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The following guidance and support are taken from page 88 of the new Ofsted Handbook, under the section Applying The EIF To The Teaching of Mathematics. How To Teach The Formal Long Division Method At KS2 Step By Step So Children Love It! If the focus of inspections switches school leaders’ attention to the wider subjects, then perhaps we can expect to see results plateau – or maybe even dip – as time is returned (rightfully) to the foundation subjects. Assessment and the wider curriculum blog post Assessment and the wider curriculum in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What are inspectors looking for? But the new Ofsted inspection framework may change that. June 17, 2020 | 5 min read. The new Ofsted inspection framework will see a focus on the breadth of a school’s curriculum offer, including its ‘intent’, ‘implementation’ and ‘impact’. With many schools on paths towards a mastery approach, leaders may be thinking about how the new framework … All evidence is securely transferred to Ofsted… Maths: 5 things Ofsted inspectors are looking for. Continuing with our insightful blog series, in which we have been investigating how Ofsted’s new inspection framework will affect different subject leads, this week we spoke with Sylwia Glazewska, Head of Maths at Falinge Park High School in Rochdale. Please read our, Free SATs Papers to Get Year 6 Ready for KS2 SATs 2021, Ofsted Deep Dive: What It Is, What to Expect And How To Prepare (40 Questions). The School Inspection Handbook explicitly states that assessing how well pupils are taught to read will be prioritised as a main inspection activity. Alexander was most recently a Year 6 teacher in Tower Hamlets. Ofsted has expressed concern that the EYFS statutory framework has a number of weaknesses and that expectations, especially in mathematics, are set too low. So together with your support in school we can make sure that all pupils who are behind AREs catch up with their peers. Inspectors will want to see that any pupils who are behind age-related expectations are given opportunities to learn the mathematical knowledge and skills they need to catch up. “Finally, inspectors will consider the … Ofsted are also keen to see school leaders protect their staff from additional workload. These follow a specific diagnostic quiz style format to ensure that teachers can pinpoint exactly what a child’s misconception might be. Expert Speaker Events: Andrew Jeffrey Discover the new framework, and uncover practical solutions to get your school Ofsted-ready for mathematics with Andrew Jeffrey. Reading and Maths in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What primary school teachers need to know July 16, 2019 December 19, 2019 Oxford Primary As you’re probably already aware, a new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework will come into force in September 2019. Keep an eye on our Ofsted hub for more guidance and practical resources on inspection under the 2019 framework.. How the White Rose Maths curriculum fits with the 2019 OfSTED Framework Your questions answered! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Our INSET days are available in-school, via livestream, or delivered with a blend of an on-demand recorded training course (of your choice) followed by time with our consultant in person or via a live link. Teachers: How to Reclaim Your Resilience During Challenging Times. As you know, the new Ofsted Inspection Framework came into force in September 2019, which means that the first inspections under the new Framework have now taken place. As you’re probably already aware, a new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework will come into force in September 2019. 2) Opportunities to show how mathematical reasoning and problem solving can be used to solve practical problems in everyday life should be identified and made the most of. This final point gets to the core of why Third Space Learning exists. The EIF asks that:◼Those pupils behind age-related expectations are provided with the opportunities to learn the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary to catch up with their peers. The new OFSTED framework has moved away from data-heavy inspections and now includes a judgment based on quality of education. As part of our work reviewing the new Ofsted framework we’ve naturally looked in depth at what is said about the teaching of mathematics, and what inspectors will be looking for. 5) Inspectors will expect all teachers, including non-specialists, to have sufficient maths subject-knowledge, and for them to be supported by the necessary resources and professional development they need to deliver topics effectively. You should also be thinking about the ways that pupils’ mathematical knowledge can be used and developed elsewhere across the curriculum. You can get an overview of the new Framework in our blog post ‘The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What’s changed?’ We’ve taken a closer look at the Framework, alongside the new School Inspection Handbook that Ofsted inspectors will be using, and have pulled out some of the key points relating to how they will be assessing reading and maths in Primary schools. Ofsted's new education inspection framework applies to maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools, further education and skills providers and early years settings. Its implementation ismonitored through Here are five important things that inspectors will be looking for when making the new ‘Quality of Education’ judgement: 1) Schools should be determined that every pupil will learn to read, prioritising reading as a foundation for future learning, and enabling children to access the rest of the curriculum and avoid falling behind. Do you have pupils who need extra support in maths? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 11. This includes the 3 I’s ; Intent (how the curricula is designed and sequenced), Implementation (how that curricula is taught) and Impact (the achievement of pupils). Why is planning so important for effective teaching? Inspectors will evaluate the quality of mathematics education through lesson observations, discussions with pupils and looking at their work, reviewing curriculum plans, discussions with curriculum leaders, and examining published data. Perfect to share in your SLT and governor meetings! They found children were better prepared for Y1 in school that had more challenging expectations. Reading and Maths in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What primary school teachers need to know. He is working on developing the Maths Hub and sharing the power of 1-to-1 interventions via Third Space Learning's social media channels. © 2021 Third Space Learning. Alexander Athienitis. With a focus on small group workshops, our Leading Maths and the New Ofsted Inspection Framework course will give you the tools to confidently drive performance and improve standards and outcomes in Maths.We will also unpick what Ofsted now expects of Maths Subject Leaders.. Ofsted have recently issued their overview of educational research that underpins the draft inspection framework.. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. While we continue to develop our own maths curriculum the following are some ways that Third Space Learning already supports schools to ensure their maths curriculum and maths teaching are in line with the EIF. ‘The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What’s changed?’, Book an appointment with your local Educational Consultant now, Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019, Managing Change: Building positive relationships in a virtual world, Why wellbeing and relationships are key to learning in the classroom. As part of our work reviewing the new Ofsted framework we’ve naturally looked in depth at what is said about the teaching of mathematics, and what inspectors will be looking for. The EIF asks that ◼ within the curriculum, there are sufficient opportunities planned to revisit previously learned knowledge, concepts and procedures; this is to ensure that, once learned, mathematical knowledge becomes deeply embedded in pupils’ memories. The new Ofsted Inspection Framework focuses on intent, implementation and impact. This means that children should be able to understand and draw on the knowledge, concepts and procedures they have already learned, and apply these to where they are now in their learning, as well as in the next stage. Ensure that pupils make progress through each year group, acquiring and applying key knowledge, so that they at least meet the agreed age expectations in a subject. Since 2013 we’ve helped over 60,000 primary school pupils become more confident, able mathematicians. Within the Maths Hub we have hundreds of professional development videos, including our Maths in Minutes series of bitesize teaching guidance for teachers and TAs as well as Maths Masterclass best practice videos from leading primary maths practitioners.Moreover, the tutors we recruit to teach our maths curriculum in the online interventions are all maths specialists by degree or training, and receive regular CPD. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – How to move wellbeing from being someone’s job to everyone’s job. All rights reserved.Third Space Learning is the trading name of Virtual Class Ltd. The 2015 Ofsted Inspection Framework and School Inspection Handbook are still in force. Here is your summary of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework 2019 revised to take account of the changes following the consultation. “They will also consider the way that the curriculum selected by the school is taught and assessed in order to support pupils to build their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills (implementation). Through the use of evidence, research and inspector training, we ensure that How to Teach the Bar Model in Maths KS1 & KS2 To Ace Arithmetic and Multi Step Word Problems, 9 Ways To Ensure Your Maths Intervention In KS2 Is Targeted And Effective, Online Tutoring: A Complete Guide To Everything Parents And Schools Should Know Before They Start, “I Was Wrong About Third Space” – A Headteacher’s Review, how cross-curricular learning can bring maths to life, How Trent Primary became an Ofsted outstanding primary school, What do Ofsted look for? The EIF asks that◼ there are objective assessments that can identify when all pupils have gained the intended understanding and unconscious competence in knowledge, concepts and procedures necessary before they move on to new or more complex content. When inspectors look at mathematics, they will evaluate the quality of a school’s mathematics education through lesson visits, discussions with pupils and scrutiny of their work, reviewing curriculum plans, discussions with curriculum leaders, and examining any published data. Whether you choose this option or construct your own, a curriculum should be adapted to suit your setting. The EIF asks that◼ the school’s curriculum identifies opportunities when mathematical reasoning and solving problems will allow pupils to make useful connections between identified mathematical ideas or to anticipate practical problems they are likely to encounter in adult life. The EIF asks that◼ pupils’ mathematical knowledge is developed and used, where appropriate, across the curriculum. Here are five specific things that inspectors will be looking for when it comes to ‘Quality of Education’ in maths teaching: 1) Schools’ curriculum planning for maths should systematically build mathematical knowledge and skills. Updates based on the outcome of Ofsted's consultation on its 2019 inspection framework Ofsted’s Primary Maths Framework: Applying The EIF To The Teaching Of Mathematics. Book an appointment with your local Educational Consultant now or take a look at the Primary Ofsted Framework page to see how we can help you ensure your school is Ofted-ready. 3) A sequential approach to the reading curriculum is expected; the sequence of reading books should demonstrate a cumulative progression in phonics knowledge, matched closely to your school’s phonics programme, followed by ongoing reading progress throughout KS2. Whatever the reason for an attainment gap in maths, our specialist 1-to-1 Maths interventions deliver 7 months’ progress in just 14 weeks. The first part of the day is about sharing our understanding of exceptional practice. Ofsted's updated inspection framework comes into force in September 2019. Any gaps should be addressed quickly and effectively, with targeted support. It is fine to adopt a published curriculum: Primary schools often have a harder job in curriculum design, and Ofsted have reflected this in the new framework by advocating the adoption of curriculum materials. Department for Education (DfE) to provide Ofsted with individual pupils’ information that relates to school inspections.4 6. The new quality of education judgement is framed by the three “I”s of intent, implementation and impact. 4) Flexible curriculum planning should be used to address any gaps in pupils’ knowledge that stops them from learning new content, with assessment used to identify when they have reached the understanding they need to move on to new or more complex maths. As a young teacher studying school/teacher effectiveness under Professor David Reynolds at the University of Newcastle in the late 1990s that was not the case. 5) The ongoing assessment of pupils’ reading progress should be frequent and detailed so that it identifies any pupil who is falling behind. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Inspectors will be checking that you are revisiting pupils’ previously learned knowledge, concepts and procedures to make sure that their mathematical knowledge becomes deeply embedded, encouraging rapid recall and increasing their maths confidence. One to one interventions that transform maths attainment, Subsidised one to one maths tuition now available for schools. Daily activities, ready-to-go lesson slides, SATs revision packs, video CPD and more! Want more details?The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework and School Inspection Handbook are available in full on the gov.uk website. Find event and ticket information. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The 1-to-1 intervention lessons led by Third Space Learning’s specialist Maths tutors always include reasoning as well as arithmetic questions, using real life examples where possible. This course will outline how the Framework will affect the ways you deliver your primary science curriculum as well as the effect on wider STEM subjects. Ofsted's Maths Lead on the key challenges for maths teaching in England Added 22nd February 2016 Ofsted’s National Lead for Mathematics, Jane Jones, has told the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maths and Numeracy that schools in England are short of good mathematics teachers. Reading: 5 things Ofsted inspectors are looking for. The answers are relevant for all curriculum leaders and maths subject leaders. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Tes revealed last year that Ofsted was looking to recruit expert school staff to help improve the subject knowledge of its inspection teams under its new framework. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The changes to the Framework may have left you wondering what a new Ofsted inspection focusing on maths might involve, and how best to prepare. Your guide to starting a book club in your school, Insights from the AQA AS and A level English Language exams, by Dan Clayton. Concerns were raised that the curriculum became second place to performance measures and preparation for tests, meaning many, especially in disadvantaged and SEND schools, were not getting access to a rich, broad and deep curriculum. 6 This is our guiding principle. How I learnt to stop worrying and love my inspection, Why you shouldn’t aim for Ofsted outstanding teaching, Ofsted’s research findings to draw up the framework, request a personalised quote for your school, Ofsted Ratings and Reports Explained for Parents & Teachers, Knowledge Organisers: What They Are And How To Use Them In KS1 and KS2, Primary Curriculum Design: Planning for Ofsted’s Intent, Implementation and Impact.

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