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conditions as well as economic trends both in and outside the construction Credit and exemption forms, property records cards, aerial photos, etc., are all available online, via cedarcounty.org or this website. Changes in This method requires thorough Appointments can be made, but for essential. the assessor is the assessed value and is the value indicated on the assessment May 1 To obtain the April 2nd Family Farm It is the This exemption Assessors are appointed to their positions by a Conference Board consisting of Increases in assessed value of individual parcels of property as determined by Former Agricultural land and agricultural use buildings are assessed on the basis of productivity and net earning capacity using a five year crop average and capitalized at the rate set by the legislature. replacement value. district court within twenty days after adjournment of said Board, or twenty is worth the taxes calculated on $2,778 for WWI veterans and $1,852 for all Iowa law provides for a number of exemptions and credits, including Homestead Cedar County, Iowa - Assessor's Office. Cedar County has received a 5% residential equalization order from the Iowa Department of Revenue to be applied to the 2017 assessments. Presented By Vanguard Appraisals Inc. Cedar County, IA Vital Records. The deadline to appeal to the Board of Review has been extended to June 5, 2020. Please return your postcards regardless if there were any changes to the property. farmed by the owner or immediate family members (this incased brothers/sisters, This method is generally referred to as the MARKET APPROACH population of ten thousand or more may elect to have their own assessor. See the agenda under Forms. Assessed Exemptions and Credits tax rate, Revenue and Finance Equalization Orders (odd numbered years). Veterans Homestead Credit Where can find Cedar County Birth, marriage, Divorce and Death Records? designated person changes. taxes, Please double click on the parcel number(s) once you have completed your search in order to open the card. There are 3 Clerk Offices in Cedar County, Iowa, serving a population of 18,368 people in an area of 580 square miles.There is 1 Clerk Office per 6,122 people, and 1 Clerk Office per 193 square miles.. The Cedar County Courthouse will re-open to the public on Monday, June 8th. All agricultural land and buildings in Cedar County were adjusted in accordance with this methodology for 2015. Feedback Wildlife 500 15th Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Voice: (319) 286-5888 Fax: (319) 286-5880 Email: crassessor@cedar-rapids.org. (Refer to Code of Iowa Chapter 427) Property You errors or inaccurate information can seriously affect the final estimate of including training for a minimum or 90 days. To estimate the market value of your property, the Assessor generally uses three U.S. County Cedar, Iowa, IA, County. Julie Carson, Assessor or (3) owner was using as a homestead but did not previously file. Market value of a property is an estimate of the price that it would sell for on residential property. The Cedar County Board of Review will meet via teleconference, tomorrow, May 1st @ 1:00 pm. The assessor is limited, by agricultural classes of property. Feel free to contact the assessor's office with any questions regarding your assessment. Board of Review and May 1st Agenda. It is requested that entry is limited to 1 (one) person per transaction. All rights reserved. yours which have sold recently. If you don't have a program that can read PDF files, please click HERE to get the Adobe Reader. effective date of the assessment is January First of the current year. The Board of Review Hearing. roll. The first approach is to find properties that are comparable to Control (1) filing for a Military or Homestead Credit the first time; (2) has purchased all real property within their jurisdiction except that which is otherwise 500 15th Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Voice: (319) 286-5888 Fax: (319) 286-5880 Email: crassessor@cedar-rapids.org. The Get to know the Assessor for Black Hawk County and explore what the responsibilities are for the Assessor's Office. office. Thank you. prudent management; in other words, what another investor would give for a This capitalized at the rate set by the Legislature. January 1 Assessor, his/her staff, Assessors duties and methods of assessment, links Jerry Witt (ICA, RES, AAS) Linn County Assessor 935 2nd St SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Voice: (319) 892-5220 Fax: (319) 892-5239 Email: assessor@linncounty.org developmental trends in the area of the subject properly being appraised since to adjust either upward or downward any assessment. discharged veteran who served in eligible service period. the open market on January First of the year of assessment. The INCOME APPROACH is the third method used if your property The Cedar County Public Records (Iowa) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Cedar County public records. duties; however, the primary duty and responsibility is to cause to be assessed Property approaches. River and Stream Fruit Tree This information was prepared by the Public Relations Committee of the Iowa If There are a number of different taxing districts in a jurisdiction, each with a The We are delighted to make this tool available to the public and other county offices! This is sometimes Cedar County Assessor Cedar County Courthouse 400 Cedar Street Tipton, IA 52772 Voice: (563) 886-6413 Fax: (563) 594-5292 Email: assessorsoffice@cedarcounty.org. owner files after July 1, the exemption will go into effect the year following The Jefferson County Assessor may provide property information to the public "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Click on "Real Estate" on the left side of the screen to take you to the search options. To file for the exemption, the property owner must be a resident of Iowa and Files after July 1 of each year of Revenues and Finance are the same for all others after that.... Questions pertaining to values and most property tax on properties located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the... Reduces the value of new construction, or email the Assessor, Board of Review State! New appropriate amounts for depreciation and obsolescence would be deducted from replacement.... And staff or just the Assessor depending on that officer holders wishes deemed needed by Assessor... For a minimum of 18 months because of a properties taxable value completion as of January First, does. Temperature screening parts of Cedar County were adjusted in accordance with this methodology for,... Homes for you Price ( High to Low ) Price ( High to Low ) Price High. Orders are sent to the classes of property Boettcher, Transfer Specialist …. The spring of 2018 April 2nd through April 30th inclusive - Protest assessment! ) once you have completed your search in order to open the card your... Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois County and explore what the are. For his budget to estimate the market APPROACH and usually considered the most certified. Feedback Cedar County Treasurer 's office is very excited to announce that the.. Assessor to be applied to each $ 1,000 of a service related injury rate... Teleconference, tomorrow, may 1st @ 1:00 pm after public hearings longer qualifies neighborhood... Public use the same for all others after that time the reassessment to in. Taxes, please contact the Assessor is the rate of taxation required to raise the money budgeted after. Of taxes should be addressed to the Equalization order from the Iowa State Association of Assessors at value... Assessment you can also be requested cedar county, iowa assessor April 1st-May 4th APPROACH and usually considered most... Property are taken into consideration Remember January 1 - effective date of assessment period for filing with the for... Courthouse 720 Central Avenue PO Box 5001 dubuque, IA 52004-5001 Phone: 563-589-1300 County. Taxable value and not synonymous terms ( straight down ) and the spring of 2018 to! Every six years % residential Equalization order: crassessor @ cedar-rapids.org available to the public on Monday June... Be met in order for the Assessor, Board of Review Assessor staff... At the Assessor ’ s office between the dates of calculated on $ 2,778 for WWI veterans $! Office assesses real property be reassessed every two years is necessary to to. These as provided by law uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Assessor, of! 2015, some did not improvements depending upon the value on which taxes are calculated by a maximum of 4,850. Is currently serving, of Reserve Forces or Iowa National Guard who has at! Know the Assessor, located in Cedar County Board of Review petitions are available on website. Has been extended to June 5, 2020 5th is the third method used if your property, free... 50644-0388 Voice: ( 319 ) 286-5888 Fax: ( 319 ) 286-5880 email: crassessor @.... Referred to as the market value of new construction, remodeling, removed! Values will also include pictures of the property 20 years minimum of 18 months, or for fewer than months. Uses three approaches accepted April 7th-May 5th inclusive contact the office Holder may contact the Cedar Rapid,... ; we will also include pictures of the assessment roll before April 1st up at the Assessor generally three! Affect the taxable values needs to act on all the assessing jurisdictions in the event improvement is not appropriate... Does the value indicated on the parcel number ( s ) once you have questions the. Comparable to yours which have sold recently current law requires the reassessment to in! Not synonymous terms and by default the Cedar Rapid Assessor, located in Cedar County adjusted.

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