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Learn. She shares her experiences of the BTEC and her advice for others. BTECs are high quality, hands-on qualifications grounded in the real world of work. Match. expiration (a passive process. endobj Explore our Sport 'Getting Started' videos. BTEC Sport covers an incredibly diverse and interesting range of topics. Preparing learners for their future is what you do best. endobj BTEC courses equip learners with real-life skills to meet industry demands. btec revision notes physical fitness top tips explain – give a reason for something discuss – write about something from different points of view like writing about the ... sports and use the principles of training to guide their planning. They combine practical learning with subject and theory content. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has joined hands with leading global education company Pearson to offer BTEC International Level 3 qualifications which are designed to provide pathways into a career in sports.. The course explores fitness, training and personal performance, and analysis of the performance of others. 2 0 obj There are over 2,000 BTEC qualifications across 16 sectors – they are available from entry level through to professional qualifications at level 7 (equivalent to postgraduate study). What is a BTEC? x��\Yo�F~7���/ȁM�y3�=v2�Ivv�@&yhS-���y��"?~��I��H��HO��Y��u|uЗ�iND��.��\39f_/�ş�˅��,�a,�0�/��9��Y��L�����[�tz�k:��y.g:�}[3 �Y\� ��ӓ�`��������=g\�|�=LNO�n�qf:��M7�����˦��M��+�~:=�:bg��������szҙ�[�}�S��l�8%����z�. Training for Personal Fitness 6. What is BTEC Sport Level 3 - Extended Certificate? A BTEC in Sport will give your learners the skills and confidence they need to progress into a fulfilling, exciting career. BTECs are specialist work-related qualifications. Double Olympic Champion and three time World Champion, former BTEC Level 3 learner in Sport. This qualification is designed to support progression to higher education when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC … Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type. Who are they for? e�ʆ1�h��>�!������l�ux__!rv������>2�؄�9�� P�@���k��@����y��,ƶ��/qT ��7��ܴ. However, you might be surprised by a few of the subjects available at Btec level, such as computing or engineering. BTECs could be a great alternative to studying A-Levels, especially if you prefer a more practical style of learning. Take a look at the progression chart to see BTEC Sport qualifications plotted across every level. Real life BTEC Sport stories. Sample Decks: BTEC Sport Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise - Components of Fitness, BTEC Sport Uni 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise - Exercise Intensity, BTEC Sport Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise - The Principles of Training Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, a college in Bangladesh; Biomass Thermal Energy Council, a US advocacy organization; Business and Technology Education Council, a British body, now part of Edexcel, which awards vocational qualifications (which are themselves still known as BTECs) . Social Media Influencer - The United Stand, former BTEC Level 3 learner in Sport. BTEC Sport is a vocational course which means it is designed to prepare you for a career in the sports industry, or to prepare you for further study at university. BTecs are vocational qualifications that can be taken in sectors including business, IT, engineering and ICT. ;��Ku�Ī1�k�m��X)F�3s�i��z���k7F���_G"�n�E"}���ZW�$�")���3#��}?��e}O�����������罉z�/n���̘ A���b������a�����K���:�z�mi���Ĵ�nw��RL&� 2�q�b��5��κ;��X�R���X��9��� E!pC"�����ƻ�%}��s�;Z Nia followed her passion for sport and opted for a BTEC rather than A … Leading Sports Activities 7. If you're new to BTEC or need a refresher, we've created a series of videos to help you deliver your new Level 2 and Level 3 Sport and Sport and Exercise Science qualifications. 1 0 obj STUDY. endobj It is important to have a good balance of the two but sports players usually have a greater proportion of muscle. These partnerships will bring additional benefits to students studying a BTEC in Sport. Your Qualification Units Covered in BTEC L2 Sport 1. In light of the recent announcements in relation to COVID-19 and school and college closures, we have put together some questions and answers that we hope will help explain our current plans for continuing with standards verification, and … Some sports performers, such as rowers, require a There are over 2,000 BTec qualifications across 16 sectors. BTEC Level 2; BTEC Level 3; Golden LEAF … BTEC is more vocational in approach, and is ideal for students more adept to continuous assessment (coursework). 2). BTEC qualifications have been developed to provide specialist work-related qualifications in a range of areas. <> Flashcards. The vocational course explores different areas of employment in the sports sector, and is perfect for those aspiring to a career in sport. Some of these lend themselves to the Btec-way of learning due to their practical nature. The course offered is practical and will give you the opportunity to complete assignments and activities based on realistic situations linked to working in a variety of sports related environments. What is BTEC? BTEC Sport Level 2. <> Flex. A wide range of subjects can be studied at Btec level – 2,000 qualifications across 16 sectors, to be exact. Students will also develop the skills for a range of sport-related pathways from sports coaching to gym management. Test. Find out more. Jill_Sweeney. They are vocational and work-related courses, designed to accommodate the needs of employers and allow students … Courses that are part of this program are called “BTECs”. BTEC Sport is perfect for you if you are interested in sport and the sports industry. Don't just take our word for it. The courses we offer are the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport which is the equivalent of 1 A Level, the National Diploma in Sport which is the equivalent of 2 A Levels and the National Extended Diploma in Sport which is equivalent to 3 A Levels. What is Progressive overload? BTEC are globally recognised qualifications and courses that prepare learners for a successful career in the their chosen industry with hands-on practical learning. <>/Metadata 131 0 R/ViewerPreferences 132 0 R>> BTEC Sport This innovative BTEC sport programme is designed to develop leaders of the future. PLAY. A BTEC National qualification can lead to employment, continuing study, or professional development programmes. BTEC stands for 'Business and Technology Education Council', which used to run the award, first introduced in 1984. A broad basis of study for the sport sector. Throughout your time teaching BTEC in Sport, you'll have full support from: BTEC Sport professional bodies partnerships, /content/dam/pdf/Subject Pages/Sport/A0283h_BTEC_Sport_overview_chart (1).pdf, {{translateWord(navigationJson.qualificationTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.subjectTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.supportTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.aboutusTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.contactusTitle)}}, BTEC Sport, Fitness and Personal Training Professional status, BTEC Sport Coaching and Development Professional Status, BTEC Level 2 Technical for Sport and Activity Leaders, free teaching, learning and assessment materials on your specification pages. The BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Level 3 diploma is a Further Education qualification and vocational qualification taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. BTECs or BTEC courses are popular because of the “hands-on” experience in the learning system. The Mind and Sports Performance 4. When training is demanding enough to cause your body to adapt and improve performance. It is a British organization formed in 1984 that provides various qualifications for a wide range of vocational courses. Fitness for Sport (EXAM) 2.Practical Sports Performance 3. Created by. Here's everything you need to know about them. Students who have completed the BTEC Sport course have gone to university to study degrees in Teaching, Sports Science, Coaching, Sports Therapy and Leisure Management, to name just a few. It allows students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and an insight into the coaching philosophies of Manchester United. The sport and fitness industry is always moving and changing, making it essential for learners to have the drive and resilience to adapt. BTEC may refer to: . Find out what teachers, employers and, most importantly, learners have to say about BTEC Sport in the excellent learning environment of Rockley Watersports. This qualification is equal to one GCSE and is based on the theory and practical aspects of sport, exercise and fitness: appropriate to the sport industry. BTEC exams are still to go ahead in January despite Boris Johnson announcing school closures across the country and a nationwide lockdown. The qualification is organised and awarded by Pearson within the BTEC brand and it is equivalent to A-Levels. What will I study? fitness training methods Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise Body composition: This is a measure of how much of your body is made up of fat-free mass, of vital organs, and how much is made up of fat. BTEC Sport covers a range of topics from anatomy and physiology to fitness training and programming for health, sport and well being. [6�&��d޾�I����#C����j� G3=�M�#���,�qc[��yI@�L�տ��d��.L�? BTEC Sport is a vocational course that teaches students the knowledge required to pursue a career in sport. Anatomy and Physiology (EXAM) 11. What can you study at Btec? A BTEC certificate can be studied at the same time as acquiring other accreditations or as a standalone programme. Injury and Sports Performer 5. BTECs are awarded by EdExcel and are taken in more than 100 countries at all levels, from pre-GCSE to Degree equivalent. Spell. (Discuss) Proposed since January 2021. Write. The sport and fitness industry is always moving and changing, making it essential for learners to have the drive and resilience to adapt. We are delighted to announce we have partnered with some of the most recognisable and respected professional bodies in the sports sector. Students can choose to study sport at university and many more possible routes. inspiration (an active process). BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development a two-year course, requiring 15 hours of study per week, which are fitted in around the football training. A BTEC in Sport will give your learners the skills and confidence they need to progress into a fulfilling, exciting career. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The new suites cover the following areas: Find out more about these qualifications in our support document (PDF | 0.6 MB). They’re geared towards exciting, fast-growing areas of the sport industry and have been developed to meet industry standards, giving learners the best possible chances of a successful career. Neural and chemical control of breathing Key Points Breathing is a complex process under involuntary control by the respiratory centres of the brain. We have four new BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Sport qualifications, which are available to deliver now. 3 0 obj UNIT 1 - Principles of Training. %PDF-1.7 Involves 2 actions - 1). Stefanie McCluskey. Find out more. %���� Breathing controlled by neural and BTEC Sport. Our qualifications have been designed with the help of experts, and are widely recognised by universities and employers for providing excellent progression opportunities. In this fast-paced, ever-changing sector, we'll make sure you have all the support, guidance and training you need to help you along the way. BTECs are all about learning by doing and that means BTEC students put what they learn into practice straight away. Nia Johns studied for a BTEC level 3 Extended Diploma in sport and exercise science and is now taking a sports degree. This year’s exams will again be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, after Boris Johnson announced new measures on Monday. Max Whitlock. Little do people know that a BTEC qualification is equivalent to many more popular certifications in the UK such as the GCSE (levels 1 and 2), A-Level (level 3), and university degrees (levels 6 and 7). Gravity. Course to revise all key terms in Btec Sport Level 1 Unit 1 Components of Skill-related Fitness. Is BTEC Sport for you? stream At all stages of their academic career, the practical base of a BTEC in Sport will help learners excel as team players, coaches and leaders of the future. 4 0 obj The qualifications are recognised internationally by governments, industry and higher education institutions and support learners' progression into … Terms in this set (8) What does FITT stand for? BTEC stands for Business and Technology Education Council.

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