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Melting Pot is about sharing that magic ingredient prevalent in our community. Maybe calling it the human touch would be more descriptive? The boundaries of Jewish humor, drama & sheer exhilaration are merged with the interests of our non-Jewish friends, willing to share these insights.

Melting Pot is therefore also about melting hearts to partake in a common feeling of togetherness.

We leave the dark clouds to pass over the world stage, casting its shadow everywhere, except in our sanctuary – an island of hope. Israel is very much alive!

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  1. Baby Face

    Baby Face

    By Ester Katz Silvers Being that I was born with a round face and short stature I was always mistaken for being younger than I was. That wasn’t so bad when I was a child but when I became a teenager I began to HATE it! Imagine what it’s like...

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