Show Case

Show Case provides an ever growing presentation of events, services, galleries, and lots more, aimed at making our Aliyah Community a vibrant entity.  Aliyah Magazine looks forward to your own participation within this community!

ACE stands for Aliyah Community Enterprises. Our sponsors are dedicated towards providing only the best range of products and services that are of benefit to the Aliyah Community.

Look for the ACE brand

The following index is not ranked in order of importance:

ACE 1 Kef International for general Aliyah shipping

ACE 2 Jewish TV Channel for the greatest video experience

ACE 4 Jerusalem On line for all the latest news from Israel

ACE 5 Cosmetica to support Israel by looking & feeling great!




  1. Change the way you type on your smartphones

    Change the way you type on your smartphones

    An Israeli company is making ground breaking changes in the highly competitive  world of smart phone technology. 285M visually impaired around the world are struggling to adopt touch screen technology. In order to use these devices, the user must constantly look at the screen, which is inefficient for sighted people and...

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  2. An Enchanting Home in the Old City

    An Enchanting Home in the Old City

    Aliyah Magazine takes you behind the scenes to explore a wonderful enchanting apartment situated in the heart of the Old City’s  Jewish Quarter. The entrance is through a quiet alleyway, lined with colorful plants. A few short steps takes one inside a flat and spacious one level apartment. Quaint shutters...

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