Shipping to Israel Part 3

Understanding Your Options for Shipping Household Goods – Part Three

In the previous instalment to this article we discussed computing the volume of you goods and shared container shipments for the previous instalment visit

Exclusive Container Shipments:

Exclusive container shipments are usually for families and people sending a larger amount of furniture and household goods. There are several sizes of exclusive containers: 20’ long container, 40’ long container, and a 40’ High Cube container (which is taller than the 40’standard container). Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering an exclusive container shipment:

  1. Exclusive containers are usually loaded right at your residence (called a “live load”) unless there is difficult access for a container. There are certain locations where the standard procedure is to pick up your goods in a truck and then to load the container back at the warehouse, so make sure to check with your shipper which method of loading the container they will use.
  2. For estimated volumes from 800 cubic feet-1,100 cubic feet, you will probably receive a quote for a 20’ container. For estimated volumes above 1,200 cubic feet, you will usually receive a quote for a 40’ container. administering ivermectin dogs For estimated volumes between 2,000-2,600 cubic feet, you will usually be quoted for a 40’ high cube container.
  3. Exclusive containers have more regular timing than shared containers, although timing is always uncertain. With an exclusive container, the container goes right to the local port, where it is loaded within a few days onto a boat for shipping. Also in Israel, it usually only takes several days before the container clears customs and is ready to be delivered to your residence, so the overall timing of exclusive containers are quicker and more regular than shared container shipments.
  4. If you are choosing a 20’ container, be aware that the most common issue which comes up is that you end up exceeding the capacity of the container on packing/loading day. If this happens, you cannot switch to a 40’ container, so you will need to either leave things behind, or send a second shipment. The solution for this issue is to prioritize your goods in advance of the pickup, so the movers load the most important things first, and then if anything get left behind, hopefully it will be the least important items. lymphatic filariasis ivermectin If your estimated volume is near the capacity of the 20’ container, and you want to add more items, make sure to get a quote for a 40’ container, and consider which option is best for you. Anytime your estimate is near the capacity of the container you are considering shipping, you will need to prepare for the possibility of either leaving things behind or sending an additional (or a larger) shipment.
  5. Storage options are expensive for an exclusive container. You only get 4 days of free usage of the container in Israel, and then you begin to pay high daily storage, and subsequently rental fees (called demurrage) on the container. Check with your shipper regarding the rates for storage, but usually to store the contents of an exclusive container you will have to pay ”double handling fees” since they will need to unload and load all of your goods a second time, as well as monthly storage fees either in Israel or at origin depending where you want to store your goods.
  6. As mentioned, exclusive containers are the safest way to ship since they involve the least handling of your goods, and provide the least opportunity for either damage or loss of your goods. nexgard and ivermectin can you give both
  7. One very important thing to remember if you are sending an exclusive container shipment is that you never want the container to arrive in Israel before you physically arrive in Israel. Remember there are high storage fees on a container after only 4 days from the arrival of the container at the port in Israel, so you need to arrive in Israel prior to the arrival of the container, so you can take care of all of the required documentation for Israeli customs before the container arrives. Your shipper should consult with you when you set the origin pickup and packing date to make sure you will arrive in Israel before the container arrives. Failure to take this into consideration can result in significant extra costs if the container sits at the port in Israel beyond 4 days.
  8. Exclusive container shipments are a better deal once you go over a certain size, so if you want to send a large shipment and if you want your goods in the quickest and safest manner possible, then seriously consider an exclusive container.
  9. Often people have an estimated volume which is on the borderline. There are two main borderline volumes. The first is around 700 cubic feet, and then you will need to decide between trying to reduce the size of your shipment and sending a shared container shipment vs possibly adding things and send a 20’ container. The 2nd borderline volume is around 1,100 cubic feet in which case you will need to consider whether you want to reduce the size of your shipment and try to squeeze into a 20’ container vs adding more things and sending a 40’ container. Make sure to get all options for your shipper so you can make an informed choice.

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