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Old maps of Dawson County on Old Maps Online. Phone. 402-563-4925, http://www.plattecounty.net/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://platte.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-563-4913 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Platte, Sheila Cermak 111 W Fairfield St PO Box 2 Butte, NE 68722 Assessor . Taylor, NE 68879 625 6th St The Planning Commission is tasked with the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations to the County Board of Commissioners regarding applications for Special and Conditional Use permitting, proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Regulations, among others. 408 4th St Dawson County is a county in the U.S. state of Nebraska.As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 24,326. PO Box 895 402-372-6000, http://cumingco.com/government/departments/assessor/, Parcel Search: https://cuming.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cuming, County Treasurer: 402-372-6011 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cuming, Lana Lymber 402-755-5601, http://www.co.dixon.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-755-5603 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dixon, Debbie Churchill 308-428-5310, http://www.greeleycounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://greeley.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Greeley, County Treasurer: 308-428-3535 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Greeley, Kristi Wold Hartington, NE 68739 All other data is subject to change. Grant & Harrison St 1825 10th St 308-254-2633, https://www.cheyennecountyne.net/county-assessor, Parcel Search: https://cheyenne.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-254-2733 Real Estate Tax Website: https://cheyenne.gworks.com/, Brenda Hansen You may not use this site for the purposes of furnishing consumer reports about search subjects or for any use prohibited by the FCRA. PO Box 309  Center, NE 68724 Wayne, NE 68787 402-497-3791, https://co.keya-paha.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html​, Parcel Search: https://keyapaha.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-497-3891 Real Estate Tax Website: https://keyapaha.gworks.com/, Sherry Winstrom Lookup background checks, criminal and court records. Go to Data Online. Dawson County is the 15th biggest county (1,019 square miles) in Nebraska. Emergency Manager . Bridgeport, NE 69336 Pierce, NE 68767 308-423-2821, County Treasurer: 308-423-2346 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dundy, Lynn Mussman Ord, NE 68862 The Douglas County, NE Geographic Information Web Server provides online access to geographic and property record information currently maintained by Douglas County, NE for individual parcels of property. Springview, NE 68778 402-376-1630, http://www.co.cherry.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://cherry.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-376-1580 Real Estate Tax Website: https://cherry.gworks.com/, Melody Keller PO Box 207 PO Box 87 County Register of Deeds Address. 451 5th St Hastings, NE 68901 Falls City, NE 68355 225 N 4th St., Room 202 PO Box 368 Planning and Zoning 402-223-1308, http://www.gagecountynebraska.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-223-1315 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Gage, Janet Shaul 1210 Golden Gate Dr., Suite 1122 308-946-2443, http://www.merrickcounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://merrick.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Merrick, County Treasurer: 308-946-2171 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Merrick, Rose Nelson 7TH & Washington Stapleton, NE 69163 308-432-0103, County Treasurer: 308-432-0105  Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawes, John Phillip Moore 433 N Chestnut St., Suite 200 We are still working in the office and you may contact us by phone at 706-344-3590 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to answer any questions. 900 G ST 402-385-2251, http://thurstoncountynebraska.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://thurston.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-385-3058 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thurston, Linda Waltman The assessment information is from the last certified tax roll. 308-832-2625, http://www.kearneycounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://kearney.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kearney, County Treasurer: 308-832-2730 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kearney, Renae Zink 1700 Stone St 308-645-2261, http://www.thomascountynebraska.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://thomas.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-645-2262 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thomas, Susan Schrieber The Dawson County Assessor makes every effort to produce the most accurate information possible. Nebraska City, NE 68410 Dawson County, Nebraska - Assessor's Office. 921 Broadway  402-759-3613, http://www.fillmorecounty.org/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://fillmore.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-759-3812 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Fillmore, Linda Dallman Privacy Policy Address and Phone Number for Dawson County Assessor's Office, an Assessor Office, at North Washington Street, Lexington NE. Dawson County, Nebraska Residential Property Valuation Dawson County, Nebraska Assessor Parcel Maps HomeInfoMax.com – Public Information & Property Records – Dawson County Complete Assessor Address Listing:PDF (Excel), Nebraska Assessors Online or Nebraska Taxes Online (operated by Nebraska Association of County Officials), Jackie Russell PO Box 527 Grant, NE 69140 Courthouse 2nd Floor Discover the past of Dawson County on historical maps. 402-775-2311, http://www.boydcounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://boyd.gworks.com/  or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Boyd, Terri Van Houten 405 15th Ave  402-335-6303, https://johnsoncounty.ne.gov/county-assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://johnson.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-335-6310 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Johnson, Jennifer L. Pittner 402-852-2292, Parcel Search: https://pawnee.gworks.com/  or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pawnee, County Treasurer: 402-852-2380 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pawnee, Peggy Burton 1601 Broadway For questions on displayed information contact Dawson County Treasurer (308) 324-3241 Ponca, NE 68770 402-254-7431, http://www.co.cedar.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-254-7421 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cedar, Dorothy Bartels 402-768-6417, http://thayercountyne.gov/office/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://thayer.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-768-6227 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thayer, Lorissa Hartman 308-995-4061, http://www.phelpsgov.org/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://phelps.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Phelps, County Treasurer: 308-995-6115 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Phelps, Jean Lubke All rights reserved. 510 Pearl St John Moore - Assessor. 308-324-3471, https://www.dawsoncountyne.org/administrative/assessor.php, Parcel Search: https://dawson.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawson, County Treasurer: 308-324-3241 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawson, Marica Schievelbein PO Box 1270 PO Box 487  Schuyler, Ne 68661 Welcome to the Adams County Assessor's Office. Find 6 Assessor Offices within 44.5 miles of Dawson County Assessor's Office. Imperial, NE 69033 Tecumseh, NE 68450  402-461-7116, http://www.adamscounty.org/county-assessor, Parcel Search: https://adams.nebraskaassessors.com/ or https://gis.adamscounty.org/map/, County Treasurer: 402-461-7124 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Adams, Kelly E. Mueller-Oltjenbruns (18) Dawson County (Lexington) You can obtain a driver's license in any Nebraska DMV driver licensing office. 1819 Farnam St, Civic Center, Suite 400 Dawson County Assessor's Office Services . 411 E 11th St PO Box 183 Board of Commissioners . Stockville, NE 69042  510 Lincoln Ave 308-385-5050, http://www.hallcountyne.gov/content.lasso?page=6024, Parcel Search: https://hall.nebraskaassessors.com/index.php, County Treasurer: 308-385-5025 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hall, Patricia E. Sandberg Kimball, NE 69145 101 South Broadway Grand Island, NE 68801 Room 5 Hyannis, NE 69350 If you need to pay your property tax bill, ask about a property tax assessment, look up the Dawson County property tax due date, or find property tax records, visit the Dawson County Tax Assessor's page. North Platte, NE 69101 Osceola, NE 68651 308-236-1205, http://www.buffalogov.org/offices/Assessor/, Parcel Search: https://buffalo.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-236-1250 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Buffalo, Joni Renshaw John P. Moore, Dawson County Assessor 700 N Washington, Room C Lexington, NE 68850 Phone: 308-324-3471 Fax: 308-324-9833 E-mail John at john.moore@dawsoncountyne.org Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 2017 Total Valuations for Political Subdivisions COUNTY GIS County Soil Information: This information is unavailable at this time October 15. 500 Anderson St 402-762-3792, http://www.claycounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-762-3505 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Clay, Viola Bender Wahoo, NE 68066 The AcreValue Dawson County, GA plat map, sourced from the Dawson County, GA tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. 308-872-2981, http://www.co.custer.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://custer.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-872-2921 Real Estate Tax Website: https://custer.gworks.com/?t=treasurer/, Christy Abts Dawson County, NE Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records Nobody is exactly sure where Dawson County derived its name. 308-262-1534, http://www.morrillcounty.ne.gov/assessor.html, Parcel Search: http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Morrill or https://morrill.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-262-1177 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Morrill, Megan Zoucha Chappell, NE 69129 308-772-4464, Parcel Search: https://garden.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-772-3622 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Garden, Kali Swett PO Box 158 Holdrege, NE 68949 Arthur, NE 69121 Harrisburg, NE 69345 1510 18th St Elections. Rushville, NE 69360 Dawson County property records and other real estate information is available about homes in Dawson County, NE on realtor.com®! 402-821-2588, http://www.co.saline.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://saline.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-821-2375 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Saline, Dan Pittman 308-324-3241. Terms and Conditions. 325 Main St PO Box 122 PO Box 467 511 N Spruce St 204 N 4th  PO Box 67 Bassett, NE 68714 The Dawson County Planning Commission has an opening for a new member. Franklin, NE 68939 308-327-5652, Parcel Search: https://sheridan.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-327-5651 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sheridan, Sherie Kuszak 204 S High St Senior Exemptions; and 3. 401 Thayer St 402-374-2926, http://www.burtcounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-374-2911 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Burt, Vickie Donoghue 229 East D St  114 E 3rd St Room 200 402-362-4926, County Treasurer: 402-362-4929 Real Estate Tax Website: https://york.gworks.com/, Remote Sellers & Marketplace Facilitators, IRS Publication 3079, Gaming Publication for Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2017 Nebraska Tax Incentives Annual Report, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Adams, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Antelope, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Banner, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Banner, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Boone, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=BoxB, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Boyd, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Buffalo, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Burt, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cass, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cedar, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Chase, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Clay, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Colfax, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cuming, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Cuming, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dakota, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawes, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawson, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dawson, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Deuel, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Deuel, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dixon, http://douglasne.mapping-online.com/DouglasCoNe, https://payments.dctreasurer.org/search.xhtml, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dundy, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Fillmore, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Franklin, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Franklin, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Frontier, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Furnas, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Furnas, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Gage, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Garden, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Garfield, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Gosper, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Greeley, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Greeley, https://hall.nebraskaassessors.com/index.php, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hall, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hamiltn, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Harlan, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hayes, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hitchcock, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Holt, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Jefferso, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Jefferso, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Johnson, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kearney, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kearney, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Keith, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Keith, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kimball, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Knox, https://maps.lincoln.ne.gov/default/index.html?viewer=GISViewer, https://app.lincoln.ne.gov/aspx/cnty/cto/, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Lincoln, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Logan, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Madison, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Merrick, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Merrick, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Morrill, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Morrill, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Nance, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Nemaha, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Nuckolls, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Nuckolls, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Otoe, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pawnee, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pawnee, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Perkins, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Phelps, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Phelps, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pierce, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Platte, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=RedWill, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Richardsn, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Rock, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Saline, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Saunders, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Scotts, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Scotts, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Seward, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sheridan, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sioux, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sioux, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Stanton, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thayer, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thomas, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Thurston, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Valley, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Washingt, http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Wayne, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Wayne, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Webster, https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Wheeler. Tryon, NE 69167 Appraiser. 402-288-5601, https://co.knox.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-288-5615 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Knox, Rob Ogden 402-375-1979, http://www.waynecountyne.org/index.aspx?nid=96, Parcel Search: http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Wayne or https://wayne.gworks.com, County Treasurer: 402-375-3885 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Wayne, Sonja Krueger AcreValue helps you locate parcels, property lines, and ownership information for land online, eliminating the need for plat books. 351 Broadway  Nearby States: South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota. Room 202 Clay Center, NE 68933 Stanton, NE 68779 112 7th Avenue West PO Box 247 PO Box 248 The AcreValue Dawson County, NE plat map, sourced from the Dawson County, NE tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. 1555 Colfax St Ogallala, NE 69153 Hayes Center, NE 69032 Dawson Assessor. 308-268-3145, http://www.furnascounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://furnas.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Furnas, County Treasurer: 308-268-2195 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Furnas, Patti Milligan ... County Assessor. PO Box 184 Compare properties, browse amenities and find your ideal property in Dawson County, Nebraska No warranties, expressed or implied are provided for the data herein, its use or interpretation. 3rd & Main Property tax assessments in Dawson County are the responsibility of the Dawson County Tax Assessor, whose office is located in Lexington, Nebraska.. Limit of 5 free uses per day. Find 66 homes for sale in Dawson County with a median listing price of $148,500. Brewster, NE 68821 402-426-6800, http://www.co.washington.ne.us/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://washington.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-426-6888 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Washingt, Dawn Duffy Suite 102 Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . PO Box 127 . 6th & Main Mullen, NE 69152 145 N. 4th Street PO Box 9 Trenton, NE 69044 By submitting this form you agree to our Privacy Policy & Terms. The Dawson County Tax Assessor is the local official who is responsible for assessing the taxable value of all properties within Dawson County, and may establish the amount of tax due on that property based on the fair market value appraisal. Assessor John Moore said this week that his office is busy now compiling information for the annual valuation change notices, scheduled to arrive by mail June 1. Auburn, NE 68305 PO Box 350  Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, our office will be closed to the public dueto concerns related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). PO Box 250 310 Courthouse Dr. PO Box 370  Sidney, NE 69162 PO Box 217  308-345-4388, http://www.co.red-willow.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://redwillow.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-345-6515 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=RedWill, Pam Vice 451 Main St Parcel search is available for counties marked with an asterisk* Parcel search … Greeley, NE 68842 145 Lincoln Ave 1000 10th Ave  Go to Data Online. PO Box 446 Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Dakota City, NE 68731 (308) 324 - 3471. Blair, NE 68008 There are no items in your cart. Courthouse & State Street. Madison, NE 68748 308-534-4350, http://www.co.lincoln.ne.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9&Itemid=20, Parcel Search: https://lincoln.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-534-4350 Ext 120 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Lincoln, Debbie Myers Room 104 308-547-2222, http://www.blainecounty.ne.gov/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://blaine.gworks.com/, Barbara Hanson 502 Norris Ave 515 Box Butte Ave. Plattsmouth, NE 68048-1964  200 Lincoln Ave Attorney . Red Cloud, NE 68970 Find 10 external resources related to Dawson County Assessor's Office. Tekamah, NE 68061 507 Smith Ave  308-235-2362, http://www.co.kimball.ne.us/content/assessor_content, Parcel Search: https://kimball.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-235-2242 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Kimball, Monica McManigal County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. 1512 Central Ave The maps and data are for illustration purposes and may not be … Alliance, NE 69301, Parcel Search: https://boxbutte.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-762-6975 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=BoxB, Tammy Haney 148 W 4th St Suite 6 Ainsworth, NE 69210 Seward, NE 68434 308-458-2488, Joan Goodrich Oshkosh, NE 69154 Valentine, NE 69201 Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to as personal property. Dawson County Tax Records are documents related to property taxes, employment taxes, taxes on goods and services, and a range of other taxes in Dawson County, Nebraska. PO Box 391 411 4th St Harrison, NE 69346 Hebron, NE 68370 Homestead Exemption; 2. O'Neill, NE 68763 308-324-2127. Popularity:#41 of 92 Assessor Offices in Nebraska#2,921 in Assessor Offices. All Rights Reserved. Broken Bow, NE 68822 Dawson County, Nebraska. Kearney, NE 68848-1270 Chadron, NE 69337 Cheyenne County Offices. Omaha, NE 68183  PO Box 8 West Point, NE 68788 Room 107 Loup City, NE 68853 Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to … Clerk District Court. Help us keep this directory a great place for public records information. --Select a County-- Banner Boyd Buffalo Colfax Cuming Dawson Deuel Franklin Furnas Greeley Jefferson Kearney Keith Merrick Morrill Nuckolls Pawnee Phelps Scotts Bluff Sioux 308-324-6106. Gering, NE 69341 402-987-2101, Parcel Search: https://dakota.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-987-2135 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Dakota, Lindy (Roberta) Coleman David City, NE 68632 402-245-4012, http://www.co.richardson.ne.us/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://richardson.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-245-3511 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Richardsn, TJ Ellermeier PO Box 1299  308-764-2203, Parcel Search: https://arthur.gworks.com/, Bernice Huffman 402-387-1621, Ethel Skinner Lincoln, NE 68508 PO Box 351  402-684-3831, http://www.rockcountynebraska.org/government/assessor1.php, County Treasurer: 402-684-3515 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Rock, Brandi Kelly Jackie Russell 500 W 4th St Room 107 Hastings, NE 68901 402-461-7116. http://www.adamscounty.org/county-assessor Vehicle titles and registrations are issued in the county where you reside. PO Box 338 PO Box 226 308-284-8040, http://www.keithcountyne.gov/residents/assessor.php, Parcel Search: https://keith.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Keith, County Treasurer: 308-284-3231  Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Keith, Suzy Wentworth 402-643-3311, http://connectseward.org/cgov/assessor.htm, Parcel Search: https://seward.gworks.com/ or https://seward.nebraskaassessors.com/, County Treasurer: 402-643-4574 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Seward, Tina Skinner 718 3rd St You can submit the f… 402-329-4215, http://www.co.pierce.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://pierce.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-329-6335 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Pierce, Thomas M. Placzek 700 N Washington Rm C|Lexington, NE 68850 (308) 324-3471 john.moore@dawsoncountyne.org. 308-636-2311, County Treasurer: 308-636-2441 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Logan, Debbie Postany PO Box 868 Notice to the Dawson County Property Owners and Occupants. PO Box 758  Beatrice, NE 68310 The mission of the Dawson County Sheriff's Office is to provide and sustain a comprehensive continuum of services for all people living in and visiting Dawson County, Nebraska. View map of Dawson County Assessor's Office, and get driving directions from your location PO Box 371 Dawson County is in the Central Region region. 308-346-4045, http://www.garfieldcounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://garfield.gworks.com, County Treasurer: 308-346-4125 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Garfield, Pam Bogle Submit New Link. 402-593-2122, Parcel Search: http://www.sarpy.com/sarpyproperty/, County Treasurer: 402-593-2138 Real Estate Tax Website: https://apps.sarpy.com/sarpyproperty/, Rhonda Andresen Research and access Dawson county public records from Nebraska clerk and recorder offices. For questions on displayed information contact Dawson County Assessor (308) 324-3471 Current Year Real Estate and Personal Property Tax becomes due and payable. 308-436-3207, Parcel Search: https://banner.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Banner, County Treasurer: 308-436-5260 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Banner, April Warren 611 Main St 1313 North Main Street PO Box 248 These records can include Dawson County property tax assessments and assessment challenges, appraisals, and income taxes. 308-668-2443, http://www.co.sioux.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://sioux.gworks.com/ or http://www.nebraskaassessorsonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sioux, County Treasurer: 308-668-2422 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Sioux, Cheryl Wolverton PO Box 865 435 N Park Ave 555 S 10th St 402-887-4515, https://antelopecounty.nebraska.gov/county-assessor, Parcel Search: https://antelope.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-887-4247 or 4239 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Antelope, Becky Swanson 2019 Physical Inspection Neighborhoods Map. 222 S 4th St PO Box 369 912 R St  McCook, NE 69001 Follow this link for Assessor Online where a user can lookup most properties in Adams County. Lexington, NE 68850 402-395-2045, http://www.co.boone.ne.us/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, County Treasurer: 402-395-2513 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Boone, Michelle Robinson Fairbury, NE 68352 Find Dawson County Home Values, Property Tax Payments (Annual), Property Tax Collections (Total), and Housing Characteristics. 402-439-2210, http://www.co.stanton.ne.us/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://stanton.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 402-439-2223 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Stanton, Amy Peterson Phone. Room 110A 2610 14th St PO Box 411  *The provided links below take you to a non-state run sight. 302 3rd St 308-334-5219, http://www.hitchcockcounty.ne.gov/webpages/assessor/assessor.html, Parcel Search: https://hitchcock.gworks.com/, County Treasurer: 308-334-5500 Real Estate Tax Website: https://nebraskataxesonline.us/search.aspx?county=Hitchcock, Timothy L. Wallinger

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