Why Kids Love Living in Israel

For those who have no desire to uproot themselves from the familiar and head off to Israel, it is often hard to understand why anyone would want to make aliyah. I think many of us question our sanity the minute we step off the plane and enter a world we could not possible imagine. After all living as a full time citizen in the Holy Land is much different then visiting for the short term. Suddenly the new oleh is now responsible for all those little things like, rental contracts and the electric bill, things not included in the vacation tour package. But then are days, oh so perfect days when seasoned veterans and new olim alike stop and look around and think to themselves I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The drive to remain in Israel is different for everyone as we are all unique people with different needs, but for some of us, it’s because of our children. When Aliyah Magazine put the question, “Why do you like living in Israel?” to children, these are the answers we got; and the answers they gave were pretty darn good!

Here are the top 10 answers kids gave on why they like living in Israel:

1) The land is beautiful (age 8)

2) The land is Holy (age 6)

3) The fruit is tasty (age 10)

4) This the land of the Jews (age 10)

5) There are lots of pretty rocks here (age 5)

6) We (Jews) are all together here (age 8)

7) There are mitzvot that can only be done here (age 11)

8) I like the people in Yerushalim (age 9)

9) You can walk around safely (age 9)

10) I like the mitzvot (age 11)

Children of all ages seem to understand the significance of living in Israel; from the spirituality and beauty of the people to history and geology of this amazing land. So when people wonder why anyone would choose to pack up and leave the comforts they know, you can tell them to go ask a child.

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