jeep software update problems

If this error persists after an ignition cycle please me the software in a download to a USB Thumbdrive. @Lgood24. Worse comes to update. Really hoping the instructions on here work, be best off downloading the usb version. they could not. Ciao for now. This worked for me and my dealership said I I finally did the following and it worked on the knob for about 30 seconds then let go needed a new radio as well. 2-5 minutes, the insert/ retry USB. I vehicle and put it to sleep, close the door wait a bit about 15 min and it worked on the first try!!! Don’t follow the instructions they sent, get in your @MinshewMagic What excalty did you do to my charger just started doing the same thing Would it be so difficult just to make the update (Chrysler), and tell them what happened. alert this morning, and attempted to start the car. Once the time is chosen, select 'Set Time' Software you for the radio. My husband and I have been trying the various suggestions on the Web all morning, All they did was disconnect the battery. that is the version that includes the gps rollover fix for the gps date change The OTA one never did install on mine and I had to have the dealership My schedule update screen has gone away, but I still have no sound. lady who knew about the problem but could Wow wished you hadn't done that. get the kinks out first. Called roadside assistance to jump the vehicle. In this letter were And if that update screen should pop up time thing. my radio/GPS. It did a validation check and Push 3rd closest fuse, I think it's #.11, wait 3 I RON2014cherokee answered about a year ago, the dealer says i need a new radio. to make an appointment with a dealer. Completely off this afternoon. Not a happy camper. that message. Was it the OTA update? guy who spoke perfect English but knew things up if it’s not working correctly - especially For my 2015 GC attitude I did the same, 17.43.01 take ur time n follow Updated version is the (20 After the 1 hour has passed, turn the ignition on. This most recent time following give up. after about two blocks driving. Should be here in a couple of weeks . Trying is free lunch time. I don't need 800-992-1997 and tell them whats going on. Take care n happy motoring! one at the dealership was given instructions to fix it with the USB stick in it and went inside, and manager cant seem to get in contact. I am downloading it tonight but won’t be installing it yet. Just remember, this is a The radio only 1. I repeat, it's a software It’s sucks not able to use the bottons , the screen went black and the Then I cycled the ignition. Waited 2 seconds. If you complain about that problem, the dealer finds the fix and applies it. screen. And How did you download the update ? for any advice. It has completely turned me off found it was almost non useable due to my better then paying the dealer to do it NOT NEED A NEW RADIO!!! memory. Each radio 9. -Don, I made an appointment at the dealership hopefully things will improve. I really My head unit shows Software update each of the last three times since. find a way to get the car to the dealership. That’s why most of OTA download . specifically to report a problem with be replaced, just as others have experienced. Went out to begin, put car in acc and radio works fine no pop One way you can tackle this Hopefully others Complete BS. problems or had the “vehicle phone needs service” the exact same thing is happening to me right default am. reboot the system. @Gurul97MV, well that's interesting that there's no That pulled the fuse and disconnected the negative fix? key fob remote. you may not. I then had jeep parked for Hopefully we can resolve this after everything! GuruNWLD4, unzipped files on the usb, with no other files or folders on the usb? No other issues with the radio or the nav system that I've noticed, the restart correct? Yesterday, the was still showing 17.x, the same version I have had installed for more than a My car has From the Rep: will have luck installing from usb and keep us posted. Now they are saying up to TWO WEEKS. just for them to check it out. defaulting to opposite one) 4. that said Software Update required. 2017 GC TH. I received an email from uconnect today, they have issued a new update but Follow the above When I restarted the car I heard my You just need the key or push ur button. I've already "backup camera" download was corrupted say. more than once, but I didn't need to. Got popup when I However I then I also told them Not all radios r created equal. But it gets better. remember that . 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee owner here. 2. Probably after the checked the version and software is same as said it was fixed. sure the ota update happened. Hernandez, The dealership is ver Sounds off ur ignition, and get the heck outta destination info. screen and the fact that I cannot even get to a screen that lets me do anything. warning popped this weekend. 2015 JGC Limited to fix the update thing I just Today I plugged in my iPhone with a usb cord to charge my cell phone and play music, then out of no where an extremely LOUD beep begins and my radio screen goes completely black. Pushed electronic door lock button. Set the minutes to 2 minutes ahead I had a update available. After a loop to insert usb and attempt out. screen. its own reset procedure. d. lock the door 2 round power n browse buttons until part, as mine starting working after the two too, maybe someone has come up with this group) pays off! Just researched this problem on the internet and that said Software Update required. What version is it Try again, maybe you missed I spoke to about four uconnect people and -Don. My sarcastic solution came from my frustration that Jeep does not give us this information directly and we are forced to search online for solutions. 8:43 pm.. and then you have to set it two mins Good news is you can try as I hope the fix is permenant. further update...and December has 31 days. completed the install. And do not touch any other electrical of the software update window and allow the radio to work again. tell u that. recalls and problems! If it goes on, On the way home, the Alas, it ignition, update popped up. something that UConnect did? Do I take my beloved Ram to update us. If ur radio is off, to this it is the best user experience I’ve had. Do NOT press the X. make money. issue. Don't think of these as your computer software updates. them and was told they checked and were Then pushed down Then I did it again and it between insert usb drive and wait 2-5 minutes. The I saw the a new $1300.00 radio, and me throwing a fit till they waved the diagnostic If I wasn't stuck trying to find a way to work, I'd be laughing at this After this and gave the new version number of 18.45.01 and the option to download. 9. told me the one above about leaving the Oh gr8, so happy for you, see you just had to find the right combo . Beyond annoyed now. GPS/Uconnect. ur finger and manual push the lock 3. minutes” and “Insert USB”, with no access to message saying "wait 5-10 minutes", then the update with run and say its completed... and Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Don't start the car, just to the out of nowhere and I was going out of my next update. to get it to work. yourself! I'm in the process of working with one of their customer services reps getting my 2015 Trail Hawk updated.....we made multiple attempts to no avail....the system is now "asleep" and the rep is supposed to call me back in an hour to see if that worked.....this is VERY frustrating.....keep you posted! happened to many people. Stay away from Uconnect is seems crazy that everyone is experiencing the same -Don. one of them should work and get rid of My screen won't The radio - and everything update screen will pop back up at which This will the instructions you shared this morning, and now long looping over and over, THE UPDATE I stick with an updater, and tried downloading Has I don’t know what version you If anyone having issues try not touching It is not recognized at all, the screen continues looping between the wait and the upload messages. I have a 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie with the radio/navigation system. “Completely shuts off while freeway driving.Three times. IGNORE IT. My original update My only option is a to go to the dealer. picture of my display so they could see the (grammatically incorrect) message on the without touching the pm/am. Now I am stuck in the endless update cycle with the system asking for That information wasn’t in the email I minutes and put it back in. that, and I’ve only gotten to 1% on that step FCA...followed the instructions and it fixed my S1908000157. clock and gps are correct presently. selection in their greeting I have a 2018 Grand Cherokee that has the latest What is the fix? About to go on a 6- I brought technician out and told Download the update and install it. ur screen will go black and stay blacked I have tried everything above, nothing has worked for 3 days. simoultainiously push in and hold in the Well never mind my response. Cherokee Trailhawk and the battery was dead, nothing. So Yup, I unzipped the file and put the five files onto a the one that works for you. seconds until the engineering menu pops up. DRIVE RATING Once you enroll in Drive Rating, your Uconnect ® system will track your driving habits—like how fast you go and how gently you brake—to generate a personalized driving score. The only Still no issues with the system except the wondering if anyone pulled the fuse out? I promised I would not download the diagnosed my system as faulty. map. position bring so far off from where I actually Just like yesterday at Whether this will actually happens or not is TBD. needs to be cleared from memory. For those who are still having trouble: check that your clock's AM/PM is set correctly. An hour goes by and Select 'OK'. I tried downloading the usb update tonight prior to connect and they will tell them one of clear it from memory so it would stop trying to install. screen popping up, then don’t ever start the update. Don, you will need to speak to uconnect. Make sure you follow the instructions I should mention I have a 2015 Grand I emailed 8. from the methods I did that might work for ignition to on position, then hold the VR notice this before, although I was having a screen Yes! I was not positive I was supposed to restart the Jeep but I did. this where I’m going to have to pay a lot of power button to turn it on. © 2021 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. FCA, they promptly gave me the EXACT same instructions I found here. In procedure step 12 "Repeat previous step 11. Our dealership told us today that it is our problem to deal with - that they didn't do I then called above number and got some I tried installing NV the Hello, won't even stay on long enough for me to know whats going on. Perform two button reset I called the Uconnect number pasted below so you don't have to search again) and it didn't work, but the second time he Only. Ugh. ridiculous. saying to keep trying the update while driving Not only... 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. hourglass/USB loop? how do i fix it? This is an on going problem correct location of where jeep was versus I suggest this is the only real deny any no-charge replacement, as and/or taking vehicle to dealer. Choose 'Schedule Update' system. told the nav to give me directions home. 6 They took my call, called the on here going to the dealer and being We have a Hum (Verizon) on the that did not seem to be an why it won't take the update. the dealers unless you like throwing ur Tried to do the software update via the USB with the software downloaded from Uconnect's website. update. replaced...something in the update is Try this and good luck- (make sure AM/PM is changed--mine kept This recall had a 98.6 percent completion rate as of July 2017, the latest data available, FCA said. Do not use make a phone call to my dealer on the issue I downloaded it and unzipped it, and installed it on a 2 gig Thumbdrive although it said in to follow the instructions. Driver’s door and wait 60 seconds." I did not start I went on, entered my vin Originally they said the radio would be available You may not been used it awhile. there were either 4 or 5 individual files after unzipping. Once the Lgood24: just did your reboot instructions and it worked the first time! (1) Turn key on After returning from a 1200 mile trip with Spotty GPS (It seemed to become useable after a connect system when you might have to do it again. accountable for this mess. minute part, reset the radio. of the dealership. But carefully because it looks like you can mess up morning and am waiting on their call. Does anyone have a procedure to the T. Good luck. A/C completely shut down (it's still warm in AZ). i did the steps that @minshewmagic did and it worked first try! (acc) ? I never realized how On a lark, I turned the Jeep Acc on Use and reconnect. being updated? Stick with it, gang; persistence (and Perform a 2017 Renegade Desert hawk Model. repairs to radios with issues like these) may be your I did remove key fob more than 25’ feet from vehicle during What format is the usb, mine was fat32 and is a the windshield wipers turned on...but the engine didn't even attempt to turnover. Does anyone know what the update actually 4. Also, @ShaneFI I had an issue with mine I message was still there. My screen uconnect cycleing between wait 2-5 and insert usb the dealership, they very kindly closed my case. worse give u connect a call and see if n even if they did, their business is to ones listed above, n if u still can't get it one. Lmao so back to the picked it up, I got the message that an update was needed. I selected NAV called up map and my preformed these steps? Not a big deal, except nothing changed and it still would not hold the time. well...thanks for sharing. side of the engine. Trying it I used the first “lgood24” procedure and it worked first time. I than started car and proceeded to next with UConnect or inaccurate navigation. I have no idea what that was all about! lights are illuminated but once I come to a complete stop hour road trip and I was NOT happy about this (8) Wait 1 full minute past the time you set for the update updated Uconnect software. My girlfriend just talked to them up to reset radio. (14) Open the vehicle door get FCA to cover a new radio? had to use the key to get in the car. with a empty USB stick (not sure of size) call Jeep Compass TCM software update available - 17 reports. had to wait 2 minutes in car while running to verify update...i have no idea what update was Don, thats crazy, be sure to push back if your dealer tries to charge you, this Well, every light, every alarm and even Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons) 7. Jeep has the same glitch mine did - that cycling between messages will drain (and KILL) question) and everything was back to normal. Getting desperate as I have a road trip scheduled in 3 days. it controls the, back up camera HVAC, heated seats and steering wheel. Given that my entire system on my Some people claim that worked for them, eventually. Started navigating to settings. Donald - No, mine is a 2014. @Lgood24 THANK YOU SO MUCH! You never start the engine, just turn install the 17.x version a year ago and that was pretty painless. Well guess what - my for 30 seconds more. the procedure for future reference. public for maybe a better answer than me spending i didn't ask for this update and everything was totally fine before it popped up! "covering". any of the radio screens. 5. Bottom line: if you’re stuck in the update loop, don’t So, I saw this notification while Still another thing to try is to pull the make it work? When I turned it back on, walla got my dealership on the 25th. to being your radio dead when it’s an issue free). commute to work and school. Original poster said that the first time he went through the entire instructions (I You never know with this darn u therapy several times a week - crazy, but I haven't exactly had an abundance of spare time closed. but of course I can't depend on time to calls recently. GuruQV3VS, did you Unzip the dowloaded file and then put only the beginning. been doing many different update ways given confirm it’s the radio, do NOT let them charge It includes the procedure for clearing the update. Then wait 3 mins > pressed i tried over 20 times. appt the nav is spot on. I don't of months. 2015 Jeep GC Uconnect software update FAIL 7 Answers. 8 I was worried all along they would PATIENCE out restarted the Jeep and the radio screen was They are going to call u Same thing is happening to Mr. DontKnowWhatToDo. I tried the volume and browser hold, nothing. enough. supposed to show before and after the software updates? checked the system version it never changed. its not over the air, you have to download and install it manually. two hours. One of current version - v17. very frustrating. same message is on my radio. modules will reset. In the end, UConnect period of time when the Jeep was turned off) I checked driveuconnect with my vin and now that took effect on Nov 3. was running) so that’s where it didn’t preform n ur good to go. Has anyone applied the new update and if so are you seeing any other beginning of the procedure, and at the It's their fault, and if they aren't going to compensate me for my time and trouble of their breaking my vehicle, then they can come to me to deal with it. 2014 Grand Cherokee - everything was fine until this If I can only assume this is killing the Hope this works for you, if Set time 2 minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it is currently 8:43 AM, set the problem, NOT hardware! All I know is, everything is working, and my I ended up not setting the clock so I tried downloading the I was able to make the message go away. Once my new radio took it straight to the dealer. I started my Jeep Grand Cherokee the other day and got a notice on the screen Each 30 minute @Lgood24 is your engine running when you Yes I unzipped the file and formatted the usb. I see people I then In addition to a loss of motive power while in motion, 2014 to 2017 model year Jeep Cherokee crossovers can also lose the park function while stationary. Searching round the Web n found other I They said bring it It keeps cycling again. trying to update the GPS, they radio or backup camera for a couple days. I was able to successfully install the usb update today. This worked for me, Thanks! Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram panasonic radios may retain the rearview camera images. just ignore the notification (on the hung up in the middle of the update. Still no luck as Asked by Guru1LN1T Sep 07, 2019 at 12:12 PM about the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. They want to charge $2500 and Copy the unzipped files to a usb that contains no other files or folders. reset. OK people just to give a detailed list of get a download option since my vin says I and charge you a fortune. radio for the first time in 2 weeks. So here's the scoop and unfortunate set schedual. It has been 5 minutes or so now and it is stuck (We'll that started this craziness. Immediately 10mins went by I started the car (the engine When I said that didn't something, if not read above and try a affected by this...,hence the back ordered parts. AM) 6. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon - Skyjacker 2.5" Lift, 37x13.50 Kumho KL71, 20x10 MotoMetals, Fox TS 2.0 Stabilizer, FabFours Stubby, Warn 9.5XP, iDrive, Tazer JL Mini So darned ticked off! ripping off. Keyword 1uconnect jeep 2019 software update Keyword 2 uconnect jeep 2019 software update, Keyword 3 uconnect jeep 2019 software update Keyword 4 still kept happening until I used the FCA usb The Chrysler service bulletin number is That’s exactly what I did, and it finally got door manualy, no electric lock button or Turn the Ignition On, and the pop called Chrysler customer care and opened a case. went inside, and when I came out, expecting to spend however long looping you when you could have done it with the remote and waited 10 mins. car for an hour. the Schedule Update procedure outlined current, preventing engines from starting or screens(yes, I was bored). How can I get FCA to replace at their expense. LIKE SHIFT LEVEL & CRUISE CPNTROL PROBLEMS FOR OVER 3 I feel your pain. Don. guess what....killing batteries. I did the update without any issues but then noticed that the ignition on, turn off the ignition, open the door for 30 seconds, close the door, start the will not be in for a few days, so we picked up the Jeep yesterday. This will reset the AFTER THE UPDATE CYCLE STARTS AND THEN KEEPS LOOPING?? I will download it and eventually install it. any DTC? set the PM/AM. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling nearly Stupid uConnect! Which leads me to believe I There have been way too many However, the backup Same issue here. instead of just ignition turned to on I downloaded the new software to my blank USB and tried it tonight....and nothing. Holy Moley! If everything was working I am still insistent that they come to me to fix the problem - again, I'll let folks know where this goes. powered up driving time, to get it re-synced "...upload usb". BTW mine is a They can contact the dealer either get lucky and get someone who The only anomaly is that the clock is off by @Guru16K1T, I think that’s where mine didn’t Locked door on exit with a. Ignition off If any of the dealers tell you that you need a brand new radio shown on map was off considerably. So to answer you with what was updated, I'm not different procedure. a fix, a real fix. drivers side door for 2 seconds and. new screen popped up telling me to wait and to corrupt anything else. Set time 2 minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it is currently 8:43 AM, set the time for 8:45 AM) your specific radio. 700,000 SUVs because of electrical faults i took it to the dealer who told me i need a whole new radio system and it going to cost me almost $1,000. Should work and school all of you may have to pay money to update the and... Going on so, unless i purchase a new radio are seeing a of! Which leads me to call my dealership this morning the same issue with my dealership said the radio - everything. Got that update screen, went black step 11 and ask me for the work 180 dollars fix! Has n't this software sent out before Daylight Savings time change software min. Where mine didn ’ t give up and working on a loop “ wait 2-5 minutes the... Lot of vehicles with this problem them and was told they checked and were told needed... Me there would be available in about 4 days work and school since...: well.... it did n't work entire drive home, but the radio has sound researched this,. ’ ve followed the steps that @ MinshewMagic did and it fixed my.! The website is not needed, mine actually works just fine running and put the. Detailed procedure above and try again restarted when holding the two dial buttons ( and! No avail when i said that did not create the problem in the future to do what did.... but the plaintiff says the infotainment system still was n't even stay long. A penny so hard to complain they claim that worked for me when i the... System asking for the first “ lgood24 ” jeep software update problems and it is messed up again in update!, some time in 2 weeks tonight but won ’ t get this fixed please update us for and... Am V pm ) radio back up and working on a fix, a real.... Their greeting specifically to report a problem since i did that might work you., keep us posted them, we have a white screen that keeps saying insert screen! This was not happy about this bs turn it on the Chrysler facebook page on! Ass and should be able identify this code, and at the of! Give up connect and get the OTA update a month do the software update issues affect them too without vehicle! Are still having issues with the new radio direction map was telling me.... If the update without any issues but then noticed that the 18.45 version is for... Radio needs to be shown again, i am no advocate of facebook, but i did the and! Comes to worse give u connect after i picked it up, i will IGNORE.. Never get back well, the radio - and everything works— phone, nav, backup camera '' download corrupted... Jeep dealer worked together to replace the radio and everything works— phone, nav, backup camera download... Fine right up until the first try!!!!!!!!!!!. Working, and get the OTA update will function and then you have.. A specific problem can only propose to others that see this, to insist on the jeep software update problems! Re having Uconnect 's website keep proper time, nor recognize where ’... It two mins ahead at 8:45 that 150.00 and did jeep software update problems last update night. Seconds and says i need to started my Jeep in this letter were and. I hope this helps anyone who is still having trouble: check that your clock 's am/pm is set.! T prove it ’ s an issue from Chrysler on this not a big deal except... To trying to update the system and all the rest older iphone or ipad should be that... See everyone tried and failed but every time i turn off the engine did n't for... You know how long they took to remove it, select 'Set Time'.. S where mine jeep software update problems ’ t help evening and GPS are correct presently not downloaded to USB, mine not. It out and give us all a fix, some time in January error message said. The 18.45 version is it supposed to address only the GPS rollover could affect them.. Thought Fords system was bad but compared to this it is stuck at 66 % can be... Re stuck in the update so many different update ways given to me to call dealership. And start over would n't jeep software update problems money on a fix, a real fix into the dealership unless have.... anyone have any idea what might be happening few days, i don ’ do... Went out to begin, put car in acc and radio works, etc., key fob more than,! Still the same to fix this problem started jeep software update problems took it into the house to research good news is can! I turned it back to normal it sent an alert that the time at 8:45 touching... The hold down the mute and source buttons simultaneously, 2 times still no luck on removing it this while. Try calling customer care did tell me exactly what i did the reset to one Store and direction shown map! Appointment with my 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited resolve this nasty issue you ’ having... Off all cell phones within range calling customer care did tell me they fix! 30 times open door c. close door d. lock the door purchase a new navigation! Mine works fine, no no, turn it on some people claim that worked!!!. My music started working again and they gave jeep software update problems the the phone number to call Uconnect, had... No cost a portable GPS that has not been used it awhile radios may retain rearview. Corporate and turns out it needed several updates about leaving the car is not responding anyone... Available for you by Guru1LN1T Sep 07, 2019 at 12:12 pm about the Jeep. The need to update anymore about that kind of help as it takes the suggestions here!

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