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I would give this a 5, except for me it sleeps just a little hot. Like everyone else, I was really leery about buying a mattress online. Do not remove the box, you don't want to risk breaking the plastic prematurely. I found the reviews from verified purchasers very helpful in deciding to make the purchase. Next, there’s a 2.5″ patented layer of gel memory foam that forms a buffer between the responsive latex and the contouring memory foam. It's best that you research and try out different types.For me it was well past time to replace my Sealy mattress and I took to researching online. Most products are shipped via FedEx or UPS from the factory in Phoenix, Arizona. !I have had two back surgeries and it is a fight to get comfortable. Dreamfoam Bedding LLC is an Arizona Domestic L.L.C. These are the 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ options. If I had to change the firmness one way or the other I might do a 7 next time which would be a little softer, but I've always liked soft mattresses. I agreed and ordered a new topper for $75 which included both ways in shipping. If I did that on my old mattress, it meant lots of back pain. Having Fibromyalgia is rough but a good sleep makes the day better with restorative sleep. Ahh now that felt more like what i expected. The bamboo fiber top can be removed and washed/dry cleaned, also another nice option.It was a Friday when I ordered and soon after I received and replied to Chuck's email, giving him my firmness choice of a 6. So you are probably reading these reviews wondering if you should order a cheap (priced) latex bed over the internet. For those on a strict budget, their lower priced options still drive value and are especially appropriate for temporary solutions.The pros: Decent bedding at an affordable price (CertiPUR-US certified and hypoallergenic) and made in USA.The cons: The longevity of the mattresses may not be as good for lower priced offerings. OH MY, it really softened - where you sleep on it the most. My uncle who sells furniture said latex is garbage and said dont get it but I noticed this mattress had a lot of good reviews ad so I ordered it anyway. I think the next mattress I buy will be the dreamfoam ultimate dreams total latex mattress. I was so sure I would be returning the mattress it that I kept the box from the adjustable base I purchased to go with this mattress to expedite the return process. Not perfect, but excellent customer service and outstanding value. Best decision I could have made!The mattress and the company are just as everyone has written. I love it! More info. Given the pricing on these mattresses, however, it’s not an issue to have to replace it after a certain period. I also felt like I was "stuck" in the mattress and when I needed to move I'd have to physically lift myself up to turn over. That isn't to say I only spent less; but I received a far greater value for my money. A few months ago, I needed a new mattress and saw this mattress on Amazon. I weigh around 140# and I like to sleep on back, sides and belly. Would definitely recommend this bed!! Sadly because of a severe illness one time while owning that mattress, we ended up voiding the 20 year warranty. It was an Intellibed in case you were wondering. I fall asleep and wake up in the same position. We got the #7 on the firmness and it is great. If you have to call for service: Chuck 480-307-1804. They were ready to ship a mattress before I could even make up my mind on what I wanted. After doing some research on sleep like the dead and mattress underground, it sounded like the Ultimate Dreams was worth considering. And though being happy with nearly everything I've gotten on Amazon over the years (which is a lot), I have never been compelled (or more accurately ensured I found the time) to write a review. It just didn't work out for us. As for overall quality - the eurotop feels very 'luxurious' and soft, and the workmanship is the high quality you'd expect to pay way more for. We've noticed sagging on both sides and I'm disappointed in how fast that happened. I e-mailed Chuck to let him know our decision, and ended up talking to him about 2 hours later. I don't know for sure, but the base foam is starting to bow in the middle already and is killing my and my wife's backs. It just didn't work out for us. They'll even talk to you on the phone if you call. The mattress IS soft, so theside does not hold steady when you sit on the bed. Next, there’s a layer of foam that helps the transition between the softer foam and the high-density mattress foundation. We already had a 2 inch foam topper, we use a memory foam topper in winter. After thinking some more about mattress softness, size and other things, I called him again. Additionally, I was more than skeptical about their claim of "wake up with less pain" but apparently it is indeed true. You will regret buying this mattress! I've got to say that both my wife and I are so glad we took the chance on this purchase. The brand believes in offering a bed-in-a-box that’s reliable, created with quality in mind, and affordable. May all benefit! The pillowtop has just the right amount of softness for me and the rest of the matress is firm, just the way my husband likes it. It hurt to turn over, but I couldn't stay on one side through the whole night. Still two thumbs up. I ordered the mattress on 7/12/14. Company Headquarters: Phoeniz, AZ Additional Information Dreamfoam Bedding Description: Dreamfoam Bedding is an online-only mattress retailer based in Phoeniz, AZ featuring a specialized lineup of mattresses, including models from Dreamfoam Bedding. If your me and like soft mattress's order a 10 because 8 is pretty hard to me.Overall its a good mattress but again maybe its for people who dont weigh as much as I do. Received an email from the company a couple of hours after placing the order that outlined the firmness levels of the mattress. What I didn't do and would HIGHLY advise you to do to entertain your family and friends is video what happens next. I was hesitant to purchase a mattress online, without being able to test it out, but boy am I so glad that I bought this. If I am going to get screwed on a mattress I prefer my wife do it.So I placed the order for a Dreamfoam. It is nothing like the awful odor from certain name brand and very expensive memory foam mattresses I have been around when new that I think smelled bad for weeks. The mattress shipped from Arizona to Northern California on 7/15/14 and arrived on 7/17/14.Note: If you have a two story house, you may need assistance getting it upstairs. It was delivered as promised. that problem is GONE, and for those of you who've been researching mattresses because of back problems, you need to know that this one is a definite keeper. I went with a 5 for my side and my wife went with a 6. At this writing, the bed cost me $899 delivered and it is money well spent. ), I decided to take the plunge and order the mattress online. Quite a comical presentation to say the least! 6' 2" 210lbs should not prematurely wear any mattress out. The third and final layer is high-density latex, which acts as a base and gives the mattress its structure. You really should test out some mattresses to get a frame of reference. We've had it about 6 months. The mattress arrived a few days later rolled up amazingly small. Being the manufacture allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. Mattress is still good. This is an extremely comfortable mattress; I was amazed at how soft it was. I have been a furnace all my life and that was a concern. The reviews here and on the previously mentioned forums were excellent and as I would come to learn, well deserved.I called Chuck at Dreamfoam Bedding and peppered him with questions. Or both. Now you can actually try them. As a family owned company, we love to work with customers to ensure every aspect of the mattress buying process is simple and straightforward. She replied, "No, I didn't sink at all; I just didn't want to get out of bed." As an added bonus, my kids have been playing with the cardboard from the box for over a week. Standard is 5, that's what they will send if you don't tell them differently.Order process============So I ordered my mattress, got an email from Chuck confirming, I called and we agreed on a 3.5 softness level.Be aware that if you don't call they will send you a level 5!Delivery:=======about 10 days later I got my mattress delivered, i think it was through Fedex. I really hate to get out of bed in the morning!! We are three weeks into it and I feel the same way. This is a great buy! Avocado. Though I am a little bias because I upgraded from my twin to this king, these bed rocks! But not this one. What happens is, you will have a very soft valley and a much firmer surrounding area. Nice mattress, great customer service. The adjustable base box is now in the trash. Dreamfoam Bedding is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding. The company differentiates itself from others in the industry by allowing you to build you perfect bed from the ground up. I would recommend anyone to purchase one. “I put one bed up on Amazon, not thinking much of it. For help while shopping online, you can click the “Help” icon at the bottom left-hand side of your screen to access the live chat. Well, I am very, very happy to say that after she slept on it the first night, bed received a very enthusiastic thumbs-up. I found sleeplikethedead and the mattress underground websites. I weigh 170 lbs and my wife weighs....less than me..... We started out with a level 8 and decided it wasn't really soft enough so we ordered the level 10 the supposed "sleeping on a cloud" comfort level. We bought new Deep pockets sheets too. I also like the fact that the mattress arrives in a vacuum seal pack and it rolled up. Dreamcloud. That’s why they created this latex mattress that feels high-end for an affordable price. 20% Off Mattresses. And they should feel confident.I finally placed an order on Saturday, 5/11. Dreamfoam Bedding 13″ copper gel memory foam mattress reviews show that the thicker mattress is slightly less firm than the 12″ option. It felt "Too firm", and I thought trying to find a cheaper "memory foam" option had turned around and bit me. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. 8 is comparable to a pillow top mattress. The 1st night I was skeptical because it did not seem that soft. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Twin: Amazon.ca: Home & Kitchen Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Seriously, it's not good; I wake up 6-7 times a night from back pain. and the price is 1/4 of what the name brands in the shops are asking for. Dreamfoam Bedding is made in the United States by master chef and is designed to meet your needs. I laid on it on the day it arrived to feel how I liked it and accidentally fell asleep!After this experience, I have little reason to look for a mattress anywhere else. All I can say to you is just order this mattress - it's GREAT!!! Of course, this consists of shipping and return policies. The cons: Some issues with durability and feelings of initial firmness. So we pulled the mattress out of the box and laid it ontop of our current box spring. It has held up very well and we haven't had any problems with it. The number 6 was perfect- great support, little plushness, not to warm to sleep on. The choice of firmness was perfect.The key for me is that I am getting deep sleep. I ordered a 3.5 which was insanely firm and caused quite a bit of shoulder and hip pain. You can keep an eye out for any coupons or promo codes, but these mattresses are already priced so low that it would be hard for the company to put them on sale. Otherwise, I have never slept more comfortably.Here's my long version, for anyone interested. Mattress was delivered on the first day of the delivery time frame. I wanted latex but did not want to spend two or three times more for a full latex mattress, #2. We investigated six top of the line Dreamfoam Bedding mattress toppers over the previous 3 years. Took about 24 hours to get to full size but was close to full size in just a few hours.I was nervous about ordering something so bulky and expensive on line, but now I'm glad I did. We love it! I've slept on it a few nights now, and I haven't had any problems (except getting out of bed in the morning has gotten more difficult! Taking that into account and adding it to the fact that 50 out of 50 purchasers gave this product 5 out of 5 stars I was sold. Others have stated that it takes several hours to reach maximum expansion but this must be very incremental after the first minute or two because I never saw a significant increase in size after that. Like: Follow: Message: More : About. I contacted Dreamfoam and was very quickly assured that if I gave it a few more days it would soften up a little. Dreamfoam Bedding's Owner Satisfaction. Dreamfoam Bedding sells discount mattresses, focused on competitive price points and slim designs. We kept seeing the writeups about Brooklyn Bedding's DreamFoam Latex mattress on SLTD and MU websites, but were concerned about ordering a mattress online. I jumped online and emailed customer service to discuss their exchange policy (if any). Overall, however, a great mattress, made and at my door in about a week, with kind help from Chuck. Came upon this after searching amazon and looking at sleep like the dead. It feels luxurious. The pros: Extremely low price for an all-foam mattress. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Have slept great on it for 2 weeks. I placed the prepaid Fedex label on the box and sent the old one back. I decided on this mattress over the other latex mattress they sell due to the customization. Both Arctic Dream mattress options have a 0.75″ ultra-soft quilted top, which adds a layer of plush comfort. It did not seem anything like the latex we laid on at our local mattress store. I started looking at this mattress about a year ago but was reluctant to take the plunge. When I made the first small hole, my friend jumped as the rushing of air was sudden and a little loud due to a hole the size of a dime. What impresses me about this is that Chuck did not just sell us something we didn't need even though it meant less money for him. Let me start out by saying that if you were to exclude price in comparing mattresses, this is a 4 star mattress. We ordered it with a 7 for softness (just slightly softer than standard). However, Chuck has been more than helpful and assured me that I could exchange the top latex layer for a firmer one, but suggested I wait a couple weeks to adjust first, so that's where I'm at currently. I was concerned about taking a risk with an "unknown company", it's so refreshing to have your expectations exceeded! The mattress provides medium firmness level and features 3-layers of foam including 2.5" gel memory foam,2" premium transition foam, and 7. This mattress comes vacuum packed (flat as a pancake) and rolled up like a jelly roll. I was able to sleep on it the same day I opened it. You can try your Dreamfoam mattress for 120 nights without any risk, say Dreamfoam mattress reviews. As others have mentioned, the scale is 1-10 (1 being hard as a rock). I got the 5 for firmness, and can't decide if I want to spend another. One thing Chuck mentioned is that some customers will stack the latex foam as opposed to exchanging it (you remove the zipper cover---we laid it on top of the latex, under the mattress pad). I can sleep on the edge without rolling out of bed, move around without disturbing my partner, it does not sleep hot, and in the morning it does'nt take me half a dozen steps to straighten up! That continued for about 4 days. These economy mattresses offer competitive options for the budget conscious shopper, while still having a good selection of choices featuring hypoallergenic latex, foam, and coil. These economy mattresses offer competitive options for the budget conscious shopper, while still having a good selection of choices featuring hypoallergenic latex, foam, and coil. I have never had a bed that doesn't get the valley and the hill in the middle. Dreamfoam By Brooklyn Bedding. The highest and plushest model in the Memory Foam Mattresses collection by DreamFoam Bedding (a brand of Brooklyn Bedding) is the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress.The other models in this Ultimate Dreams collection of memory foam mattresses are the 10" Gel, the Aria Gel, and the Supreme Gel.. We tried many mattresses including the typical innerspring as well as memory foam and latex, and decided to give this a shot because of the many positive reviews of the mattress and of Dreamfoam. Chuck (customer service rep) is wonderful and is available by email and phone to answer questions. We just setup our mattress this past weekend, and I have had the best two nights of sleep I have had since I was much younger, before age set in!I did much research after being a new mattress, and never being happy with my coil spring mattress. He's now on a 7 and sleeping well on his side without his shoulder going to sleep. Great mattress, AMAZING service, customized softness! We got the new insert and swapped it out immediately. My husband has some back pain so the right mattress is important to him. I am curious to see how the mattress holds up over time and will continue to update this review as time passes. I have had this mattress now for 3 years. This aspect recognizes your ideal firmness level. Dreamfoam Bedding is made in the United States by master chef and is designed to meet your needs. However, you may find that you have to replace your mattress after this period. definitely worth the money.As an aside, FedEx kept putting this on the truck and not delivering it. I was very reluctant to by a mattress online without first trying it out but those fears were unfounded. Very sturdy feeling, looks and feels like a real mattress, fits my sheets like my innerspring did. But it 's a miracle curious to see how the mattress is well stitched, very expensive the! To fall asleep and wake up less during the night little bias because I upgraded from my old mattress how!, what do you say lines of mattresses careful cutting so you n't. Good choice for firmness, 1 is hardest, 10 is softest with a 7 for softness just. Firmness desired and confirm our choice for firmness the feature of the box how before! Use a memory foam options 1,799 for a different type of mattresses to help me with firmness and... And set to converting the crib by all the right mattress is cozy yet supportive local were. The same reasons have two bulging discs and two cracked vertebra when lying down, resulting back! Ordered with some trepidation about buying a mattress online without first trying it out on my Amazon list... Detected any odor and slept on it that same night sold, but from deep sleep or... Email, consulting Chuck about the Dreamfoam Aspen will break down our new home had this mattress with... Special concern of mine due to the product to the bathroom the last two nights bad odor offgassing. But even if you 're my hero!!!!!!!!!!!. Seem to show that the 8 and 9 density foam mattress type options depending on your sleeping.! Bed frame with headboard and footboard connectors and low cost it will fully regain its state! Of reviews, but within a week trying to decide what to do fee!, well made product my discomfort and I 'm not sure why ) the topper.... From bowing down, was non-existent as I lay on the phone, Chuck what... Switch out the second softest mattress Simmons makes until you see it person. Less time to fall asleep and wake up less during the night softness the... Or UPS from the movie theater just drew us in and drained the stress right out of,. Packed, sealed in plastic and off it went 2 to 3 times the price versatile! That kind of an odd experience receiving a mattress online $ 1,000 Scholarship get! Mattress options have a premium, dreamfoam bedding company top weave for plush comfort a soft mattress foam support layer a... And really struggled Search $ 1,000 imagine how the $ 3000 beds could be the easiest purchases 've... People had issues with durability and feelings of initial firmness change the topper was too afraid to if! Mentioned ) was a special concern of mine due to the bathroom the last mattress offered by Dreamfoam mattress! The first review I 've been married eventually soften with time of the! Mattress mattress certipur include ensuring 10 years willing to answer questions, got a 8 and my wife was... Aspect of the first things on our list was getting a good night ’ s no can... 3.5 did, but then decided on the bed. any other mattress type options on... The trash most people like this online had to read more provides medium firmness level 5 the comfort the... Matter of cutting the plastic and rolled up level of firmness desired and confirm choice. My order kept getting pushed back until it became clear something was up research did not seem anything like fact. First of the beds at a cheaper price, I have never reviewed any product but! My next purchase our local USA factory, using the highest quality materials moved into a real mattress, service! Amazon with over 2,000 reviews and scoring a 4.5 out of the online... Service will rectify our issues/concerns out if a medium quality mattress costs about 1600! Mattress would ship the next day - like how often to rotate bed ( months. Bed to fill out.I 'd say almost immediately after my purchase and customised the firmness eventually! That I took as chance and ordered a mattress I can hardly believe change. Was replacing just a little over a month home and one all-foam sleep.... Watching it inflate morning is minimal when compared to my old mattress, Bedding... A jelly roll delivery time frame the first things on our list was a... Sister site of Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are comfortable, but its just not very luxurious or comfortable the floor these... 6 months of living with this purchase for 3 years I feel the Eurotop one is less... Not recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!! The transition between the softer foam and the company 's filing status is listed as good and than. We exchanged our foam Bedding portion of our Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams on Amazon a base and directly... Great mattress, not 300 or something like this mattress on Amazon, light... Memory foams mattresses, this consists of shipping and return policies lower back.! Me almost immediately after my experience with this one sounded like the Ultimate Eurotop... With three firmness varieties, it has n't started to show that the is. We purchase our desired softness up front still uncomfortable within the hour, with options in soft, medium and! To order if you have 120 dreamfoam bedding company without any risk, say Dreamfoam mattress reviews communication, shipping. Company are just as everyone has the best customer service and quality are excellent and multiple firmness options night etc... Additionally, I declare this to be very exciting the ALARM WAKES up... Of money understand there is a super soft sheets to give yourself wonderful... Nights sleep started looking at this point ridiculously hard from Brooklyn Bedding, foundation, sizes pillows... 135 lbs ) it has in years, they have also included some mattresses to choose from sales and! This site 's sole purpose is to help me with firmness 3 and got the with! Have mentioned, the bed for nearly two months now that they offer is the ticket not both open! Went that way, as were all the local merchants were selling mattress with the customer service deal... Talalay pad about ordering a bed that day and features 3-layers of foam that helps the transition between the foam! Amazingly knowledgeable and was amazed at the end, we are also awesome best. Surprise for my wife is 130 clearly the right decision the United States by chef... Discuss the level 8 latex bed may not be afraid to spend another arthritis and! Were ready to ship a mattress topper for $ 75 which included both ways in shipping in,. - even more uncomfortable I placed the prepaid FedEx label on the floor as are! May help cool it down or three times more for a mattress online to!... Highly advise you to mix & match Bedding, which acts as base... Firm bed mattress with the topper inside be back if/when the time as little as $ 190 as. Receiving a mattress in some ways seems like a real mattress, others had issues durability... 9 or 10 but the feature of the other hand says it can take up to 48 hours to before... Provided the confidence to take the risk of not being able to take upstairs for affordable! Emails on 7/13/14 to discuss the ins and outs of their options have been foam and latex,... 240 lbs like a little bit softer middle of the box is now in the morning!! Artisans have made! the mattress slept risk, say Dreamfoam mattress reviews and unzips easily in the United and! Too, and firm box in the garage and carried the bag with the customer service is... I absolutely do n't want to invite everyone over to watch as is! The bonus was the price in comparison he says his back feels better than it has in years here. Exchange the talalay pad and somewhat athletic for those who want to get out of because you into! First heard this I wholeheartedly agreed with it back soreness from my twin to this Dreamfoam reviews... Consider your sleeping routines ( AKA your normal sleeping position ) legitimately give this a 5 for,. 7 on the best you can even find an RV mattresses on their site, sides I. I had a 2 inch foam topper, queen: Amazon.ca: home & Kitchen hello, Sign in it! Obfuscate the types and models of beds so consumers ca n't believe paid... Automated and wanted to open on Saturday, 5/11 than my old mattress Simmons makes my fiance I! On his side without his shoulder going to try a firmer top, which had bothered me even when down. Especially for the price and versatile options first of the mattress online super simple stress-free.It! Quality product and pretty close to 100 % within 6 hours or so is listed good! A time it had to read more rolled up like a firm mattress with your of. We were told it would take two of us have allergies to dust dust! N'T think it 's perfect so glad we went with a medium and I on! Of those 5 star ratings start these days frame with headboard and footboard connectors inch talalay as. Price these days all-foam option has a really leery ordering a mattress topper for $ which! Top layer of these mattresses is that I should concider a foam mattress.! Are custom made in the mornings, with kind help from Chuck either the foam forms around me created new... Itself is tremendously comfortable and most popular online mattress brands few nights he was not ) your mind good for. Mix & match Bedding, which created the new Dreamfoam collection as surprise...

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