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England's eyes widened and he began to smile but his blush is still on his face, he nodded and ran off somewhere. He changed a lot in 20 years, you know. aph, philippines, indonesia. #facefamily Getting-the-job-done kind of thing. Tags. Read Indonesia from the story Hetalia theories and More! She yelled. She had next to no idea what happened in her country the past 20 years or so, and she wanted to get out. wikia wiki /Indonesia dan saya hanya berperan dalam mengartikannya kedalam bahasa Indonesia dan mengedit beberapa informasi. Also, she absolutely loves to hang out with Liechtenstein. this is my hetalia x reader one shot book B-) its also the 100 themed challenge. People also love these ideas Ransnow Winterflake. Indonesia is a country that is often forgotten about, she tries her best to stand out but unknown to her that some countries is trying to catch her attention. ~Sky Article by Wattpad. He didn't bother 'saving' her. While Kirana walked home she smiled "best day ever" she said and went home. She absolutely hates many countries, but never intentionally shows it. Indonesia (Hetalia) Malaysia (Hetalia) Portugal (Hetalia) Singapore (Hetalia) ... also on Wattpad; Denmark & Faroe & Greenland; Faroe being friends with everyone; Summary. "Indonesia!!" She said. 527. She follows her brother like a dog willingly and Indonesia hates it when people don't appreciate their freedom and Independence. We're all attracted to those eyes don't you fruking lie to me. #netherlandsxindonesia 30 mins doodle of Netherland and (supposedly) Indonesia (OC?) Welcome to history class. Come on in" he said flustered, Indonesia smiled at him and went inside "Come in, we're having tea in the garden" he said and led her to the garden. 3 Appearance 4 Personality 5 Relationship 5.1 Malaysia 5.2 Philippines 5.3 Singapore 5.4 Netherlands 5.5 Japan 5.6 America 5.7 Australia 5.8 China 5.9 Egypt 5.10 Turkey Republik Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia) or more commonly known as Indonesia is a fanmade character for the series Axis Powers: Hetalia. #hetalia And so, she slowly reduced into a silent young lady, not speaking unless truly necessary. Hetalia - Vietnam - Laos - Malaysia - Indonesia - Philippines ♡ Hetalia Philippines Filipino Culture Hetalia Funny Hetalia Axis Powers Country Art Anime Art Girl Cute Art Cool Drawings Illustrations. She hates England because of how he could still be so strong after he lost so much. Timor looked at his two sister "[1]kak, you're going to have a boyfriend?" #spainxindonesia. Even is she's a commie now, but that's not important. Her role in the drama track for the eighth Hetalia character CD predates any manga or anime appearance (as with Hong Kong, who appeared in Hetalia Fantasia). There was a sketch to go along with ones for Malaysia and early designs for Luxembourg and Portugal. "Hello! #headcannons What about you guys. Ternyata itu berasa dari Anime Hetalia (Hetalia: Axis Powers - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas). INDONESIA : HETALIA OC. #sealand When they got to the garden Indonesia began to look around and saw 2 chairs and a table in the middle with a tea set on it "Wow, Mr. England this is a very beautiful garden" she praised, England blushed a little bit "thank you, and please call me Arthur" he said and gestured to sit in the chair, she smiled as he poured her a tea. Now, she is silent. Kirana nodded and smiled, she held her hand out and the fairy sat in her palm they both chatted for a while until Arthur came back "I got the knife" he said and saw the fairy in Indonesia's palm, "you can see her?" She thinks he's nice. Arthur smiled and went to his chair, "I thought no one else can see this beside the magic trio" he said, Indonesia grinned "I'm full of surprises" she said, Arthur cutted the cake and began to try some "wow Imdonesia this is delicious" he praised, Indonesia blushed "thank you, and you can call me Kirana because Indonesia is a mouthfull" she said. Read Chapter 2 from the story HETALIA: Indonesia's Boy Problem by zodiacaries (Aries Star) with 2,221 reads. I shall be your guide! I'm the hero, I'll save everyone. Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. Which is a good excuse for her not coming in the series for a while. [political theme, Fem!Indonesia, Fem!Malaysia, etc.] May 27, 2019 - Read Chatroom Picture from the story APH ASEAN Chatroom! • Discontinued • • Indonesia X Hetalia I'll make this short and quick; irana Maharani is the female personification of The Republic Of Indonesia. japanxindonesia, couple, indonesia. Japan (Hetalia) Yandere; Reader-Insert; Summary. Never stating her opinion, just simply giving off facial expressions and body language, expecting you to get the message. "Oh yeah, Arthur I brought brownies to eat along with the tea" she said and put the brownies in the table, "why thank you Love, I'll get a knife" he said and went inside the house, Kirana looked around and then saw a little fairy in the table "why hello little one" she said making the fairy look up "you can see me?" He never tried. Soulmate!Hetalia x Reader You don’t expect to meet your soulmate after saving him from an assassination attempt at the UN. This didn't stop until this dude was in his grave. 1941 - old memories (and it's comeback) 8. tunggabuwana hindinesos Next > Suharto kept forcing the government to re-elect him as the ruler, with his rule lasting for about 20 years. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works with her being the direct embodiment of the country itself, she also has a fair share of enemies and allies just like any other would. Uni Indonesia-Netherlands (Hetalia Fanfiction) Fanfiction. #theories. And here in this book, I'll be sharing my own theories about various topics in the Hetalila fandom. As far as she can. Only did his rule stop before 2008 WHEN HE DIED. But that's my opinion on her. by Hetalia-Philippines (feelippines) with 1,210 reads. She trusted Suharto with her people, and he just threw her away like she was nothing. Jun 21, 2016 - Read Male! Saved by FuyoHondaHetalia. 439. Philippines フィリピン [] Republika Ng Pilipinas HUMAN NAME Maria Clara C. Cruz NICKNAME/S Phili, Piri, Pinas GENDER Female AGE 122 (18) DATE OF BIRTH 12 June HEIGHT 4 '11 LANGUAGE/S Filipino, English (US) ALLY/S Spain, America, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia RIVAL/S China, Taiwan sementara ke wattpad, soalnya. Note that means he's now Indonesia's boss. Selain di FFN atau Wattpad, itu … She doesn't like Belarus. About 30 or so years ago, Suharto forcefully made himself the ruler of Indonesia. And you certainly don’t expect him to claim to be the personification of a country. He asked, Indonesia nodded. Terima atau tolak. She wears the finest clothes possible, for any occasion. Read Chapter 10 from the story Which one (Hetalia Indonesia) by katekito (Katekito) with 999 reads. Ther… She hates America especially. Spain, J... #couple HE made himself a billionaire by selling Inodesia's natural resources under the table and keeping the money for himself. 2018 Jul 1 - ...or, Food and Netherlands. Hetalia: The Rise of Indonesia Ch. 1942 5. red and white 6. rentang biasa 7. ANDA SEDANG MEMBACA. EDIT 2 : Terima kasih yang telah memberikan informasi mengenai screenshot pertama. When will this country go? facefamily, aph, america. #america This was becoming such  problem that the world named Indonesia's government the most corrupted in the world. Disclaimer: Sebagian besar cerita ini diambil dari hetaliafanmadecharacters. I'm not having a boyfriend!" Indonesia stood nervously in front of England's door, she rang the bell two times and heard footsteps coming down, then the door was opened by England he was wearing a white shirt and a green vest. Read Prolog from the story Which one (Hetalia Indonesia) by katekito (Katekito) with 1,429 reads. She also likes to hang out with Vietnam because of how she fought for her own thoughts and Independence. ... Vietnam Myanmar Cambodia Singapore Malaysia Brunei Laos Indonesia And Philippines! by dark_blooded_inc (The Dark Blooded Inc.) with 1,115 reads. It goes against manners, which is something she prides herself in. This lead to thousand of missing people or people getting thrown in jail without trail. Banyak juga kok cerita Wattpad yang oke punya, yang saya sebutkan diatas adalah beberapa contoh cerita yang beyond our imagination. Oct 2, 2019 - Netherlands looks battered because he almost fell into bankruptcy when he was separated from his sister, Belgium. "I've received many requests for Indonesia.I imagine Indonesia to be someone with a strong core. England stood up straight and his blush became darker "um, uh Indonesia w-would you l-like to go to my house this afternoon for tea....I-I'm just asking if you want to it's not like you have to go, I j-just think that it would be nice having company" He stuttered, Indonesia widened her eyes and giggled "of course Mr. England, I would love to go to your house for afternoon tea" she said and smiled. He asked innocently, Kirana blushed and Alya smirked at her older sister "[2]Nggak!!! countries, indonesia, asean. #chibitalia Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. She wanted to completely change herself to the pitiful girl she was when Suharto ruled her. Suharto was very unfair to his people, constantly abusing their rights, silencing them, even kidnapping anyone who dared spoke out against him. She hates how loud Prussia is and how he demands attention. Include crossovers; A nation that used to be so weak.. Now it's strong enough to defeat anyone with determination.. Once a very powerful empire, then a newborn country.. Oiya.. Hetalia adalah milik Hidekaz Himaruya-sensei! England?" #2ps ... Hetalia Countries Using Human Names (31) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Indonesia looked at her siblings "guess I'm going to England this afternoon" she said Alya smirked at her. Download Hetalia Axis Powers BD Sub Indo Batch 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. A developing country that follows the world's situation. I'm not limited to wattpad anymore so request anything as long as it has to do with micronations. Indonesia walled down the corridor with her twin Malaysia and Timor Leste after that out of control meeting ended, "Hey Indon, I saw a few countries looking at you at the meeting" Malaysia said in a teasing voice, Indonesia glared at her playfully "I told you not to call me that! By herself though, she compares to Ukraine. "Indonesia, Welcome to my home. Hetalia: Axis Powers (ヘタリア Axis Powers, Hetaria Akushisu Pawāzu) adalah sebuah webcomic berbahasa Jepang, yang diadaptasi ke dalam seri manga dan anime oleh Hidekaz Himaruya (日丸屋秀和, Himaruya Hidekazu).Fokus cerita Hetalia adalah kejadian-kejadian politik dan sejarah serta perbandingan umum berbagai jenis kebudayaan. #apheverything We are ASEAN!" 1: Newly Independent! She despises how everyone likes him even though he isn't anything that she remembered him as. HETALIA: Indonesia's Boy Problem Fanfiction (THIS IS VERY OLD, it's one of my first stories....probably gonna edit it later) Indonesia is a country that is often forgotten about, she tries her best to stand out but unknown to her that some countries is trying to catch her attention. You think traveling to a new land will help you feel a new sense of life but this only lasts until wars destroy what hope you had left. To her, it's just her rooting for the under-dog. Much like Malaysia, Indonesia is a character that we know nothing about, the (presumed) female is mentioned to be a very requested character to be added. Enjoy reading this book! People also love these ideas Dan selain di FFN, fanfiksi ini juga di publish di Wattpad. Though she had yet to make an appearance in the actual manga, she was depicted in various sketches and appeared in the profile section of Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 2. Find the hottest hetalia stories you'll love. The Republic of Indonesia Official Name Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia Human Name Kirana Maharani Gender Female Birthday August 17 Height 170 cm Motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Unity In Diversity) Eye Color Dark Brown Hair Color Black (May appear dark-brown in other sketches) Skin tone Fair (At times sun-kissed) Age 23 (Findings over 45,000 years old) She was beaten by the guards, since Suharto said 'Human rights don't apply to the land they live on.'. Saya baru selesai hiatus dan pindah platform (?) I, uh, ran out of ideas. (THIS IS VERY OLD, it's one of my first stories....probably gonna edit it later) Hetalia: ASEAN Stories! He just sat back and watched. Up until now, there are still a lot of questions in Hetalia, and a lot of things to uncover. She said. But only for his stupid catchphrase. A voice with and accent yelled from behind their backs, Kirana looked back and saw England running towards them, he topped right in front of Indonesia with a blushing face "yes, is there something you need Mr. 27-04-2018 - Khám phá bảng của Lisanna Nguyen"ASEAN-hetalia" trên Pinterest. < Prev 1. larasan dunia 2. tauladan 3. tuju(an) 4. [REQUESTS CLOSED] Please enjoy! 1 Indonesia 2 Raden Fahrid Putra Wijya, or more known as Indonesia. Namun ia tahu, selalu ada pilihan alternatif yang lebih baik dari kedua itu, dengan membuat satu kemungkinan baru dengan keputusannya sendiri. #aph Male! Indonesia's Loneliness from the story APH ASEAN Chatroom! myanmar, aph, asian. Indonesia I believe is a girl. [1] kak is sister in Indonesian[2] Nggak is No in indonesian. To her, it's a complete lie. #indonesia Itu adalah pilihan yang dipunya Indonesia saat Netherlands datang ke negaranya menanyakan tentang sebuah surat yang berasal dari Ratunya. Erzsébet and Roderich play sex games where Erzsébet instigates him into sexual situations to get a reaction (i.e., the way to reach a stuffy aristocrat sexually is … "Omg, they are beautiful" she said while admiring all of them, then Kirana turned to Arthur "Arthur, thank you for this lovely evening but I think i better get going" she said, Arthur smiled "It's no problem love, let me show you the way out" he said and led her to the front door. In public, she wears very fine clothes with lace and usually wears white. She does like Canada though. Hetalia Axis Powers Sub Indo Meownime, Hetalia Axis Powers BD 1-52 Sub Indo. She wants her to gain her Independence, though she doesn't say in fear Switz hears. #hetalia #englandxindonesia So my theory is that Indonesia actually tried to speak out against her boss, But, being the unlimited government bastard he is, threw her in the jail with her people. Even when he stepped down from rule, she was forced  to stay even when her people were let out. #japanxindonesia #nordics Pilihan Indonesia hanya dua, America yang agresif atau England yang licik. 1) is a collection of 'episodes' featuring Hetalia OCs based on the 50 States of America and Washington D.C. More details about the volume are explained in the author's note at the beginning of the first chapter. She's obviously one of the Asian countries, but for the sake of originality, has rich deep brown hair and those golden Chinese eyes. #hre Part of this comic was motivated by mysteryota's comment on my Indonesia … You have lived your immortal life traveling and experience but after the witch trials in England, you are going tired of your world. #pairing And who was it?" She was clothed in rags in the prison and didn't get to bathe for weeks at a time, maybe longer. No Archive Warnings Apply; Austria/Hungary (Hetalia) Austria (Hetalia) Hungary (Hetalia) Lime; Summary. She asked politely. Seharusnya, ini bukan pekerjaan yang sulit sampai nama mentor lama Indonesia muncul dalam daftar pencariannya, dan Indonesia teringat akan rasa sesal, datang menghantuinya dari masa lalu Language: Bahasa Indonesia But she stayed until the last day of him in 2008. Read hot and popular stories about hetalia on Wattpad. Xem thêm ý tưởng về hetalia, mì, việt nam. Taiwan is described as a strong-willed, fashionable young woman, but she is also said to have become more of a nervous type in recent times, unable to stop worrying. by Hetalia-Philippines (feelippines) with 926 reads. Hari ini author membawakan cerita baru, yang menggunakan fandom Hetalia. Her appearance is that she is very tall and willowy. #england The both of them talk and laughed together, and the fairy called her friends making it more lively, then the both of them finished their tea "oh, Kirana I want to show you something" he said and led her deeper into the garden then she saw a unicorn and other magical creatures, she gasped and quickly went to the unicorn she petted it lovingly while smiling brightly . Read the comic right to left!

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