Jerusalem Neighborhoods Pt.1

Arzei Habira (Hebrew: ארזי הבירה ‎) is a Haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It is bordered by Ma’alot Dafna to the north, Shmuel HaNavi to the west, Beit Yisrael to the south, and Road 1 andSheikh Jarrah to the east. Arzei Habira literally means “Cedars of the Capital”. It could also mean “Nation’s Capital”, referring to Jerusalem.

Arzei Habira was established after the 1967 Six-Day War in an area which had previously been classified as no-man’s land bordering Ramat Eshkol. It was originally considered a sub-neighborhood of Ma’alot Dafna, which was developed around the same time, although it developed its own character and is now known as a separate neighborhood. It is a densely developed area of high quality apartment housing situated around a large, central grass park. It is home to more than 200 families.


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