New Ambassadors

Photo Credit: Copyright: GPO/Mark Neiman

(Communicated by the Office of the President)

New ambassadors to Israel from Hungary, Serbia, Turkmenistan and Micronesia presented their letters of credence to President Shimon Peres (Monday, 3 February 2014) in a formal ceremony at the President’s Residence.

President Peres wished the ambassadors success in their new roles and said, “Welcome to Israel, welcome to the family. مكان يورو 2023 I am sure that you will find here who will assist you in building on the bilateral relations and cooperation between our countries. Please see the President’s Residence as an open and welcoming house for anything you need.”

The new ambassadors thanked President Peres and expressed their wish to assist in the strengthening of friendship through economic, technological and diplomatic cooperation. They all thanked President Peres for the warm welcome they have received since their arrival in Israel.

Source: MFA

The new ambassador from Micronesia said, “Micronesia stands by Israel and we will continue to do, I represent a small country but a big friend to Israel.” The ambassador of Hungary said that relations between the Jewish people in Israel and the Hungarian people is full of history. العاب متنوعة وكثيرة He expressed his opposition to the minority in Hungary who express anti-Semitic views and added that Hungary will continue to fight against any expression of racism. شركة ايكون

The new ambassadors are:
Hungary: H.E. Dr. Andor Nagy
Serbia: H.E. Mr. Milutin Stanojevic
Turkmenistan: H.E. Mr. Serdarov Ata Oveznepesovich
Micronesia: H.E. Mr. Asterio R. Takesy

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