Moving to Israel

Moving to Israel is unlike re-settling elsewhere in the world. طاولة على النت For starters, no other country offers incentives to Jews just to live in their land. While, for many, there is enough motivation just to make Aliyah for itself, it is still wise to to become better informed about the actual process of moving to Israel. In this regard, moving to Israel should be treated as a re-settlement issue as one would for any other country. جدول مباريات كأس العالم للأندية 2023

Accordingly, Aliyah Information can be broken down towards general re-settlement features, such as housing, education, living neds etc., and more specific requirements applicable for living in Israel – such as conscription expectations, government assistant packages, and religious needs. تركس

AM.1 is in the advanced process of providing comprehensive Aliyah Information that reflects the general category of resettlement features. In particular, this service will be geared towards potential geographical locations in Israel, where one could settle. Please stay in touch with our site to follow developments in this area. Meanwhile, we are happy to recieve direct requests for Aliyah Information, and will try to answer your query as soon as possible. Please use our Contact form for this purpose.

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