Jews Being Illegal In Israel

This week marked the anniversary of the outbreak of WW2 on September 3rd 1939, and the Nazi’s determination to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. That same year, the British occupation forces in the Jewish Homeland had agreed to further restrict entry for Jewish refugees to Israel, struggling to leave the increasingly hostile threats in Europe.

Accordingly, Jews were actually classified as ‘illegals’ by the British government of that time.

We all know the horrific drama that played itself out in the concentration camps of Nazi Europe. However, how many have paused to give thought to the fate of those Jews who were branded as illegals, even in regards to entering their own Jewish Homeland?

Today, the struggle very much continues, only this time with a sinister twist. While many western powers graciously allowed Jews the right to return to Israel, following the unprecedented slaughter, a new condition was added. Jews would now be restricted as to where they can actually live in Israel.

Well let me make this abundantly clear, I have respect for many good Arabs and understand their initial concerns regarding the increasing numbers of Jews that made Aliyah. Time has proven in the majority of cases that such fears were mostly groundless. Polls recently conducted amongst Arabs living in East Jerusalem confirm that most prefer to remain under Jewish sovereignty, and not be a part of the PA, considered to be a corrupt entity. Yet the same powers that sought to prevent Jews from living anywhere in what was then called Palestine, and even those who prevented Jews living, period, would later rally around the next onslaught. Jews can come to Israel but be restricted as to where to live…illegals once more!

Making settlements in the Jewish Homeland illegal for Jews is not such an easy concept to understand. I for one don’t think that Jews should live in any illegal home in Israel. The solution is simple every Jew should be subject to Israeli sovereign law, and homes or settlements should be included. Therefore, under Israel law settlements, should be included by making them legal. That would mean trouble makers would be answerable to their actions.

However, this solution concerns Israel alone. Proven international laws could really count, as per the 1922 San Remo agreement that made all the so called ‘West bank’ part of the Jewish Homeland. Yet it seems that the term illegal is still readily applied by those wishing to apply their own brand of solution to the Jewish problem.

So I’m saying that there is a strong connection between the concept of Jews being deemed illegal in Israel, prior to WW2, and the current international branding of making our very own soil illegal to us! Enough is enough, and we are more than capable of making our own peace arrangements with those willing to reciprocate, without the interference of world dictators trying to herd us back to their ghettos.

Aliyah Magazine clearly sees the turmoil facing Jews in the Diaspora. We urge our brothers and sisters to swiftly come home and join us in the truly legal Jewish State of Israel, where we belong on every hilltop and valley.

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