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To the specialists in sciences which were advancing rapidly and in divergent directions to results which often reacted on and transformed their initial assumptions, Spencer has often appeared too much of a philosopher and defective in specialist knowledge. The badge is a white cross surmounted by the royal crown, in the centre the initial F surrounded by a crimson fillet on which is the motto Furchtlos and Treu; in the angles of the cross are four golden leopards; the ribbon is crimson with two black stripes. On opening the abdomen a small initial peritoneal incision is made. The several books were named by the Jews from their initial words, though at least Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy had also titles resembling those we use, viz. The initial workers used fluoroscopy often with the hooded fluorescent screen. Passing to the dentals, except as an initial, tin words that are popularly current and belong to the old stock of the language, can only be derived from Lat. Initial in a sentence | initial example sentences. She was quick to deny that they were the ones she'd found, but they continued with the story without asking her the details of her initial discovery. something like Aptal or Haptal, but the initial N of the third is believed to be a clerical error. Source: Office for National Statistics, Crown Copyright Reserved For more details on the initial findings from the 2001 Census then click here. The revenue from the farm could repay the, 12. But the initial learning curve can be a tough lesson. Letters "a" and "r" appearing before authors' initials refer to target article and response, respectively. At the initial phase only cases imposing either death penalty or maximum imprisonment term will be handled by jury trial. less intelligentwhen Jimmy after the initial in gary has when the votes. Short-acting ß2 agonists should be used as the initial treatment for COPD patients to relieve breathlessness. Equally, Judith Warner's initial pool of interviewees is a wealthy little clique in the suburbs of Washington, DC. If the initial values of x, y, ~t, ~ are given, we have four conditions to determine the four arbitrary constants A, B, C, D. If P be the initial position of the particle, we may conveniently take OP as axis of x, and draw Oy parallel to the direction of motion at P. If OP=a, and ~ be the velocity at P, we have, initially, x=a, y=o, x=o, y=.f0 whence x=a cos at, y=b sin nt, (10). denotes are named with the initial letters denoting which array the site belongs to. Inceptive 6. Brusati had carried out successfully the initial part of his work, the reduction in length of the Trentino front. Articulation: Initial V Sound in Words and Sentences Erase & Say: Find out what is hiding under each valentine! In the above instance the sulphur is supposed to be in the solid rhombic modification, the oxygen and sulphur dioxide being in the gaseous state, and the initial and final systems being at the ordinary temperature. The word'hour'is pronounced without an. As, can i nes 11 _ 1, premolars,, molars, 3-3311-11' however, initial letters may be substituted for the names of each group, and it is unnecessary to give more than the numbers of the teeth on one side of the mouth, the formula may be abbreviated into: g, 1 i p4,mR; total 44. This free sample pack provides 16 word cards and 6 brightly illustrated sentence frames for practicing /l/ consonant blends in initial position at sentence level. Initial in a sentence. He has applied the theory with especial ingenuity to the interpretation of the circular bony plates in the carapace of the aberrant leather-back sea-turtles (Sphargidae) by prefacing an initial land phase, in which the typical armature of land tortoises was acquired, a first marine or pelagic phase, in which this armature was lost, a third littoral or seashore phase, in which a new polygonal armature was acquired, and a fourth resumed or secondary marine phase, in which this polygonal armature began to degenerate. He'd wondered what his initial greeting as dhjan would feel like. The recovery of the Italian army on Monte Grappa and the Piave, after the initial failures and the heart-breaking experiences of the long retreat, was a remarkable feat of courage and will. The initial reaction has been excellent. Added an optional disk cache of merged PDF forms - speeds up the initial display of these forms. Patients in whom, for purposes of diagnosis, it has been electrically excited, describe, as the initial effect of the stimulation, tingling and obscure but locally-limited sensations, referred to the part whose muscles a moment later are thrown into co-ordinate activity. You will be home-based with an initial briefing at a Cancer Research UK office in London. Our initial euphoria of foiling his ambitions was soon displaced as with passing time reality set in. They are seeking a talented individual to join their team on a part time basis for an initial period of six months. Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? Initial genetic characterization of the 1918 ' Spanish ' influenza virus. On the initial test, I made a bad grade, but I’m hoping to past the second one. 2. The relation here indicated between the Shepherd's instruction and the initial message of one definitive repentance, open to those believers who have already "broken" their "seal" of baptism by deadly sins, as announced in Visions i.-iv. E.g. initials example sentences. Synonyms: opening, first, early, earliest More Synonyms of initial The initial values of T, S, D, I, A must be accepted as belonging to the anterior portion of the table. Suppose two presentations p and united by the residua r and p; then the amount of p's "help" to is r, the portion of which appropriated by is given by the ratio p: and thus the initial help is 7p. A complete and initial edition of Guicciardini's works is now in preparation in the hands of Alessandro Gherardi of the Florence archives. 0-00, u = b at the branch point B, u = j, j at the end of the two diverging streams where = -oo; while ¢=0 along the stream line which divides at B and passes through A, A'; and 4 ' =m, -m' along the outside boundaries, so that m/Q, m'/Q is the final breadth of the jets, and (m+m')/Q is the initial breadth, c, of the impinging stream. The motion of the system consequent on arbitrary initial conditions may be obtained by superposition of the n normal modes with suitable amplitudes and phases. They do not represent the opinions of We find that if the series of excitations of the muscle be prolonged beyond the short stage of initial improvement, the contractions, after being well maintained for a time, later decline in force and speed, and ultimately dwindle even to vanishing point. Initial is defined as to sign or mark something using just the first letter or letters of your name. In the development of toxin-immunity the doses, small at first, are gradually increased in successive inoculations; or, as in the case of very active toxins, the initial injections are made with toxin modified by heat or by the addition of various chemical substances. (2) The angle XOQ which the projection of the radius vector upon the fundamental plane makes with the initial line OX. Aristotle once noted that the least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold. Into the full tree were gathered the effects, not only of the initial energy, but of the forces of earth, air, water and sun. Similarly � became in time identified with M as though the initial of mille, 1000, and the side strokes of x in the above form were flattened out till it became 1, and ultimately L, 50. The initial mold will then lie securely in the plaster bandage casing. Depending on sentence-initial focus. 29. In the latter case it will be necessary to gage the lime plaster with gypsum onto a drying initial thin coat of pure gypsum. Thus the second element of a compound word, even though written and accented as a separate word, has a soft initial, because in Brythonic the first element of a compound generally ended in a vowel, as in the name Maglo-cunos. A follow-up session was held after the initial meeting. In this case dW=pdv=d(pv), a perfect differential, so that the external work done is known from the initial and final states. 3. Referring to fig. When the oldland and its overlap of stratified deposits were elevated again, the overlapping strata must have had the appearance of a coastal plain; but that was long ago; the strata have since then been much eroded, and to-day possess neither the area nor the smooth form of their initial extent. CK 1 44314 The initial symptoms of the disease are fever and sore throat. The only initial question mark came when looking at the top bay of the plastic facia which is obviously designed for a CD drive. These may be difficulty getting to sleep (Initial insomnia) or difficulty staying asleep (early morning wakening ). Agglomerations of consonants are often met with as initials, giving the appearance of telescoped words - an appearance which historical etymology often confirms. The first campaign, however, which he conducted in person was a dismal failure; the Turks followed the Austrian army, disorganized by disease, across the Danube, and though the transference of the command to the veteran marshal Loudon somewhat retrieved the initial disasters, his successes were more than counterbalanced by the alliance, concluded on the 3 1st of January 1790, between Prussia and Turkey. Commencing 4. So having got over the initial euphoria, how should an employer deal with the position? Students draw a card, say the sentence on the card and draw the matching stick color. As for v, it has a marked tendency to become confounded, especially as an initial letter, with the sonant explosive b; Joseph Scaligers punbibere est vivere--is applicable to the Castilians as well as to the Gascons. initial brainstorms on the health project raised questions around the potential for smart cards for health. The south-east course of the middle-section rivers is the result of many changes from the initial drainage; the Mesozoic and Tertiary upwarprngs were probably very influential in determining the present general courses. The Instructiones consist of 80 poems, each of which is an acrostic (with the exception of 60, where the initial letters are in alphabetical order). Mistrust initial letters - capital letters can be virtually interchangeable in some examples of handwriting. Facial paralysis as the initial presentation of an internal carotid artery aneurysm. Find words for initial in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. 19 examples: Again, my initial hypothesis that the assimilation phenomenon could be driven… The mediae have become aspirate tenues with a low intonation, which also marks the words having a simple initial consonant; while the former aspirates and the complex initials simplified in speech are uttered with a high tone, or, as the Tibetans say, " with a woman's voice," shrill and rapidly. It was the initial codename. To Ish's initial disbelief, the ' world has ended ' in his absence. How to connect 'initial' with other words to make correct English sentences.initial (adj, n): of or at the beginning; the first letter of a name, especially when used to represent the whole nameUse 'initial' in a sentence Her initial reaction was to say no, but she eventually agreed to help. So I re-read and realized that "Payment" was the start of a new sentence. iterateequences of values produced by iterating a process is called the orbit of the initial value under the process. Pay Stamp Duty at 1% of the initial share capital. His colleague, Yussuf Pasha, in East Hellas fared no better; here, too, the Turks gained some initial successes, but in the end the harassing tactics of Kolokotrones and his guerilla bands forced them back into the plain of the Kephissos. Nor is the use of context among the processes that occurs during an initial eye fixation. A common occurrence in freeze injury is to observe an initial green-up of the annual bluegrass followed by a rapid death. Indeed, no limit has yet been found to the temperature which can be reached, if matters are so arranged that not only the carbon and silicon of the pig iron, but also a considerable part of the metallic iron which is the iron itself, are oxidized by the blast; or if, as in the Walrand-Legenisel modification, after the combustion of the initial carbon and silicon of the pig iron has already raised the charge to a very high temperature, a still further rise of temperature is brought about by adding more silicon in the form of ferro-silicon, and oxidizing it by further blowing. An initial letter is the first character of a sentence that is enlarged, positioned, and styled in a decorative or graphic way. It is noted that both the initial states have interior reversals in the sign of the latitudinal gradient of PV on isentropic surfaces. Ahora to the initial a. " (response, reply, answer, word) " Their initial feedback of the new restaurant was not good. initial contact can be made by telephone or letter. These initials are designed to serve as a reference regarding the writer of the letter, the signer and the typist. Initial in a sentence | initial example sentences. OX is the fixed initial,% line by which e directions are to be defined. Mining taxes, which are subject to periodic changes, consist of an initial or registry tax on the claim (pertenencia), an annual or rental tax on each claim, and a tax of 32% (1905) on the export of unrefined gold and silver, 21% on partially refined ores, and 12% on pure silver. 238-243) was formerly attributed to him, but, as the initial letters of the first twenty-three lines show, was really the work of Dionysius, son of Calliphon. About 1893 a satisfactory machine was ready, and a new series of troubles had to be faced, for it had to be launched at a certain initial speed, and in the face of any wind that might be blowing. The "instruction" of Origen was given to all classes of Christians, and not merely to those who were in the initial stages. 1428412 The couple carved their initials into the oak tree. Prolegomena is a conclusive elaboration of the initial stages of criticism. At the moment the project has just completed initial field trials and it is not available for purchase yet. In 1910 there was another revolt with some initial successes, such as the capture of Valladolid, but then the Indians withdrew to the unknown fastnesses of Quintana Roo. The three year period is the set time period when BT wants all the initial capital expenditure to have being paid back. Initial capitalization: Please keep capitalization to a minimum. With the initial shock out of the way, she focused on the facts. The number of people who applied for the course was 120 compared with an, 20. This can be used to efficiently compute the digests of strings that share a common initial substring. flotation price represented a multiple of 23 times on our initial investment. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The astronomical observatory at Tashkent is adopted for the initial starting-point of the trans-Caspian triangulation of Russia; the triangulation ranks as second-class only, and now extends to the Pamir frontier beyond Osh. This initial extensive due diligence is now satisfactorily completed. It is arguable, and he was disposed to maintain, that the movement would have succeeded if resolutely pushed by those in command, both in the initial stage, when it was a purely naval attack, and in the later stage, when considerable military forces had been landed and fought many desperate fights. An initial letter is the first character of a sentence that is enlarged, positioned, and styled in a decorative or graphic way. Included: Initial, medial, and final /r/ sounds in sentences color coded to correspond to Ker Plunk stick colors. The two sections started out with population growths in the decade1790-1800very nearly equal (36.5 and 33.7%); but in every succeeding decade before the Civil War the growth of the North was greater, and that of the South less, than its increment in the initial decade. This action gave the Federal cause a decisive initial advantage in Missouri. The rivalries of the mainland cities were continued at closer quarters inside the narrow circuit of the lagoons, and there was, moreover, the initial schism between the indigenous fisher population and the town-bred refugees, and these facts constitute the first of the problems which now affronted the growing community: the internal problem of fusion and development. Examples of Initial in a sentence. The Republican party in the state was at that time weakened by the quarrels between the " Stalwart " and " Halfbreed " factions within its ranks; and the Democrats were thus given an initial advantage which was greatly increased by the Republicans' nomination for governor of Charles J.

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