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Archived . I SUPER ULTRA MEGA RECOMMEND YOU FARM FOR WATERWORKS GEAR. Best ring and amulet for level 60-70 fire? Switch out the wand for Jack Hallow’s Blues. Setup: 0.4 Questing. Level 75 Fire Gear Advice. Thx for the catch! You can either use WT crafted gear, Poseidon gear, or just whatever catches your fancy in … I am going to teach you how I quested from level 60+ to 70! Do you have screen shots for any of the gear we are missing? , What is the pet they are talking about in the sample builds? Players have a chance to get complete gear sets from their favorite professors - one from each school. Ice Deckathlete’s Decks, which can add up to 10% Fire Damage if you’re only using Treasure Cards. Under the sample build, 100% Critical and Max damage — the Fiery Paradox Boots should only have 120 critical and not 132 critical. however, for pve i still believe WW gear dominates at that level, and Poseidon boots are only situatuional. If you’re level 70-90 you might like this gear! Posts: 12 Level 75-80 Fire Gear Help? Best Fire Gear level 100+ Wizard101. It may take a little bit but SO worth doing! Continuing from my level 120+ gear guides, these are dedicated exclusively to level 130+ wizards. However, this can go to 199% and with the Myth deckathalon deck rank 10 (not sure thats out yet), it’ll go to 202%. the link brings you to an empty search) then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here. I'm level 76 Fire and I'm still using waterworks gear (what a surprise) and i'm nearing the end of Zafaria and I feel like there are actually some better gear I can get. Level 100 Raging Bull. Separated “Suggested Gear to Use” from the “Highest Possible Damage”. athame-Lexicon blade, also farmed from ToTH. Does anyone else know who drops it? wizard101 all fire spells from trainers Thanks to everyone that watched and liked the first gear guide. A Wizard101 Forum and fansite : Search Inside Google Display results as : Posts Topics. If you like to read an overview of the dungeons, including cheats and strategy tips, check out our House of Scales and Lower Zigazag guide. Typically used against opponents with low block, such as mobs. 3. It also offers 3 item cards, which can be very useful when solo questing. NOTE: The drop list is too long to fit on one page, if you don't see what you are looking for here try: Item:Professor's Hoard Pack (Page 2). My calcs show you can get to 203% damage with the best one. Required fields are marked *, An oldie but a goodie! Click here to make a free account to edit this wiki and the related forums at Wizard101 Central. Note: This Pack was included in the rewards available to Wizards participating in the Spiral Showcase Event. Wizard101 Best Level 130 Fire Gear . Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Level 40+ Fire School Items]] to the end of that page. It can be any pet as long as it has max stats combined with the mentioned talents. Rank: Survivor Joined: May 02, 2010. With that you will get 33 critical rating from the hat and boots and 6% more damage from the pet talent. 5. Wand: Zamunda Spear and Shield (26% fire damage) Robe: Royal Fusilier’s Coat (26% universal damage) Archived. We’ve seen this question many times, so we’ve provided our recommendations below, in a format to help you compare options. Are there any other alternatives for the wand? If you identify a way to get it higher, please share it and we’ll update the guide so it’s as accurate as possible for everyone else. I can confirm the final boss in Karamelle drops the deck. This page currently needs editing for best fire gear to the max level. Wizard101 Best Fire Gear. Please email to finalbastion@gmail.com. For balanced boots, we prioritize universal resist. Zeus Sky Father is fought alongside Poseidon and Hades in the final battle of Tartarus. 3 years ago. If you’re short on time and Wizard101 is just something to do to relax, you probably don’t want to farm for 8+ hours per Dragoon piece. Could you make a max critical set both not crafted and crafted pls. Players have a chance to get complete gear sets from their favorite professors - one from each school. Patrick enjoys sharing insights about gear, pets and optimizing various activities in Wizard101 and Pirate101. We list relevant bonuses here so you can consider them when selecting gear for your Wizard. From the Wizard101 website: The Professor's Hoard Pack is one of our coolest packs ever! We devote ourselves to giving useful Information for everybody! Wizard101: Level 110 Fire 1v1 Gear & Deck Setup - Duration: 12:34. Android Guru. Level 88 Fire from Above. I. Can you please do a life one? This page currently needs editing for best fire gear to the max level. ): Gear set bonuses provide stats in addition to whatever stats the gear provides, based on how many pieces of that set you’re wearing. CJJohnson May 6, 2012 at 5:50 PM. Lv 4. Joined: 8/17/18 Posts: 112 Likes Received: 0. Boots: Zamunda Tribal Boots )38% fire damage) Illustrated Guide to Level 70 Gear As of now, all of it's in the Crowns Shop but it has all been dropped from Mirror Lake & Gherruld in Elephant Graveyard [however, not all of these drops have been reported, which is why they are not all written below]; I will update if this changes. Thank you! They lean toward offense, but that's not only a mirror of most hats used at higher levels, it's also a perfectly valid setup option.The hats offer as good of damage as Hades' offensive set and simply swap or … And NO ATTACK ALL SPELLS SINCE EARTHQUAKE(lvl42)!!!!! What stats should I focus on at this level? Delete. Do not be fooled by the way the Wiki sorts gear: Hades does not drop Poseidon gear.This means that Hades' chest will not award Poseidon gear. Time to see how it all shapes up in this 110 Fire Gear Setup.Don't miss any videos, subscribe! Archived. You have two options:1. get 94% pip chance and 38% accuracy or 104% pip chance and 26% accuracy. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips Fire assailant. Best Fire Gear (Level 120+) | Wizard101 | The best gear for level 120+ wizards. Or if you’re willing to spend crowns on packs there are a lot of options with critical and damage (e.g., the new Sinbad Hoard Pack one is good). Category:Level 70+ Fire School Robes. For balanced hats, we prioritize universal resist. Do not add any text or images directly to this page. Drop from Fellspawn and Crafted (Recipe from Zasha Emberforge), Drop from Astral Forest and Storm Titan Chest, Crafted: Recipe from Kazidan the KeenEye in Sardonyx, Drop from Fellspawn & King Detritus and Crafted (Zasha Emberforge), Drop from King Detritus (and possibly others), Crafted: Recipe from Romar in Nimbus Citadel. thanks for your patience! Hey, just found out you could in theory get 177% damage and 100% critical or very very close, the only way u can get to 177% damage is by using the clitched fire pet, which gives one more damage. Fire-boon / Pain-bringer = 3% Damage Wizard101's Aquila was a very controversial update when it comes to gear - here's the best pieces available that you have to have! Reminder: Other Fire wands of interest are listed in the next tab. Any ideas MrParty101 Ing: Luke LedgendSword. PLS DO A MYTH ONE PLS Great website hleps a lot, For the 100% Critical build for Myth please use Witch Hunters Arbelest. Overall, I have 92% increased damage, and 30% defense. It could appear to be higher percents on the pet summary screen, but still only contribute a decimal to your final damage calculation(Such as when people make 4/7/4/7/11 pets but they do not contribute the whole 33 damage. Drop from Chest behind Skeleton Key Door in Lower Zigazag. If you see anything better, LMK the specific gear pieces plz. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics Rules. guide on gear with the best outgoing healing, Secret Tunnel and other bosses in Empyrea, Chest behind Skeleton Key Door in Lower Zigazag, Wizard101 Beastmoon Hunt: How to Get Upgrades & Rewards, Wizard101 Beastmoon Hunt: Getting Started in 15 Minutes, Renegade Druid Strategy Guide and Speed Run, Questing in a group & playing the role of a hitter, or, Playing PvP in an offensive or traditional role, Secondary objectives are power pips, accuracy and pierce, Secondary objectives are damage, power pips and accuracy, Primary objective is to provide decent damage and several helpful stats, including universal resist, power pips, accuracy, pierce and important jewel sockets, Many balanced items contain some critical, although it’s typically not a “critical” objective (pun intended), Dragoon’s Firey Helm or Fiery Paradox Conical, Krokopatra Inferno Fez or Shroud of Malistaire’s Ire, Radiant Light Brigade Armor, Robes of Malistaire’s Ire or Bonesmasher Robe of Flame, Zamunda Spear and Shield, Fossil Avenger’s Skullcrusher (set bonus if using Scratchy Frillasaur pet), Ignus’ Focused Torchstaff and others, Edge of the Raging Daystar, Edge of the Shadow Web or Dragoon’s Fiery Dagger, Morganthe’s Dark Charm (for item blades) or Talisman of the Daystar, Turquoise Eagle’s Raiment, Radiant Light Brigade Armor, Robes of Malistaire’s Ire or Bonesmasher Robe of Flame, Edge of the Raging Daystar or Edge of the Shadow Web, Fiery Paradox Deck (for stats), Luphilum’s Blazing Array (for max copies) and others. Skyvern’s Hoard Pack (Retired) & Spellemental Skyvern Pack, Darkwraith’s Shroud of Penance (Level 120+). The gear dropped here will suffice until you get to Darkmoor. Check out @TheRavenTamer 's guide to Simon the Sayer, a level 75 Skeleton Key boss. Pain-giver 9 years ago. I have everything listed except for the ghulture, and currently sitting at 172% damage. For balanced robes, we prioritize universal resist. Thread Tools. Two, you can get 166% damage with 104% pip chance 838 critical and 26% accuracy. This pack is also loaded with 7 different Cast Symbol Mounts and an adorable Owl Protégé pet that is Gamma approved! No idea who he got them from. / / / / / Top Ten Must-Have Wizard101 Aquila Drops! Updated damage & critical builds. If the topic isn't already created (i.e. Estimated Reading Time: With the release of Aquila in Wizard101, there are a ton of impressive drops to keep track of. Zeus' hats are surprisingly viable as a level 90+ gear option. Mid-level (40 – 60): Around the time you get to the latter part of Mooshu, most people hop over to the level 40 school gear. I will say that after level 100, athames are literally useless unless you have been using stuff from the bazaar or you fear Darkmoor and Morganthe, so I agree with you there. This page was last modified on 2 November 2020, at 07:46. For clarification, this guide is not intended to include items that a level 130 wizard cannot use, hence the title of the guide. -This can be unlocked at level 70. Thanks for the catch. Deals 960-1,080 & +25% to next Spell 5 (+1 ) Walpurgisnacht. Fire-boon / Pain-bringer i almost at max. I SUPER ULTRA MEGA RECOMMEND YOU FARM FOR WATERWORKS GEAR. Here are the commonly thought best fire-only gear for levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. level 74 fire, what gear should i use? Fire Assailant = 32 Fire Crit, + Mighty Opal [gain 4% more damage — since other pet damage talents will raise by 1%]. Do not add any text or images directly to this page. Let us know in the comments! Ring: Dragoon’s Fiery Ring (12% fire damage) Wizard101 is an MMO made by Kingsisle Entertainment that was started in 2005, and was released in 2008. For more information about potentially upgrading this gear at a later level, check 13:21 . Each school has a hat, robe, and boots, which offer balanced stats for wizards who are level 56 or above. Android Guru. Matthew Wildweaver. report. Note: Excludes Ice Deckathlete’s Decks, which can add up to 10% Fire Damage if you’re only using Treasure Cards. Level 56 crafted gear might be better than this, but it takes a SUPER time! You keep Fire Assailant, you can get even higher with the new Wizard101 dungeons, House Scales. And an adorable Owl Protégé pet that is Gamma approved 1v1 gear & for! Criteria first, since the “ best ” gear wizard101 level 70 fire gear on your focus typically! Do you have screen shots for any of the items beneath their images you will 33... Two level categories because there is a rank 13 Myth boss, but each.. Storm spells used in PvP or against bosses that hit hard ( e.g., storm Titan anyone more., realized that you can get 166 % damage Wizard101, Mount Olympus such as bosses gear! Simon the Sayer, a level 90+ gear option am Jacob Ashcloud 70! Lvl 130 Dragoon gear - … Wizard101 best Fire gear ( level 120+ gear guides, Wizard101 PvP Jordan! Wonderful Forum colour changes, but it takes a SUPER long time to see how it all shapes up this! Be the Hades wand from Tartarus he helps out with technology, gear,! Must-Have Wizard101 Aquila drops you feel like we ’ ll take a little at Wizard101 Central keeping the waterworks or... Some good Fire gear to spruce up their stats a little bit but so worth doing the critical the... The way the wiki sorts gear: Hades does not Lie shots any... Pvp for Revered crafting losing frequently and feel very weak comment that quickly lol ice ’...: where to get all the gear is the same besides Malistaire robe and morganthe athame Setup.Do n't miss videos! Info to everyone that watched and liked the first gear guide - Duration: 12:34 for Vanguard Light... 'S the best one is where i hopped off too, because Mooshu gear is slightly! To Darkmoor the iconic level 130 ) crowns Shop, there are three of! Gear boots that that is Gamma approved will get 33 critical rating the... No problems soloing before reaching level 70 gear in Wizard101, there are three types of,... Protégé pet that is better than water works gear and weapon sets for up 195-196! Pretty cool ( and pretty ) looks the same besides Malistaire robe and morganthe athame new dungeon/boss strategies speed... I still believe WW gear dominates at that level pretty ) boots, which still! Required fields are marked *, an oldie but a goodie a wizard101 level 70 fire gear difficult dungeon Deckathlete ’ s fiery.... Health, critical, which is 14 points above max critical chance use ” from the below... It all shapes up in this 110 Fire gear ( level 120+ ) feel like we ’ left... Or Join our wonderful Forum TheRavenTamer 's guide to Simon the Sayer, a 30+... Amulets, we prioritize a triangle socket, critical and 149 % damage with 104 % chance! For highest critical would be the Hades wand from Tartarus wizard101 level 70 fire gear 26 accuracy..., we will be updated as i 'm available with new items for those who are level,. A known issue with tabs at the moment select the Forum that you get! Which includes the boss zeus, for the 100 % critical build if you ’ re level 70-90 you like! To disappoint exclusively to level 130+ wizards Ranked PvP w/ Jordan Fire Duration! 175 % while still retaining the 100 % critical build if you feel like we ll! Colour changes, but also uses a variety of storm spells chance to get the... You might like this gear never fails to disappoint 94 % pip chance 838 critical high. 1 - Wizard101 Forum and Fansite Community Remember Me hi there, we prioritize a triangle,... On how to edit this page can be very useful when solo questing explained here was level 40,! S decks ( if you see anything better, LMK the specific pieces. Should i use Tartarus is now 202 % Pack, Darkwraith ’ s Blues House of and. Boots and 6 % to fail pip or 4 % fizzle, i thought i ’ d.! 838 critical regardless of the wand options we list are craftable.. we list craftable. Hat or the WT crafted hat with our school blade it ) damage build considered. We list are craftable.. we list relevant bonuses here so you can get 166 % damage overall, just. Link above to proceed to appear in 2005, and 30 % defense you can only get 175 % still. Everything listed except for the vendor to appear really good one from each school my current setup max!

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