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However, it is advised to deposit Rs.500,000 per person. Make sure the pictures aren’t doctored in any way. Citizens of Pakistan can stay for up to 90 days within a 6-month period in Italy or any other Schengen country with a Schengen Visa. This is an important consideration for Pakistani nationals as the visa has great benefits. Let’s discuss these visa types and entry purposes briefly. It is the most beloved consulate among travelers. Fees and requirements : All types of C visa (transit and short stay) - 80 Euro. Schengen visa from Pakistan is challenge for green passport holders. No matter which country you’re travelling to, the form is going to be the same. 3. Schengen Visa photo size must be 35 X 45mm as required by the embassy. Complete Schengen Visa Proces from Pakistan Introduction to Schengen Visa The Schengen visa is intended for a short stay or transit t […] Read more. Increased fees for visa applications; Please note: As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) will increase from 60 to 80 euros or the equivalent amount in your local currency. URGENT – New rules for short-stay Schengen visa and airport transit visa effective 01 January 2021. Government officials travelling with delegations with identical travel dates have to apply for this type of visa. Getting a visa from any one country allows traveling to all Schegen member countries. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates about tourism, home décor, construction and real estate trends in Pakistan. Appointments must be made prior to submitting a document through their website. The Schengen zone refers to the area that encompasses the European states that are members of the Schengen Agreement and include 26 countries that issue Schengen visas, 22 European Union member states and 4 members of European Free Trade Association. Preparing documents according to the requirement will get you a Schengen visa easily. In case of rejection, is the visa processing fees reimbursable? Download the form after filling it. 90$. It comprises 26 countries that have abolished their internal borders to allow unrestricted and free movement of residents as well as foreign nationals holding the Schengen Visa. Italian consulate grants visa for 15 days (maximum) to the first time applicant. However, it is important to note that while Schengen Visa is ideal for tourists and those travelling for business purposes, individuals planning to study, work or live in one of the countries in the Schengen Area need to apply for a different visa. Proof of registration to attend the event, Proof of enrolment in a school, college or university, No-objection certificate from the educational institute, The pension statement of the past 6 months, A Confirmation of Employment letter from the spouse’s employer in Europe, Birth certificate along with translated copies, A visa application form signed by both parents or legal guardian(s), In case of a custody issue, a family court order will be required, Copies of CNIC or passports of both parents, A notarized parental authorization letter that is signed by both of the parents or the legal guardian(s), along with the above-mentioned documents, Provides a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros, Cover any emergency medical expenses that might arise during the trip. If the applicant does not receive any call in the first week it means the application is under processed. The Schengen Visa fee from Pakistan. 7700. People who have relatives or friends legally residing in one of the Schengen countries may be eligible to apply for this type of visa. If a minor is travelling with parents or legal guardian(s): This is one of the requirements that most people struggle with while applying for a Schengen Visa from Pakistan. While the duration of stay refers to the maximum number of days you are allowed to stay in the Schengen territory, visa validity is the period of time during which you can use your visa to travel to your desired location. In case you are visiting more than countries in the Schengen Area, you must apply at the embassy or consulate of the country where you’ll be spending most of your time. 5. Visa Fee for Adults (Schengen Visa): 80 Euros; Visa Fee for Childers 6-11 Years old (Schengen Visa): 60 Euros; Children under 6 Years: Free; Also Note that applicants must pay Service charges of 30 Euro (Rs 5,124), when apply for visa. Overall, the Schengen territory houses hundreds of ports and airports along with land-crossing points. Please click on each of the tabs above for more information or visit the website of the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad. Amid COVID19 pandemic, the French Embassy stops issuing national and Schengen visas from March 17th until further info; Visa fees ; Long stay visa OFII - OFPRA for Afghan nationals; Applying for a French visa in Pakistan; Whom should I contact? of passports Monday to Thursday: 15:00 – 16:00 Friday 12:00 – 13:00 hrs, Collection Get a Visa. Pakistan Tour and Travel will make your trip enjoyable, cozy and filled with a lot of fun. Which Schengen country/countries are you visiting and your purpose of visit? VISA CATEGORY. In case you have any queries or want to share your feedback, feel free to get in touch with us by emailing at Following are the requirements for successful Schengen Visa. Buying travel insurance is one of the most important requirements for applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan. Side pose, hats and veils are also not allowed. Visa fee for children between 6 to 12 years of age is 35 Euros. Schengen visa for children 6 to 12 years old. Bank State of the last six months. In some cases, the company’s bank statement might also be required. This must include specifications such as flight numbers and dates of travel as well as entry and exit points. What are your educational qualifications? Regardless of traveling history and tax returns. Before we discuss the types of visa, required documents and how to apply for a Schengen Visa from Pakistan, here is a brief overview of the entry requirements one must fulfil to enter the Schengen territory. This is yet another short-stay visa for those who want to travel to Europe to participate in a religious, cultural, entertainment or sports event. Italian consulate will receive an application through Gerry’s. Child between 6-12 years of age. Visa fee for children between 6 to 12 years of age is 35 Euros This can be either the Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source provided by the company. These visas are usually obtained by seafarers or those travelling on a cruise ship, as they stop at certain ports for a very limited amount of time. This purpose of travel is only selected if you will be stopping over in a Schengen country for a very short period. The Applicant will mention in the form dates of arrival and departures. Anyone planning a visit to Europe from Pakistan should be aware of the Schengen Visa. However, the requirements might vary as per the purpose of travel and other specifications. VISA FEE (IN LOCAL CURRENCY) VISA FEE (IN EURO) Schengen visa (normal tariff) 15,400. To calculate your stay in the Schengen area, you can use the Schengen Visa Calculator. Moreover, print the duly filled form twice and sign both copies. Those holding the multiple-entry visa can travel to the Schengen Zone as many times as they want. Step 5: Collect all of the required documents. No, the United Kingdom is not a part of the Schengen Area. Required fields are marked *. Visa Fee. Three recent passport size photos that are taken within the past three months. 80€. Although, there are many cases that got approved in the minimum balance of Rs.400,000 per person. This is true in most cases but if the applicant has strong ties to country Europe could be their first-ever destination. ( Original receipt ) These are the general documents you will have to submit with your Schengen visa application but still, there are some more Schengen Visa Application Requirements which each and every embassy asks for their own verification. Step 2: Figure out where you’re supposed to lodge your application. 40€. If you think a certain question has no relation to your case, mark it as N/A. This interview will be held in person, usually the embassy or consulate of your chosen country. The above-given requirements are the same for applying from the German consulate. The Schengen Visa fee for adults is 60 Euros. This can vary on a case-to-case basis. A copy of license proving that your business is registered with the concerned authorities. There is an online form. Adult- 80€ Child 6-12 40€ Documents required to apply for Schengen visa from Pakistan. The new Is the United Kingdom part of the Schengen Area? However, you need to make sure the plan you select fulfils all of the following requirements: In order to apply for a Schengen Visa from Pakistan, you first need to determine your purpose of travel and which country you would be travelling to. Round trip ticket reservation or itinerary. A representative will check their documents and ask them to wait for their turn for Biometric. The Schengen Area covers most of the countries in the European Union – except the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. Proof of accommodation. Also, you can appeal your visa rejection, if needed. Leave permission for a certain number of days on the company letterhead signed by the employer. I finally obtained this valuable sticker from the Netherlands after two refusals from Italy. Please note that in Denmark you are not allowed to take up residence or work on a Schengen visa. Schengen visa fees The Ordinance on fees under the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (SR 142.209) and the Visa Code stipulate the fees to be collected. RS spends most of her free time browsing through Netflix, reading a comic book or planning her next travel adventure. Your email address will not be published. One thing you need to understand is that your bank statement serves as proof that you have enough funds to pay for your travel and accommodation expenses during your trip to Europe. Proof of funds. However, applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan was never so easy. Generally referred to as a Schengen Visit Visa, selecting this purpose of travel would require the applicant to submit a letter of invitation along with other specific documents at the time of visa application submission. This is also a short-stay visa meant for people who have to travel to and from the Schengen countries for business purposes. At the earliest, you can apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa from Pakistan three months before your intended date of travel. The Schengen visa fee can be paid in the designated consulate/embassy via cash. One has to enter and exit from the visa issuance country. The Italian embassy requires a new passport with 8 months’ validity and all previous passports. The applicant will have to provide these documents to the embassy. Fee in EUR. You can do so through your bank account statement of the past six months, a sponsorship letter confirming that someone else will finance your trip along with the sponsor’s bank statement for Schengen Visa, or a combination of both. Several queries come to mind before applying. However, in case you have dual nationality, you may or may not be allowed visa-free entry into the Schengen Area, depending on the passport you choose to travel with. For green passport holders, applying for a Schengen Visa from Pakistan may seem a bit daunting, but contrary to popular belief, the process is quite straightforward, as long as you fulfil all the requirements and keep your documents in order. Thus, a Schengen Visa can be defined as a short-stay visa that allows people to travel and spend time in any of the member countries listed further below. It is important to clarify that apart from a multiple-entry visa, which generally allows you to stay in the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days within a 180 days period, the duration of stay for your single-entry visa or double-entry visa depends on the embassy or consulate you’ve applied at. For children between 6-12 years old the visa fee will increase to 40 euros or equivalent However, port of entry should be from visa issuance country. In Pakistan, the missions of most European countries are situated in Islamabad. If so, how long have you been married for and what does your spouse do? The writer himself got the visa for the family without any NTN or returns. 80. Just make sure to stay within the permitted time frame mentioned on your visa. In case you were wondering how vast the Schengen Zone actually is, it boasts an area of about 4,312,099 square kilometer with its external borders reaching the distance of approximately 50,000 kilometer. In case you will be staying with a friend or a relative, their address along with a letter of invitation will be required. She loves Doctor Who, abhors cats and has a weakness for ramen. Students who plan on attending courses at any educational institution in the Schengen Area for a period shorter than three months or have to take an entrance exam for school or university in the territory need to apply for a Schengen Study Visa. Ideally, your bank statement for the past 6 months needs to show a balance of at least 3000 Euros. The Schengen visa application costs include the visa fees payable at the corresponding embassy/consulate when applying. Make sure the form is properly filled and there are no blank columns. EUR. However, in case it is hard to determine which country you’ll be staying for the longest duration in, you must select the mission of the country that will be your point of entry into the Schengen Zone. No, the Schengen Visa is not reimbursable. You will be required to fill in your personal details, some information about your background, the purpose of travelling and other details about your planned trip. years. Please note: As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) will increase from 60 to 80 euros or the equivalent amount in your local currency. A cover letter is a document in which the applicant state why he wants to travel. Europe is a famous destination for Pakistani visitors.Everyone wants/desires to visit Europe once in life. Film and production crews also select this option as their purpose of travel while applying for a Schengen Visa. There are three types of Slovenia Schengen Visa that are single-entry visa, double-entry visa, and multiple-entry visa. The interview date and documents submission required to book an appointment. Moreover, it must have two blank pages to stamp the visa. You will also have to attend a short interview, usually ranging between 10 to 15 minutes, where you’ll be asked questions about where you live, where you work and your travel details, among others. We have witnessed cases which got approved without submitting vehicle or property documents. If so, you’ll need a valid Schengen Visa stamped on your passport in order to travel to Switzerland, France, Italy, or almost any other European country for that matter. This is the most important document and your case relies on this. At the very least, it is advised to apply for this short-stay visa at least 15 working days before your trip. Learning about the 90/180 rule This rule allows citizens from Pakistan to stay inside the Schengen zone for 90 days within a period of 180 days. Schengen countries and cities applicant will visit. Increased fees for visa applications. How long are you planning to stay in the Schengen territory and where are you going to stay. Tourist visas are valid for a stay up to 90 days within a 180-day time frame. As the United Kingdom will be considered a ‘third country’ from 01 January 2021 onwards, certain rights arising from a UK residence permit or as a result of having / being a UK family member will no longer apply. All the hotels must be booked and confirmed before submitting an application. These are the standard documents that are usually required by the embassies and consulates for granting Schengen Visa. 4. To Fill and download the form Click Here, Opening The Schengen Visa is a unified visa that allows an individual to travel to Schengen visa countries of European Union & Europe in General which fall under the Schengen Agreement. Finland Visa - Information about different Finland VISA types, document requirements for the application, visa fees and application form. When applicants reach Gerry, they will be given a token and they must wait for their turn. A Schengen visa only allows foreign nationals to visit Belgium and the other Schengen countries for up to 90 days. The German consulate requires an online form. If the EU travel ban has been lifted for the residents of your country, you can apply for all visa categories. Schengen Visa Fees in Pakistan: 60 Euros (€) Bank Statement: 6 Months: Minimum Account Balance Required: Should be enough to cover your expenses, if you are travelling with family than should cover expenses of whole family: Travel Insurance Amount: 30,000 Euros (€) The applicant must submit the bank statement to ensure that he/she can bear all expenses. Moreover, you are advised to visit the official websites of the countries you are planning to visit to learn more about their individual Schengen visa requirements for Pakistanis. of passports Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 hrs, To Book Also referred to as the Schengen Zone, the Schengen Area is the largest free-travel area in the world. Step 4: Download the Schengen Visa online application form and fill it correctly. There is a good chance that you first stumbled across the word ‘Schengen’ during your preliminary research on travelling to Europe from Pakistan, or maybe you heard your travel agent talk about it and are now wondering what it actually means. Slovenia Schengen Visa for citizens of India allows you to stay in the country for a maximum duration of 90 days within a period of 180 days. You can only select “Official Visit” as your purpose of entry while applying for a Schengen Visa from Pakistan if you are travelling to a country in the Schengen Zone on official duty. The service fee is subject to change in line with the Embassy consular exchange rate. last two years. If you are planning to travel to any of the countries included in the Schengen Zone for sightseeing and experiencing the culture, you need to select this purpose of travelling in your Schengen Visa application form. an appointment for submission of documents and interview, Sindh and Balochistan Resident Click here. The applicant must have traveled to several countries before applying. Schengen Insurance: From 01/01/2015, only electronic Schengen insurance policies, issued by one of the followinginsurance companies, will be accepted with a Schengen visa application. Your email address will not be published. Yes, you can travel to more than one member country after applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan. If its family of 3 then Rs.1,500,000 is advised to be in the account when applying. Do you have any kids? Call Us: +92312 5120 590 Meanwhile, you can also take a look at our detailed guide on how to travel to Turkey from Pakistan to learn about its visa requirements, visa application process as well as places to visit in one of the most historically rich countries in the Muslim world. Take a look at some of the most common questions asked during these interviews: Step 8: Wait for your application to be processed. However, Italy embassy/consulate and Germany embassy/consulate issued most of the visas to Pakistani travelers. Generally, it takes at most 15 days for a Schengen visa to be processed. The applicant cannot receive a visa without NTN. Following are the requirements for successful Schengen Visa, The Visa application form could be filled online or written. For the sake of convenience, let’s break down the process of visa application for the Schengen areas: Step 1: Determine your purpose of travel to identify the Schengen Visa type you have to apply for. However, simple, to the point covering letters are more attractive. Are you married? Requirements of Schengen visa from Pakistan is the most important aspect. If your Schengen Visa is approved, carefully read the information written on the visa stickers and check the validity of your visa. These specific requirements are usually based on the visa applicant’s marital status, employment status and age, among other factors. VFS Global service fee can only be paid in cash in local currency at the visa application centre. Planning to spend your vacations skiing in the Swiss Alps, sipping coffee on Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, or visiting medieval landmarks and historic locations in Rome? Generally, patients looking to undergo treatment in any of the member countries are allowed to stay at a clinic or a hospital for up to three months within a certain time frame. Italian consulate has given many visas to Pakistani visitors. There are different types of Schengen visa one can apply for, depending on the purpose of travel, which is something that needs to be selected while filling the Schengen Visa application form. Although, response for short term visa is quick in Italian Consulate. You can submit your hotel or hostel reservation. Update (Feb 17, 2020): As per the updated Schengen Visa Code, the EU will now issue multiple-entry visas with the validity of one, three and five years. It is important to note that some of these countries have their own requirements, apart from the visa, that need to be fulfilled for travelling. Completed Schengen Visa Form (Use a separate form for each family member) Valid passport, which has at least two blank pages. There should be one appointment for the whole family. The applicant should mention dates, hotels, cities, and countries. The Schengen Visa fee for adults is 60 Euros. Singles do not get visa is yet another myth, however there are many singles who get visa everyday. Obtaining a Schengen visa from Pakistan permits you to enter and travel within these 26 countries in Europe.

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