Pet’s Aliyah

Pets on Aliyah get new benefits

This year marks an exceptional new development for those seeking to make Aliyah with a vital family member…their beloved pet!

The Israeli government has agreed upon a range of attractive benefits that ensures pet lovers have no excuse to exclude their furry friends, even if they don’t quite make the grade as far as a Jewish identity is concerned. does ivermectin kill mites on horses

Aliyah Magazine spoke with Dr. Eytan Kreiner CEO at Terminal 4 Pets. Their company has a sterling reputation as a wonderful caring business with a highly successful track record in bringing pets into Israel. Dr. Kreiner informs our readers that new Olim are eligible for free consultation with a professional pet shipper. An oleh doesn’t need to be subject to tactics designed to make one feel obligated to spend hard earned money on needless expenses. “Sure there are expenses involved with bringing a pet on Aliya, but with an experienced consultant to provide appropriate guidance, it shouldn’t amount to a small fortune.”

Dr. Kreiner added. If you love your dog you don’t leave him behind!”

Terminals 4 pets are often called upon to explain the full benefits when taking advantage of new government concessions. Aside from providing free consultation, it is also possible to get free post-flight checks in Israel. ivermectin administration Under the new regulations they can also arrange for the House of Veterinary Doctors in Maccabim to provide pet boarding facilities upon arrival, with the first 2 days being absolutely free of charge!

After the flight into Israel, having a few days to recuperate can be most welcome. ruralking ivermectin Knowing that your pet is also taking time out to acclimatize to Israel – under veterinary supervision – can be an assuring factor, while one goes about the important business of looking after basic arrangements upon arrival.

Aliyah Magazine looks forward to publishing a series of notable articles relating to making Aliyah with pets, and is most grateful to Terminal 4 Pets for agreeing to provide our valued audience with essential information about this subject.

If you feel the above new benefits is wonderful news for pet lovers, wait until you discover what else Terminal 4 Pets has to share with us? “Under new guidelines, owners of multiple pets receive 50% discount after the first pet!”

Well, I’m sure Noah missed out on an incredible deal but you don’t. We strongly recommend interested parties to find out more, through the following points of contact:


From the USA call 1866-pet-2-fly

From the UK call 44-203-0514087



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