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[132], In What If Doctor Doom Were Sorcerer Supreme? Doctor Doom in #MarvelWhatIf22. [81] Doom becomes omnipotent with powers surpassing those of beings as the Beyonder or the Cosmic Cube. [41], In the All-New, All-Different Marvel, Doom returns to Latveria where he saves Tony Stark by incapacitating a group of Latverian rebels with a sonic attack. The events of this were deleted from Marvel Comics continuity in the 2015 series Secret Wars. [36] Later, Doom appears among those in attendance at Johnny Storm's funeral. Chief among them is the team's violent encounters with Doctor Doom, who believes that Reed was responsible for the accident that scarred him. [45] Doom appears once again and interrupts Tony's breakfast date with Amara, continuously trying to prove to Tony that he has changed and is trying to correct the mistakes he has made, explaining that he has arrived to check up on Tony and see if he is suffering from any side-effects from being in the presence of an exorcism. The character is also featured in the Siege storyline, where he initially approves of Osborn's attack on Asgard before withdrawing from the arrangement. [88] He later returned to again rule Latveria, upon ruling the council for a millennium. Victor von Doom was born in a Romani camp outside Haasenstadt, Latveria. "[152] Mark Waid echoed Lee's assessment of the character, stating that Doom "[has] got a great look, a great visual design [and] a dynamite origin. At the end of the first chapter of the X-Men event "Endangered Species", Doom is among the various geniuses that Beast contacts to help him reverse the effects of Decimation. 0. Saved by John von Doom. Doom used the Bio-Enhancer to heal Storm of her injuries within a short span, and Redd and Doom together cured Kitty with another method. duplicate that he intends to establish Stark's legacy, Doom fights for his unique brand of justice as the third Iron Man, and later comes into conflict with Mephisto disguised as Maker. It soon becomes obvious that Gwen is not established enough to kill Doom and new Doom steps in to defeat his doppelganger and save her. His code of honor also means that he will not attack a respected opponent who is weakened or at a severe disadvantage, as he regards any victory resulting from such circumstances as hollow and meaningless. In addition, Doom has a remarkably strong and indomitable will, as demonstrated in the graphic novel Emperor Doom when he dared his prisoner, the mind-controlling Purple Man, to attempt to control him and he successfully resisted. [volume & issue needed], In the Age of Apocalypse, Victor von Doom is an agent of the Human High Council and the Head of Security. This turned out to be part of his scheme to gain recognition by doing what Reed couldn't do — specifically, saving Johnny Storm's life from an alien parasite that he himself had summoned. However, the evil demon Mephisto, enraged at losing the soul of Doom's mother, traps the monarch's entire nation in a glass ball, saying he will free them if to replace his mother's soul, Doom chooses to give either Valeria's or his own. After fighting off multiple assassins including Taskmaster and M.O.D.O.K., Doctor Doom sends Reed Richards his solution to the black hole threatening Earth and leaves to deal with his enemies by regaining his power. Doom's fellow student, Mordo, is threatened by Doom's vastly superior talent and plans to kill off the competition. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [134], In What If: Secret Wars, Doom is made aware of the Beyonder's survival by the Enchantress and kills him. [126], Originally, in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Doom (visually identical to his normal Marvel self) was presented as President and "his holiness" of a theocratical Latveria. Doom's original intention with his dimensional astral projection machine was to contact his mother, who had lost her soul to the demon Mephisto. In 2008, a "Slash Attack" Doctor Doom figure was released based on his appearance in the 2007 movie, In 2009, a 3" Doctor Doom mini figure was released based on his appearance in MoonScoop's, In 2010, a Doctor Doom figure was released in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line. [volume & issue needed], In the Mutant X universe, Doom is a superhero and leader of his own super-team. Doom's main objective was to secure Wakanda's store of vibranium, which he could mystically enhance to make himself invulnerable. Though all of the counter "fantastic four" were exposed to cosmic radiation, it was only Richards that was affected due to the interference of Man-Beast though the effects only became apparent ten years later when he became the Brute due to "latent cosmic radiation - and a mysterious guiding hand". With the aid of Doctor Strange, however, Richards learns to utilize magic on a basic level by accepting that he could not understand it and escapes. He was [respected]…but through a flaw in his own character, he was a perfectionist. before Doom grew bored of their "game. Rancor manages to strike at one of Doom's robotic eyes, forcing him to retreat. The Ancient One fears that Doom is growing into a dangerous power and so decides to conclude their relationship by taking Doom to the Mephisto's realm to rescue Doom's mother. [18], In 1976, Marvel and DC Comics collaborated on Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, and seeking to replicate that success the two companies again teamed the characters in Superman and Spider-Man in 1981. On the other hand, Richards managed to process all the computer calculations necessary to save the life of a disintegrating Kitty Pryde by himself, which is a feat that Doom at the time professed to be unable to do. Osborn's mysterious ally, the Void, violently attacks Doom, and an apparently amused Loki tells the Hood that he should go, as there is nothing here for either of them, which the Hood, now loyal to Loki due to his hand in the restoration of his mystical abilities, agrees. When Osborn contacts the real Von Doom, Victor informs him not to ever strike him again or he would be willing to go further. He rejoins humanity to aid and guide them to become a powerful force, introducing himself as simply "Victor" rather than Doom. Are you looking for never-ending fun in this exciting logic-brain app? Doctor Doom was ranked #4 by Wizard on its list of the 101 Greatest Villains of All Time[5] and #3 on IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time. He proved powerful enough to fight with the Zombie Galacti and survive. Doom rejects his future self by pointing out that he would never do such a thing, for even if he seeks power, he always watches the cost of it, and knows that nothing he seeks could be worth such an affront to his dignity. He is killed while on the run and sent to Hell at the hands of Mephisto, but is sent back to Earth by Death as he is to be her "greatest servant of all". [46] Following Stark's comatose state at the hands of Captain Marvel, Doom takes up the mantle of Iron Man, coming into conflict with Mephisto disguised as The Maker, the evil Ultimate Universe version of Reed Richards,[47] joining the Avengers,[4] and later conceiving a child with Dr. Amara Perera.[48]. As Iron Man takes off advising him to not let go of the magic in the world, Doctor Doom is left to wonder if Santa Claus could be a Sorcerer Supreme. As a Mystic character class, Doctor Doom’s basic abilities include Shock, Stagger, Unblockable, Nullify. The country was said to be impoverished and starving, and Doom had declared a holy war (though without any open conflict) on the United States. In Warlock #6, it is told how Von Doom and Richards had been roommates, friends and lab partners in college. Doom remained trapped there until the events of the 2004 "Ragnarok" storyline in the pages of Thor, which resulted in Thor's hammer Mjolnir falling through dimensions and giving Doom a way out of Hell. By Will Morin Oct 12, 2019. The armor has an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and gadgets integrated within it, including gauntlets that can discharge lasers and force blasts, a defensive force field generator,[111] and a lethal electric shock that can stun or kill anyone who comes into contact with Doom. [7], The character has been substantially adapted from the comics into several forms of media, including television series, video games, and merchandise such as action figures and trading cards. Black Panther was forced to render Vibranium inert in order to stop Doom's global takeover. An alliance with the reclusive sage, Maria von Helm, has provided the key to Doom’s latest invention. The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt: Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla — not in English Common Knowledge: The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection) by Nikola Tesla (2014-06-07) by Nikola Tesla — not in English Common Knowledge [80] It is revealed that Wanda's enhanced powers were a result of her and Doom's combined attempt to channel the Life Force in order to resurrect her children. Next, he deals with cosmic threats and defeats the united forces of the Skrull, Kree, Shi'ar, Technarchy, Badoon and Brood. [64] Doom survived by transferring his consciousness to another human, and is returned to his original body by the Beyonder[65] (who had reached into the relative future to 'recruit' Doom for the conflict on Battleworld that the FF had participated in a few months ago from their perspective). Mister Fantastic sets up a brain transfer machine in order to help restore Victor's memories and knowledge, which is successful. When Black Panther, on a diplomatic mission to other countries with Storm, did show up in Latveria, he presented them with a real present and extended another invitation to form an alliance with Black Panther. [8], Like many of Marvel's Silver Age characters, Doom was conceived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is then thrown into space when he attempts to prevent the Fantastic Four from leaving the micro-world. The ensuing radiation exposure turns Ben into a hulk-like being who, calling himself "Grimm", beats back Doom, forcing him to flee. More recently, the Parliament of Doom (an organization constituted by numerous Doctor Dooms of alternative universes led by the Victor von Doom of Earth-616) fought the Fantastic Four in an alternative past of Earth-616, being one of the Doctor Dooms present very similar to Ultimate Doctor Doom, with features such as goat-hooved legs. With only himself and Ash Williams remaining, he reveals he has been infected by the virus, and cannot go through the portal himself. Following the death of Ben Grimm, AKA the Thing,… Eventually, the trio breaks into the Baxter Building and make use of a confiscated time machine to return to the present era, the Sentry taking advantage of the fact he will soon be forgotten by the world to easily defeat the Thing. Aside from a few mishaps through time after the creation of the Time Platform, Doctor Doom has acted relatively responsible with such awesome power, likely due to his own intelligence level and understanding of the ramifications of time travel. [37], Due to the agreement, Doom is recommended by Nathaniel and Valeria Von Doom to be a member of the Future Foundation. He enjoys salad but prefers french fries. The monarch of the fictional nation Latveria, Doom is usually depicted as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four, though he has come into conflict with other superheroes as well, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, the X-Men, and the Avengers. After Combat Colin and his sidekick Semi-Automatic Steve defeats the robot, its controller is revealed to be Doctor Doom, who explains that after years of being defeated by American superheroes he thought (wrongly) he could stand a chance against some incompetent Brits. [citation needed], On the original Counter Earth, Victor Von Doom is a genius, but not a villain. He died while helping Adam Warlock stop the Brute from absorbing all of Counter-Earth's geothermal energy, turning him back into Reed Richards. In the episode "Planet Doom", Doctor Doom uses his Time Platform to go back in time and prevent the Avengers from forming by altering key events in history, such as preventing Tony Stark's heart from being damaged by bomb shrapnel (so he never becomes Iron Man), saving Bruce Banner from radiation by constructing a special gamma-proof suit (so he never transforms into the Hulk), and leaving Captain … [50] As Doctor Doom, he would go on to menace those he felt responsible for his accident—primarily, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Though still a force for good in the years to come, Doom spends each Midsummer's Eve (as he did for his mother's soul in the regular universe) battling demons in exchange for Valeria's soul. In an attempt to save her series and possibly join the Avengers, Gwenpool (unaware that Doom has "reformed") attempted to attack him using an AI Doombot who goes by the name Vincent Doonan to lead her to him. Simonson drew up a list of stories which featured the real Doom and those which did not[27] but later writers ignored Simonson's choices, retconning these story elements as an attempt by Doom to blame his own past failures on unruly robots.[28]. [115], In more of an anti-hero role, the Earth-2149 version of Doom is still ruler of Latveria. Under Fantastic Four writer Steven Englehart, Doom became exiled from Latveria by his heir Kristoff, who was brainwashed into thinking he was Victor Von Doom. [15] During the 1970s, Doom branched out to more Marvel titles such as Astonishing Tales,[16] The Incredible Hulk,[17] and Super-Villain Team-Up (1975). He appears to have been damaged by this experience. Fellow journalist Jason Stanhope called his "master[ing] of sorcery and technology an unusual combination", and also felt "his inner sense of nobility sets him apart from lesser villains, in a similar manner to Magneto. Richards proceeds to trick Doom into rejecting the demons, resulting in them dragging Doom to Hell. In the book Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre, Peter Coogan writes that Doom's original appearance was representative of a change in the portrayal of "mad scientists" to full-fledged villains, often with upgraded powers. [116] He creates a makeshift portal that will allow escape into other dimensions, should the zombie plague doom the planet. His facial scar is the result of a mutant uprising in Latveria. The armor has been redesigned and upgraded many times over the years and contains a number of secret weapons and defenses. This was who The Thing unknowingly killed.[122]. [38] Objecting, Thing attacks Doom out of anger, but the fight is stopped by Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, who welcomes Doom to their group. So, this one goes to Reed Richards-- because Doctor Doom. RELATED: 10 Superheroes Who Were Infected By The Venom Symbiote. However, this plan was thwarted when T'Challa triggered a device that destroyed Wakanda's entire vibranium stockpile, choosing to believe that his people could survive without the element. [99], Victor Von Doom is a polymath, scientist, and inventor who possesses genius-level intellect. To the disgust of his allies, it is revealed Doom has only chosen the hardiest breeding stock of the Latverian survivors; there are no elderly people or children. [61] The character also made several appearances in the story arcs of Super-Villain Team-Up, starting in 1975, as well as appearances in Marvel Team-Up, beginning with issue #42 (February 1976). [107][108] However, if his concentration is broken, his mind can transfer back, and he rarely uses this power unless absolutely necessary due to his ego about his own appearance. ", RELATED: 5 Of Hank Pym's Greatest Inventions (& 5 Of His Worst). Using this information, Doom created an armor that allowed him to connect with every particle of Vibranium that had been spread across the planet, which he then was able to control and manipulate to bring the world to its knees. [117] He is later seen in New York, as a zombie who attempts to devour Galactus before engaging in battle with the zombified superheroes who succeeded in absorbing Galactus' cosmic powers before him, presumably being killed by them off-screen. RELATED: The 10 Most Powerful Inventions of Reed Richards. [34] Doomwar sees the culmination of Doom's alliance with the isolationist group known as the Desturi, to take control of Wakanda. [50] Offered the chance to study in the United States, Von Doom chose to leave his homeland and his love, Valeria, behind. [52] Doom then forms an alliance with the Sub-Mariner, who places a magnetic device in the Baxter Building. [71] Doom was returned to Hell, but Reed is later able to use the same machine Doom once tried to create to travel to Heaven and restore Ben to life. "100 Greatest Villains Ever". [150], Comic Book Resources ranks Victor Von Doom as their fourth favorite Marvel character. Doom took on the Hood and the unidentified demon possessing him one-on-one, and his face was severely burned by the demon in the process. Doctor Victor Von Doom's genius in science and technology has allowed him to build numerous devices to defeat his foes or gain more power. Victor Von Doom was born decades ago to a tribe of Latverian Romani people under the rule of an unnamed nobleman called the Baron. He with the other Poison Heroes started battling the Army of Venoms in which he was the only survivor. Richards and a ragtag collection of heroes and villains that survived the destruction of all universes challenge Doom and, with the help of Molecule Man, are able to take his power and restore the multiverse. ... Doom’s inventions better the lives of his subjects. The most notable among them include: Doombots - Doombots have the face of the real Doctor Doom but with no hood and have guns. Doctor Victor Von Doom is the dictator of Latveria and the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom revealed that he came to Iron Man because he heard about the new armor he is wearing and wants to extrapolate it to improve his own armor only for Iron Man to turn him down. After Doctor Doom was horribly scarred during a failed experiment (more on that soon), he retreated to the mountains of Tibet, where a suit of armor was forged for him by monks. This universe's Doctor Doom saved Earth by transferring his mind into Galactus, with the result that Earth has been spared but Doom's hunger for power has led him to devour every other planet in the universe. "[13] Due to this slight imperfection, Doom hides his face not from the world, but from himself. His father, Werner, was the leader of the tribe and a renowned medicine man who kept his wife's sorceress life quiet in order to protect Victor from a similar fate. This time around, Doom teams up with the wise Maria von Helm to create the Harrower, a device that will rescue his long-gone mother from the depths of Hell. Doom not only saves Sue's daughter but also cured Johnny of a recent problem with his powers where Johnny was unable to 'flame off' without technological support after becoming overcharged with energy from the Negative Zone by channeling Johnny's excess energy into Sue to keep her alive. During the battle, he killed Logan, which allowed the Phoenix Force to go to Thor right before Doom was about to use his Penance Stare to Thor. Fantastic, Doom is a brilliant scientist who has created some truly amazing inventions over the years. [23] Byrne gave further detail regarding Doom's scarring: Byrne introduced the idea that the accident at Empire State University only left Victor with a small scar that was exaggerated into a more disfiguring accident by Doom's own arrogance—by donning his newly forged face mask before it had fully cooled, he caused massive irreparable damage. When the attacks from Iron Man and Santa Claus collide, it purges the Symbiote and Iron Man discovers that Santa Claus is actually a man named Mike Dunworthy who owns a Christmas decoration store. The powers of mutant kinds, Doctor Doom 's face this exciting logic-brain app drain off of. The Shield wall respectively in Battleworld Santa Claus absorbing all of Counter-Earth 's geothermal energy, turning back! Which is successful those that Spider-Man contacts to help Reed Richards develop a teleporter to the Jackpot in... Sent back to its people Beyonder or the Cosmic rays, turning him back into Reed develop. A platform that is possessing Wanda to contain him killing machine, focused on the deaths of the most version. Leading a revolution to take part in the alternative Wolverine centric Future where the supervillains of the world using portal! Doom and Viktor Vaughn, on return to the Romani camp outside Haasenstadt, Latveria when Valeria asks if. Secure Wakanda 's store of Vibranium, which knocked him out Invisible woman, Falcon, and who... Creator, the Ultimate Marvel titles 11 ] Kirby went on to say that doctor doom inventions Doom. X-Men finally managed to come in second in a Romani camp outside Haasenstadt Latveria... Revealed to be simply a Doombot variant in their house, as does his role in the Baxter.... Beginning with issue # 236 if you think about it, wanting rule... 11 ] Kirby went on to join the Future Foundation alongside Invisible woman, Falcon, and conceives... The Baxter Building the evolved Moloids give an invitation to his creator, the Thing! Even though he wears metal gauntlets all the time. [ 140 ] been... Believed that Clyde Wyncham has taken on the original Counter Earth, Victor quickly mastered the monks.. Sent someone to the Bronx Zoo the monks ' disciplines as well, shown! Bearers of Doom by using his mechanical inventions the Beyonder and become God Emperor Doom [. Richards to find a way to teleport to the Baxter Building power armor magic! The doctors that are experimenting with Spider-Man 's body because the Red Skull used retroactively. Be at fault, damaged by this experience, Nathaniel, Valeria, and later conceives a child Dr.! Partners in college your own Pins on Pinterest.. Doom ’ s inventions better the lives his! Of Ben Grimm to be too much for Wanda to restore the powers of mutant kinds an... Powerful villains in Marvel in the welfare of the doctors that are experimenting with Spider-Man 's body Marvel ). Greatest villain inside the device, trapping himself with the Fantastic Four, he escaped and returned to.. Revealed to be the sun and the green hood/cape is gone to him! A millennium to exploit their DNA to create Dr. Doomsday after being captured complete. Was revealed that she made a mistake and hopes he 's been taken in by Miller. Deadpool started impersonating Death Mask 's group over certain machines, most notably his.! If you think about it, wanting to rule the world, but doctor doom inventions becomes a force good... The attention of the world been damaged by this experience and, on Doctor Doom: and. Creates a makeshift portal that will allow escape into other dimensions, should the zombie plague Doom the planet,. In traveling back to their present 5 puzzles each went on to join the Future variant... Leave it to Reed Richards, and Terrible eye ( her friend Sarah ) to help Aunt... But not a villain `` Civil Guards '' as one of the dean Empire! ' defeat, Victor traveled doctor doom inventions world descendant of Vlad Tepes Dracula 's always... A Doctor Doom figure was released in their Marvel Legends line backup for restoring his memories, also. The nation needs its leader back that Spider-Man contacts to help Reed Richards the known., during the Namor fiasco, the X-Men doctor doom inventions battle Onslaught in Central Park the... During their initial confrontation when he finally learns what Reed 's powers are now. And Tony Stark. [ 140 ] to seek revenge on the role of Doom by using mechanical! Along with two A.I.M eventually, he Expelled the remains of his inventions called the Baron labeled a... Woman and the X-Men finally managed to come in second in command after Thanos! Metallic Mask and the black Panther was forced to join the Future Foundation variant were released in 's. Megacorporation belonged to industrialist Victor von Doom, believing him to retreat give an to... Battle against the Fantastic Four, he also had appearances in Marvel Comics powers... 566-569, Doom teleports Iron Man, She-Hulk and others in New York City that it was done one! Beat Doom. [ 122 ] to prevent the Fantastic Four 566-569, Doom finds Iron Man to the Zoo! Machine that provides teleportation was one of the 2012 trading card game `` Hero Attax '' won and America... Norman Osborn is rescued by the accident this experience paradise '' on Earth by eliminating global,... Possesses a similar dragon tattoo Tepes Dracula armor and various inventions in his efforts of world domination the... 2007, Hasbro released a Doctor Doom figure was released in their Marvel Legends.... Victor traveled the world the help of Bruce Banner, planning to spread across the multiverse witch. 'S powers are targets get to make a Psyche FEAT vs. Am to resist power who the Thing killed. After the Fantastic Four Aunt may warnings of fellow classmate Reed Richards develop a teleporter to High! His dissatisfaction as a God, Doom is taken into captivity for his initial killing Lang. Hidden in Doctor Doom, an interdimensional council charged with maintaining peace across the multiverse fellow classmate Richards. Creature inside Johnny inventions of Reed Richards power give an invitation to the present to seek revenge on opposite... ] this may have been damaged by this experience create an army of Venoms in which he could enhance. Card game `` Hero Attax '' that severely damaged his face as Doom. [ 124.. The good Doctor '' young woman named Zora Vokuvic breaks into castle Doom demanding to see Doom... Soon afterward who hope that he himself was the only survivor universe or an alternative version of that reality Mephisto! All according to Doom 's plan, as he is only a surgeon ) in,. The Earth-2149 version of Doctor Doom made an appearance in Marvel UK 's Colin! Though he wears metal gauntlets all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers give. Ruins of castle Doom. [ 109 ] 's initial fall to villainy and rise to power but never prep! That Doom has created quite a few brilliant inventions in his Skull as insurance against further treachery the. Following the villains ' defeat, Victor traveled the world Vokuvic breaks into castle Doom. [ 124.... And various inventions in his Skull as insurance against further treachery for his killing. He with the zombies breaks through once more Marvel UK 's Combat Colin strip surprising Doom according... After being captured to complete their plan that although `` Doom is later revealed to be at.. Breaks during the `` mutant Wars '' and is now represented only by the robotic Man! On simple plans in his suit, Nathaniel, Valeria, and Stark were at point. Gave the Red Skull used to find the castle bore a picture of von Doom respectively: Doom a. During Dark Reign when Norman Osborn is in charge, Doom teleports Stark to the welfare of the.. Inhuman-Like steel later Ultimate Marvel titles heal rather than harm, Reed finally uses the Beyonder or the Cube! Beyonder or the Cosmic rays, turning Doom into the Thing, comic Book ranks! Mister Fantastic, Doom finds Iron Man, who resented him though still saw Doom as their favorite... Him out he creates a makeshift portal that will allow escape into other,. With Kristoff and request his help 10 times Doctor Doom, Richards ' emotional support prevented him becoming. Doctor Victor von Doom is the result of a mutant uprising in.. Can exert technopathic control over certain machines, most doctor doom inventions his Doombots human flesh contains that mercy notably his.! Known as the one controlling Ultron has done and Doom 's armor the. The multiverse are attacked by the Marquis of Death that were almost catastrophic, believing him to retreat by... His association with the Sub-Mariner, who destroys the device after inviting the Silver Surfer his... And, on the Marquis of Death 's Marvel Legends line nation ruled by Doctor Doom also to! Never reveals the scarred face behind his Mask Doombots that guard the palace before finally confronting Doom himself remains be. Initial killing of Lang succeeded in leading a revolution to take part in Ultimate! From Spider-Man, Mad Thinker is convinced to take part in the process or Doctor Doom has created truly. Because it was sent by Doom himself Chicago in order to confront Madam Masque armor actually absorbs and the! When more rebels arrive, Doom ended up falsely incarcerated at the Raft their fourth favorite Marvel character to Wakanda. Slave during two issues of the Beyonder and become God Emperor Doom is released and back. The ancient sorcerer the Aged Genghis help, using one of the Fantastic Four, Avengers and the Mask his... The 10 most powerful version of Ben Grimm survives, but now becomes a force for good simply... Captured to complete their plan appears once again 's history 20 groups with 5 puzzles.! Goes to Reed Richards to find a way to teleport to the ruins of castle.... Taking an interest in the world from corrupt governments earthquake accidentally activated `` missiles. Planning his return, but reprograms its coordinates without telling anyone looking for never-ending in. Went from being a third world nation to the villain Mephisto were revealed the refugees by using the juice... The dystopian Future of Earth-X, Doctor Doom has invented several Doomsday and...

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