Job Fair greatly helped Aliyah Community in Israel

This years’ Job Fair in Jerusalem was a marked success story. Aliyah Magazine was there to meet its main organizer and also interview several members of the general public seeking employment opportunities in Israel, as well as potential employers.

Michael Rosner the International Director of the OU Job Board was responsible for organizing the event. bet365 sports Michael told our corespondent that they were hoping to get a full registration compliment of 600 job seekers. As it turned out, the event attracted many more, as late comers sought to join the large crowd already assembling inside.

Michael said. “Aside from organizing such important events, the OU also offers free classes in subjects guaranteed to provide the serious job seeker with a competitive edge in business. These subjects include high-tech demands. تعلم كيف تلعب الروليت Topics such as software tuition such as how to use Dreamweaver amongst other important Internet applications, are taught.” In view of the OU image of representing an Orthodox Jewish community, Michael was asked about the kinds of limitations placed upon those wishing to attend these valuable programs? “People can join us from across the board, not just from a traditional Jewish environment. In other words, while the OU mainly stands for the orthodox community, we have less than observant Jews willing to join our programs. Furthermore, at the other end of the scale, Haredim (often referred to as ultra-religious) are also coming to us in increasing numbers, contrary to the public conception of their work ethos.”

Aliyah Magazine is dedicated to building up an Aliyah Community and providing strong representation where it counts. Such concerns extends to the plight of seniors moving to Israel, amongst others considered to be in a more challenging position regarding finding livelihood opportunities in Israel. Michael expanded on his work. “The OU Job Board is also dedicated to combating this problem. There are no upper age limits involved with those who turn to us for help. Other essential services that include reviewing one’s resume, and having access to the job market, are equally open to seniors.”

Michael’s views were well proven, judging not only by the large turnout that included more older visitors to the Job Fair, but also based on the encouraging reception they received from potential employers.

Many visitors, seniors included, were also interested to explore self-employment options, . Michael continued. “As you can see for yourself, this year’s event also includes stands manned by consultants serving the self-employment option.” AM discovered large queues assembled around those catering for such business opportunities. This Job Fair catered for everyone.

Yisrael Factor is the CEO of Israel Business Brokers (IBB). As their name implies, they are focused on self-employment opportunities. Yisrael told us that potential olim generally have three key questions. “Where to live and where to study are fairly easily answered, but what to do about panasa (a livelihood) is often not fully addressed.” It is therefore no surprise that IBB received a lot of enquiries at the fair. They even hired one applicant during the event itself!

Kfir Adam is the CEO of LNTS, dealing in phonetic speech recognition. LNTS is a major supporter of our Aliyah Community. Their spokesperson Rina told us that several hundred job seekers applied for positions during the show. “To date we have found employment for over 25 olim, and that number is still growing.” Rina confided that she herself found employment with that company not long after making Aliyah.

AM also spoke to a number of actual job seekers. Levi Shlomo from Toronto told us that he got 5 interviews in just one hour! Since the event Levi gave us an update. “I’m waiting for a second interview with one prospect, and to hear if I’ve been accepted for an interesting position by another employer.” Clearly, the facts speak for themselves.

Eric Cohen made Aliyah from Holland. He’s now in his 50’s, living in the north of Israel, and was apprehensive about his prospects before arriving at the fair. “It turned out that I met at least 6 prospective employers, and have been in extended negotiations with one of them based in Ranana. قواعد لعبة بلاك جاك The fair is certainly a good initiative!’ Eric hopes that a future event could attract even more employers, including those from the north and south of Israel, as it’s such a meaningful event.

OU continues to lead the way in many aspects of building an Aliyah Community and strengthening Israel. This year’s Job Fair in Jerusalem, so well organized, turned out to be a great success, and promises well for the future.

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