Life’s Door

Tishkofet-Maagan Support Center (Life’s Door) offers special programs for people coping with illness and their families.

Join the workshops and tours that will take place on July-August.

Registration in advance only. Workshops and tours will be held depending on the number of registrants.

5/8/12, Sunday, 13:15-14:45 | Tamar Kaufman

Paula method, an introductory meeting

To see the full program (July-August) press: Tishkofet

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About us:

We founded Life’s Door-Tishkofet (LDT) 6 years ago to address one of the most difficult periods in the life cycle; illness and end of life. With roots in the US and its primary activity now in Israel, LDT has reached over 10,000 patients, family members and professionals who are grappling with these issues in their personal and professional lives.

Life’s Door-Tishkofet has been transforming the experience of facing serious illness from one of anguish, confusion or denial to one that encourages collaboration, growth and healing for patients, families and professionals. Through individual consultations, workshops, seminars and retreats, the organization has provided the opportunity for a sincere, dynamic and robust dialogue that addresses the value of openly exploring illness and end of life issues. This approach instills purposefulness in the lives of its participants.

Life’s Door-Tishkofet is proud to have its Founder and Chairman, Prof. Ben Corn, MD awarded the“Presidential Award for Volunteerism” 2011 for his extraordinary and unique contribution to Israeli society.

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