Jerusalem Awakens

If the world can be said to have a pulse, than Jerusalem should surely be placed among the first cities to check for one? Aside from its obvious spiritual dimension, the world of international commerce can now look forward to exciting leaps forward, thanks to the sterling efforts of a special organization.

The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum is the brainchild of entrepreneur and visionary Joe Van Zwaren. لعب القمار عبر الانترنت It was founded in 2006 to facilitate the growth and advocacy for Jerusalem-based businesses. It has since grown at an astounding rate during its first five years, and boasts more than 1,700 members who have benefited from their events and services. More than $25 million in business deals have taken place as a direct result of their activities and countless people have found employment through the forum.

Yet it is their vision for the future of Jerusalem business owners that could lead to also revitalizing global markets. There is a genuine desire to understand the unique needs of small and large business owners alike. This will becomes fully realized through helping a networking function that actually works! They have experienced consultants on hand readily available to provide valuable input that can lead to more substantial frameworks being built for shared business activities. The simple act of having a buyer and seller perform a basic transaction, is uplifted to a more meaningful event. Participants do embark on financial transactions with each other, or become better equipped to do so outside of the forum, but with a far better appreciation of the mechanics involved that can lead to satisfied buyers and sellers alike. It is through applying networking with key skills, that this forum has repeatedly proved its worth in the past, and promises so much for the future. دانى الفيس

Our staff attended one meeting whereby three successful business owners shared their business formulas with a receptive audience. طاولات العاب

The first to speak was Joanne (Rachal) Ginsberg – Owner of who entertained the audience with her remarkable determination to fulfill her dreams of opening up a store for selling her range of fashion goods. She imparted a valuable lesson about being focused on one’s goal.

Next followed  Zev Stub – Founder, Owner and Editor of Janglo a highly respected publication known to most English speaking residents living in Israel. Aside from sharing excellent business tips, Zev also candidly spoke about the need to sometimes let go of an opportunity if it appears to run counter to maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

The third panel member to speak was Daniel Zahavi-Asa –  Owner of Zahavinet providing Internet support services. Daniel spoke about doggedly pursuing his dream despite periods of great hardship, he saw his vision through and now enjoys the fruits of a highly successful business.

Yet, it was the importance of continuously networking and looking ahead to future opportunities, which really pushed the message home. A growing number of Jerusalem business people are finding immense value in sharing experiences and forging mergers, rather than focusing more on each other as mere competitors to belittle. This approach is working and installing a sense of a community with a common purpose in the process.

It is therefore not only the local Israeli market that stands to prosper from this forum, but a broader world that regards business only as a stressful competitive undertaking, which needs to thrive only on self centered principles.

Aliyah Magazine recommends this organization to our Aliyah Community.

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