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Melting Pot is about sharing that magic ingredient prevalent in our community. Maybe calling it the human touch would be more descriptive? The boundaries of Jewish humor, drama & sheer exhilaration are merged with the interests of our non-Jewish friends, willing to share these insights.

Melting Pot is therefore also about melting hearts to partake in a common feeling of togetherness.

We leave the dark clouds to pass over the world stage, casting its shadow everywhere, except in our sanctuary – an island of hope. Israel is very much alive!

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  1. Overheard in an Israeli supermarket

    Overheard in an Israeli supermarket

    David had been living in this quiet Israeli settlement for a few years, but had yet to master Hebrew. The Jewish Passover was approaching and his wife reluctantly agreed to allow him to buy a few kosher for Passover items. After sternly reminding him to at least get most of...

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  2. Jewish Holidays

    Jewish Holidays

    Jewish holidays are universal to all Jews, however celebrating a Jewish holiday in Israel is a special experience. The three pilgrimages to Jerusalem in ancient times during the feast Succot, Pesach, and Shvuot were accompanied by much celebration on the way, reaching a climax upon entering the walled city and...

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  3. Memorable Travel Experience For Kids

    Memorable Travel Experience For Kids

    Regardless of how much or how little experience you have with travel, like a prospective traveler, there will always be many decisions to produce. Getting the proper understanding of what you need to consider when planning will ensure that your trip is really a success. You will find many tips...

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