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So, much to everyone’s disappointment, The Simpson’s didn’t actually predict anything this time. An image of Groundskeeper Willie stood in front of the Capitol Building is going viral on Twitter, with people joking that The Simpsons made yet another historic prediction just two months into 2021. However, there are also a number of other things about Willie that make him one of The … The New European is proud of its journalism and we hope you are proud of it too. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Groundskeeper im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Groundskeeper Willie is, quite simply, one of the best characters ever created on The Simpsons. Now, people think that The Simpsons predicted the events that unfolded at the Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6th, after a photo of Groundskeeper Willie went viral on Twitter.. As photos of the US Capitol riot started spreading across Twitter, the internet developed an obsession with some more of the more uniquely dressed protesters. In other news, How to see your old Instagram Bios 2021 - get ready to cringe! How to see your old Instagram Bios 2021 - get ready to cringe! The viking clothing has also been digitally edited on. Michael Gove has been compared to Bart Simpson for his refusal to accept responsibility for the "chaos" caused by Brexit. Every time something big happens in the world, it seems that Matt Groening’s popular animated TV show, The Simpsons, had already predicted it. For example, the show predicted that Donald Trump would become president, Disney would buy Fox, the US would beat Sweden for an Olympic gold medal in Curling, and even that Bengt R. Holmstrom would win the Nobel Prize in Economics. RELATED: 10 Best Scenes From The Simpsons That Became Memes. SNP MP Owen Thompson had raised The Simpsons by suggesting Gove was following the Bart approach of claiming “I didn’t do it” for anything that goes wrong. He was originally hired at Springfield Elementary as \"Swim Teacher Willie.\" Unfortunately, after Skinner was trapped in the worm-filled pool for three days, he had the pool destroyed, and made Willie a groundskeeper. 1 Simpson Family Catchphrases 1.1 General 1.2 Homer Simpson 1.3 Marge Simpson 1.4 Bart Simpson 1.5 Lisa Simpson 1.6 Maggie Simpson 2 Other Characters 2.1 Ned Flanders 2.2 Rod and Todd Flanders 2.3 … {{#media.focal_point}}. {{#media.media_details}} An episode of season five of the popular cartoon saw Bart achieve fame with the catchphrase “I didn’t do it” – before his one-line routine eventually flopped as people grew tired of it. Michael Gove fields questions in the House of Commons, Leave EU website suspended after EU registry blocks move to Ireland, Comedian wins praise after shaming No 10 during Dancing on Ice appearance, Television drama to focus on Boris Johnson's first year in Downing Street, Boris Johnson blames seafood companies for post-Brexit sales slump, Progressive alliance could see Labour win 351 seats at next election, new analysis reveals, Boris Johnson claims Labour supporters using Universal Credit vote to incite hatred, Michael Gove among 14 Tory MPs revealed to have joined banned Parler app, Priti Patel fails to appear in Commons to answer questions on missing police records, UK has highest Covid-19 death rate in world, Dominic Raab 'not convinced' collapse of fishing businesses would be result of Brexit deal. Willie is the groundskeeper at Springfield Elementary School and is a stereotypical angry Scotsman with a heavy Scottish accent. We source and roast amazing specialty coffee right here at our Moffat Beach roastery. The minister then claimed Scotland has the “best of both worlds” via the Scottish government and “representation by great MPs” such as Thompson in Westminster. Groundskeeper Willie is your new favourite Sunshine Coast Coffee Roaster.

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