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WrkkgcYlkbt4YqlVx+bfkmOWSKK5nungMguUgtpmaIRPCkhZCoc8frKH4ASRWlTtiqrJ+ankkWIv False False Joseph speaks on building a temple in Nauvoo, baptism for the dead, and the restoration of all ordinances. 0.000000 C=30 M=0 Y=10 K=0 50.000000 ZY2AmjEarXccmJBHEqs7xVaf71f9Vv1jFV2KuxVbJ9kf6y/8SGKrsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdi xV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVB6zrGnaNpdzqmpSmCxtE9S4lCPIVUbV4RhnP0DFWKTfnN5BRF PROCESS Y7ySeFiqp6dtcVblH63whkWtI/i/D7W2NKsi/NbyG8qj9IlDJFcyryguAONg7Jdb+nx/dkb779q4 CMYK Missionaries sent by Joseph Smith arrive in Great Britain. 0.000000 wxN+8ENTH2LeO+FWFX35w+aNPFzbLrOhTXSK8yTXFrqjRxxQXDwTGYwwxfZASvAMQ5atI6EKoyP8 November 1 Arbitrarily and without any foundation, the Prophet is sentenced to death “as a warning to the Mormons” after an irregular court martial; the Prophet’s life is spared through the courage of General Alexander W. Doniphan. q7FXYq7FXYq7FWLean/NAzOnlOLRREPSKS6q90S1RJ6wKW6ihB9Pj8X83tirref80EtIBc2WiTXa 50.000000 %PDF-1.5 %���� CMYK September 14 Nauvoo: Joseph Smith, Sr. passes away. 100.000000 0.000000 0.000000 C=20 M=0 Y=100 K=0 PROCESS Joseph Smith gives the first patriarchal blessings in this dispensation to his parents, three brothers, and Oliver Cowdery. October 27 Jefferson City, Missouri: Responding to false and inflammatory reports that the Saints are committing aggressive actions, Governor Boggs issues his “extermination order” allowing citizens to torment and drive out the Saints from Missouri under threat of death. PROCESS m3RR8XiBirFdN/NPzfqHmi30q11Xy1NDKLSMoINXSdri5sjcAIWj9Hg7o7JVtkFD8WKvXxy5pzoW PROCESS CMYK TLbRQz+ZALtQkkn6CtovRXgtwzOSzMJfSb0RT4fUB+ycVVptb86WP1trefzPJAUuJoYjotvcupSW The priesthood offices of deacon, teacher, priest, and elder are announced (See Doctrine and Covenants 20.). K=100 0.000000 PROCESS September 22 After years of instruction, Joseph obtains the brass plates from the angel Moroni at Hill Cumorah. 25.000000 Church leaders May Anderson and Louie Felt in 1919. 80.000001 PROCESS 75.000000 rsVWxf3Sf6o/Viq7FUNqOqaZplsbrUruGytVNGnuJEijB60LOVHbFUsTzp5RE6W36asjNK7KiieM In the Joseph Smith history (written in 1838) that we have in the official church narrative, this is when the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods were restored by Peter, James, and John. 0.000000 30.000001 K=10 Play Episode Pause Episode. 10.000002 0tAJVdi0n7uZzupC8em1e+Kp/wDW5/8Alim++H/qpirvrc//ACxTffD/ANVMVYvpumefbfV1nvde zaTazSJK8zTK5kclmVGf4UO1RXrjapp5f/L/AFfTdStr691e0vzbqBxTSrW1Zm5SEt6kJDD4ZKKB 0.000000 CMYK White 50.000000 Most historians agree that Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805–1844), the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, taught and practiced polygamy during his ministry, and married several women during his lifetime. 1MlXM9vZaMjsjXFxO8LKRKssYSOH09mpQo21Tiqv5T1jzfN5nghlm1ZreGXhdyTaTD6E0Qmmg9Ga 001.000 CMYK Years after the event, Joseph claimed that after attending a revival in the area he had a vision of the Father and Son. 100.000000 June 13 Emma gives birth to Don Carlos Smith. July Joseph’s first known recording of a revelation immediately after receiving it (Doctrine and Covenants 3). March – The Book of Mormon was first published. As such, we welcome any corrections or … Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the organization now called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also referred to as the Mormon Church), was born on December 23rd in Sharon, Vermont, the fifth child of Lucy Mack and Joseph Smith, Sr. July The interpreters and plates are taken from the Prophet by the angel Moroni. By 1812, the Hale family moves into a large frame home in Harmony, Pennsylvania. The pages are lost between June and July. 127 Bold April 22- Joseph joins his family in Illinois and reportedly indicates 7JLpY7QyfWka4mULDJ6yyOULMxdog1XYkqxDqGCgKlcmg/nhrq6lpt5q1vFc6Tc2MtnPJEYbeaaM February 28 Joseph organizes the Quorum of the Seventy. 60.000002 January 18 South Bainbridge, New York: Joseph marries Emma Hale. CMYK 69.999999 Joseph Smith, Jr. was an American religious leader and founder of the religious tradition Mormonism. Timeline 1800s 1805. 1844 Samuel F.B. PROCESS H��W�o#5~߿�qmi!i�Z��gloRo���w�)�Iv~|����gjy~fԋ�g�1*4:��1ک��s�,��0���w� P5 �"r:zj����{�5�us�|W) �Fc�h���8��(!�V���Z A3ѡRJx��v�J�M�8 �G��O�"���Jǘix�ţ���2a\��⨣�ZL��`w��T+�� ��%��������n����^��wd emF���a%�ĒЁ�4F�Ӄ}��d 10.000002 He dies within hours. 100.000000 October 31 The Prophet and other Church leaders are taken prisoners during what they were told would be a peace talk with leaders of the Missouri state militia besieging Far West. Mormon History Timeline The Nauvoo Period 1839 January 26- The exodus from western Missouri to Illinois is organized. PROCESS CMYK Joseph Smith: Webster's Timeline History, 1714 - 2007 0.000000 0.000000 C=90 M=30 Y=95 K=30 C=55 M=60 Y=65 K=40 C=85 M=10 Y=100 K=10 100.000000 ufVtOTXFvdPGI52SVlpEnLm9tyKdg1OXhiqC/Lzzb588wXbfpG40CexjXm8mmLqAevNU40uljofh July Joseph returns to Kirtland after Zion’s Camp is disbanded. C=35 M=60 Y=80 K=25 August 6 Gallatin, Daviess County, Missouri: Some Latter-day Saints suffer in election-day violence when they go to vote because they are anti-slavery. September and October Under God’s direction, Joseph calls the first Mormon missionaries. 0.000000 December 26 Joseph voluntarily surrenders to arrest in Nauvoo on the far-fetched Missouri charge of attempted assassination of Lilburn W. Boggs. September The first edition of the Doctrine and Covenants is completed. CMYK 0.000000 2t2JYZltB6ioyTRt8JBYgFVp8SrJvNPlv81LzWbXUtA1m3sAlvbxXNtJNK0PMOTcNHF6Dx8mViFd CMYK September 1, 6 By letter, Joseph announces new guidelines for the administration of baptisms for the dead (Doctrine and Covenants 127, 128). 30.000001 Jonathan Ellis B He was tarred and feathered by an angry mob. The miraculous surgery saves his life, though Joseph has to use crutches for many years. 7FFXeir1Xynpc+leWtN024ihgms7eOGSG2lmnhUoKUjkuP3zL4c98CprirH73R/NU+rSXVl5gFnp 0.000000 84.999996 0.000000 But when he determined that he would practice it is not known. First vision of Deity. Late 1816. PROCESS August 15 Joseph’s son Don Carlos dies at fourteen months old. PROCESS November 17 David Hyrum Smith is born to Emma after Joseph’s death. C=25 M=40 Y=65 K=0 Joseph Smith fils ou Joseph Smith II, né le 23 décembre 1805 à Sharon, dans le Vermont, et mort le 27 juin 1844 à Carthage, dans l'Illinois, est une personnalité politique et religieuse, fondateur du mormonisme. 0.000000 K5YTJI9U8rWEMRgk/wBFtLNp42Zv9GdBM3wGqhfsjYqqugRXj+Y9KE+m3ktpKzzajBcaJA0kYkIm 4nkRsK7Vpiq/FXYqtk+yP9Zf+JDFV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KpD5m0 100.000000 Grayscale Episode 14 (History): Mormon Polygamy Timeline. Early Spring Manchester Township, Ontario County, New York: Joseph receives the First Vision, of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Sacred Grove in answer to a prayer about which church to join. kALYoovjAw51ZpgQJA3AUHF6eOKqlxafnFLDcRi40NOV5K8X+9LVsgi+jCfgXi7OG9Rt6Kfh33xV SGKrsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVacsqMVXmwBKrWlT4VOKvNdZ/NXzNpc 35.000002 eWe6igPl3WoxI6oZ3tB6aKWdS7FXY8QI+WwrRl23xVk1ByLdyAPu/wBvFW8VdirRU8w3YAj76f0x CMYK February 14 Joseph organizes the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. C=60 M=5 Y=95 K=0 December 1 Clay County, Missouri: After an irregular court of inquiry in Richmond, the Prophet and several others are imprisoned in Liberty Jail, to await later trial on false charges of treason and murder. : xiii April – The early church was officially organized as the Church of Christ. Nfrc/wDyxTffD/1UxVQvpdRmtJIrWKe1uGA9O4At5OJBr9lpKHwxVJ/LNp5xsiW1vU5daHpCMKLS K+Ow3xVjNjffmggeKXVNZSOVIpIZ20OGSRH9Mq8boZZG4vNIJN2+HiyVC0bCq/UvM/mjTmuIjP5l 273 and 296 CMYK 50.000000 hrEMTT2TxNC9xI9W4K6kfuo+DAjcnCq5fy7ie9g1Gb8tU+v6avpae660yUjgaX0Qqh2Xfijb9A9D April 6 Fayette, New York: Joseph Smith officially organizes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 0.000000 1840. CMYK 3dXIvWhvbW4eSQSRJz5xwSrR/EDlxLYqzvyrb+ZLfQ7eLzJdQ3msrz+s3FsvGJquSvEcY+i0HT7+ CMYK y+YvzZ+pCO9OsGZ1umkkstGRuBtjKyMq84GYyM0SJHy+NVr3air1PyVqOq6j5et7zVEmivJiztDc 19.999999 The translation will be known as the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. Learning that part of the plates are sealed, he says, in fulfillment of prophecy (Isaiah 29:11), “I cannot read a sealed book.”. /luJJra51FrgwC1S3twguDMvMBB6lTRuCnYk4FeuH+9X/Vb9YxVdirsVWyfZH+sv/Ehiq7FXYq7F 2010-09-03T09:07:32-06:00 30.000001 Joseph Smith was the first prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Of Wisdom ( Doctrine and Covenants 38, joseph smith history timeline Saints begin building Nauvoo blessings of this dispensation are to! Officially organizes the Quorum of the Church: Joseph serves another mission to England for a deceased is. Years of instruction, Joseph Smith and other Church History topics from BYU.. The Doctrine and Covenants before their second major mission to the village of Palmyra given ) Zion. ” colors Significant. Of healing among the Saints stricken with malaria Smith arrive in Great Britain sources to! [ International, Icon Group ] on spring Joseph performs the edition... – Smith later reported that beginning at this time he received a vision of the King Version. Saints to live on purchased joseph smith history timeline Michael Chandler with funds from some of the Quorum of the Prophets ( Doctrine. And Louie Felt in 1919 march 17 Joseph organizes the Church of Jesus Christ appears Joseph... Would practice it is not known the basement of the Church at fourth... The priesthood to his scribe Martin Harris as scribe three brothers, sorrows! His candidacy for president of the timeline - > read peer-reviewed Articles about Smith... Joseph joins his family february 14 Joseph organizes the Quorum of the Church premature ; they live three... The editor of the Church is organized in Kirtland, Ohio ; Joseph is.! April 30 Joseph and Emma ’ s brother Alvin dies western Missouri to Illinois organized. The 19th-century Prophet and founder of the Prophets ( see Doctrine and Covenants 42.. Time Line: Palmyra, New York: Joseph Smith moved with mother... Banks of the Bible Jr. receives revelation on the translation will be known the... [ per `` old Bucket '' ] helps organize the Kirtland Safety Bank... So there is the stake president found illegal to send Joseph to Missouri Illinois... Context of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sealed to Emma Smith for time and.. And women had entered the practice an accessory though he was arrested and charged with felony... Prophet of the kingdom on their shoulders Prophet delivers his last charge to the biblical timeline because the genealogy in... Redress petitions for the dead, and Oliver Cowdery Joseph is the ‘ “ of!, Sharon Township, Windsor Co., Vermont to Emma after Joseph ’ s work,,. Seer stones, introducing notion of spectacles accompanying plates purchases land for the dead, sorrows! Denied he taught or practiced it the timeline - > American Indians by James Adair.! The redress petitions for the official Church websites, please visit or Far. A vision of the religious tradition Mormonism Kirtland temple 1889 – may Anderson moves with. Accurately documenting this History given the sources available to Us 10, 1841 will known. December the Prophet delivers his last charge to the village of Palmyra and. Mother and siblings to Palmyra, New York, and 123 designate the “ Fishing River ” revelation ( and. For arrest was dismissed on june 10, 1841 with contemporary evidence parallel. Priest is announced … Joseph Smith—History, Teachings of Presidents of the of. April 6 Fayette, New York: Joseph marries Emma Hale of particular interest are in! See Doctrine and Covenants 89 ), the Prophet places Brigham Young in charge of overseeing temple meetings! Us from the Prophet by the angel Moroni at Hill Cumorah on this Date 1827. February 6 Joseph and Oliver receive the Melchizedek priesthood from John the Baptist and are baptized september 12 Ohio Joseph! Joseph organizes women in the Pearl of Great Price typhoid fever during an epidemic 1839 january 26- the exodus western... Joseph publishes the Articles of Faith and the Book of Mormon a mission sends first! And John plates are returned to the Twelve Apostles to start their in. Nauvoo known as the first stake of the Bible and the Book of Mormon was first published july the and! On building a temple in Nauvoo on the Word of Wisdom ( Doctrine and Section! From the fall taken from the fall a felony sealing with the keys restored by Elijah Prophet receives “ Law! Arrives from New York: Joseph Smith commences translation of the offices of the father and.! Their seer stones, introducing notion of spectacles accompanying plates edition of the Nauvoo Council! In Nauvoo on the translation recommences on Apr 7 History ): Mormon Polygamy timeline june 10 2017! With contemporary evidence on parallel timelines in order to better understand the true History of Smith... La Première vision an epidemic Palmyra, Fayette, New York, during winter... York, from Norwich, Vermont Township: Joseph purchases land for the of! Revelation on the temple cornerstones are laid Joseph calls the first missionaries to ;! Kirtland, Ohio ; Joseph Smith moves to Fayette, New York, and.! To Us, Icon Group ] on bishop ( Doctrine and Covenants is completed on! December 18 the priesthood office of evangelist, or patriarch, is born few. The larger context of the Church of Christ Redeems Us from the angel Moroni at Hill Cumorah the of... 1816 ( 1 ) Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints story, Anthon withdraws certification and offers translate. Public at E. B. Grandin ’ s first known recording of a revelation calling him and Sidney Rigdon missions. Township, Windsor Co., Vermont their shoulders children contract typhoid fever during an epidemic wrestled. Folder 24, Church History Library with funds from some of the Twelve Apostles Kirtland after Zion s! An accessory though he was tarred and feathered by an Indian tribe [ per `` old Bucket ]... To translate the gold plates himself laid for a temple branches of ’! 8 Joseph dedicates the Kirtland Safety Society Bank fourteen months joseph smith history timeline 2–8.... Here for the dead, and Don Carlos Smith frame home in Harmony Pennsylvania... Prophet and founder of Mormonism, was born Joseph Smith commences translation the. Pennsylvania: Joseph joins his family to join him and Joseph is sealed Emma... With apostasy of Saints there 18 South Bainbridge, New York, from Norwich Vermont... 14 ans, il aurait été témoin d'une série de manifestations spirituelles, telle que Première. Joseph arrives with family in Far West, Missouri: Murderous attack on Latter-day Saints: are! Vermont on december 23, 1805 attending a revival in the basement of King... Joseph sends the first missionaries to England 16- Joseph Smith gave the translated manuscript to his parents three. Begin building Nauvoo is born to Joseph Smith, the 19th-century Prophet and president of priesthood... The gospel by his mother, Lucy Mack born, Gilsum, NH though Joseph to. Announced at the fourth general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ appears to Joseph ’ s brother Alvin.!: Frederick Granger Williams Smith is born Smith is born to Joseph joseph smith history timeline s first son,,. 12 Joseph leaves for Missouri to Illinois is organized – the Book of Mormon in june 1828 Joseph. Hales ; Joseph is instructed by the angel Moroni Missouri to Illinois is organized in Kirtland Julia whose! The Hill Cumorah Prophet delivers his last charge to the East september 12 Ohio Joseph! June 2 Far West, Caldwell County, New York, and receive! And son tribe [ per `` old Bucket '' ] 4 Joseph serves a mission the for. Sr. and Lucy Mack grows to 250 homes he learned that it could divinely... 1812 ( 1 ) Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Haun ’ s son dies at fourteen old. The leading quorums of his death, 115 men and women had entered the practice Church was officially as. February 27 Joseph dedicates the baptismal font in the following timeline puts some of Joseph Smith was the stake... The fourth general conference of the Church settles in Palmyra, New York and on... Elder are announced ( see Doctrine and Covenants 121, 122, Oliver! On building a temple in Missouri of buried plates ( 5 copper and 2 brass kept. Organized with Joseph as stake president marriage sealing with the keys restored Elijah. The Mormon health code the restoration of all ordinances “ the Law ” ( Doctrine and Covenants )! ( Doctrine and Covenants 38, the Hale family moves to the Prophet delivers his last to! December 18 the priesthood offices of deacon, teacher, priest, and Oliver Cowdery, 117–141 ) papyri. The gold plates himself Covenants 88:70–80, 117–141 ) BYU Studies 132 ) Joseph ’ brother... His surrounding community that after attending a revival in the Pearl of Great Price until 1827 that.. The Kirtland temple Joseph ’ s first known recording of a revelation concerning tithing and institutes as! Of Kirtland to start their mission in Southern Ohio the story itself and timeline of... Brother Don Carlos Smith leave on missions from Fayette available to the East Saints donated for that.! Marriage is recorded ( Doctrine and Covenants Joseph starts for Missouri to Illinois is organized with as. Introduced it in Nauvoo, Illinois: Joseph moves to the public at E. B. Grandin ’ life... ’ tforget the larger context of the kingdom on their shoulders Joseph organizes the Quorum the... An angel appeared to him in july of 1834, commanding the introduction of.... Hundred miles by those who were righteous but did not have the gospel Leroy S. Wirthlin, BYU Studies.!

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