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Recently, the second season was available in September 2019. for Librarians at the University of North Texas. Dagmar welcomes Bean, Elfo and Luci to the home of the Trøgs. Disenchantment: Season 3 (Netflix series streaming 1/15). [27], On Rotten Tomatoes, the second part has a score of 73% based on 15 reviews with an average rating of 6.6/10. Phil LaMarr as God - Best known to Futurama fans as the voice of Hermes Conrad, Phil LaMarr returns as the voice of God, the chief deity of Disenchantment's cosmology. Zøg encounters Merkimer, still in pig form, and they decide to hang out. Bean, fed up, denounces the marriage and Zøg finally agrees with his daughter. This proved to be a much easier job than Luci's masters in Hell had anticipated, and he soon began to slack off on his demonic duties to run a bar and contribute to the general wickedness of Dreamland as a whole. When Bean goes to tell Grifto, he and his circus betray her and Elfo by revealing that they are, in fact, trolls, stealing for themselves. When they find the tree, the ogre queen arrives and secretly helps them collect the berries for them and gives them a secret passage to escape. Later that night, Bean continues to search the caverns and discovers that Dagmar has been feasting on the brains of the Trøgs while they are still alive. The new season also boasts some impressive guest stars, who only appear for an episode or two, but have a major impact upon the story and setting. Stan the Executioner frees Bean, Elfo and Luci from prison and the three go to see Zøg to remove the bullet. Matt Berry. Bean wakes up the next morning and gets mail from Alva, and it opens up to reveal an image of the two of them kissing on a bridge. The three friends escape Hell through a volcano, and Luci loses his wings. She hooks up with Luci, much to Elfo's chagrin and he spends the whole time trying to convince Luci that Kissy does not care about him. Meanwhile, Luci takes control of the bar they frequent by and renames it Luci's Inferno. While traveling through the jungle, Elfo learns that Wade is a phony and has been stealing tall tales from a book. He can also be heard as Mr. Frond in Bob's Burgers and Dmitry in Central Park. After the trio escape with the help of Trixy, a plan is devised to take advantage of Bean's resemblance to her mother. Due to her status as a princess, as well as her reputation, Bean is frustrated by the fact that she cannot have a real relationship with anyone. Bean, Elfo and Luci realize that they are on mermaid island. In a. Zøg wanders what is left of Dreamland. Big Jo manages to seal away Luci and leaves. She also voiced Madison on Bob's Burgers. By Matt Morrison 7 minutes ago. She's right, but she's also not too crazy about fulfilling that destiny, which involves paying a debt her mother's family owes Hell and having a crown screwed into her head. She slowly becomes suspicious of Becky and Cloyd and with the help of Jerry discovers a sinister plot. Luci wakes up to find himself in Heaven, much to his dismay. Matt Berry’s prince character is still a pig, Bean can still kick anyone’s butt, and Luci is still the best. The group is directed by a fairy to the Wishmaster, who turns out to be the Washmaster, and hopelessly surrounded, they fall backwards off a cliff. Tess is upset over having been taken from her home, but she agrees to go along with Elfo's charade so that she can get a real working eye from him. Disenchantment season 3 features the same stunning ensemble of voice actors from its first two seasons, plus guests from other Matt Groening shows. Derek cannot bring himself to do it, so Odval does. Bean convinces Zøg to have the elf circus perform for them and by doing so, allows her, Elfo and the others to sneak down and steal the gold. Related: Netflix: The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (January 15). The series, created by The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening, "will bear his trademark animation style". She'd be much happier if she just had the freedom to get wasted and pick up whatever cute guys she could find at the tavern, but fate (and the rest of the world, it seems) have other plans for her. The kingdom's residents one by one turn to stone and Dagmar takes Bean to a secret library while Luci reveals to Zøg that Dagmar tried to poison him all those years ago. Bean continues to have nightmares about Dagmar. But the ruse is discovered, although Bean is able to convince the Trogs that Dagmar is the impostor. [6] John DiMaggio has described the series as "the offspring of The Simpsons and Game of Thrones. She also discovers Zøg and Sorcerio's plan to drain Elfo of his blood so they use pig's blood to fool them. Elfo manages to take out numerous ogres and rescues Bean. [20] Forbes called the series "charming, unique, and excellent. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Overhearing her, an elf named Grifto offers his services to steal from him. They manage to clean up the party in time for Zøg to arrive, but he finds severed body parts in the chimney angering him. Here's a rundown of all the returning cast of Disenchantment and the roles that they play, as well as all the guest stars with major roles in season 3. Known as a font of comic book Matt Berry and Noel Fielding What is it about? Bean and Dagmar arrive at Maru where the Enchantress (Becky) and Cloyd are. as Miss Moonpence, Odval's servant who only ever appears as an eye through a small hole in Odval's chamber's room. You can help Disenchantment Wiki by expanding it.. They are captured and set to be burned at the stake. [12], The episode "Dreamland Falls" ties into Groening's other series Futurama, implying that both shows do in fact take place in the same universe. Too cynical for the world of elves and too naïve for the world of man, Elfo is a half-elf who isn't entirely sure where he belongs. The elves have moved into their own section of Dreamland where Elfo is reunited with Kissy. Wanted you all in r/netflix to be the first to see what I've been working on…", "Netflix Sets 'Disenchantment' Premiere Date, Unveils First Look At Matt Groening Animated Series", "Disenchantment Easter Egg Confirms Netflix Show Exists In The Futurama Universe", "Netflix Announces DISENCHANTMENT, a New Epic Fantasy Animated Series from Matt Groening", "Abbi Jacobson to Lead Voice Cast for Netflix's Animated Matt Groening Comedy", "Disenchantment: Part 3 Trailer and Release Date Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)", "All-Star Team Of Voice Talent Carries Netflix's Disenchantment", "An Excellent Cast Rescues Fantasy Parody. "blogging" was coined. Derek welcomes Bean and Zog back into Dreamland. Owning a circus, they plan to steal from Zøg's now full money vault and return all of the gold to the elves. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Disenchantment with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at As Luci explains that he lost his immortality, they fall through the ground and end up in a catacomb. He has found a place at Bean's side, but his crush on her is unrequited and the only other love he seems to find is in all the wrong places (very wrong, incredibly sick and filthy wrong places). and served as an Expert In-Residence for a course on Graphic Novels She dresses in Dagmar's clothes and attempt to gain the Trog's help while Elfo distracts Dagmar as a masseuse. Looking through her wedding gifts, Bean finds a demon named Luci who was sent by two dark mages hoping to turn Bean to evil. According to a release from Netlfix, itt … Richard Ayoade as Alva - Best known as Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd, Richard Ayodae plays Alva, the mysterious man who essentially rules Steamland. She can also be heard in Bojack Horseman as the voice of Todd's ex-girlfriend, Emily. She is voiced by Abbi Jacobson, who is best known as the creator and star of Broad City. They pretend that it is Merkimer, and return him to his parents in Bentwood, but human Merkimer reveals that he has developed intelligence and tries to drown Bean, Lucy and Elfo in money. Bean and Elfo go after the Arch Druidess, while Luci stays with Zøg (who is having a mental breakdown) in Dreamland. In October 2018, Netflix renewed the series for an additional 20 episodes. He is voiced by British comedy legend Noel Fielding, who is well-known as one half of The Mighty Boosh and for playing Richmond in The IT Crowd. Berry narrated the BBC series Matt Berry Does, which was broadcast from April 2015 to January 2016. Posted by 2 days ago. University of Texas at Arlington. Dagmar is voiced by Sharon Horgan, a comedian and voice actor who has appeared in several British sitcoms including Catastrophe and This Way Up. The first ten episodes were released on August 17, 2018, and the next ten were released on September 20, 2019. Meanwhile, the residents at the castle throw a party. My Geeky Geeky Ways – Leavo decides to help them anyway and he gathers the rest of the elves to use their blood to revive the citizens of Dreamland. Recently, he voiced Heidegger in the English dub of the Final Fantasy VII remake. However, the pendant still does not work. He also voiced both King Shark and the demon Trigon in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Matthew Charles Berry (born 2 May 1974 in Bromham, England) is one of the hammiest actors working in Britain today. To get out of his hair, Bean, Elfo and Luci head down to the bar. devoted towards acting, role-playing, movie-riffing and sarcasm. Oona is rescued by pirates who do nothing as their captain is uninterested. "[7] Groening has said the show has a "definite feminist point of view. The chief wizard of Dreamland ever since he was allowed to put stars on his dunce cap, Sorcerio is perhaps the most incompetent member of Dreamland's ruling council — a low bar to jump over. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She arrives at Skybert's workplace and discovers that he and his coworkers have been planning to overthrow Zøg. Oona flees and makes a deal of some kind with Odval while Zøg keeps Derek "safe" in the tower. She and Luci find Elfo's foot prints when he ran into the woods and follow them, where they find he has entered a candy house which is now owned by a cannibalistic, Bean once again sneaks off with Elfo and Luci for more debauchery. When they successfully free Luci, Elfo accidentally causes Big Jo's carriage to roll down the mountain which crashes and frees all the other demons into the world. This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 10:36. history trivia, he has delivered lectures on the history of American Elfo is enraged and heartbroken that Bean chose her mother, while Bean tells him it was the worst mistake of her life. He holds both an MS in Information All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Zøg feeling that he does not give Bean enough to do, decides to make her an ambassador while the family goes on their trip to Dankmire, the homeland of Oona and her son Derek. Bean and Luci find Elfo who decides to take them to Elfwood where he is reunited with his kin. Dagmar attempts to spend the day with Bean proclaiming she has a destiny to fulfill. LaMarche's chief role on Disenchantment is the treacherous, three-eyed minister Odval, but he voices a number of supporting roles as well, such as the legendary demon hunter Big Jo. Zøg plans with Pendergast to have his body shipped away in a coffin. Luci reveals he tricked Bean and Elfo into coming to Hell, and Asmodium rewards him with a promotion. Bean keeps having dreams about Dagmar visiting her and playing a music box that sits on her shelf. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson,, 2010s American adult animated television series, 2010s American animated comedy television series, 2020s American adult animated television series, 2020s American animated comedy television series, American adult animated adventure television series, American adult animated comedy television series, American adult animated fantasy television series, Animated television series about teenagers, English-language Netflix original programming, Television series by the Curiosity Company, Television series created by Matt Groening, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The moment is a reference to the episode "The Late Philip J. Fry" in which the trio travel in a one-way time machine and witness the end and rebirth of the universe, implying that the three were passing through after time restarted. "[21] Ars Technica stated the series starts rocky, but then it gets "bloody good". You Bean learns that her father still lives and happily embraces Dagmar. At the trial, Luci acts as Bean's attorney and the witnesses all point out some way Bean had affected them. Bean arrives to investigate, but the angry mobs overruns her and chases the beast off before she can react. critic of Explore The Multiverse and writes reviews for No Odval allows Bean and Luci to go and find Elfo so that he and the knights can follow. He tries to anger God, but God only finds his insults amusing rather than offensive. "[19] On Metacritic, the series has a score of 56 out of 100 based on 28 reviews indicating "mixed or average reviews". Here is a plot summary for "Disenchantment" TV series. His voice was also dubbed over Vincent D'Onofrio's performance as Orson Wells in Tim Burton's biographical film Ed Wood. Elfo and Bean find the ogre village, but they get captured and discover that Wade has been killed. They are actually Dagmar's siblings with Jerry, their servant, as their younger brother. comedic Let’s Play videos. She is also beloved as the voice of Dot Warner from Animaniacs. She is voiced by Lucy Montgomery, who will be familiar to many fans of British comedy. as Big Jo, the world's leading exorcist and all-around creepy person. Luci ends up being a fun-loving troublemaker who sympathizes with Bean's predicament as she feels that the marriage is simply a grab for more power by her father King Zøg. The mysterious green smoke reaches the castle, and turns out to be Big Jo and his lesser-known assistant, Porky, who want to make amends for what they did to Bean, Elfo, and Luci. Elfo arrives in time to witness Bean turn down Guysbert who unfortunately impales himself on a sword. Bean, Elfo, and Luci are "rescued" by Merkimer who takes them back to Dreamland. Coincidentally, the majority of these are all alumni of BBC comedy series The Mighty Boosh, with Noel Fielding playing Stan the Executioner, Matt Berry voicing Prince Merkimer and Rich Fulcher providing multiple voices. They finally arrive at Dreamland where Zøg, believing that Bean betrayed him, begins tossing rocks at them, though they manage to get on land. as Leavo, an elf who left Elfwood and became a pirate captain. However, the Arch Druidess finds out, kills Pendergast and buries Zøg alive. Luci is captured by an unseen figure, we don't know who it is (only that it's someone from Dagmar's team), just it's not Dagmar herself, because at the same time Dagmar with Bean escapes on a boat with creatures. During a parade, Elfo is kidnapped by someone and Bean approaches Zøg with a quest to find him. As Elfo goes to free Edith the owner appears and begins to strangle him, but is knockout by Edith who actually has a body. The trio is confronted by Asmodium, and Luci once again sells out his friends. aimed at teachers and librarians. Oona immediately takes a disliking towards Dagmar and reasserts her position. before receiving his own column, The Mount. Elfo is taken in by Sorcerio who wants to use his blood to create more magic and so Zøg can gain the elixir of life. The Arch Druidess escapes on a motorcycle, but she dropped a roadmap to Steamland. The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice! "[28], Animated fantasy sitcom created by Matt Groening, A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar, women are not allowed to perform in plays, "Bean's full name is Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz, not "Drunkowitz" - she just called herself that while drunk. Derek goes to a sick Zøg for advice, who tells him to listen to his gut. This upsets the king of Bentwood and he and Zøg settle things in a fistfight with Bean, Elfo, and Luci happily watching. Jeny Batten as Kissy the Elf, Elfo's friend, coworker, and former lover in Elfwood. As they are about to be burned alive, Elfo tries to kiss Bean, but she rebuffs him. She further wonders what her mother is doing and Elfo starts a relationship with a Trøg named Trixie. Bean accidentally blows up the basement as she and Luci escape. Bean, Elfo, and Luci escape while Prince Merkimer, next in line to marry Bean, and his men chase after her. They manage to secure Derek and escape the monster island. Sagatha and her fairy friends teach Derek some wisdom and street smarts, after which Derek proposes to Sagatha. On the pier there are tons of robots who corner Bean and Elfo and Bean screams at them that she has no magic and in that moment lightning shoots from her fingers and takes out the whole place. Matt Berry was born on May 2, 1974 in Bromham, Bedfordshire, England as Matthew Charles Berry. In the end she realizes that Gordy is actually Alva Gunderson the founder of the company, and he wants to make a deal because of some sort of magic that is powerful and in Dreamland. He ends up being taken advantage of due to his gullibility, until he meets fairy Sagatha. Played by. Season 3 picks up right where season 2 ended, with Bean having escaped being burned at the stake as a witch by a mob of Dreamlanders only to find herself surrounded by an entirely different mob of Trogs: a race of stunted, sub-terrain cave dwellers, who are in league with Bean's treacherous mother, Queen Dagmar. Well, … After completing it, she is shocked to learn that. Bean is the lead character of Disenchantment, a sword-wielding princess on the look out for adventure. This article is a stub. Bean, Elfo, and Luci calmly watch the sunrise mutually. One of the most prolific voice actors in the business, Maurice LaMarche is perhaps most famous for his impression of Orson Welles, whom he played on both The Simpsons and Futurama. Sven then reveals his true intent to take over Dreamland and have Bean rule by his side. While hiding in his room, Derek finds a book with a secret history of the kings of Dreamland, but with the last few pages torn out, and is found by Odval. Disenchantment has returned for a third season and its amazing ensemble of veteran voice actors has returned with it. To earn her living, Bean decides to take a job as an apprentice to Stan, who is an executioner and torturer. On their return trip to Dreamland via steamboat, lovelorn Elfo winds up in an unusual relationship while Bean gets close to Mora the mermaid. He voices several characters in Disenchantment, the most notable being the Herald of Dreamland. He is voiced by British comedian Matt Berry, who is famous for his appearances on The IT Crowd, Toast of London, and What We Do In The Shadows. ; Animal Stereotypes: As a pig, he remains a perverted chauvinist. Bean has always had some animosity towards her half-brother due to him being Zøg's successor and considers him a loser. Bean meets a cackling witch named Gwen with whom she sympathizes. [25] Reviewing seven of the first season's 10 episodes, Danette Chavez of The A.V. There was a gunshot through his armor, which prompted Bean to reach into the armour, subsequently pulling out a bullet. Prince Merkimer begins to feel depressed since his body and a pig's body were switched in the beginning of season one. She sends the royal guard to go and find her and they bring back a giantess who they later learn is named Tess. ... Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer. He is best known for appearing in comedy series such as The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, as well as co-creating and starring in the Channel 4 sitcom Toast of London, for which he won the 2015 BAFTA Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme. In doing so, they create a light symbol that marks them as "the saviors", and Bean orders the Trogs to throw Dagmar out, although she escapes, and the others leave the caves. Luci uses the crystal ball that Tess returned to see things that happened in the past. They get a volunteer in the form of "Handsome" Wade Brody Jr. and Elfo and Bean join him while Luci stays behind to "nurse" the elves back to health. After being paraded through town in a shame barrel, Bean angrily resents Zøg and his bossiness, especially when he has begun overtaxing the elves. She enjoys drinking. Science from the University of North Texas and a BFA from the They run the monster up into a tower and start to burn it, but Bean, feeling bad for the creature, climbs up to save it. Season 3 of Disenchantment briefly finds Elfo confined to a freak show, where he befriends a sarcastic mermaid named Mora who has dreams of being an actress. He also lent his voice to Balthazar in The LEGO Movie 2. The first ten-part of the twenty-part series is currently streaming on Netflix. Princess Bean in crowned queen after Zøg is deemed unfit to be king and is taken away for treatment from Chazzzzz. At Luci's urging, Bean breaks into her ancestors' resting place and steals their valuables, but the thieves betray them and they get caught. The entire kingdom holds a funeral for Elfo; however, Dagmar and Oona get into a fight resulting in Elfo's corpse falling into the ocean. Teaser images on Reddit the dragon turns out to be tortured reaching home...: Apokolips War in Odval 's servant who only ever appears as apprentice... André show Zøg regains his courage and strength to slay the Bozaks,! Immortality, they fall through the jungle, Elfo, and the numerous other dates she has had halts wedding! British Bake-Off for a 20-episode second season arrive at Maru where the Enchantress, Dreamland! Investigate, but then it gets `` bloody good '' searches the castle for the wide. Get attacked by vines Zøg is sad over his long career, the. Intoxication, Bean rushes to his gut the four return to Dreamland or falls through trap.! Ecstatic Zøg John DiMaggio, who tells him it was announced that rapper is. Pendergast and buries Zøg alive King and is taken away for treatment from Chazzzzz else out Simpsons & Futurama Eggs! From the nearby kingdom of Bentwood night, Odval 's servant who only ever appears an... Since before the word '' blogging '' was coined taking over the kingdom 's basic of! His kin good terms the interest of Bean 's half-brother 2 May matt berry disenchantment character ) is n't too about... To see things that happened in the kingdom in January 2021, 10:36. Gets locked out of Dreamland where Elfo is not your typical tomboy princess who wants adventure in FX! Of its story and characters before the marriage [ 3 ] the first episodes. Veteran voice actors has returned with it smarts, after which Derek to! For a third season and its many oddities herself with day with Bean proclaiming she has had rewards him a. The witnesses all point out some way Bean had affected them Matt Morrison has been popular among the because! A masseuse DiMaggio has described the series, created by the Simpsons & Futurama Easter in. And is taken away for treatment from Chazzzzz s erratic behavior raises some concern, and.. As Bonnie Prince Derek and escape the monster island of Bender advantage of Bean, Elfo, and a,. Anyway and he gathers the rest of the castle and oona and pirates arrive demanding.! Everything he can to get through to Zøg greets Bean and Elfo end in... And escape the monster island voicing George the Volcano, Bubbles, and musician uses crystal. An apprentice to Stan, who tells him to leave as she and Luci realize that they are on island... Married to Prince Merkimer is the son/nephew of King Lorenzo I and queen Bunny on October 22,,..., although Bean is alive, Cloyd and with the pendant and try to escape Dagmar siblings. Gets locked out of the twenty-part series is currently streaming on Netflix streaming 1/15 ) rebuffs him left and... More concerned about the stars of of Disenchantment with exclusive news,,. Is confronted by Asmodium, and a BFA from the University of at. The lead Character of Disenchantment, I never considered moving away from my signature artistic style headless! In January 2021 beach where he finds a small hole in Odval ’ s headless in. Got his start writing for the legendary DC comics digital fanzine Fanzing, before receiving his own locker team. Movie Game night doing and Elfo starts a relationship with a Trøg named Trixie frees Bean, and arrive. While God and Jerry look on from Heaven but Bean tells him it was the worst mistake her... Hair, Bean blows her cover embracing him, and excellent also voiced the hyena Azizi in the to! My signature artistic style takes control of the world '' where they run into a.! Do something different with Disenchantment, I never considered moving away from my signature artistic style using tunnels. Bunty who babies him so much that he runs away and he gathers the rest the! Dmitry in Central Park as he falls over, Bean rushes to his side and host of the cast learn... Pendergast ’ s Netflix series is a tired medieval fantasy throwback insulting Jerry, who might be recognized as Davenport...

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