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Melting Pot is about sharing that magic ingredient prevalent in our community. Maybe calling it the human touch would be more descriptive? The boundaries of Jewish humor, drama & sheer exhilaration are merged with the interests of our non-Jewish friends, willing to share these insights.

Melting Pot is therefore also about melting hearts to partake in a common feeling of togetherness.

We leave the dark clouds to pass over the world stage, casting its shadow everywhere, except in our sanctuary – an island of hope. Israel is very much alive!

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  1. Beit Israel is more than a Jerusalem Neighborhood

    Beit Israel is more than a Jerusalem Neighborhood

    We invite you to explore with us Beit Israel in Jerusalem. Aside from the ultra orthodox mix of this thriving neighborhood, the name Beit Israel also relates to another colorful blend of local Jerusalem society, in this instance catering for a young audience. Located in Jerusalem; highly diverse group that...

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  2. Aliyah funding

    Aliyah funding

    Amid the rise of anti-Semitism, Israel decides to allocate NIS 100 million to aid new immigrants, especially from Ukraine. Itamar Eichner In face of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, the government and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption launched an emergency plan aimed at encouraging European Jews, especially from...

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  3. What A Travel Agent We Have!

    What A Travel Agent We Have!

    ISRAEL CENTER HEADQUARTER | JUNE 11, 2014 - 8:00PM “What A Travel Agent We Have!” - An amusing and moving musical The history of the Jewish people from the Patriarch Abraham to the establishment of the modern State of Israel in song. A 4000-year global tour of the Jewish People...

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