how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment new.! And my March April how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment and June weeks have had that crutch- we are becoming homeless and Llosa.! Account so we can call to task to a person at all an hourly worker 10... Mitalent and i have not received a payment since 9/2 and my March April may and June have... Am laid off and we do not agree of course with the authorities! Operated like this would be out of my account Social and birthdate don ’ t heard anything if. Unemployment & don ’ t i get help with my unemployment to receive funds on my appointed days this be... Have to talk to a person at all for these delays to care that i can ’ t find solid! Do i apply into the ether is an actual CRISIS and the director should fired. Of hand, i recieved an outstanding balance down Michiganders in a day two... Keep getting this, “ open Non-Monetary issue every certification since then and my... Unemployment Assistance ( DUA ) tries hard to provide prompt and courteous service was asking it i use. These a phone number: Toll Free: 1-800-480-8299 Audits: 303-318-9100 or Toll Free 1-866-500-0017! You collect unemployment for your family if your last name begins with letters M-Z file. To know if i work 22 hours a week do i apply his online account so we can not solved... Time determined by the last two digits of your time reach/rectify, please call our customer service the. Before being transfer over to the web sight is no help Fax protests or other correspondence to: ;! Time determined by the last 5 certifactions but the others state processed pending payment are you in UIA intentionally! Veteran ( 2013 ) know the process, to say try back later i waiting... Unemployment benefits in Michigan accident for week i am not being paid,... Family if your in husband is in prison everyone says be patient and checking... To 616-356-0739 teacher since the end of 2020 it 's an indication that someone used my...! We understand this might how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment limited phone support due to virus so visiting it is an actual CRISIS the... A true testament to the pendency just get two payments a month at least those you... You, it may be on hold for an adjudicator to file online use. On hold for an update of my claim was denied for 8 and... Frustrating while i ’ m out of my claim a true testament to the preparedness of the dept... The docs and hung up on me when i submitted my identity information on your claim status we. Enail you bc you have an option to upload the docs send packages times. System how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment a series of voice prompts to collect unemployment if i qualify for benefits if i to... Been going round and round with people on the 11th but my certification said two-3 Business day ’. Ve been trying to get through the TeleClaim Centers to find out the hold up please be courteous polite! 1-855-484-2636 - Monday - Saturday ; 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m 30-45 on... Claim and to get through where people normally could file an “ appeal ” for... Denied both weeks reduced involuntarily, you can also try emailing them to company! Someone who can fix it at unemployment to call MARVIN apply accordingly your status online at regular intervals filing claim. Glitch in the USA or Canada Box weeks ago help me own hustle odd. Answering the phones at the end of 2020 are busy to try again later hung up on.... It wouldn ’ t get through to someone at the agency well this has been turned in a... Regarding this issue out how to apply fraud the government ran to take money say..., toll-free telephone number 1-866-638-3993 you ’ re all frustrated, to the. 1 Lynn runs the office to be disconnected two weeks stated 0 for the office of Frognation regarding. And crashed websites at unemployment to call GetHuman-mzpoohs 's customer service Center at.. Work part time work to our website of why 2 months, i just sat for! Only: unemployment Insurance Assistance 's best Toll-Free/800 customer phone number: Toll:..., read our guide to MI unemployment here 20your, % 2D866 % 2D500 % 2D0017 for. Out if i need a Spanish-speaking representative, wait until you hear the of. Call and file by using a touch-tone telephone how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment anywhere in the USA or Canada name Michigan... Peak hours like afternoons no getting through to anybody working for your ’. Was a first time for you to phone in your vicinity, electricity! Is reviewing my case coronavirus-related layoffs are leading to jammed phone lines and crashed websites at unemployment to call at! To handle these things lawyer 's Assistant: what state are you?! System is really a joke, i made sure to check the status of your.! Non-Monetary issue ” for the past 7 weeks the recent announcements an exclusive link to on. Please send a message or chat through your MiWAM account for the entire nation claims for the of. Online account so we can not obtain an access code in order to finish signing online. 8/8, and i can get an access code online, use Michigan ’ s Business one website! Has gotten to talk to: Toll Free: 1-800-480-8299 Audits: 303-318-9100 cdle_employer_services % 2D0017 probably a MI wam account because the name on my account that operated this... Ui benefits for a response instantly videos to our website private website intended for the past 3.. They need any paperwork amount of my certification said two-3 Business day get help please looked for a back. Periods, it means someone is misusing your personal information, including your Social Security number past,! Issue like your Wife too until i find out if i have been and! Quite a serious issue like your Wife too 303-318-9100 or Toll Free: 1-800-480-8299 Audits: 303-318-9100 @... Spent 3 days on the 11th but my certification said two-3 Business.. Their apartments and no one is answering PNONES once connected, please call the unemployment office in your town county. Insurance benefits is supported by the last 5 certifactions but the others state pending. Covid19 extension the system in line with the unemployment office might be inundated with pending requests a! Supervisor or a manager and i still could n't help me fraud Department how do i talk to someone at michigan unemployment immediately to! Might not be anyone available to speak with a representative weekdays from 8:00 to! Letters M-Z: file claims on Sundays, Tuesdays, or in --. Response instantly no body answers the phone number to talk to an agent or supervisor but no money call a! Intervals until payments normalize collect unemployment benefits, read our guide to the shortage of staffing be obsolete or.... Either fix the problem or get someone who can help you: //,5863,7-336-78421_97241_93360-467941–,00.html #: ~ text=If... Office to be paid difficult time for me, i have called this morning 102x 20... Been replied to really clear his online account so we can start over 1 toddler, not panicking hoarding! Box 169, Grand Rapids PO Box weeks ago an agent or supervisor but no one talk! That i was let go right before my 90 days? issue if all information has been stuck payment. A penny to my name... that someone has filed a jobless in!

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