5 Things To Know About Travelling Israel part 1

Visiting Israel is an exciting vacation opportunity for the whole family. Whether you want to get the lay of the land before making Aliyah or you are already planning accommodations for your first visitors; this 3 part guide sponsored by Simply Israel will help you and your family get around with ease.

Things You Might Not Know You Didn’t Know (But Really Should Know) About Travelling in Israel
By Simply, Israel

While many people speak English in Israel, anyone who has travelled to Israel before can tell you it’s not always like Europe or North America, despite being “Westernized”.
With tourism as one of its largest industries, Israelis welcome tourists and enjoy their guests immensely. However, it’s very easy to find yourself dealing with unexpected expenses as well, without the right information.
This guide will briefly outline some tips for travelling in Israel, which will hopefully save you some time, money, and aggravation.


If you are staying in main cities, such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat, and especially Tel Aviv, you can go for the bigger international hotel chains, but they tend to be older and expensive. Instead, we recommend staying at one of the new beautiful boutique hotels. They can be as much as half the price of a chain hotel, the service is much better, and often the location is more central.

Airbnb and Tellavista.com are also great and affordable options in the main cities, which allow you to rent an apartment. This may be a much more convenient option if you are travelling with a group or kids, if you are staying for several days or longer, or if you prefer to have a more “homey” atmosphere, including fully equipped kitchens, a living room, balconies/gardens, and so forth.
Many (although not all) of the apartments posted in Airbnb are lived in, which means the owners’ stuff may still be there (although the price might be lower). Other apartments are beautiful, clean, highly reviewed, and in a great location. The best part about Airbnb is the review system, so always check them out thoroughly.

If you are travelling in the North, we recommend trying a zimmer, which is the Israeli equivalent of a bed and breakfast. There are all sorts of zimmerim for a variety of prices. They are usually kibbutz or family-run and offer excellent home made breakfasts – some are secluded and suitable for a romantic getaway; some equipped for a vacation with the whole family (or several families).

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