Making the Move: It’s Good For Your Health

By Eliana Jensen

America: The land of the opportunity, education and a healthy economy. Or at least it was for the many immigrants gracing its shores as they came in from war torn countries across the globe. However, today  as more Americans face an uncertain future due to unemployment, or the downsizing of work benefits, affordable health care has gone beyond the reach for many. Basic health care has become a cause of stress and an emergency room visit can create financial doom for an average middle class family. الكينو In one case a four year old boy was having night terrors in the middle of the night caused by a high fever. The medicine he was taking wasn’t working and the fever was steadily growing higher, yet the cost of the ,000 visit to the emergency room and possible cancellation of his insurance coverage made this middle class family decide not to take their four year old son to the hospital. مسابقات ربح حقيقية   Thankfully the fever soon passed without medical intervention and he was fine, but not every situation can have such a fortunate outcome.

On the other hand, in Israel everyone has access to medical care regardless of employment status or income level. Each Israeli citizen has the opportunity to choose their own personalized level of health care at a price that is manageable. The most basic of health insurance will provide access to essential care such as a family doctor, specialists, emergency room visits and medical procedures at little to no cost.  In comparison a trip to the emergency in America will cost a minimum of $1,000 dollars, before any diagnosis can begin. Add necessary labs, x-rays and the like and a trip the hospital can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

Given the amount of research coming out of Israel on a daily basis and the level of health care improving annually, Israel is quickly becoming a leader in medical tourism. It has also become a key reason many people are starting make the move towards Aliyah. عدد ورق الدومينو   As the cost of health care rises in America, even with the promise of relief due to the Affordable Care Act, the picture is becoming clearer by the day; moving to Israel is the right choice for healthier living and good medical care starting from fertility treatments all the way to age one hundred and twenty.

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