Speculation Rises on Health of Nasrallah

Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday that there is no truth in the recent reports about his ill health.

Nasrallah spoke on Hizbullah’s Al Manar television station, and his speech was allegedly broadcast live.

Nasrallah said that he had not intended to give a speech, but that he decided to appear on television in order to fend off the “rumors” that have been circulating, regarding his medical condition.

These rumors, he said, are part of the psychological war being waged against Hizbullah lately.

Nasrallah also denied that his deputy, Naeim Kassem, was wounded in a Syrian rebel attack.

Turkish and Arab media reported Tuesday that Nasrallah had been taken to Iran for treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Hizbullah issued a denial that the group’s 52-year-old leader, Nasrallah, has cancer.

The denial came in a report published Tuesday in the Lebanese French daily L’Orient Le Jour.

The group announced via its media outlet, the Al-Manar television network, that Nasrallah would broadcast an address to his followers on Wednesday in order to blunt the reports.

Stories about the health of the leader of the Hizbullah terror organization continued to circulate in the media on Tuesday.

On Monday, Lebanese websites associated with the opposition to Hizbullah reported that its chief Hassan Nasrallah had been transferred to Iran to receive medical treatment due to cancer.

On Tuesday the Turkish Anatolia news agency confirmed that Nasrallah had been flown to a hospital in Iran, citing senior officials close to Hizbullah.

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