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Melting Pot is about sharing that magic ingredient prevalent in our community. Maybe calling it the human touch would be more descriptive? The boundaries of Jewish humor, drama & sheer exhilaration are merged with the interests of our non-Jewish friends, willing to share these insights.

Melting Pot is therefore also about melting hearts to partake in a common feeling of togetherness.

We leave the dark clouds to pass over the world stage, casting its shadow everywhere, except in our sanctuary – an island of hope. Israel is very much alive!

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  1. Israel – a mango powerhouse

    Israel – a mango powerhouse

    In just 20 years, Israel has become one of the biggest mango exporters in the Middle East In the mid 1980s you could not find so much as one mango tree in Israel. Fast forward 20 years, and Israel not only has them – it is now one of the Middle East’s...

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  2. Beautiful Israelis

    Beautiful Israelis

    Travelers Digest put Israeli men and women on their Top 10 World’s Best Looking lists. Maybe it’s something about the dark features and green eyes? Travelers Digest readers think Israelis are hot. Tel Aviv was ranked No. 10 on the site’s 2012 list of cities with the Best-Looking Men). “Tel Aviv...

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