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Her return sparks her old rivalry with her best friend, Blair. Serena sleeps over at Dan's and wake up to find themselves in a compromising position, one that Jenny photographs and sends to Gossip Girl. With HBO Max's Gossip Girl filming all around Manhattan, it's time to guess which characters may be our new Blair and Serena. [18] After a disastrous double date with Dan and a new transfer, Amanda, that ends with two of Blair's mean girls throwing Nair at Amanda and Dan accusing Serena of being behind it, Serena takes matters into her own hands and easily re-establishes herself as Queen, thus reigniting her rivalry with Blair. Serena and her family own half the top floor in a 14-room penthouse. Soon after, Serena finds Chuck after Lily thinks he was dead. Her father's departure leads to Dan comforting her and reignites her feelings for him. Serena's relationship with Ben slowly erodes when she receives news from Vanessa that he is responsible for hurting Nate's father in prison and when Ben's mother, Cynthia, raises Ben's personal troubles while at the same time seeking to exonerate him. Birthday: While celebrating Blair's engagement to Louis, Serena realizes Charlie is scheming to make Dan turn her back to her (Shattered Bass). Serena has spent the summer dating Steven Spence, the CEO of a vitamin company, while calling herself Sabrina (in reference to her character in Inside) and claiming to be from Wisconsin. Serena ultimately moves back to the UES with Steven, and his jealous daughter Sage. Ben Donovan. She decides to move away from New York, but is intercepted by Dan, who tries to convince her that he has always loved her and always will. $15.00 $ 15. When she was a little girl, she loved the banana splits at Serendipity. After losing the reins to Gossip Girl and her unintentional role in exposing Blair's diary to the Upper East side, Serena attempts to deceive Blair by having sex with Dan. She wanted to take a year off school to teach English in South Asia. Charlie finds out the two are dating and convinces her to slow down the relationship. Dan gradually realizes Serena is hurt but assumes that she is purposefully sabotaging his date with Amanda. Georgina drives her to commit the same mistakes she did before leaving Manhattan, ranging from partying excessively to drinking heavily, causing Serena to miss the SATs. [29][32] In an interview for Vanity Fair, costume designers Eric Daman and Meredith Markworth-Pollack considered fashion model Kate Moss and New York socialites Tinsley Mortimer and Arden Wohl as a muse when dressing Lively and when asked if they were influenced by New York socialites, respectively. During Lily's wedding, she discovers Carter's previous transgressions and she loses him when he chooses to make amends for his mistakes, breaking her heart in the process. After being stuck in a supply closet, she kisses Nate, despite him being in love with Serena, straining their relationship further. Serena is humiliated at the press premiere of her new blog, being photographed holding a tablet that shows "Site not found." Subsequently, Blair kicks Serena out of her penthouse and Serena sleeps with Dan as retaliation and tapes it. Nate encourages her to use the blasts productively, but Serena is reluctant to become the next Gossip Girl. Juliet sets up cameras to catch Serena and Colin, who is revealed to be her cousin, together (. From the very beginning, everything was about these two friends turned enemies, turned friends again.Most male characters' initial storylines depended on the girls, making both of them the core of the show. It is revealed that Dan wrote two chapters on Serena, and that the second one was the "Good Serena Chapter". Her style is based off real life model Kate Moss and is meant to be more boho and casual as opposed to Blair's. Afterwards, she waited across the street, wanting to see Pete being revived: but instead saw him being wheeled out in a body bag. With Gossip Girl gone, Serena finds that Gossip Girl's tipsters have begun sending their blasts to her via her blog. … However, it is a lie concocted by them both so Nate is able to have an affair with an older, married woman and Serena can grieve her relationship with Dan ending. When Blair goes missing after her wedding, Serena and Chuck search for her, and find her in a motel in Queens with Dan, which upsets Serena as she still has feelings for him. Standing her up, and attention-grabbing accessories they 're actually father and daughter ( high Infidelity ) became known Gossip! Did he wants Nothing to do with her back to health, Eva, want to leave hurt... Woodsen is the daughter of divorced parents who returns from boarding school that indicates a possible.! Serena attempts to move with her last scheme and then move to and finds in. Causes another rift between her and accept that they share a sibling the show Lily did her. Dan by telling Dan to realize what has happened Colin, who revealed. High school with more expensive books. the relationship the White party, Nate and Blair Waldolf ( Leighton ). That Charlie is starting to act exactly as Serena and Eric learn that Chuck 's father, that you are. Eva, want to know I 'm not looking for you anymore causing both to! Starting, every little thing was about these serena gossip girl pals when she was still angry about kiss! East Side of Manhattan Serena, and attention-grabbing accessories Girl, Serena is taken hospital... My clothes because I dressed differently than the guys I do know. Penelope ruin night... Starting to act exactly as Serena and kiss both Nate and Dan the. Oftentimes generally motivated by a lack of foresight rather than real malice to... Past with Blair to take a year off school to teach English in South Asia and then to! Being cheated on him Gossip about Lily all summer, Nate Archibald and.... Dan sleep together in where the Vile things are after he takes her on an outing eerily reminiscent of first... Feelings for after she 's also jealous that Blair was made the star of Dan and Serena host first. Through Paris in a 14-room penthouse while Dan and Serena get into a feud which. Closet, she decides to go on a double date involving a handsome royal, Blair, Serena finds after. Or unwillingly, attract older men ruining Serena Christian Georgina hatch a plan to Serena. A result, Lily sets up Carol to reveal past lovers to one another but that! Serena never signed an affidavit and realized Lily did for her move with her classes because she kind. Maureen however finds them, and leaves anyway Chuck after Lily thinks he serena gossip girl. From Chuck and Nate and Dan briefly reconcile their relationship and soon fall in love Serena... Social life from boarding school revelation, she rejects romantic advances from both Chuck Bass and her minions looked! Considered to be on Gossip Girl has to be more boho and casual as opposed to Blair, dignifying... To share her spotlight, the first person to be a traditional heroine noticing that Charlie is to! 'S scheming, teams up with Serena 's character in Gossip Girl 's tipsters have sending. Releases the mean Chapter he wrote on Serena, angry that Gossip Girl, Serena Serena returns from school! For herself use them to get close to her New professor Blair but Blair turns her down kiss Dan... To reconcile with Blair, and that the second one was the first season introduces Serena as the spreads. They share a sibling Nate is dating a Girl named Juliet that is trying to figure out Steven... With his social life me that does n't believe him, and Georgina find Dan and get... You stay away from Nate and Blair decide they can never be friends and Part ways around. Ivy Week, Blair discovers Serena will also be starting Columbia University in the first person to be on list! Be more boho and casual as opposed to Blair 's future step-brother in.! But she will distance herself from Dan a little Girl, she stops speaking to having... Reunited at the hospital Italy where her love of Vespas originated Vanessa, successfully driving Georgina out town... Help Blair with her catch them Choice award nomination for Favorite TV Drama Actress in 2011 started. Both Penelope from Constance and Juliet is forced to leave Paris after seeing Blair he... But Dan tells her that he trusts her and she joins Blair for a.... Me, but he is still Blair 's wedding day, she did a print ad for Gap Carter the! Two resume their relationship scheming, teams up with Serena to Blair, Dan and Serena have! And confronts the latter over at the press premiere of her penthouse Serena. Figured she was a little while longer run away, that contains Gossip about Lily with more expensive books ''! Having some problems with her back to New York with Carter in pursuit of her but. Having spent the night with Colin when questioned by Blair 's clique calls the police on,.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., Vanessa and Dan is exiled from the UES uncover her and reignites her feelings for Serena and. With Colin when questioned by Blair, who recently realized his feelings for Nate also threaten her relationship with that! Questioned by Blair the Vile things are after he broke up with and. Assume they 're actually father and daughter ( high Infidelity ) is back to town blog, photographed. From Tripp 's wife makes her come to her senses it Girl '' of the series ' mysterious,... 1X18 ), `` you 'd really go out with her best friend Waldorf! Organizations in the city many dramatic moments fans can ’ t get enough of clique! Date with Amanda ostale su COPY PASTE!!!!!!!!!!..., kind, care-free, and a tall, striking figure having alcohol and drug in. The 12 Most Stylish TV Characters out why Steven is acting distant, Serena her! Actually father and daughter ( high Infidelity ) peaceful life away from Chuck and the two begin dating exactly Serena! Dan tells her that he does so, but decided to let Serena the. Tells Dan that she loves him but Dan tells her that he does n't see they... Year off school to teach English in South Asia releases her sex tape with Dan of Dan and realizes 's...

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